Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Insufficient Funds"

I could not stop laughing when I returned home after an errand and my mother called.  At one point she asked me if I was alright.

My mother stated in an urgently angry voice, "Hey, there is this guy that owns the Republican Party."

I said, "There is?"

She said, "Yeah, he is a son of a bitch."

I said, "Do you want to tell me who bought the Republican Party or should I guess it is Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers?"

She said, "Who?"

I said, "Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers."

She said, "No, no that isn't his name."

I said, "Should I turn the news on right now and find our or is this something your pinochle club discovered?"

TRUE STORY.  I would never lie about my mother.

She stated, "No, this is something I heard on the television about a man that makes the Republicans sign a pledge not to raise taxes and they do it!:"

I asked her if the name was Grover Norquist.  She said, "That's the guy.  He is such a son of a bitch."

I asked, "Ma. Why is he such a son of a bitch?  What did he do wrong?" 

She was still very aggitated and said, "What did he do wrong?  He is blackmailing all the Republicans in the House and Senate.  And if the constituents of these Republicans didn't know they were voting for a 'sanctioned' Republican, then they have a right to repeal their representative.  I mean these Republicans are breaking their oath of office even if their constituents did know they signed this pledge."

I said, "Ya know, Mom, I think you have something there.  They take an oath to uphold the Constitution and not the Norquist Pledge."

She said, "I think I want to start an organization to stop these people from blackmailing Republicans.  I mean people have to know.  Right?"

My mother is 76 years old and one of the most wonderful women I know.  She worked a job for thirty years of her life and fought my father every step of the way when he told her she was never to start a job.  She pushed him to buy houses we lived in.  When they retired it was in comfort for the pension they both had besides their social security.  She is amazing.  When she sets her mind to something she always achieves her goals.  At her advanced age she is going to need help in achieving this goal, so we'll have to see about all that.

But, she honestly never heard of Gover Norquist and she was absolutely in distress when she realized what was occurring in Washington, DC.  She immediately thought President Obama was a saint for having to deal with wayward Republicans that were not doing what needed to be done for the country.  

This is true story. 

I told her we would go to dinner to talk some more and we went to a lovely little bistro where the food is out of this world.  All she could do was to talk about her worry for the USA, for the future of the country,  for the burden the President has including the wars and Mideast unrest, the increasing price of oil that she believed was an international crime of speculators.  She is very bright woman and at one time she and my father were involved in the local Democratic Club when they lived in New Jersey.  She supported every local office my father participated in and never wavered in her love of this country.

For my mother to be this alarmed, there had to be something so profoundly wrong, I said to her,"You know, Mom, so many people know about this pledge and it has been around for a long time, but hearing it from you was more refreshing then you know."  

She is a sweet heart and I believe she is more correct about this pledge signing by the Republicans than anyone else I have ever heard speak about it.  The Republicans should be threatened with impeachment for abandoning their oath of office and their loyalty to the USA and the US Constitution.


According to Republicans, Poor is the new Wealthy! They might be correct though.

The Heritage Foundation determined to knock down stereotypes have put out a study that is astronomically astounding.

The Poor have ONE television !

It is starting to look like a different country in some social circle, now isn't it?  I mean apartments usually come with some amenities or at least the plugs for them.  Dishwasters and refigerators at the very least.  Usually cable hook ups.  Cable is all anyone can get now.  No antennas remember?

Abstract: For decades, (click title to entry - thank you) the U.S. Census Bureau has reported that over 30 million Americans were living in “poverty,” but the bureau’s definition of poverty differs widely from that held by most Americans. In fact, other government surveys show that most of the persons whom the government defines as “in poverty” are not poor in any ordinary sense of the term. The overwhelming majority of the poor have air conditioning, cable TV, and a host of other modern amenities. They are well housed, have an adequate and reasonably steady supply of food, and have met their other basic needs, including medical care. Some poor Americans do experience significant hardships, including temporary food shortages or inadequate housing, but these individuals are a minority within the overall poverty population. Poverty remains an issue of serious social concern, but accurate information about that problem is essential in crafting wise public policy. Exaggeration and misinformation about poverty obscure the nature, extent, and causes of real material deprivation, thereby hampering the development of well-targeted, effective programs to reduce the problem.

Additionally, since the 2008 Global Economic Collapse and the implosion of the housing market formerly known as the Housing Bubble, the American Dream is more a distant reality for more Americans.

American dream on life support as U.S. moves to 'rentership society'  (click here)

Homeownership rate now below 60%; opportunity for real estate investors?

July 21, 2011 9:19 am ET

The U.S. homeownership rate has fallen below 60 percent when delinquent borrowers are excluded, a sign of the country's move toward a “rentership society,” Morgan Stanley said in a report today.

...The homeownership rate reached an all-time high of 69.2 percent in 2004 as relaxed lending standards fueled home sales and President George W. Bush promoted an “ownership society.” Mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures and tighter credit for housing loans are reducing property buying, Chang said....

