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"Remember in Novemeber" whom wants to go back to "The Bush Years" rather than being "Unafraid of the Future."

In order to pull the USA out of the depression, FDR passed a record number of bills. With Republicans 'stalling' until after November where does the blame sincerely lie for 9.7% unemployment?

Now that is what I call a 'rescue' of the USA.
FDR was unafraid of the power of his office.  Nor did he doubt the love he had for his nation and the citizens within it.

Emergency Banking Act
Glass-Steagall Act

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Emergency Relief Administration.
Civilian Conservation Corps
Federal Trade Commission
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Agricultural Adjustment Administration
National Industrial Recovery Act
Securities and Exchange Commission
Public Works Administration
Tennessee Valley Authority
Works Progress Administration
Social Security Act
Wagner Act
National Labor Relations Act
...Ed Asner (click title to entry - thank you) will star in the solo show "FDR" (Oct. 12 to Nov. 7), a drama that follows the life of President Franklin D. Roosevelt from inauguration to World War II. The production is based on Dore Schary's Tony-winning play "Sunrise at Campobello" that ran on Broadway in 1958 and was made into a film in 1960....

"Remember in November" - The Republicans believe that tax cuts for the wealthy actually 'creates jobs.' NOT !

I want you to think about his a minute.  You have a million dollar income and the Bush tax cuts are going to ride for another two years as Mr. Bohner (Pronoounced Boner) states they will be if Republicans take the House and Senate.

The 'environment internationally' for GROWTH is in China and India. 

Now.  With alll those ludicrous tax cuts and 'found money' in your pocket what are you going to do with that extra dough?  Invest it into business expansion in the USA with absolutely no chance of any decent loan prospect?  Or are you going to 'invest it' in a 'sure thing' in China or India?

When the Bush Tax Cuts expire the federal deficit will finally begin to come under control and the rest will be history.  It will leave breathing room for the further and the country can concentrate on other issues.

Americans have to rebuild their banking structure from the ground up.  No one else is going to do it.  We are stuck in the doldrums and we need leadership that believes in the citizen and not Wall Street.  It was true in 2008 and its still true today !

Goldman has new program  (click title to entry - thank you)

Last Updated: 12:17 AM, September 11, 2010
Posted: 12:17 AM, September 11, 2010

Call it the rise of the machines.

Three years after the brainiacs in one of Goldman Sachs's hedge fund units imploded, the investment bank is aiming to restock its so-called quantitative investment group.
The unit -- which resides within Goldman's asset management division and employs rocket scientists and supercomputers to make investment bets -- is on the hunt for at least two senior managers to work alongside quantitative investment strategies head Katinka Domotorffy, who is currently on maternity leave.
Goldman hasn't yet identified candidates, but the bank is hoping to make its hires over the next few months, sources familiar with the matter said. A Goldman spokeswoman was unable to comment....

Charlie save your money and get out of the race. Every poll shows you nothing better than THIRD.

...``The next 10 days are critical for Kendrick Meek because he really has to show Democrats in this state and in Washington in particular that he has a shot, that he's a viable candidate who can win,'' said Republican consultant John Wehrung. ``There's a blinking red light in the corner of Kendrick Meek's eye warning him that Charlie Crist is stealing all his Democrats and he needs to find a way to get them back, like now.''
It may be Florida's first statewide race featuring three serious contenders, but at this stage Republican nominee Marco Rubio, 39, can largely float above the fray while independent Crist, 54, and Democrat Meek, 44, vie to be the main alternative to Rubio. Crist is banking on winning strong support from Democratic voters, largely with a simple message: ``I can win.''

That implies, of course, that Meek can't....

Perhaps Charlie is hoping to help Rubio win Florida, because, he sure isn't going to win.  That should be obvious to him now.  It isn't really a fair race.  Meek is being robbed of his sincere chances with the people of Florida.  It must be frustrating to be a Florida Democrat and Independant right now.

