Friday, August 05, 2016

The crowd can be heard cheering.

I have a theory about Donald Trump's candidacy.

I think he was sticking to his primary guns to test his percentages of the electorate.

He stated and we know there were record number of NEW voters to the polls during the Republican primaries. Those new voters in many ways provided him the opportunity to the election. It is probably true the new voters are familiar with his celebrity.

In the few weeks after the primaries it is known now the new Republican voters that are loyalists to Donald Trump and sticking to their voting preference. He now has his measure and needs to adjust his campaign.

One other person is invisible from the media's election eye. Bernie Sanders. He is still heading up a revolutionary movement. He pledged to be sure Hillary Clinton was elected. 

Since the primaries Bernie has observed a good start for Hillary Clinton. I am sure he is enjoying the beautiful state of Vermont and summertime right now. I have a feeling that vacation posture will dissipate as the elections close in. So stand by Bernie, your importance can't be understated.
Donald Trump has rolled back his observations about a film loop regarding the money for hostages claims. Good for him.

The Washington Post has offered his campaign (still early in the race) ideas to get back to serious attraction of voters.

Donald Trump is an important man to the USA and has been a part of the landscape for a long time. It is only right his focus and policies have been given a serious consideration in his run for the White House.

The Washington Post should provide its advise to the Clinton campaign as well.

Director Comey's testimony is over 4 hours long and exactly what FEW WORDS are in question?

August 5, 2016
By Abby Phillips

Hillary Clinton on Friday (click here) acknowledged that she had misspoken in two recent media interviews when she claimed that FBI Director James Comey had characterized as "truthful" all of her public statements about her controversial use of a private email server as secretary of state.

Clinton explained that Comey was referring only to her interviews with the FBI -- but she also insisted that all of her other public statements on the matter have been consistent with those interviews.

“I may have short-circuited and I will try to clarify,” Clinton told reporters at a convention of black and Hispanic journalists in Washington Friday....
Endorsed Mrs Clinton
  • Gen John Allen, retired
  • Richard Armitage, former deputy secretary of state (Republican)
  • Gen Wesley Clark, retired, former head of Nato
  • Michael Morell, former CIA director
  • Leon Panetta, former defence secretary
  • Adm James Stavridis, retired, former head of Nato
  • Brent Scowcroft, former national security adviser (Republican)
Not voting for Mr Trump
  • William Cohen, former defence secretary (Republican)
  • Michael Hayden, former CIA director (Republican)

So, Hillary Clinton decided to address any misspeak about the Comey testimony. Anyone really listen to the Comey testimony?

Director Comey's testimony was over four long. There is a sound bite in it for everyone.

The supposedly misspoken issues that Hillary Clinton faces are understandable. YES, UNDERSTANDABLE. Director Comey states there were classified (c) content within three emails. THREE EMAILS. Three emails out of tens of thousands. I think she has the right to misspeak when the media is being very obscure to their own demands for an answer.

Director Comey's words are used inaccurately. There are content of three emails. NOT EVEN THE ENTIRE EMAIL. Content within three emails marked as "c."


The hurricanes are back !

August 5, 2016 0830.19z 
UNISYS water vapor north and west hemisphere satellite.

Below is the same satellite image 12 hours later. The chain of Hawaii islands can be noted in both images in the lower left corner. The top image shows a small white dot near Hawaii. That, as far as I am concerned is a tropical depression. The national weather service doesn't think it amounts to anything even 12 hours later. I am not looking at their information, so I do not judge. 

To right:
August 5, 2016
UNISYS water vapor satellite of north and west hemisphere (click here for 12 hour loop)

There is Tropical Storm Ivette on the same latitude in the east Pacific as Tropical Storm Earl is in the Atlantic. Tropical Storm Earl is a coastal storm of Mexico. 

The image to the right is the current image and the small white dot (unidentified storm) near Hawaii is more clear. It is the center of a tropical vortex. 

ALSO, in the loop note the density of water vapor over the USA and how it wains as the 'small white dot' grows in strength. THEN when the white dot has accelerated enough, the water vapor density returns. This is a clear oscillation between the heat over the USA, the available water vapor and the small white dot which is a developing storm. THAT storm near Hawaii will deliver heat into the Pacific Ocean. The process will repeat over and over until the physics is satisfied and the small white dot storm may increase again in 12 hours.

The ITCZ is well populated even as it spins tropical depressions into the Pacific and Atlantic. The dry air continues. to rise from the ITCZ, traverses the USA and into turbulence into the Atlantic.

05 Aug 2016 
2155 GMT
The Weather Channel US Infrared Satellite

Near shore storms are a growing reality for the USA.

August 5, 2016
By Alex Sosnowski

Tropical storms (click here) have formed in this manner in the past, but the process can be very slow.
The area being monitored extends from northern Florida to Louisiana spanning Tuesday to Friday. If a tropical storm forms, it would acquire the name Fiona.
Regardless of whether or not a tropical storm develops, light winds, copious amounts of moisture and the disturbance itself will produce rounds of heavy rain through next week.
A slow-moving storm system will deposit locally heavy rainfall over much of the southeastern United States through this weekend.
The disturbance near the Gulf coast will enhance the rainfall beyond the weekend.
Many locations from the southern parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia to northern and central Florida can receive 1-2 inches of rain on an almost daily basis. Much of this rain can fall in an hour or two where thunderstorms develop. Rainfall of this nature can easily lead to localized flash flooding and brief travel disruptions.

