Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Think Progress" did a really good job with this.

For as completely this speech is to mainstream American Values, it is important to understand why Republicans want the nation to believe 'Progressives' are evil. 

Listening to the Republicans during primaries since most mainstream Republicans have abandoned 'The Grand OLD Party,' only reveals what is left to the 'base' of the RNC.  They are extremists.  In order for Republcans to APPEAR to be 'real ' they victimize the image of anyone other than themselves.  Therefore because the name "Progressive" sounds exploitive in 'thought' and 'aspiration' the Republicans play on the 'intuition' of the naive electorate to paint that picture to benefit themselves.

The only thing extremism about Progressives is they 'sound' normal compared to this mess. 

This is the Republican Party.  They are right wing extremists that have no respect for decency, diversity or 'common' goals of a society.  They pander to the people that 'pay' to have them elected.

...This week, (click title to entry - thank you) the nullification camp, led by right-wing historian Thomas Woods, got a boost from a sitting congressman: Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)....

Compared to this Progressives are extremists, but, most of the time they are simply called NORMAL.

...Despite Paul’s insistence that nullification is proper and constitutional, Article 6 of the Constitution clearly states that Acts of Congress “shall be the supreme law of the land…anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.” That’s why one of our founding fathers, James Madison, argued that nullification would “speedily put an end to the Union itself” by allowing federal laws to be freely ignored by states....

To some extent I simply laugh at these 'episodes' of 'retreat' from reality that occurs during Republican primaries, but, "Think Progress" is absolutely correct.  The 'character' of the RNC has taken a back seat to dignity.  The internet has invaded their office in DC and otherwise and if they don't toe the repressive line they will be invalidated by the GOP.  Their electorate has found a way to override 'normalcy' by inflicting pain into their daily lives with threats of being replaced if they don't do exactly as they are told.

There are good hard working folks all over the country.  In the Red States they have mostly been 'normally' conservative, but, in the last decade 'normalcy' has left the party and is replaced with REGRESSIVE values.  Before the internet actually allowed control over Republican legislators, they were failing moderate for the most part.  They were 'bi-partisan' even. 

This EXTREMISM Paul speaks of will become a form of legislation if it is allowed to be 'a value' of the GOP.  The dysfunctional legislation coming out of the House is an example of how incredibly inept things have become.  To say this is scary is an understatement.  I don't know when 'reasonable' people, mostly men' of the GOP will finally take back their dignity and actually represent American values again, but, it may be never.

"Think Progress" is absolutely right on target to note these 'episodes' and expose the underbelly of the nation's current sad reality with the GOP surviving as a political party due to the need for CEOs who still seek their highest bonuses, if only they could.

I really think the Five Male Conservative Leaning Judges on the Supreme Court have become 'Good 'ole Boys' under Robert's mentoring.

Gives "Lady Justice" a entire new meaning.

...The U.S. Supreme Court (click title to entry - thank you) on Tuesday overturned a $14 million verdict won by a man who was sent to death row for a 1984 murder and carjacking he didn't commit, the Associated Press reported.

John Thompson was freed after 18 years in prison, 14 of which he spent in anticipation of the death penalty, after his lawyers uncovered that prosecutors in New Orleans concealed evidence that would have proved his innocence. A prosecutor is required by law to share any evidence, with the defense team, that could prove a defendant's innocence.

Thompson later sued New Orleans District Attorney Harry Connick Sr. for the poor training of the attorneys that Thompson's lawyers say were responsible for the violations, and he was awarded $14 million by a jury....

Maybe they feel a need to 'ban together' in Plutocratic macho banter because there are three women of which two are minorities that now share 'the chambers' with them.

This is outrageous.  Absolutely outrageous.

 ... The 32-page dissent, (click here) authored by Ginsburg and joined by Justices Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, states that Thompson deserved the $14 million "for the gross, deliberately indifferent, and long-continuing violation of his fair trial right."
     "From the top down, the evidence showed, members of the district attorney's office, including the district attorney himself, misperceived Brady's compass and therefore inadequately attended to their disclosure obligations," wrote Ginsburg. "Throughout the pretrial and trial proceedings against Thompson, the team of four engaged in prosecuting him for armed robbery and murder hid from the defense and the court exculpatory information Thompson requested and had a constitutional right to receive. The prosecutors did so despite multiple opportunities, spanning nearly two decades, to set the record straight. Based on the prosecutors' conduct relating to Thompson's trials, a fact trier could reasonably conclude that inattention to Brady was standard operating procedure at the district attorney's office."...

Scalia and Kennedy are PATHETIC.

..."Help me, (click title to entry - thank you) if you can, with this. Let’s -­ let’s suppose that experts’ testimony, sociologists and so forth, establish that in industry generally and in retail industry generally, women still are discriminated against by a mathematical factor of X. You have a company that has a very specific policy against discrimination, and you look at their — the way their employees are treatment — are treated, and you find a disparity by that same mathematical factor X, does that give you a cause of action?"...