..."Clearly, Governor Crist is no friend to Florida's environment,” (click title to entry - thank you) said Adam Sharon, a spokesman for Meek, on Thursday. “Time and again, lifelong conservative Charlie Crist has proven he is far more interested in lining the pockets of developers than protecting Florida's environment or standing up for middle-class families. Now, the governor is trying to green-wash his terrible environmental record. Kendrick Meek is the only candidate who will stand up to big developers and corporate special interests on behalf of everyday Floridians.”
With Crist siphoning off Democratic voters, the Meek team has hammered the governor from the left since the primary in late August.

"Remember in November" the consequences of The Climate Crisis is real.

Expert: Arctic sea ice in a 'death spiral'  (click title to entry - thank you)

Alaska Beat

According to The Vancouver Sun, a new Arctic Ocean sea ice report was released Tuesday by the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center, and it has triggered language that one usually doesn't hear from an expert. Satellite measurements of sea ice in the polar region indicate that this September's Arctic minimum annual sea ice extent will end up being the third smallest since such measurement began in the late 1970s, 5 million kilometers. All extent measurements aside, a greater concern to the director is the observed thinning of the region's old ice, a phenomenon which causes melting to accelerate. The center's director described the rate that Canada's Northwest Passage melted this summer as "unusually fast." He also responded to some recent claims that sea ice around some Arctic communities has been thickening by saying, "That's simply not the case. It's continuing down in a death spiral."...

"Remember in November" the decision brought to you by The Robert's Court.

January 21, 2010

...The decades-old system of rules that govern the financing of the nation's political campaigns was partially upended by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling issued just ahead of the pivotal 2010 midterm congressional election season.
Thursday's landmark decision, approved by a 5-4 margin, could unleash a torrent of corporate and union cash into the political realm and transform how campaigns for president and Congress are fought in the coming years....

A Century Of U.S. Campaign Finance Law  (click title to entry - thank you)


From soft money to attack ads, the U.S. campaign finance landscape has been littered with loopholes, controversy – and efforts toward reform. Here, a look at key players and events in the evolution of campaign finance law....

"Remember in November" that "Gerald Jack" deliberately plotted against the American people in his 'ad' regarding taxes.

Mr. Jack is CEO of the American Petroleum Institute.  In the most recent ad to 'effect' elections in November he uses extremely deceptive tactics that uses the words of 'Tea Party' and "Republcian' candidates to 'PROTEST' taxes placed on the oil industry to fund research in how to handle their negligence of their own practices.
If you click the title to this entry it will take you to the American Petroleum Industries 'ad page.'  On that page people say that taxing oil and natural gas will destroy economy and prolong recessions.  It goes on to not only PROTEST taxes on oil and natural gas, it goes on to say ANY and ALL taxes should never be raised as it will destroy the economy and prolong a recession.
This is a Plutocratic motive, in mockery of our political system, by a CEO to feed "The Culture of Fear" that Republicans prefer to facilitate his next bonus.
These ads are immoral and should be regulated. 
Mr. Jack has a tough job.  He actually has to deceive people in order to win a higher pay bonus.
San Bruno Blast Site Is Now A Crime Scene

Sunday, September 12, 2010
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San Bruno Police on Friday confirmed that they were treating the blast site of Thursday’s explosion as a possible crime scene until such time as foul play could be ruled out.
The events of September 9, 2010 have left between 4 and 7 people dead, at least 5 missing and scores injured suffering from minor injuries to serious burns.
San Bruno is a city of around 40 000 in San Mateo County, California, in the United States....

"Remember in November" that Murdoch and Koch funds a toxic tea !

The sponsor of the “Tea Party” ‘in part was and is Murdoch, along with a couple of wealth merchant brothers called Koch. If one believes for one minute these candidates are any different than those that served with the Bush White House, think again.

