Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There is an exciting new 'link' at the White House Website. (click title of entry - thank you.)

The graph above shows the deepest of the national debt reached maximum during mid 2009. It is anticipated to reverse its trend and head back in the direction of the Clinton Surplus of 1999 - 2000.

The Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2009 to 2019 (click here)

January 2009

Total Deficit or Surplus (Percentage of gross domestic product)

The Budget and Economic Outlook ::
Fiscal Years 2009 to 2019 (graph below)

The Congressional Budget Office (click here)

The Administration of President Obama is much to be excited about. If he ever worried about being a mediocre President, he can put that to rest. By simply keeping the USA from complete economic default when taking office in January 2009, he made his place in history.

The Obama Stimulus undoubted stabilized the economy and stopped its ever growing plummet. Everything he does from this point will be somewhat 'lack luster.'

I could not agree more with him on freezing discretionary government spending at the federal level. The President has launched a new direction for the USA in both transportation and energy. Both those sectors are an important part of our economy. I am very confident there is spending that not only inhibits economic growth, but, works against the new direction the USA is taking.

There is spending from past administrations that is hideous in nature. The landscape has changed. The economic collapse of 2008 has set new priorities for the country. The Budget that has accumulated in 'different times' needs to be reexamined and rethought. It is a wise move and one that will bring about 'current' insight to old ideas.

The President’s Cabinet Reporting to You

When President Obama and his Cabinet took office a year ago, they faced an array of historic challenges: an economy in freefall, job losses averaging almost 700,000 a month, a middle class under assault, two wars and badly frayed global alliances, and a staggering $1.3 trillion budget deficit.

Faced with these unparalleled challenges, the President and his Cabinet got to work. The Administration took bold steps to rescue the country from a potential second Great Depression; to rebuild the economy for the long-term -- so businesses can thrive, the middle class can grow and all our families can be more secure; and to restore America’s leadership in the world, as we wrestle with the global challenges of the 21st Century.

In short videos, members of the President’s Cabinet report back to you on their progress this first year and outline what lies ahead for their departments and agencies to keep America moving forward.

How long has Ford Motor Company been an American Company?


  • Ford will produce the next-generation Explorer SUV at its Chicago Assembly Plant beginning in the fourth quarter of this year, bringing approximately 1,200 new jobs to the Chicago region
  • Ford will invest nearly $400 million in its Chicago Assembly and Chicago Stamping plants to launch production of the Explorer
  • The next-generation Explorer will feature significant fuel economy gains of at least 25 percent over the current-model Explorer thanks to EcoBoost engine technology, six-speed transmissions and a unibody construction
  • Ford has sold more than 6 million Explorers since the vehicle was originally launched in 1990; Explorer has been America’s best-selling midsize SUV for 15 of the past 19 years...

Alan Mulally, Ford’s CEO, came to the company in 2006 with no experience in the auto market.

Mr. Mulally announced his decision this morning on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." It was a stunning announcement from a company that actually survived the Great Recession of 2008 without a bailout. The leadership of Ford Motor took advantage of 'cheap money' and filled their coffers full before the 'liquidity' issues hit the global business sector at the end of 2008. Smart folks at Ford Motor make smart decisions and the American worker is a smart choice for any manufacturer looking to upgrade their quality and cost of their products.


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A long time. Henry Ford has been an American inventor and innovator. He was born and breed in the USA and his new line of autos are going to be produced in Chicago, Illinois. I can't thank the people at Ford Motor enough. The American Worker has been a proud component of every production line along the way and there is no reason to doubt it will end soon. Thank you very much for keeping the 'Heartland of the USA' in the heart of Ford Motor Company.

January 26, 2010

Quinn, Daley laud Ford jobs (click title to entry - thank you)

Gov. Pat Quinn today credited the 1,200 new jobs at a Ford assembly plant in Chicago to an automotive tax credit program he signed into law late last year.

Speaking at a news conference alongside Mayor Richard Daley to formally announce the deal, Quinn said the state is providing Ford $20 million in tax incentives in return for a $400 million investment by the company in its Chicago plant.

"This is a strategic investment by the people of Illinois," Quinn said. "In turn it's going to create literally hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity and wages, salaries and new revenue for the state of Illinois."

"We had to compete for this, it wasn't just awarded to Illinois," Quinn added. "We had to show that out state was the best state to do business in... We showed them that Illinois workers and the people of Illinois and our governor are working together for the common good."...

Ford Motor Assembly Line on January 7, 1928.

Two additional media critiques to The Hate Zone.

I sincerely never realized how pre-meditated the political message was at FOX before.

Like, WOW.

Their viewers must not want the truth at all. Just that simple.

FOX news want to destabilize the confidence of the people in their country, instill their own preferences into the Legislature and otherwise and then control the content of what transpires.

It is maniacal. There is no other word. It is very pre-meditated.