Thursday, May 06, 2010

What is this? The OIL CONTAINMENT STRUCTURE is NOT in place yet? What? Well, the media lied yesterday then didn't it?

Yesterday it was all over the news how the oil containment structure was in place to stop the well head from leaking.  



"W"rong !!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do I get the idea from that the USA media are propagandists?  Where do I get that from?  Truth in reporting?, Thursday 6 May 2010 19.41 BST
Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent

A giant steel and concrete box seen as the best chance of stopping the BP spill arrived at the scene in the Gulf of Mexico today, as authorities confirmed for the first time that oil had made landfall on an island wildlife preserve.

Over the next few days cranes will attempt to lower the contraption 1,500 metres to the ocean floor and position it over a leaking pipe that has been gushing 210,000 gallons of crude a day into the Gulf.

If all goes accord to plan, the four-storey, 100-tonne box will serve as a giant funnel, collecting the oil and piping it to a ship....

Where are the torpedoes ?

Euro Socialism Collapses, it will happen to the USA cries the Right Wing Media. Baloney.

Goldman Sachs tops list in European investment survey  (click on title to entry - thank you)
February 26, 2002
INVESTMENT bank Goldman Sachs has emerged top of the league for investment banking in a survey of major European companies.
Morgan Stanley topped the table for investment managers.
The annual Reuters European Equities Investment Survey, carried out by Institutional Investor, put Goldman Sachs top among companies polled with 26.21 per cent of the vote. Merrill Lynch came second with 14.29 per cent and UBS Warburg third with 13.41 per cent. Some 1504 individuals from 404 investment management firms voted in the survey.
Some 304 of Europe's largest quoted companies …

The fact of the matter is the exploitation of the European countries can be traced back to the beginning of the Bush Administration when the USA Dollar was abandoned for the Euro.  The Euro rose to prominence during the Bush White House and Goldman Sachs along with the other huge investment banks as they rode the crest of the wave.

This is a market adjustment due to the loss of confidence in the Euro.  Just that simple.  It has to do with a consolidated Europe and its single currency and what is happening within the dynamics of that continent as it CONTINUES to recover from the collapse of 2008 AND the fact the USA is not allowing TARP to continue.

End of discussion.  The investment banks have fully recovered and then some, they have harvested their glutted treasures from sovereign countries and they are moving on.  Now the EURO is left in the limbo it was in BEFORE the 'false economy of Bush and his Investment Banks.'

It is called NORMALIZATION.  What did everyone think was going to happen here?  The USA was going to 'bailout' every monetary system on the globe forever?  I don't think so.

Europe has to find its own instruments to buoy their economies from here on, we are not going to continue this economic charade.

Greece approves sweeping austerity measures

Bitter scenes in parliament and outrage on the streets as government wins vote aimed at unlocking €120bn in aid

After a dramatic parliamentary debate, Greek politicians have approved draconian austerity measures aimed at unlocking €120bn (£102bn) of emergency loans deemed crucial for the debt-stricken country to avoid insolvency.
As thousands of outraged Greeks protested outside the 300-seat parliament, 172 MPS voted in favour of the controversial legislation, which paves the way to Athens adopting the harshest programme of fiscal and structural adjustment since the end of the second world war.
The  IMF and eurozone nations had demanded tough economic reforms in return for the money ahead of a looming deadline on Greece's debt repayment.

OH, everyone forgot how the investment banks got in trouble in the first place.  They forgot where all the money went from the bailout.  OHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............

Well, let me remind you !  Interesting, isn't it?

The USA is currently engaged in REGULATING the banking industry. that what this is about?  There is still turmoil over the issue that happened in 2008 and Europe hasn't regulated the banks yet?  Oh. Is that it?  Yeah, that is it.  The election process is on in Great Britain, when does everyone think it is going to happen? 

UPDATE 1-Germany's Merkel lashes out against speculators

Merkel against speculation on high deficit countries in EMU

* Says "speculators are our adversaries"

* Says resolved to win battle against markets

* Renews calls for regulation of hedge funds

By Sabine Siebold

BERLIN, May 6 (Reuters) - Financial markets are exaggerating tensions in the euro zone and need to be brought under control, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday.

Merkel said politicians are resolved to fight speculation against euro zone members with higher budget deficits, adding that she intended to win the struggle.

"To some degree this is a battle between the politicians and the markets," she said in a speech in Berlin. "But I am firmly resolved -- and I think all of my colleagues are too -- to win this battle."

The euro tumbled to a 14-month low against the dollar on Thursday, reeling from mounting concern that Greece's debt crisis may spread to other euro zone states.

Euro zone countries and the IMF are ready to lend Greece 110 billion euros ($148 billion) over the next three years to help it finance itself while overhauling its bloated public finances.

But markets doubt Greece is determined enough to see through huge budget deficit cuts. Three people were killed in a fire in central Athens on Wednesday after protesters marching against austerity measures threw petrol bombs into a local bank branch.

Faisel Shahzad didn't act alone. He couldn't have. The locker itself weighs more than one man could manage.

In the cargo area (click title to entry - thank you)
A 55-by-32-inch “gun locker” with a pot of M-88 firecrackers and eight bags of a nonexplosive grade of fertilizer.

He could NOT have acted alone in the USA.  There were more people involved, quite possibly good friends, peers at work and/or relatives.

The 'process' actively pursued by Right Wing media is changing the dynamics of investigation and is causing the country issues in solving its problems.