Lewis Libby, “…It is their job to win….” Right. A really American hero he is not. He lied and was caught, but, Murdoch calls on the sleeze bag as an expert. Sure. The most reputable person to speak to national security is called upon and the United States Justice Department is called a ‘witch hunt.’ That’s moral? That is accurate? It sure doesn’t sound ‘Fair and Balanced’ to me.

Valerie Plame was one of the most important CIA agents that was working on the ‘cutting edge’ of tracing all the nuclear neighborhood, but, Cheney politics dictated she was a far greater enemy than Iran.

In recent weeks we have witnessed the successful ‘war games’ in the Yellow Sea. I sincerely doubt there isn’t any nuclear threat that the USA, Russia and China cannot contain.

Koch brothers contribute $1 million to fight California's climate change law
By Rick Daysog

Sacramento Bee
An oil company headed by conservative billionaires David and Charles Koch has contributed $1 million to the campaign to suspend the state's landmark climate change law.
Flint Hills Resources does not have any oil interests in California but is a big opponent of climate change legislation around the country. Last week, the Kansas-based refining and chemicals manufacturer threw its weight behind Proposition 23, the ballot initiative that seeks to suspend California's greenhouse gas reduction law until the economy improves.
"This is a significant game changer," said Craig Holman, a campaign finance expert at Public Citizen, a Washington, D.C.-based consumer advocacy group. "They want to stop the state that's well known for leading the way when it comes to climate change legislation."

If she doesn't deny the fund raiser President Obama helped with and she doesn't go on vacation in the middle of her election, she'll be a favorite in the Show Me State.

If Robin Carnahan, Missouri's Secretary of State, can run as honest and sincere a campaign as she does her office, she will "Show Missourians" where their vote belongs. 

Go get 'em, Robin.

...The Bush/congressional GOP attack might not even be Carnahan’s most potent ammo.  (click title to entry - thank you) The government watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has repeatedly named Blunt one of its "most corrupt" politicians, and last month it put the congressman on its bipartisan list of 11 "crooked candidates." Here are some highlights:As a member of Congress, Rep. Blunt came under fire for a variety of issues including employing the same corrupt tactics that forced his mentor, former Texas Rep. Tom DeLay, to resign. Rep. Blunt’s ethical issues were documented in CREW’s 2006 report on the most corrupt members of Congress.
In 2003, Rep. Blunt divorced his wife of 31 years to marry Philip Morris (now Altria) lobbyist Abigail Perlman. before it was known publicly that Rep. Blunt and Ms. Perlman were dating – and only hours after Rep. Blunt assumed the role of Majority Whip – he tried to secretly insert a provision into Homeland Security legislation that would have benefitted Philip Morris, at the expense of competitors. Notably, Philip Morris/Altria and its subsidiaries contributed at least $217,000 to campaign committees connected to Rep. Blunt from 1996 to 2006.
Also in 2003, Rep. Blunt helped his son, Andrew Blunt, by inserting a provision into the $79 billion emergency appropriation for the war in Iraq to benefit U.S. shippers like United Parcel Service, inc. and FedEx Corp. Andrew Blunt lobbied on behalf of UPS in Missouri, and UPS and FedEx contributed at least $58,000 to Rep. Blunt from 2001 to 2006.
Family connections have also helped another of Rep. Blunt’s sons, former Missouri Governor Matt Blunt. Gov. Blunt received campaign contributions from nearly three dozen influential Missouri lobbyists and lawyers when he ran for governor of Missouri in 2004, half of whom had provided financial support to his father. Earlier in 2000, when Matt Blunt was running for Secretary of State, Rep. Blunt was involved in an apparent scheme, along with Rep. DeLay, to funnel money through a local party committee into Matt Blunt’s campaign committee.

Rep. Blunt and his staff had close connections to convicted former lobbyist Jack Abramoff. In June 2003, mr. Abramoff persuaded then-Majority Leader DeLay to organize a letter, co-signed by then-Speaker Dennis Hastert, then-Whip Blunt, and then-Deputy Whip Eric Cantor, which endorsed a view of gambling law benefitting mr. Abramoff’s client, the Louisiana Coushatta, by blocking gambling competition by another tribe. mr. Abramoff had donated $8,500 to Rep. Blunt’s leadership PAC, Rely on Your Beliefs....

