Saturday, May 14, 2011

What is going on in Quantico? Basic training?

I have a little more than concern for the fact there is no replacement for Mueller?

You're joking?

There is no second in command ready to take over at a moments notice?

I can understand how Secretary Gates is leaving and the President might want to delay a replacement for Mueller, but, not to find a qualified candidate?

What the heck is going on at Quantico?  They aren't preparing agents for leadership?  I mean for real.  This is ridiculous.

I want an investigation to why there is no one else qualified for the position of FBI director?  If there aren't viable candidates then there needs to be an understanding as to why and how the USA fills that gap.  This is the most outrageous assessment of our intelligence to date !

...President Obama (click title to entry - thank you) will ask Congress to allow FBI Director Robert S. Mueller to remain in his job an extra two years, a rare exemption meant to lend stability in a time of change atop the national security team and renewed worldwide focus on terrorism.

Obama urged lawmakers to go along with his idea "for the sake of our nation's safety and security." Several Democrats and Republicans in Congress chimed in with support....

I want an investigation and I want it NOW !

The "Fab Five" CEOs of the petroleum industry need a bailout. I'll be darn.

Exxon Mobil (click title to entry - thank you) Chairman and Chief Executive Rex Tillerson, foregound, accompanied by fellow oilmen, testifies before the Senate Finance Committee. (J. Scott Applewhite, AP / May 13, 2011)

$22 billion US over ten years.  Are they going to pay it back?  Because GM and Chrysler are paying their bailout back to the USA taxpayer.


General Motors received 4 billion dollars (click here) in bailout funds from the US government in December of 2008. The urgency was per GM’s statement that it needed the funds before the end of 2008 to avoid going into bankruptcy. The second installment of 5.4 billion dollars will be available to GM on January 16, 2009. GM will use most of its loan to pay down debt owed to suppliers. As of January 16th, GM will have received a total of 9.4 billion dollars in bailout funds.

There could be an additional 4 billion dollars in February made available from the same 700 billion dollar Wall Street bailout fund. Congress has not yet approved the second half of Wall Street bailout, equal to 350 billion dollars. The additional 4 billion dollars for the auto industry would come from the second half of this bailout through the TARP program if approved.

Chrysler is the second major recipient of this automotive bailout money. In the first week of 2009, Chrysler received 4 billion dollars in bailout funds. Chrysler is not currently slated to receive more bailout funds, but has expressed that it will likely need additional assistance to weather the 2009 market....

I do believe the petroleum industry has outlived its usefulness and it is why they are so hungry for government money.

..."Given profits of $35 billion in just the first quarter alone, it's hard to find evidence that repealing these subsidies would cut domestic production or cause layoffs," Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) told the oilmen....

For decades the USA has known the petroleum supply on Earth was FINITE, yet in spite of that reality, the Oil Barrons Ball went on and on and on.

Oil prices were going to come to this.  They just were.  It is time to realize 'going to the extremes' though Oil Sands exploitation in Canada and hydraulic fracturing in the USA and globally is only prolonging the pain of exploitation.  The party had to end sometime.

An ally would entertain the Chinese to examine a USA helicopter? Really?

Unknown: (click title to entry – thank you) Distinctive features, such as the smooth and angular outer shell, covered rotor blades and pointed rear end have bamboozled aviation experts
This piece of JUNK should have been put on a military C5 Transport immediately to return to the USA.  But, in Pakistan anything goes.  It failed in its mission.  Why the Chinese would be interested in technology that fails missions is beyond me and the ‘idea’ that Pakistan actually would provide a venue for these pictures and opportunity for China to examine it only speaks to the warlord culture entrenched in Pakistan.
If the Chinese are counting on FAILED USA military technology to win wars, then I am sincerely not worried. 
It is JUNK like this that has the USA national debt out of control.  Ah, the power to destroy the world as we know it keeps going on and on and on.  When is enough, enough?

The helicopter that failed its mission could have killed some of our best trained and dedicated soldiers.  Why would we ever trust it again? 