Kashmir is quickly descending into hell again.

August 5, 2016
By Sameer Yasir

The valley of Kashmir (click here) is fast moving back towards 1990s when militants would attract crowds and enjoyed popular support among masses. In the past one week, armed militants have openly addressed gatherings in south Kashmir, with people fighting each other to touch them with their palms, as they would do at the Sufi shrines.
On Tuesday, two masked militants – one of them who wore a tradition Kashmiri cloak-(Phern) and was armed with weapons – addressed a huge public gathering in south Kashmir's Koimoh area.
One of the two men, according to Greater Kashmir newspaper, told the gathering to carry forward the “ongoing struggle and remain resilient.”
“We have chosen our path and will strive till we achieve the martyrdom,” one of the militant, according to Greater Kashmir, told an emotionally-charged gathering, some of whom jostled to kiss their palms. “If you cannot be among us, at least don’t betray us,” the militant said.
According to senior police officials, since the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen (Hizb) commander Burhan Muzaffar Wani on 8 July, not a single anti-militancy operation was carried out anywhere in the Valley. The officials said the army has carried anti-infiltration operations along the LoC in Nowgam sector, around 120 km north of Srinagar, killing about four militants. Two army men were also killed during the operation....

June 5, 2016
By Mir Ehsan

In the second attack (click here) on security forces in less than 24 hours in south Kashmir, two armed militants attacked a police checkpost in Anantnag town, killing an assistant sub-inspector and a police constable before fleeing the spot.
On Friday evening, militants had ambushed a BSF convoy on a national highway in neighbouring Bijbehara town, killing three BSF personnel.
Director General of Police K Rajendra visited Anantnag and chaired a high-level security review meeting. “Militants fired on policemen deployed near the bus station at close range. Police also opened fire on the militants. Two policemen, including an officer, were killed in the attack,” a senior police officer said....

They want to bring down planes. There could be flooding adding to the stress among people in the area. 

June 13, 2016
By Arun Sharma

A ban has been declared (click here) on all sorts of "private airborne activity'' within a radius of one km from any defence/security forces installation in Jammu for a period of 60 days....

The USA GDP is doing well, but, in reality the sky is the limit with investment.

Improvements in GDP requires innovation and INVESTMENT.

In the USA there needs to be profound changes to energy infrastructure. The USA impacts the planet. We have to own it and move forward with investments such as those stated by Secretary Clinton. 

The USA also has weak and deteriorating infrastructure. We need to continue to improve the quality of our roads and bridges. We need an "Infrastructure Bank." This is something President Obama wanted in one of his "ASKS" of the US Congress. It never got off the ground. The USA has to establish a private-public relationship that provides a stable and profitable place for infrastructure needs of OUR LOCAL ECONOMIES.

Other than those ideas, investment into innovation such as the electric car and safe infrastructure to accompany it. We also need to improve our 'people movement' infrastructure such as high speed rail. 

Then there is the fun stuff. When Microsoft (for good or bad) introduced Microsoft 10 there was a growth in GDP. The gizmos and gadgets that make life interesting and fun need laboratory beginnings, too, ie: The Space Program provides incredible inventions for use in our private lives and in the areas of medicine. 

The sky is the limit for the GDP, but, we need invention and investment.

This is the DOW at 2:33 PM. There is plenty of profit for stockholders in the financial markets. Problem? Questions?

An income in the minimum wage is long overdue. Americans have to be provided the "American Dream" again and opportunities to accumulate wealth.

When the American minimum wage increases there will be some fluctuations in the DOW because the profits will become stressed. HOWEVER, once the minimum wage improves quality of life and accumulation of wealth, the profits will rise again. 

Let's get on with this!

Thank you, President Obama!

Someone what to tell me where the lack of confidence in the USA economy exists?

There is nothing to do here. Historically, when the USA economy hits 5 percent unemployment that is considered NORMAL. There is no place to go, except, higher numbers of unemployment. There is no IMPROVING a 4.9 percent unemployment rate.
Below is DOL statistics. (click here)

The problem is the pay amounts. The minimum wage has captured hostages of adult households and that has to change.

People across the board are finding work. Women age 20 and older have an unemployment rate is 3.7 percent. Men age 20 and older has an unemployment rate of 4.1. The worst news is the unemployment rate of men and women age 16 through 19 with an unemployment rate of 14.2 percent with a rate of 14.0 percent in July 2015. That particular group is frequently within this percentage. If there could be better employment opportunities for our young people it would nice for them.

But, here again, the working poor is still the issue. The American adults are still not earning  to support their families outside of poverty and still need the expanded Medicaid and food stamps and energy subsidies. It is the pay rate that is the problem, not the jobs created and filled by Americans well trained to fill them.