"Remember in November"

St. Louis is well-represented at Toronto film festival  (click title to entry - thank you)

...The tropical heat wave in Toronto should be no surprise to Davis Guggenheim, the native St. Louisan who directed and won an Academy Award for the climate-change documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." (No, Al Gore did not direct the movie or win an Oscar.) His new movie, "Waiting for Superman" (opening Oct. 8) is about another looming crisis: the breakdown of the public-education system.
Education unites two other St. Louisans who are screening films at the fest. St. Louis University High graduate George Hickenlooper presents "Casino Jack" (release date TBD), starring Kevin Spacey as lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Hickenlooper's classmate James Gunn presents his new comedy "Super" (TBD), starring Rainn Wilson as a self-styled vigilante and Ellen Page as his sidekick....
Do you REALLY 'Remember in November?"


I do !

Tom Delay is asking for a speedy trial. It looks like he is going to get one. "The Hammer." What kind of 'character' is that for a House Speaker?

DeLay trial may be at hand

Former House leader wants the ethics case heard in Fort Bend


Aug. 24, 2010, 10:10PM

AUSTIN — After five years of his case floating in the ether of Texas appeals courts, former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay will go to trial sometime soon on ethics charges, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Motions to dismiss the charges against the former Sugar Land-area representative on the grounds of misconduct by prosecutors remained pending late Tuesday, but visiting District Judge Pat Priest made clear that he likely would rule against dismissal. Priest then sealed the courtroom to hear arguments over secret grand jury proceedings leading up to DeLay's indictment in 2005. The hearing is expected to continue today.

"The defense is standing in a very deep hole with a very short stick, but I don't want to preclude them from presenting their case," Priest said.

When DeLay and his attorney, Dick DeGuerin, of Houston, exited the courtroom they indicated they felt certain the case would go to trial. DeGuerin said it is only a question of "when and where." DeLay is trying to have the trial moved to Fort Bend County.

…Only hours after Rep. Roy Blunt was named to the House's third-highest leadership job in November, he surprised his fellow top Republicans by trying to quietly insert a provision benefiting Philip Morris USA into the 475-page bill creating a Department of Homeland Security, according to several people familiar with the effort.

The new majority whip, who has close personal and political ties to the company, instructed congressional aides to add the tobacco provision to the bill -- then within hours of a final House vote -- even though no one else in leadership supported it or knew he was trying to squeeze it in….

…When Newt Gingrich shut the government down in the 90′s, Tom Delay referred to the decision as “the mistake of his life” in his book No Retreat, No Surrender: One American’s Fight. So what makes Republicans think their previously failed strategy will work this time with health care reform? Well, the right-wing spin machine is already preparing for the potential PR battle. “At that point, does he let everything else go?” asked former Rep. Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican elected in the GOP wave of 1994. “The game will be, does he shut the government down? Republicans can say, ‘We gave him the money to fund other programs’.” In typical Orwellian fashion, the Republicans plan on turning reality on its head and blaming Obama for shutting the government down. Republicans plan to play on the unpopularity of the new health care law, citing that 56% of Americans favor repeal according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

However, while the bill as a whole is not popular, individual elements of the legislation are and will be extremely popular. Republicans will need to explain to the public why they are in favor of health insurance companies regaining the power to deny insurance to children with pre-existing conditions. While Republicans may not be above allowing sick children to die if it helps them regain power, the vast majority of Americans will probably have a problem with that. Furthermore, the strategy of trying to shut the government down already failed once. The American people don’t like the government doing absolutely nothing during times of crisis….

