Friday, October 16, 2015

It doesn't matter who owns the drone. It was a test of Turkey's resolve.

France had a problem with unidentifiable drones flying around it's nuclear facilities. In a short time there was an attack on an energy plant. I would think it could easily belong to a terrorist element. There is no reason for Russia to deny it.

I do not believe it was a mistake.
October 16, 2015

Turkish fighter jets (click here) downed a drone whose nationality could not be determined near its border with Syria on Friday after it failed to leave Turkish air space after warnings, Turkish authorities said.

The aircraft, which Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioğlu later said was a drone, was warned three times before the Turkish planes fired at it, a statement released by the General Staff said.

The statement came after the General Staff announced that a high-level Russian military delegation had visited Turkey for talks on violation of Turkish air space by Russian aircraft on Oct. 3-4. The Russian delegation shared information to clarify the reasons behind the violations of the Turkish air space that took place on Oct. 3-4 and to prevent the repetition of such violations, according to an official statement on Thursday.

Private broadcaster CNN Türk said the drone was shot downby Turkish F-16s within Turkish borders and that it crashed near the southern province of Kilis....

Congratulations, Khloe. Well done. The lady deserves a compassion aware.

Khloe Kardashian and some of her family - Kim, Kendall, Kylie and Kourtney - have taken to their websites to release a statement about Lamar Odom as he fights for his life in a Nevada hospital.
"As a family we've decided to hold off on publishing content across our apps while we continue to support and pray for Lamar," the statement read Thursday night. "Thank you for your kindness and understanding during this difficult time."...

Donald Trump is correct about Bush and September 11th.

Bush and Cheney has gotten away with their wars and economy far too long.

Bush and Cheney made a decision about the CIA report entitled "Bin Laden DETERMINED to strike in US." 

Senator Feinstein, "Vice President Cheney stated they (the Executive Branch and yes speaking for Bush) would not even get to the issue for six months even after the report has determined the strike would be within three months."

There isn't anything else to say. The Executive Branch of 2001 neglected their responsibility. Even beyond negligence PURPOSELY didn't address the CIA determination. This was an estimate, it was a determined fact. It is about time a Republican spoke out about the truth.
Isn't she great? President Park Geun-hye is centered on peace. That has to be a very strong agenda. The peace priority has to drive non-proliferation. Never in the history of the North Pacific, which includes Alaska, has there been greater danger. And it is greater danger for everyone including the people of North Korea.

Will North Korea ever commit to non-proliferation if the USA shows no signs of a peace agenda? The idea the USA has to participate in a arms race is all part of that. North Korea has profound poverty in most of it's economy outside of the country's capital. It is interesting that Pyongyang has it's own Disneyland today. The young leader has children and an appreciation of enjoyment. In that has to be an understanding in his life that the future is vital to his children and the children of North Korea. The idea somehow there is going to be a war that will dissolve North Korea is silly. The North Koreans don't need anymore defeat, they need peace.

Non-proliferation has to go forward and the world, including Pyongyang, needs to be able to identify that movement as more than an abstract word without a clear definition. 

When Non-Proliferation is obvious to the world, countries can see the light at the end of the tunnel to invest more heavily in their economy rather than defense and bring their people out of poverty. There is a great deal hanging in the balance where peace has a strong agenda.

I have to laugh at Donald Rumsfeld. He invested his point of view on the fact NASA had a nighttime view of North and South Korea. There were no lights coming from North Korea. Rumsfeld answer was in invade and end the hideous poverty. It is amazing the attributes the war mongers hold for USA militarization and illegal wars. Lights. A commercial enterprise somehow is the answer to peace for North Korea. Amazing.

It didn't matter that the people of North Korea would choose poverty over street lights if it meant their deaths to achieve it. 

Then the USA wonders how Daesh is popular. 

The peninsula is on it's way to peace and more openness. The USA needs to encourage that reality and provide every venue to have that happen. We need to follow President Park Geun-hye's lead and make peace happen for the people of both North and South Korea.

The continued precense of the USA in Afghanistan is illegal.

Why is it as soon as Obama announces the extension of troops in Afghanistan to satisfy the too scared to admit military Bush's face is all over main stream media?

Almost before it was announced.

The USA has no legislation to cover the Taliban. The Taliban did not down jets on September 11, 2015. The event this decision was based on occurred 14 years ago and it was due to the organizing of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. This is another ILLEGAL war. 

New York Times has a map of Afghanistan as to where the Taliban is and has influence. 


The Taliban no longer have bin Laden to finance their poppy wars, so now they rob banks.

This is Afghanistan's problem. The problem does not belong to the USA. Since when is the USA military the boy scouts of th world to fight other country's civil wars? 

There is absolutely NO REASON to keep troops in Afghanistan. None. This is not a threat to the USA. 

Cut the funding to the military. I think global neutrality is a better place for  the USA. Global neutrality allows for a strong national defense. Global neutrality will allow for alliance if needed. Global neutrality will remove the blood of the innocent off our hands. 

