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Alan Dershowitz, "There are no technological methods of handling tunnels."

I have this book. I care about the issue and have for a long time. I try to be somewhat learned about what I write. I am not as learned as many, but, I do try very diligently to seek facts.

Perhaps, a well versed Palestinian needs to write, "The Case for Palestine." I have no doubt it would help.

Mr. Dershowitz was referring to "Iron Dome" and how it is a technological marvel that protects Israel. He believed there was no answer for the tunnels.

Perhaps he just hasn't been around construction workers much, but, the answer seems clear to me and it doesn't require a military incursion into Gaza. 

In the USA we call it "Poured Cement."

Influence peddling by Koch Industries 2014 elections!

Total to Democrats: $18,500
Total to Republicans: $998,600

Total to Democrats: $0 (click here)
Total to Republicans: $112,000

I know who to trust now.

A lot of us are NOT Koch. Who is kidding who? Koch first employs family through family planning and what is left over others can try to qualify for if they want to be paid poor wages vs high occupation health risk.

July 3, 2014
America’s hiring spree (click here) kicked into full gear in June as the economy added more than 200,000 jobs for the fifth month in a row, according to government data released Thursday.
The streak is the longest since the late 1990s and provides convincing evidence that the recovery has rebounded after unexpectedly shrinking during this year’s harsh winter. The Labor Department reported 288,000 net new jobs were created in June, and the unemployment rate dropped to 6.1 percent....

Koch is bragging about 60,000 jobs? Oh. Was that "...built on American values and skills?" Right. Underpaid workers, environmental dangers to citizens and Earth and Americans are suppose to believe Koch Industries has something to offer? And about that drum beat for Obamacare, did I hear Koch demanding every American receive health care insurance. I didn't think so. Koch is joking. But, it isn't the first time they tried to play Americans for fools.

Now, who are they backing with big bucks to buy political influence and loyalty rather good wages and great health care with superior working conditions? Who was that exactly? It isn't just a single particular corrupt party, now is it?

Anyone doubtful of how important USAID might be should be asking does it seem important now?

Some progress is already being made. The spread of the disease is no more virulent today than at it's first discovery.

As is true with most pandemic virus and bacteria, including the swine flu, early detection and treatment is vital to a better outcome for any individual. The problem in the African populations is their depleted condition at onset of the disease. The 'body's reserves' for fluid and wellness is a challenge day to day for any African man, woman and child. Add to that depleted wellness a virulent strain of virus or bacteria and the challenge to even stay alive is immediately upon them.

We have learned early detection and hydration is vital to an optimistic outcome for victims.

July 28, 2014
By Sarah Boseley

Clearly somebody infected with the virus (click here) could theoretically get on a plane and spark an outbreak – probably in a hospital – anywhere in the world. However, as with the Mers virus, which arrived in London via a patient who was taken to St Thomas' hospital, infection control measures are so stringent in more affluent countries that it is probable the virus would be very rapidly contained.

Civil unrest could and quite possibly has spread the disease in Africa. Africa, besides Ebola, is suffering from absent and poor water quality as well as drought brought on by the Climate Crisis. If one knows anything about the 'expectations' of the Climate Crisis, the spread of disease and eruption of new strains of microbes is expected.

Widespread distrust of health workers (click here) in rural areas is making an Ebola outbreak that has already killed at least 670 people in West Africa even more dangerous, the New York Times reports today:
Workers and officials, blamed by panicked populations for spreading the virus, have been threatened with knives, stones and machetes, their vehicles sometimes surrounded by hostile mobs. Log barriers across narrow dirt roads block medical teams from reaching villages where the virus is suspected. Sick and dead villagers, cut off from help, are infecting others.
“This is very unusual, that we are not trusted,” said Marc Poncin, the emergency coordinator in Guinea for Doctors Without Borders, the main group fighting the disease here. “We’re not stopping the epidemic.”...

The USA military warned of all this when it comes to the Climate Crisis. Did the USA Congress listen? No. They listen only to those that pay the highest price for their loyalty.

Considering this emergency and the one at the USA southern borders is it important to send humanitarian aid to sustain and improve the health of many nations? 

Just say YES, that is the correct and best answer. 