Health Care Law

56% Favor Repeal of Health Care Bill; 39% Say Repeal Is Likely
Monday, September 06, 2010
Most voters continue to favor repeal of the national health care law, but a plurality believes that repeal of the controversial measure is unlikely.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 56% of Likely U.S. voters favor repeal of the law, with 45% who Strongly Favor it. Thirty-eight percent (38%) oppose repeal, including 30% who are Strongly Opposed.

A majority has favored repeal of the legislation every single week since Congress passed the health care bill in March. Support for repeal has ranged from a low of 52% to a high of 63%.

1) The Human Events Website: Nazi & CIA Ownership, 2) Human Events Hires a ‘Conservative’ Liar from Tom DeLay’s Office to Conduct ‘Political Investigations’ of Leftists, 3) Editor at Human Events Advocates Prosecuting Investigative Reporters and Federal Whistle-Blowers

7th September 2010

Bristol Palin Dons Lace & Fringe In 'Dancing With The Stars' Promotional PHOTO (POLL)

First Posted: 09- 7-10 08:45 AM
Updated: 09- 8-10 08:17 PM

ABC released the "Dancing With The Stars" season 11 promotional pictures and we were able to get a first look at the type of outfits contestant Bristol Palin will don to bust a move. In her promo pic with Mark Ballas, Bristol goes "flapper-meets-tango" in our best description of the black, lacy, perhaps-asymmetrical and fringed halter-top dress. Last week, Bristol talked about her 'DWTS' costumes with People Magazine. She remarked, "I think I will be the most dressed [contestant and have] the most modest outfits for sure because that's who I am." Take a look and tell us what you think.

When the new Congress is seated in January 2011, Republican leaders will have a lot on their plates. Overall, their goal must be to restore public confidence in the U.S. economy… not only among consumers, but more importantly among businesses, large and small….

She is a big girl.  She is bigger than her dance partner, but, hey want do I know?  Twinkle toes?  Right.  What happened to hubby anyway?

Do you know what this is? Do you know where this is? I didn't think so, but, yet every American can 'Arm Chair Quarterback' the war. Sure. Right.

Separtist leade Mirwaiz Umar Farooq during a protet in Srinagar on Friday.


It has nothing to do with Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin.  Believe me it has nothing to do with them!

This is Kashmir.  There has been difficulty with 'civil rights' and 'human rights' in that region of Paki-India for a long time.  It has always been fertile ground for extremism.  Now, extremism is not necessarily related to only ONE type of 'thinking.'  It isn't necessarily about 'terrorism.'  But, I don't expect bozos that believe 'rhetoric' is actually vital to an election to understand that. 

The people of Kashmir are good people.  They are always in distress because they want what every other person on Earth wants.  Respect, dignity, food, water and shelter.  But, then I wouldn't expect people that believe in 'rhetoric' as vital to an election to understand that. 

...A mob on Saturday set on fire a police barrack and a vehicle of the police department outside the Harzratbal Shrine on the banks of the Dal lake here following which security forces opened fire.

Soon after Eid-ul-Fitr prayers, a group of people attacked the police barrack in the lawns of Hazratbal and set it on fire. They also set ablaze a police vehicle, official sources said.

Police opened fire to disperse the mob and prevent any further damage to public property, they said, adding there were no reports of anyone getting injured in the incident.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Moderate faction of Hurriyat Conference Mirwaiz Umer Farooq called for an half-an-hour sit in protest in the heart of the city

Indian police accuse Kashmiri leader of treason

By AIJAZ HUSSAIN (AP) – 34 minutes ago

SRINAGAR, India — Police in Indian-administered Kashmir formally accused a key separatist leader of treason Sunday for allegedly inciting violence after participants in a massive anti-India rally torched government offices.

Armored vehicles patrolled the streets Sunday and security forces used steel and barbed-wire barricades to seal off public squares and neighborhoods in Srinagar, the largest city.

