Monday, October 18, 2010

Aqua Buddha? Really? You know Paul didn't deny it. This is like the 'I am not a witch thing, right?

Seriously.  I like Buddists.  But, if Paul was a Buddist in his previous life he should state it is either true or false.  He isn't saying one way or another.  He is being histrionic and pouting and marching off the platform.

Hoity-Toity, isn't he?

The guy really lost his cool.  I think that was only fair such an issue came up.  It showed how tempermental he is.  What kind of legislator is he going to be if he can't even handle himself in a civilized way.

I could think if a million ways to discuss Good "Ole Aqua without losing my cool.  That doesn't usually go over well with folks.  I mean really. 

These Tea Republicans are very evasive, aren't they?  Why?  What are they trying to hide?  Seriously.  Across the board they are getting to look a little odd, in a collective way.  What is their agenda?  I am not sure we really know.
I don't think we can take it lightly.  I mean look at the Michigan Governor's Race.  Snyder absolutely sold out a company under very questionable circumstances and closed out the possibility of expanding jobs in MIchigan.  Instead he destroyed jobs in Michigan.  Then he glosses it all over.  I think we have a right to be concerned.  No joke.  I mean it.  I don't like this weird covert stuff.

They are extemists and they know it, but, they aren't willing to be reasonable with the electorate to come to terms wtih their agenda.  I don't like it.  It doesn't deserve TRUST.

...Rand Paul's debate last night with Democratic opponent Jack Conway turned very ugly. Conway has begun running ads that reference Paul's now-infamous membership in a "secret" college group called the NoZe Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was dedicated to "blasphemy," and they once staged a joke "kidnapping" of a female student, whom they "forced" to worship an idol they called the Aqua Buddha....

...We all made mistakes during our college years (click title to entry - thank you) – I’d like to apologize to the ozone layer for my classmates’ use of hairspray – but was Rand Paul part of a wacko religious sect who worshipped a god called aqua Buddha during his university years? Yes, according to his rival in the Kentucky Senate race, Democrat Jack Conway, who brought up the term during last night’s debate and recently debut a new ad referring to aqua Buddha in which he accusing Paul of belonging to a secret society that worshipped this nonsensical god.Here’s the background: A story in GQ earlier this year accused Rand Paul, son of frequent presidential hopeful Ron Paul and a father of three himself, of kidnapping a woman and demanding that she worship a god called “aqua Buddha.” Paul has said the story is untrue, though GQ insists that it fact-checked everything....

Paul should not be lying about it. 

In all honesty, it sounds like a way to 'closet' S&M to me.

"Manning Up," the new battle cry of the Tea Republicans

If you've been paying close attention (click here) to how politicians make fun of one another, you may have noticed a disturbing trend these past few months: Male politicians are being told by their rivals that in addition to lacking male genitalia, they aren't behaving like men, talking like men, or dressing like men. For example:...

...Many Republicans (click title to entry - thank you) have declared this the year of the Republican women, and a number of Republican women have suggested that their opposition would be better at politics if they acted more like men.
To "man up" has become a catch-phrase this year, after Newsweek's provocative cover story about modern manhood, which asserted that the whole country needs to "re-imagine masculinity" and men should abandon traditional perceptions of the man as breadwinner and worker, and adopt a more co-parenting model....

It is about emasculating candidates, but, there is also the 'homophobia' thing with the Tea Baggers, too.  Tea Republicans equate emasculating harassment with homophobia.  They mask their hatred in those words as well.  Quite frankly they don't care what it means to anyone so long as it works in their favor. 

If one notes the rhetoric of, what's her name, O'Donnell stated before she won her party's candidacy it was very similar to what is being stated by most of the Tea Republicans.

"Man Up" was used to stimulate O'Donnell's base to go to the polls and it definately was an Anti-Gay directive at the time she was using it.

The Viagra Thing.  I would want Ms. Angle to produce a sex offender that is taking Viagra.  It would be interesting to find one in prison that was actually provided such a drug.  Regardless, I think it will be hard pressed to find it.

Coburn introduced the amendment to entertain 'kill the bill' demonstrators that were also spewing racial statements and harassing minority Congressmen.

...Before it passed, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.,(click here)  proposed an amendment barring federal expenditures for supplying Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs to sex offenders. Democrats called it a political stunt aimed at killing the legislation. The amendment died.
The health care law does not single out convicted sex offenders....