First World nations have global responsibilities and now Americans can finally say, "I get it."

Direct from the horse's mouth, Mr. Rogers hold's Palestine hostage while Israel continues a military offensive in Gaza.

By placing emphasis on Hamas and making it the center piece of USA policy, Rogers is increasing Hamas importance and virility in the region.

Rogers exhibits nonsensical USA policy that has stifled the Peace Process for over a decade. 

July 28, 2014
By Ben Lynfield

Israel (click here) warned its people today they faced a long campaign in the Gaza Strip as more Israelis and Gazans were killed in separate incidents....

Importance has to be placed on the Palestinian people and it's leadership, not a wayward military exercise. Rogers states that Hamas, if defeated would not leave a power vacuum to allow a more powerful force with far different ambitions to overtake Gaza and be a bigger threat to Israel. Tell that to fellow Republican McCain, Assad and Russia.

Republicans DO NOT CARE about Palestine because it does not grease the skids of their USA political ambitions in quite the way Jewish Pacs do. The greatest enemy, in reality, to Palestine is the USA Supreme Court that through their decision put MORE emphasis on affluent campaign donations. Seriously. The Citizens United decision has created chaos in the USA over campaign financing, but, also in every other dimension of USA policy including foreign policy. I am sure if Ukraine 'paid dearly' for election of USA Congressmen/Congresswomen, they would have a very easy time finding cooperation at some level. 

Ukraine and Palestine might want to ask themselves if that is the kind of 'paid help' they are actually looking for. Try the EU, there is more sympathy and influence in Europe than Palestine and Ukraine might expect. As a matter of fact, Europe would be far more willing to bring leverage to end the killing in both countries. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. The populous of Europe is ready to hear the reasons why their leadership cannot change the trajectory of these two countries.

This is the tenth anniversary of the Traverse City Film Festival.

July 26, 2014
By Brooks Vanderbush

Celebrating A Decade of ‘Just Great Movies’ (click here)

TRAVERSE CITY – You may not realize it, (click here) but the Traverse City Film Festival has already launched its 10th season. In fact, the celebrations began on July 20 in Manistee at the Vogue Theatre. From there, the party continued onto the Petoskey Cinema, the Charlevoix Cinema, the Garden Theatre in Frankfort, the Elk Rapids Cinema, and the Bay Theatre in Suttons Bay. These stops last week served to offer the region a preview of 2014’s Traverse City Film Festival (TCFF)....

The Traverse City Film Festival, which drove the rebirth of Front Street and it's continued success in growing a local economy, is nothing short of a phenomena. Why do I state that? Because the local economy, the thriving of documentaries and the need for 'people to know and be entertained' has driven that local economy all the way out to I-75 at Grayling. I saw it happen all these ten years.

The rest of the phenomena didn't stop at I-75. It was the drive to open old, boarded up theaters all over the State of Michigan. The movement is giving birth to local economies. It is truly a phenomena giving life back to Main Street.

This festival is more American than America. Don't miss it. It has an education classroom, some of the best talent in the business, a Kids Fest which costs parents nothing for the outdoor venue and simply $1.00 for each attendee at the daily movie. The festival has grown in magical ways this year, including movies on boats and auctions at cities that inhabit the bay near "The State Theater." Hope you can attend.

July 23, 2014
By Tom Long
Detroit News Film Critic

In its first year, 2005, (click here) the Traverse City Film Festival sold 50,000 tickets. It was a huge success.
Last year, it sold 119,000 tickets.
But ask festival founder-programmer Michael Moore how the festival has changed as it enters its 10th anniversary year, running Tuesday-Aug. 3, and he pauses before saying, “It hasn't.”
At least not in attitude.
“Honest to God, I know it sounds weird, but I feel I am programming it 10 years later the way I programmed it the first year,” says Moore, who handpicks all the festival's films. “There’s more of it, there’s the factual parts that are different ... but we’ve approached this with the same attitude.
“I have the same standards in my head. I’m thinking about the audience constantly. I’m thinking I want a variety of things for a variety of people,” says the Oscar-winning director of the documentaries “Bowling for Columbine,” “Fahrenheit 9/11” and “Sicko.”...

Lowering health risks in Kentucky.