Scores of people defied a curfew throughout the region and clashed with government forces, police said. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

Separatist leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq could face a death sentence or life imprisonment if prosecutors follow through with formal charges and he is convicted. However, police have brought similar cases against other separatist leaders in the past and they have rarely been pursued.

Curfew back in Kashmir Valley - if one listens 'well' one can hear the people say interesting words.  I wouldn't expect those that actually believe 'rhetoric' is vital to an election to know what those words are.

It's Sunday Night.

"Do You Care" by Face to Face from the album "Don't Turn Away"

Do you want to make a difference?
Do you wonder what would happen if you don’t?
Do you need just a little push?
Do you try to change?

Do you think about the other guy?
Do you want one good reason why you should?
Do you only think about yourself?
Do you want to be left alone?

You’re running out of time.
And I don’t see a change in you.
And I don’t think you’re gonna make it.

Do you understand the way it works?
Do you want to take as much as you can?
Do you need a little push?
Do you try to change?

You’re running out of time.
And I don’t see a change in you.
And I don’t think you’re gonna make it.

We’re running out of time and there aren’t many changes made.
And I don’t think we’re going to make it.
We’re running out of time and there aren’t many changes made.
And I don’t think we’re going to make it.

Well, what do you think?
Yeah, that’s what I thought.

C.O.I.N. is only a 'Think Tank Design.' It is very safe to say Pakistan-Afghanistan is out of the box.

This map is from Reuters.  (click here)

Let's get something straight.  The Climate Crisis has been listed as a National Security issue.  This is why.  It causes huge issues with instability and could easily cause changes in nations borders.  The Climate Crisis is causing death, disease and adversity on a daily basis.  KINDLY get your minds around that.  Jeeze.

This map denotes flooded districts and then states severe affected districts.  With over 50% of the country flooded, government support is extremely difficult if not impossible. 

There is and will be continued infiltration of Afghanistan from Pakistan due to the loss of tribal regions.  The increased instability in Afghanistan is due to tribal population changes and retaking of lands due to displacement. 

The media can call them 'insurgents' if they like, but, the dynamics may prove to take on a neutral character over time as fighting between the tribes quell.

I am not saying mass migration of the Taliban is a good thing, but, I am saying the 'noted' increase in 'danger' to native Afghans is not due necessarily to anything except displacement.  The Taliban are not peaceful people and they are fighting for their lives in some ways.  The war in Afghanistan is proving to be less effective because 'counter insurgency' (C.O.I.N.) is counting on 'statistical dynamics' that are 'in a box.'  The region of Pakistan and Afghanistan is no longer 'boxed.'  The battlefield is in flux and it is safe to say this isn't a matter of 'winning,' it is a manner of chronically changing dynamics.

The best outcome for the region is stability in the face of enormous climate instabiltiy.  That would mean letting the outcome be dictated by the 'flux' until it is no longer in flux and the battlefield is stable.  It may never be stable, so the global community literally has to deny the region 'arms' and the 'components' to making arms.  They make their own by this point.

The USA and NATO are best to secure their OWN tribal areas and prove it is more beneficial to work with the Best Armed Warlord on the block than the Taliban.  In exchange for 'safety' and 'quality of life' including food, clear water and shelter.  Winter is coming after all.  I strongly suggest the USA and NATO stake out their territory and enforce it in order to survive along with the people that seek them as support.  That would include Marga, a former Taliban stronghold.  That is, of course, if the USA and NATO do not see the benefit of moving the 'perimeter of instability' back to a region outside of Pakistan-Afghanistan.

From the New York Times:

Security in Afghanistan Is Deteriorating, Aid Groups Say (click title to entry - thank you)


Published: September 11, 2010
KABUL, Afghanistan — Even as more American troops flow into the country, Afghanistan is more dangerous than it has ever been during this war, with security deteriorating in recent months, according to international organizations and humanitarian groups....

Another map by the BBC  (click here)  This map clearly indicates the flooding is along a river that runs through the country.  Dams have broke, water is no longer contained.  Go ahead, you stop it.