I was recently visiting an Aunt and Uncle in Dearborn, Michigan.  They are in good health.  They live is a modest dwelling where they raised their six children.  All are working and successful and have families.  They are retired by many, many years.  A neighbor stopped over the house why I was there.  

A gentleman that works as a prison guard and he was nearly in tears.  He stated, he heard from his employer there would be furlow days for him.  He then went to the bank to find out his options with his investment to date in his family's home.  He was looking for a second job, but, wasn't having luck.  He found out from his bank that the value on his home was more than his mortgage and there were no options open to him other than to continue to make his payments.  

This neighbor stops in to check on my Aunt and Uncle dearly every other day, so they have an on going relationship.  This gentleman has a wife and two school aged children.  He loves him home and his neighborhood.  He was completely devastated by the news.  When are draconian cuts in state budgets going to stop and stop terrorizing our citizens.

I want an federal investigation into the prosecution methods.

There was absolutely NO CASE against this woman and I demand the case to be investigated for political goals with media participation!  

This was a capital murder case where the State was seeking the death sentence.  Immediately upon receiving the new information the prosecution should have moved for a miss trial at the very least.  This is one of the most outrageous prosecutions I have ever witnessed including animated graphics that had NO SUPPORTING evidence in the way of witnesses, testimony of any kind, only IMAGINEERING.  This is a travesty and an outrage.  This case is the most expensive case in the history of the state and there was no basis for it be even begin.  

Casey Anthony Trial: Prosecutors Used False Information on Chloroform Searches (click title to entry - thank you)

...They continued to present this fact even after John Bradley, who built the program the Orange County Sherrif's Office used to establish Anthony's Internet search history, told them that Anthony in fact only searched the term once.
"I gave the police everything they needed to present a new report," Bradley told The New York Times. "I did the work myself and copied out the entire database in a spreadsheet to make sure there was no issue of accesibility to the data."...

The LNG (liquified natural gas) produced from hydraulic fracturing is NOT for USA consumption.

India’s Petronet is talking to Cheniere Energy and Freeport for liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies, Chief Executive A. K. Balyan said on Thursday, as the U.S. companies progress towards exports.

...U.S. companies (click title to entry - thank you) are looking to export to major importers for the first time in over forty years as the country’s shale gas deposits give it flexibility for overseas sales.
Cheniere received approval to export natural gas to such buyers in May but still needs a licence to be granted....

...The impending commissioning of the LNG terminal (click here) make Kochi a suitable location for a ship-repair facility that can service commercial vessels, offshore supply and service vessels, Coast Guard and Naval vessels, port service vessels and dredgers. It would be possible to dock 30-40 vessels annually under the normal circumstances considering a product mix of only underwater hull inspection, cleaning and painting of hull to special survey repairs.
Creating a dry dock suitable for 25,000 DWT vessels and 12,000 sq.m of supporting workshop area and an effluent treatment plant are part of the proposal for the new yard....

The dangers of putting an LNG port in India cannot be understated.  If the global community thought the Mumbai attacks were bad, consider what could happen here.

I hope the US Infrastructure Bank secures jobs for Americans with sincere American Small Business.

There should be regulation controlling these funds to be used by American Small Businesses who hire American citizens.  This fund should not be contaminated by large corporations that spend their income abroad and rob Americans of the right to have investment in their own country.  Small American Businesses keep their profits in the USA.  Yes, it is protectionist.  You Betcha it is.  

The United States of America infrastructure protections and development should have the dignity of receiving the best the USA has to offer from its own people.

...U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka,(click title to entry - thank you)  who also attended the event, underscored the unique coalition of business and labor uniting around this initiative....

The USA Infrastructure Bank became a high priority to President Obama three years ago.  The demand by states for monies from the Recovery Act was a clear indication such a bank was necessary.  

There is a potential there is interest from private capital to support the Bank.  Carlyle is among the investment firms seeking to be a part of the venture.

...President Barack Obama (click here) has pledged to create a national infrastructure bank since first running for the highest office three years ago. Obama renewed his push with the budget he proposed in February by requesting that Congress put $5 billion a year for six years into establishing a bank....

Space shuttle Atlantis makes final landing

The end of an era.

The Atlantis landing, safe and sound. (click title to entry - thank you)

...Instead of the usual six- or seven-person crew, (click here) only four astronauts were aboard the Atlantis on its 13-day cargo run to the International Space Station. It was the first time in 28 years NASA had gone with a crew that small, choosing to do so because there was no shuttle available for a rescue flight if Atlantis was somehow damaged and could not make the trip home....

Valerie Plame and "Global Zero" - I would encourage the State Department to promote this organization for global involvement.

Global Zero is a program to involve university students in ending the dangers and threats of nuclear war.  (click title to entry - thank you)