LONDON, Ky., July 11, 2014 – U.S. Department of Agriculture Administrator (click here) for Rural Housing Services and Community Facilities Tony Hernandez announced $4.3 million to expand health care services and create local jobs in eastern Kentucky. The funds will increase hospital capacity, expand health care services, and create continued economic opportunity in the region.

"The ability to access good quality health care directly impacts people's everyday lives and influences the choices people make about where to live and where to start a business," said Hernandez. "Long-term investments that expand access to health care, education and good jobs build strong rural communities with a good quality of life for families."

Today's announcement includes a $4.2 million USDA Community Facilities Loan to the South Williamson Appalachian Regional Hospital in Pike County to expand and renovate the facility. The project will expand bed capacity in the intensive care unit (ICU), improve the heating and ventilation system and upgrade facilities in the ICU and emergency room areas. This upgrade will expand the hospital's ability to serve the region in a state which is number one in the nation for cancer mortality rates and over 31 percent of adults are obese....

Scalise is typical of Tea Party in that he has no real answers and simply panders to constituents for hate speech. Nothing new here.

Scalise is Tea Party. He is immoral and lacks credibility,

He has a significant history of saying "maybe" in one word or another.

July 24, 2014
By Jake Sherman and Seung Min Kim

Incoming (click here) House Majority Whip Steve Scalise declined to say whether he supports the House Republican border-crisis proposal, and says President Barack Obama could solve the problem on his own.
“I’ve always said from the beginning, we need to pass a bill that solves the problem,” the Louisiana Republican told a clutch of reporters in the Capitol Thursday, when asked if House plan should be narrowly focused....

Do share with the latest Tea Party extremist so he knows how best to pander to his constituents. (click here)

Cantor may be gone, but, not forgotten.

Joking. Really?

July 28, 2014
By Jim Geraghty
The U.S. Special Inspector General (click here) for Afghanistan Reconstruction just released a report revealing that the Afghan military and police forces are doing a poor job of keeping track of the weapons provided to them by the U.S. Department of Defense....

Everything is going to be left behind anyway for the USA's newest success in the history of it's war college.

What have I said on this blog? When there is import of munitions to any region of the world by any power there is always going to be use of those munitions through confiscated and/or black market sales. 

What is the directive of the United Nations regarding this mess?

Don't know? 

How about THINK before exporting war to any other region of the world and small arms are prohibited in sales. Why? Because rebels dismantle governments and create REAL TIME problems to any sovereign authority to control their domestic peace.

In Afghanistan, you mean to tell me this is a surprise?

17 December 2012
By Nasim Fekrat...With the increased frequency of green on blue attacks, (click here) the topic has become an important subject for western media. It is usually portrayed as a religious and cultural problem in which Afghan troops react to perceived insults by American troops’ behavior. Others cite Taliban infiltration into Afghan security forces. But after talking to various Afghan journalists and writers who have been covering this issue for the past decade, I realized that the reasons behind these attacks go much deeper than cultural and religious incompatibilities or suspected Taliban infiltration. Rather, the motivation behind the green on blue attacks has developed over the past half decade of NATO operations in Afghanistan....

This loss of munitions was expected at the Pentagon. Simply because this accounting confirms it doesn't mean this is news to anyone. If the Afghan police and military are sincerely concerned about the missing military equipment, they might want to check the Pakistan ISI, including the Taliban. I am sure the Haqqanis are very happy indeed.

Ukraine is not NATO and the USA is not interested in European involvement in war with Russia, while Russia might be though.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is looking to the USA for all it's answers. That is not likely to happen. The Ukrainian President needs to seek the support of the EU and expanding it's markets to the EU. The relationship with Ukraine is different simply because they are not NATO. 

July 22, 2014
By Josh Levs and Mick Kever

In an exclusive interview (click here) with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, Poroshenko said, "Every country and every person, and every leader should find out their own place."

"We know exactly" where a missile was shot that hit the plane Thursday, killing all 298 people aboard, and where the flight crashed, he said. "And all this territory is firmly controlled by Russian-supported terrorists."

Ukraine has "a lot of evidence that these people are supported by Russia, trained by Russia, armed by Russia," he added. "And most of them and their leaders are Russian citizens. That is for sure."...