There is no US or UN resolution to continue the presence in Afghanistan. The won't be any UN resolution because Russia will veto anything that extends the USA in the Middle East. There is nothing there at is a threat to the USA. Quite frankly, China, France and Britain might veto any UN resolution for the USA's presence in any civil war. NATO won't want to be dragged back into another illegal war. 

Barak Obama, "I do not believe in endless wars." PROVE IT! 

This speech was given by President Ford (click here) amid the international turmoil surrounding the end of the Vietnam War in April 1975. On the very day the President gave this speech, 100,000 North Vietnamese soldiers were advancing toward Saigon, South Vietnam's capital. Meanwhile, leaders from around the world, and the North Vietnamese themselves, waited to see how the United States would react to the pending collapse of South Vietnam, which the U.S. had fought hard to preserve....

...On January 8, 1815, a monumental American victory was achieved here -- the Battle of New Orleans. Louisiana had been a State for less than three years, but outnumbered Americans innovated, outnumbered Americans used the tactics of the frontier to defeat a veteran British force trained in the strategy of the Napoleonic wars. 
We as a nation had suffered humiliation and a measure of defeat in the War of 1812. Our National Capital in Washington had been captured and burned. So, the illustrious victory in the Battle of New Orleans was a powerful restorative to our national pride. 
Yet, the victory at New Orleans actually took place two weeks after the signing of the armistice in Europe. Thousands died although a peace had been negotiated. The combatants had not gotten the word. Yet, the epic struggle nevertheless restored America's pride. 
Today, America can regain the sense of pride that existed before Vietnam. But it cannot be achieved by refighting a war that is finished as far as America is concerned. As I see it, the time has come to look forward to an agenda for the future, to unify, to bind up the Nation's wounds, and to restore its health and its optimistic self-confidence. 
In New Orleans, a great battle was fought after a war was over. In New Orleans tonight, we can begin a great national reconciliation. The first engagement must be with the problems of today, but just as importantly, the problems of the future. That is why I think it is so appropriate that I find myself tonight at a university which addresses itself to preparing young people for the challenge of tomorrow. 
I ask that we stop refighting the battles and the recriminations of the past. I ask that we look now at what is right with America, at our possibilities and our potentialities for change and growth and achievement and sharing. I ask that we accept the responsibilities of leadership as a good neighbor to all peoples and the enemy of none. I ask that we strive to become, in the finest American tradition, something more tomorrow than we are today. 
Instead of my addressing the image of America, I prefer to consider the reality of America. It is true that we have launched our Bicentennial celebration without having achieved human perfection, but we have attained a very remarkable self-governed society that possesses the flexibility and the dynamism to grow and undertake an entirely new agenda, an agenda for America's third century....

Earth to Seth Moulton, Earth to Seth Moulton.

What planet does Seth Moulton live on because he hasn't lived on Earth since 2001. 

Daesh is not about a political vacuum.

Daesh does not have political figures and the Iraqi government was real as was their military. The Iraq military ran away. It is because of a political vacuum.

Daesh is not al Qaeda. Oh, I know it is convenient to call them al Qaeda because it allows the dreamscape that the USA Congress has given their blessing to a forever war in the region. But, that is not the TRUTH.

The truth is Daesh are the former Ba'athist of Iraq. The Ba'athists were the military to Saddam Hussein.  

Seth Moulton and the rest of the Congress can stop lying about the sanctioned forever war. The American know the Ba'athists became Daesh and there is no al Qaeda involved. As a matter of fact Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri paid homage to the Ba'athists not only ago.

The OCCUPATION of Afghanistan ended a year ago by NATO. Where did the USA military ever get the idea there was still a legitimate reason to remain in Afghanistan. If the USA had left last year AS EXPECTED along with the rest of NATO, there would be no bombing of a hospital. 

Sixteen American soldiers died in Afghanistan since NATO left last year. They died of a helicopter crash, an airplane crash, Green and Blue attacks, non-hostile incidents and seven died of hostile small arms or rocket attack.

Seven of sixteen died of hostile fire. Not even 50 percent were due to war. Sixty-six percent of the deaths in Afghanistan of American soldiers were due to the military itself and the fact there is no place for the USA in Afghanistan. Crashes. Sixty-six percent of the American deaths were due to inappropriate military strength in a country that sleeps throughout the entire winter.

Add now to that 16 dead, the innocent people that died at the hospital. It wasn't the Taliban that killed them. The Taliban was interested in finding any members of Daesh in the area, robbing the bank and stealing whatever munitions they could find. Afghanistan does not need the USA in their country. We are imposing an occupation on Afghanistan.

We need to leave Afghanistan and Iraq. We don't belong there. We are killing innocent people. That is not a strategy, that is tragic of a military that has existed far beyond it's purpose as a defense for the USA. The Taliban aren't going to invade the USA. They have never invaded the USA. They are not a national security issue for the USA. 

The youngest of the USA dead since NATO left last year is age 21, Kcey E. Ruiz. The oldest of the USA dead since NATO left last year is age 54 Krissie K. Davis.

There are fourteen other Americans of which most died of non-combat deaths since NATO left Afghanistan last year. Sixteen deaths that should have never happened!