August 5, 2016
By Nelson D. Schwartz

After months of conflicting signals (click here) and economic uncertainty, it became clear on Friday that the American jobs machine is continuing to perform at a high level.

A report from the Labor Department that said employers added 255,000 jobs in July had been eagerly anticipated on Wall Street, on Main Street and in Washington, and the much-better-than-expected showing immediately rippled through all three arenas.

Stocks surged, experts expressed more confidence that the Federal Reserve was likely to raise interest rates at least once this year, and it was evident that long-stagnant wages for ordinary workers were advancing at a healthy pace.

“This was everything you could have asked for, maybe more,” said Michelle Meyer, head of United States economics at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. “We’re seeing new entrants into the labor market, which implies a longer runway for the business cycle.”

The official unemployment rate was flat at a relatively low 4.9 percent, largely because of a jump in the number of Americans looking for work and finding it.

The employment data painted an unusually strong tableau of growth, with nearly all of the indicators that form the basis of the Labor Department’s monthly jobs report pointing in the right direction....           

FOX News lies for their own purpose. I am finished with this.

The planes are no longer flying in the air waiting for permission to land with the plane with the cash having priority in Tehran.

Now, the planes have landed.

How can people just allow the lies to evolve into some kind of statement about the Obama administration? The story regarding IRANIAN MONIES being paid to Iran NOW has turned into an issue of payment for American lives.

We know how a toxic political statement by FOX News turns into egg shells to walk on; it is broadcast as INFORTAINMENT. Why does this become toxic in our political system? Because it is convenient to link them for political fodder.

In this ludicrous statement the plane for the Americans is on the tarmac. The pilot is told his plane has to wait for hours until the "money plane" gets there. Obviously, the USA sent the plane for the Americans autonomously from any delivery of the Iranian monies. To say Iran does not trust the USA isn't necessary. 

What I am waiting for is THE PHONE CALL by President Obama making the plane reservations.

But, supposedly, according to the plane's pilot the Iranians held their plane from leaving Iran until the money plane arrives. The Americans have now changed from detainees to hostages. That is not the making of the Obama Administration.

What is obvious is that the Obama administration decided to end all this mess with Iran and erase the slate. The plane for the Americans arrived and was not allowed to leave. The Cash Plane was already on the way. Detaining the American plane became an issue. According to Iran the American plane was not leaving until the Cash Plane arrived. 

Then the Cash Plane arrives and all is right with the world.

There was no trust by Iran and quite frankly who is to say the American Plane would be allowed to leave after the Cash Plane arrives. This entire issue is unknown to any fact. 

The FOX News network continues to spin this story about "Cash and Americans" until it sticks. Realizing FOX News has chronic problems spinning stories as this illustration is crystal clear there is NO VALIDITY to their reporting network. 

End of story. 

This story is about FOX and how THEY lie to people for ratings and not the activities of the USA government ending problems with other countries.
The Flint River Water Project

My ally has written a letter on my behalf. I want to give that a chance. I don't want to lose my ally. I will hold that path for now and that was for now.

The latest "cash for hostages" strategy is the flight pattern of planes over Tehran.

Right. The Iranians used X-ray vision to know what plane carried the money and which didn't.

America needs to realize how enemies are gathered by it's government.


The Hague simply said, "Give it back!"

August 5, 2016
By Nick Gass

...Trump spokeswoman (click here) Hope Hicks told the Washington Post on Thursday that the video was of the prisoners being released and not of the money. But hours later, Trump repeated his claim about the video at a rally in Portland, Maine.

The Republican nominee has rarely acknowledged gaffes in the past, although he did express regret earlier this year over retweeting an unflattering image of Ted Cruz's wife amid a heated primary season as well as his answer to a hypothetical question about whether women who get abortions should be punished if the practice were to be made illegal....

LOL! The Republican platform is empty of promise.

There are those promoting the idea that Republicans are absent of a real economic strategy. The answer is to adopt the decades  long Democratic economy.

LOL! Finally, the Republicans admit their economic strategy destroys the American economy requiring infusions of government debt to recover from the looted Middle Class.

"Drip trickle" and having an economic strategy that robs from the poor and gives to Wall Street doesn't work. Amazing.

August 5, 2016
By Jackie Calmes

...But some common ideas (click here) suggest their proposed road map for the party:

- Reject additional tax cuts for those making more than $250,000 a year, but expand breaks for low- and middle-income workers through tax credits for children, the earned-income tax credit or a new wage subsidy that would provide a guaranteed minimum income.

Promote the benefits of global trade agreements, but help displaced workers.

- Rule out privatizing Social Security and Medicare, and reassure workers they will be exempt from cost-cutting.

- Acknowledge that the Affordable Care Act is here to stay, but push for market-oriented changes.

- Disavow mass deportations and promote the economic benefits of legalizing longtime workers who are in the country illegally, but reduce the legal entry of less-skilled immigrants.

“What we have going on right now, and Trump’s position in the Republican Party, makes this recalibration that much more important, that much more urgent,” said Senator Mike Lee, Republican of Utah.

“Some within the party,” he added, “have been all too willing to wear the label of the Republican Party as being the party of Wall Street, or the party of the top 1 percent.”...