Some of the problems the Ukraine faces are similar to that of the EU. In working with the EU, Ukraine can become a cohesive partner in trade and energy efficiency. The relationship with the USA has to be more homogenous in it's interests in Europe simply because an abrupt change of direction would change the balance of powers in Europe and the USA would be then engaged with a confrontational war with Russia. That would place Europe in extreme danger.

The Ukraine government can certainly ask for purchases of military equipment from the USA and in that financial assistance would be provided through Congress. I sincerely believe the US Congress would invite the interest of the Ukraine with full disclosure to NATO of any changes that military assistance might bring. 

Ukraine is best to invite peace talks will all it's partners to bring about a better resolve for itself. The separatists are a problem and it would be difficult for the Ukrainian people to sustain a protracted civil war simply because it is demoralizing to the people of Ukraine whom relied on a treaty to maintain it's peace.

The Ukraine President needs to take heart in Ukraine's ability to carry out a successful assault against the separatists. Why is Russia firing across the border of Ukraine? It is because Ukraine has been successful in driving the separatists up to the Russian border. Russia does not want this civil war to find itself on Russian soil. 

I do not believe Putin is looking for a global war to fight which would occur should the USA become directly involved in a military assault within Ukraine. President Putin is attempting to push aside the harm the sanctions are doing and regain the moral ground it has lost in an international economy. In that is the reality President Poroshenko has been more than successful in pushing the separatists back on their heels while Russia seeks to 'make room' for separatists fighting within Ukraine. 

President Poroshenko has plenty of clout in his military prowess despite his military losses. The losses are having a heavy toll on the moral fiber of Ukraine simply because they want peace and they want relationships with both East and West. Ukraine never asked to be the linch pin to Putin's political clout and to that reality President Putin is failing both his country and his desired alliances with neighboring countries in creating an economic union.

The USA is not cold hearted regarding the Ukraine military losses, quite the contrary. The USA counts every casualty itself when engaged in war and to that reality there is currently legislation to correct the new needs of the returning soldiers for the Veteran's Administration system. We know what it is to mourn every military loss and it is right to do so. Citizens should never be depersonalized to the point in which previous American administrations used citizens for their own purposes. The current administration in Washington, DC is aware of the pain the citizens of the USA suffer with such losses as does the Ukrainians as well. No one in the USA wants Ukrainian losses. I wish Russia was the same way.

In looking to the USA to directly intervene in a Ukraine civil war would profoundly escalate the region into a war that Ukrainians would regret. The Ukraine President and military leaders need to develop a plan for the best outcomes to their civil war, realize their successes to date, seek to minimize losses, but, most importantly Ukraine has to develop a strong economy to survive the onslaught of a Russia incursion and the plans for economic pressure by Russia's trade plans.

I thought Ukraine was wise to refuse to be a part of NATO as it may hamper it's ability to trade with Russia. It has to weigh all the alternatives to it's present position.

Wall Street is not much of an option for quality of life for any country.

Not with Walmart and Koch creating a global empire.

Bad news for the USA. Walmart is it's biggest employer and it is putting other competitors out of business. Big Box stores such as Best Buy is shutting it's stores where Walmart thrives. The possibility of much larger corporate welfare programs is on the way as competition with Walmart is becoming impossible. 

What every happened to Anti-Trust law suits. See, if Walmart has it's way and the Koch's have their way, there will be ONLY two employers in the USA as they Gulp down all competition. Do I sense profound recessions on the way? Do I detect the greater and greater demand for a minimum wage increase?

If Walmart and Koch are not confronted by Anti-Trust lawsuits, it's treasury will be over burdened for a very long time if not permanently as it's revenues fall. 

This is the design of Republicans. As income tax becomes less and less viable as an option to support the country, there will be a national sales tax.

While the USA demands a higher minimum wage and unions are being organized, the Walmart and Koch companies are pushing hard against it's adoption to END any potential to paying higher wages and accepting unions to mitigate the best interests of the Middle Class. In that reality is the huge and permanent recessions and impoverishment of Americans. 

Local economies folks.

Oh, yeah, a national sales tax places the burden for the economy OFF THE WEALTHY and back on the Middle Class and Poor. 

