Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vladimir, get out of the way. Vostok has no shoreline.

What does Russia have against fish? There are some days I think the Russia President uses too much Androgel.

Fish? Now you are picking on fish? Every country in Antarctica wants to do this except Russia. I mean for real already. Vostok sits on top of the highest ice and no one bothers ya. We assume you all take out your own trash from up there. What's the matter, it is melting too much?

Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (click here)

July 17, 2013
US Secretary of State John Kerry (click here) vowed Wednesday to keep up the battle to set up a sanctuary to protect the unique marine ecosystem in parts of the Antarctic.

And he voiced "regret" that attempts to create the world's largest ocean sanctuary in the Ross Sea were blocked, with environmental groups accusing Russia of raising objections to the move.

"There's simply no comprehensive effort to protect Earth's most critical resource that doesn't include an equally comprehensive effort to create marine protected areas," Kerry, who is on a visit to Jordan, said in a statement.

"The Ross Sea is a natural laboratory. Its ecosystem is as diverse as it is productive, and we have a responsibility to protect it as environmental stewards-just as we do the rest of the ocean."

Three days of talks in Bremerhaven, northern Germany, had gathered 24 nations plus the European Union (EU) in the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), a 31-year-old treaty tasked with overseeing conservation and sustainable exploitation of the Southern Ocean.

One proposal for a marine sanctuary, floated by the United States and New Zealand, covered 1.6 million square kilometers (640,000 square miles) of the Ross Sea, the deep bay on Antarctica's Pacific side.

The other backed by Australia, France and the EU, would protect 1.9 million square kilometers of coastal seas off East Antarctica, on the frozen continent's Indian Ocean side....

Senator Graham needs to apologize to America's Olympic Athletes.

The honor of so many that participate in any Olympics is too important to ignore the remarks today of Senator Lindsay Graham. I don't recall him being active during the 1996 Olympics. I don't recall Senator Graham commemorating the Atlanta Games. I still have my commemorative stuffed icon from the 1996 Atlanta Games.

I strongly believe Senator Graham is out of line in stating a boycott would actually be considered while dismissing the long days of training, the volunteer hours and fundraising to put our athletes in competition in Sochi. Every athlete in the USA hearing those words lost a little of their spirit just hearing those words. 

The Olympics are always suppose to be apolitical. It is a baseline for global recognition and platform for peace and understanding. It is time Senator Graham begins to think about the future, the peace that is possible and the willingness of wonderful Americans to help make it happen.

in the House of Representatives
  • Mr. BOEHLERT. Mr. Speaker, I would like to congratulate the individuals in my district who have been honored to carry the torch in the Olympic Torch Relay.
  • These individuals have distinguished themselves in the community by helping others who have been less fortunate. This group combines people of all ages, men and women for one purpose, to help bring the Olympic flame to Atlanta.
  • The Olympics are held only rarely in the United States. We should take advantage of this great opportunity to showcase true patriots of this country. Once again I congratulate these individuals on their achievement.
  • The individuals from my district are: James Barefoot, Sauquoit; Darrell Bruder, Rome; John Cribbs, Sidney; Judith Greiner, Clinton; Leo Hofmeister, Utica; Carlton Jarvis, III, Barker; Jeffrey Jost, Wampsville; Derek Macero, Utica; Dick Mattia, Utica; Robert Merritt, Utica; Allen Pylman, New Hartford; Kristina Rico, Rome; Sandy Shivas, Ilion; James Suriano, Sidney; Russell Brooks, II, Utica; Tim Catella, Oneonta; Eugene A. DiFondi, Jr., Utica; Dustin Hite, Camden; Scott Huges, Herkimer; David Jones, Utica; Joe Kelly, Whitesboro; Ward Mack, Sidney; Steven Mac, Utica; Thomas Mirabito, Jr., Sidney; David Rich, Utica; Williams Rys, New Hartford; James Simpson, New Hartford; and Bob Wood, Sauquoit.

Ain't nothin' like a natural gas meter to make a day worth livin'.

Lightning ignites gas-line fires in Oologah (Oklahoma), forces evacuation of four-block area (click here) 

July 16, 2013
By Dylan Goforth 

OOLOGAH — A lightning strike is believed to have led to fires that resulted in the evacuation of a four-block area of Oologah on Tuesday evening.
Lightning hit a power pole that then fell onto a gas meter, igniting fires along a natural gas line in residential back yards about 5:30 p.m.
The fires were extinguished about 8 p.m., Northwest Rogers County Fire Chief David Puckett said....

Weather today in Oologah, Oklahoma is 90.3 degrees Fahrenheit with scatter clouds and no wind.

California regulators (click here) have proposed that Pacific Gas & Electric Co. pay a record $2.25-billion penalty for its role in causing a fatal 2010 natural gas explosion in San Bruno, a San Francisco suburb.
The total includes a $300-million fine to be paid to the California treasury and $1.95 billion for safety upgrades to the company's gas distribution system. About $1.5 billion would be paid by shareholders and the balance would be returned as a credit to PG&E for already completed distribution system repairs and safeguards.
The proposed financial penalty comes almost three years after the Sept. 9, 2010, explosion of a transmission line that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes in a neighborhood near the San Francisco International Airport....

Of course, the industry is objecting to the figure and even believed $300 million penalty was too high. They think after killing a few folks, some pets, destroying homes and property they should be allowed to keep the money and improve on pipeline safety. Imagine that? No remorse than more demands to be allowed to do the same thing all over again in the name of "PIPELINE SAFETY."

...Consumer advocates praised the proposed penalty that is expected to go before the five-member California Public Utilities Commission in the fall....

I agree with the consumers. Considering the damage their should be a significant fine as well as alternative energy sources for that neighborhood all compliments of the petroleum industry.

Those pretty shingles on this home are photovoltaic cells. They are roof shingles that deliver solar power to the home.

My impressions?

Feds still investigating agent's fatal shooting of Ibragim Todashev during questioning in Florida.(click here) 

The family is understandably upset. They are from the Caucases and are sensitive to issues such as this. The Caucases have a long history of violence and any inkling of same will automatically become a huge issue and rightfully so.

I would not expect the FBI to release information of an ongoing investigation. SOP. The investigation into Mr. Todashev's death encompasses a larger investigation and probably includes at least one lawsuit, so the public won't be hearing much for awhile.

What is troubling is the inconsistencies dribbling out of the FBI. The inconsistencies relay a picture of near torture. Seven bullets, if I have that right, it was seven bullets. That is one shooter.  The shooter unloaded the chamber. There was one gunman that killed him. Understanding why that shooter acted is to understand his death.

Why would one shooter have reason? 'Suspicion of explosive device being worn.' Another word is suicide bomber. That is the way I see it right now.

I am sure the new director of the FBI has more than enough to keep him busy in one day, but, he should give this some attention with a statement about the young man's death. It would help the family and the region of the world most troubled by the secrecy.

Elizabeth Cheney said, "...we can no longer afford simply to go along to get along,"

She believes in obstructionist government. The Tea Party does believe in obstructionist government. 

That is the last thing the USA needs. We need members of the Senate to work together to solve the country's problems, not create new ones.

Wyoming doesn't need someone who is going to make it more difficult to solve problems in Washington, DC. Wyoming needs someone with experience to get the job done. Elizabeth Cheney is not that person.