...While the NYPD and the FBI talk publicly about how seamlessly they work together, the truth is there's a lot of professional rivalry. Get detectives or agents out for a beer and one of their favorite pastimes is griping about something the NYPD did or something the FBI missed. Because of that, there tend to be a lot of leaks....

The first thing that happens now in the Right Wing Hyperpolitical Environment that is trying to ram a public 'campaign of incompetency' down the throats of Americans against the Obama Administration, is to hear the 'talking heads' like Guilliani rant on and on about how much better they would be handling things.

"W"rong.  This 'irresponsible political' content is giving rise in opportunity to 'power players' of all kinds.  And please don't be giving out free information as to how to construct a bomb and the failures of such devices on national and global television.  Any such journalism should be viewed by the FCC as propagation of violence.

There is nothing wrong with looking at 'tightening' up accessibility of any commerical sources for explosives, but, don't give recipes, okay?

There needs to be a 'wider news cycle' regarding these issues of National Security so the culprits don't go underground before they are apprehended, unless releasing the information actually helps the law enforcement agents and that should be decided early on.  If the public and/or media outlets, including bloggers can be helpful to the best outcome then go with it, but, otherwise nail the bad guys or gals first, okay?


Now that I've done my chastizing, I believe there were far more than 'one mind' at work in construction of the materials in the vehicle, which could have contributed to its failure.

I sincerely believe the mechanism was set up to be discovered in some ways to 'inspire' already 'enflamed Right Wing groups.'  I mean that sincerely.  There is a reason why this was designed similar to McVeigh's handy work.  I do believe the bomb was primative and a work of more than one mind.  Certainly to lift the locker into the vehicle was performed by more than one person.  McVeigh had help, this is the same thing.

When one tries to 're-enact' the building of the bomb, it gets fairly complicated to believe it was all done by one person.

Not only that, but, Faisel sincerely didn't want to be connected to the bomb and wanted to protect others; that is why the vehicle was purchased for this purpose so as to not be traced back to familiar persons or organization(s) that Faisel might have an affiliation.  That is fairly obvious, but, also he didn't want to 'die trying,' which is a different dynamice to this particular incident.

I believe Shahzad was more loosely connected to the success of this act than one would expect from a dedicated Jihadist.  He was more interested in 'disappearing' and remaining out of reach of the authorities than having virgins surround him in the afterlife.  I believe he may have been trained, but, at the same instance I also believe there is a 'FORM' of emotional blackmail taking place with young men of prestigious and important Families in the Middle East.

My instincts tell me the Treasonist that joined al Qaeda, the American, is at the heart of these efforts against the USA.  It has an element of 'espionage' that involves not just individuals dedicated to dying for Allah, but, 'recruitment' of people from familes that can be blackmailed, if the recruit has a change of heart.

I believe al Qaeda is in the tribal regions of Pakistan.  I believe that without a single doubt.  I believe the heart of the organization is in the tribal areas where the former and now dead Ex-ISI agent was killed.  "Bird of a Feather," sort of.  Al Qaeda has to be invisible and/or viewed as beneficial to local populations to be undetected or to 'remain of value' to uphold 'trust relationships' of local tribes.  I also believe 'the geography' to the 'heart' of this mess is fairly small.  While it might have influence through 'spiritual' affiliations in many, many locations, I do believe there is a central organizing faction that others are 'dominated' by in their actions.

One thing I also believe exists with the 'al Qaeda emotional/spiritual infrastructure' is a high degree of incompetency, dreamscaping and 'free lancing.'  If one traces THOSE personality characteristics to an etiologiy, if you will, it directly links to 'capitalistic' and 'opportunistic' thinking, hence, the American.  I believe at this point there is so much 'amateur infrastructure' and so much 'free lancing' that they will remain primarily incompetent in their achievements.

If one looks around the Middle East, the 'opportunistic' Jihadist is not being successful.  The market places are being destroyed by dedicated, "I will die" Jihadists.

So, putting this all togethern in a nice, neat little package, I believe many of the Islmaists in the USA and those coming to the USA as the 'Supreme Attack' to display loyalty 'enough' to protect blackmailed family members are not dedicated to more purpose than they have to be.  This, in my opinion, is a desperate al Qaeda that has lack of profound organization and I believe that is because the USA and Pakistani forces are keeping this 'stirred up enough' to cause a great deal of chaos.

Thank you, General McCrystal.  I do believe your campaigns are not only helpful in disrupting the organization, but, might actually be taking root in its success to eradicate 'the affiliations' needed to carry out a successful campaign in the USA.  When one looks at the people carrying out these plots, it is people with 'money enough' to actually carry out the plot with whatever they can find.  Those monies are almost like ransom.  These are not well funded folks receiving monies from an organization with well trained people with well laid plans.

With that, we still have huge issues as these jerks continue to try to be successful.  I believe the Middle East Arab nations need to work together in a coalition to protect its infrastructure, families and affiliations from blackmail.  A person that finds themselves dealing with extremists in a way that will bring death to anyone in the Middle East, Asia or the West should have a way of informing authorities within Arabia, including Yemen, of such issues to stop it in its tracks and take into lawful custody the 'instigators,' if you will.

The dynamics of these issues can also be self propagating if any continued value held by these ? jihadists ? is still placed on 'hate' rather than 'peace.'  The 'idea,' in my opinion, is for the Middle East nations to have a high profile of 'esteem to peace' that will transcend their social structure in whatever incentive that needs to take place to bring 'peace first' to the person on the street.

Thank you for any indulgence to this entry for whatever it may be worth.  Good luck.