Saturday, May 06, 2017

Empowerment through education and responsibility for one's own safety. Community has never been more important.

"hole in the water" is an expression I use in terms of physics. You know physically, the mathematical properties of the truth. There are high school students in Flint that understand physics and quite possibly the math of "a hole in the water" and how to calculate the answer I have in mind. 

Please, please stop allowing yourselves to be dummied down. Dummying down of the country is a political strategy. Part of what occurred in Flint was helplessness doled out by Snyder. But, the other part is the understanding "big brother" knows best. While the changes in water sources took place no one was able to bring an argument forward. I didn't know the terrible things were happening because the emergency manager was suppose to be about education and budgets. It wasn't suppose to be about  changes in human health. Empowerment to understand enough physics to bring questions and stop stupidity.

I sincerely believe there are evil people in the USA that practice peaceful genocide. The country is on a slippery slope of deregulation. The deregulation that is occurring will kill citizens of this country. Don't allow anyone to create the idea bad news only happens to to the other person.

Twenty people died in the southeast USA this past week from flash flooding. There are escalating domestic deaths due to climate this year. I think the deregulating occurring is responsible for some of these deaths. Enough emergency workers? Etc. If this escalation in American lives is due to infrastructure failure because it can no longer handle the storms, then the country is in real trouble. If the country is in real trouble, then where is the US Congress to redirect the closures?