Let's see if I get this right.  An entire industry discriminates against women so Walmart is not culpable.  Is that what the Justices Scalia and Kennedy are saying?  That is pathetic and is definately pandering to the Plutocracy.

The other questions were "What policy in particular exists that was violeated?"

Hah, what?

I do believe there DOES  NOT  HAVE  TO  BE any policies in particular IN PLACE when violations of civil rights happens.  Perhaps the Justices have forgotten that there are FEDERAL anti-discrimination laws the industry is suppose to adhere to.  If they don't want to write a policy OR if they have written a policy but their 'management' does not adhere to it, or the policy is vague or weak or 'can' misdirect decision makers THAT  COUNTS

The question in discimination cases is simple.  Real simple.  Did it happen?  Women involved in the employment at Wal-mart state it happened and they state it happened in more than one instance.  I have a real difficult time believing AN  ENTIRE  CASE  OF  WOMEN were confused about that. 

After the fact, DOESN'T COUNT !

PR campaigns to BRING an entire global community to believe they DON'T discriminate with women all over computer and television screens, including those of minorities that are grateful for their jobs for the home they purchased.

The question is not that she worked hard enough and long enough to purchase a home, it is wether she worked TOO  LONG and  TOO HARD to purchase her home.

As to whether the women want salaries they were entited or policy changes or both, you mean to tell me the Justices can't hand down a decision based on the facts and award monies and demands on the company to correct wayward policies BASED  ON  FEDERAL STATUES ?

I heard that Justice is Blind, but, no one told me it was STUPID.

Not every aspect of the words a judge speaks or the decisons a judge makes HAS  TO  BE  WRITTEN into the proceedings of a case by the defendant or prosecution.

Like, what hell is going on in ? The Roberts Court ?

Secretary Clinton gave a wonderful speech regarding the status of what is transpiring with Libya.

Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jabr al-Thani and French President Sarkovy at a different time.  The meeting today was in London.

Prime Minister al-Thani spoke in Arabic to the cameras.  I thought that was very important.  There are Arab nations commited to the best outcome in Libya and it is only right they hear his perspective in their native language.  Why allow an interpreter to bumgle important words or be seen as insulting his own people.  Tensions are high enough in the Middle East, why leave the door open for exploitation?

...But Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jabr al-Thani (click title to entry - thank you) seemed to leave the door open to arms sales when he suggested that the issue might be revisited if the aerial campaign fell short of its stated goal of protecting Libyan civilians....

I also believe it is up to the nations of the Middle East to decide in regard to arm sales.  It is the stability and peace of the Middle East we are most worried about, there should be more interest by Qatar and the United Arab Emerites as to the amount of arms flowing into the region.  I appreciated he was cautious about the possibility of arms to the Libyan opposition.

I thought Prime Minister David Cameron was rather poignant in his knowledge of the status of the aggression against the people of Libya, in particular the city of Misratah.  He was appauled in his dialogue at the blatant open aggression against the civilians of that city which was taking attacks from the sea as well as tanks and assassins. 

The Prime Ministers and Secretary Clinton left no questionable doubt both in their speechs and the answers to questions put them that they knew exactly what was transpiring and the coalition was in control of the outcomes against the aggressions of Gadhaffi and his maniacal military.  Quite remarkable outcomes at that.

Without any occupying force Libyan transition is becoming a reality.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton meets with Libyan Transitional National Council Member Mahmoud Jibril at the Foreign and Commonwealth office in London, March 29, 2011

...On Monday, (click title to entry - thank you) British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for Gadhafi to step down and urged his followers to abandon him before it is, in their words, "too late." In a joint statement, the two leaders urged all Libyans who believe that Gadhafi is leading Libya into a disaster to organize a transition process.

Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini has proposed a deal that would include a cease-fire, exile for Mr. Gadhafi and a framework for talks between rebels and tribal leaders....

Libya is not our war...

...it is a humantarian mission to stop a dictator determined to destroy his own people.  The only defeat that can occur with this engagement by NATO; I remind France was the first strike force over Libya; is if more Libyans die at the hand of Gaddafi.  That is the only failure and defeat that can occur.

His air defenses have been destroyed with incredible precision and expediency.  His planes are grounded or shot down.  His tanks are attacked and grossly diminished in number and effectiveness.  It is a huge victory for NATO.  The USA has every reason to consider the beginning of the mission secured and sovereign. 

Libya is not longer a sovereign state with a single leadership.  It is now a possession of the United Nations Security Council. 

Resolution 1973 is a success, has saved lives, is allowing the Libyan people freedom for the first time in their history allowing them the right to organize a democracy and build a new government.

There is no failure, there is no defeat, and there is no ability for Libya to be a threat to the region.  Libya was not only contained in its ability to kill its own citizens, it is contained to increase instability in the region.