The bin Laden mission was not about technology, it was about the USA soldier and how well they are prepared in defending their nation.  They love this country.  The Pakistanis, Afghan and Iraq forces should all be able to boast that quality of soldier in defense of their nation.

Pakistan was never really an ally. The USA had to pay huge amounts of money for air space from the beginning.

Pakistan Parliament (click title to entry - thank you)

In joint sitting of parliament lasting more than 10 hours, lawmakers debated the “situation arising from unilateral US action in Abbottabad” which targeted bin Laden. –File Photo

This is from "Dawn" a Pakistani paper.  The Anti-Amcrican ads are interesting.  They seek to say the USA President is full of fear.  Nice people, real nice.

Look, from the beginning it has been my point of view the USA under Rumsfeld should have fought their way across Pakistan into Afghanistan, but, they have nuclear technology.  So, instead we had to pay through the nose for every inch of airspace the USA needed. 

Pakistan is corrupt to the core.  They have killed more decent leaders than they have honored.

Musharraf was no friend to the free world.  He was more a war lord then those in the country, that is why is was President for so long.  It was only with global attention focused on him that he finally began to conduct himself as someone who may be concerned about the needs and views of the West.  He couldn't care less if al Qaeda was operating form within Pakistan. 

...US strikes doubled last year, with more than 100 drone operations killing over 670 people, according to an AFP tally, and the CIA has said the covert programme has severely disrupted al Qaeda’s leadership.

A US drone strike in North Waziristan tribal region near the Afghan border on Thursday killed three militants.

It was the fourth such attack reported in Pakistan’s tribal badlands on the Afghan border, which Washington has dubbed the global headquarters of al Qaeda, since US Navy SEALs killed bin Laden in Abbottabad....

One would expect the Pakistan government to breath a sigh of relief the USA was taking down some of the most deadly criminals in the world, but, no, not Pakistan.  After all, there is India and Kashmir.

It is more than interesting to realize Pakistan is the lauching point for young Islamic men that seek to experience and particiapte in Jihad.  I refer to John Walker Lindh.  As soon as that story was realized everyone should have known what the USA and allies were facing in the region.

Lindh is interesting from the standpoint of where young men go to fight the holy war.  He never wanted to fight the USA, he was interested in fulfilling an 'ideal.'  How lucky for bin Laden to have all these young men come to a common place to fight jihad.  You talk about a 'set up,' a general couldn't hope for better.  And, did Pakistan ever stop it?  NOooooooo.....

Was Pakistan ever an ally?  At one time it tried to be, during that time we had decent people within its leadership, but, with the death of Benazir Bhutto and so many of her family over the decades; all one has to realize is the corruption and distain that country has for civilization.

This is what the Taliban are doing to the peolpe in Pakistan, yet what does the Pakistan Parliament do?  Single out the USA to try to gain power over our military.

It is the 'warlord' culture that can't be destroyed and it is the 'warlords' that will cause problems from now to the end of time.  Just think about it, you could be a warlord, too.

Warlords are crime bosses.  Same thing.  Corruption. 

A man, (click here) who lost his family member in twin suicide bombs attacks, reacts as he talks on a phone in Peshawar, Pakistan on Friday, May 13, 2011. Twin explosions struck a paramilitary training center in northwestern Pakistan on Friday, in the bloodiest attack in the country since a U.S. raid killed al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden. (AP photo)

I would like to thank "Google" for all they do for us.

Blogger was down for awhile.  I know that causes stress for some, but, when these circumstances happen it should cause all who use this service pause to realize how incredible the company has been in accepting a huge responsibility in 'connecting' people to each other.

Google is a rather incredible corporation that seeks little else except the opportunity to serve the underserved in providing a place 'of expression' for insight, experiences, opinion and outreach.  Frequently, that means families enjoy common experiences and communities find ease of connection.

Thank you.  I am sure the time Blogger was down was a more difficult for the people of Google than those that come to this forum.