USA Right Wings lies does not elevate Israel with it's propaganda. The USA right wing is self-serving and implicated in aggression by Israel.

Hamas was not on the edge of political oblivion before Israel started their war. Hamas was intricately being accepted by the leadership of Palestine. That was Israel's complaint. Israel stated they would not talk to the Palestinians, even Abbas because Hamas was being accepted within the power structure.

Hamas never came to the media, the media went to them for the first time in a long time.

Demonizing isn't going to create a saintly Israel. The insults by Israel into Palestine is not simply significant, it is a strategy to end any aspirations of a Palestinian nation. Simply because Hamas doesn't recognize Israel doesn't provide a moral platform for annihilation of any of the Palestinians, including Hamas. It was decades before any nations of the Middle East recognized Israel. Anyone remember the Six Day War? Am I the only one?

The USA right wing has absolutely no moral ground to condemn Palestine and/or Hamas. The only moral ground that exists is that of the borders of Palestine. Jews have been provided a homeland and they are depriving Palestinians theirs in ambitions to control that land as well. THAT is completely obvious.
I am going to end it here for now. I'll pick this up sometime tomorrow. 


St. Andrew Is best known with his cross. The cross is a very big deal as an artifact.

Andrew is Simon Peter's brother. He is a fisherman from Bethsaida. He witnessed the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. Andrew was one of John the Baptist disciples. 

He is known for observing John the Baptist saying, "Behold the Lamb of God." That is a bit prophetic. What is commonly a sacrifice to the gods on an alter? Lamb, right? So, John was foretelling what was to come in those words. 

Andrew is the fellow who tells Jesus of the boy with five barley loaves and two fish of which Jesus feeds. It is Andrew who receives Phillip in conversation in handling Gentiles that want to meet Jesus simply because he is popular. It is here where Jesus isn't necessarily viewed as a Messiah, but, as a focus of populous thought.

Andrew is believed to have preached in Scythia, an area which is now Russian territory between the Black and Caspian Seas. 

He was believed to be taken to Greece where he was bound, not nailed, to a crucifix of which he preached for two days before dying. 

As recently as 2013, his X shaped cross was transported from St. Petersburg to Moscow for celebration. Here again there seems to be this revitalization of Christian faith within Russia, this time a Roman Catholic Saint.

July 16, 2013

An express train (click here) containing a special temple car has brought from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow an honored Christian relic - the cross, on which Apostle Andrew the First-called was crucified. It was met at the Kursk station by believers: passengers, railway workers, clergy and district administration of the Moscow region.

Sergey Stchebligin, President of the St. Andrew Foundation, organizer of bringing the relic from Greece to Russia, has noted that despite the fact that during five days in St. Petersburg no less than 200 thousand people had come to bow to the cross, there had been no hustle and conflicts in queues. "Both guards and pilgrims were attentive to each other, helped the elderly and children, shared drinking water," Stchebligin said....

This cross was believed to have been moved in 1200s by "The Crusades" from Constantinople to Amalfi, Italy. 

I began this with the statement by so many that somehow god sanctions guns.

I wrote about the real world of St. Paul the apostle in Corinth and how he, accepted as a Roman, taught the faith as he learned it from Jesus Christ.

While a saint for the following and teaching he conducted, he was not apostle. He is not in the picture of "The Last Supper." 

Paul's family were tent makers. They had money because in the manufacture of tents one has to have material and thread as well as framing to build tents. He lived in Tarsus and later would live in Jerusalem to study law under Gamaliel I. He actually prosecuted 'the new religion' and approved of martyrdom for the followers of Jesus. It would be on the road to Damascus he was converted.

He would then travel to convert the Gentiles to the new religion. He set churches during his travels to teach from and leave with new teachers of the faith. Eventually, he would be arrested and due to his Roman status was taken to Ceasar in Rome and was placed under house arrest for two years. He would then return to his journeys and again arrested and again. It is stated he was later martyred in a beheading outside the gates of Rome.

The language of Jesus was Aramaic.

Aramaic is a semitic language related to Hebrew. Jesus did not teach in Hebrew, he taught in Aramaic. 

Jesus was know to have four titles Aramaic words appear as titles for Jesus: Rabbi, or teacher; Amen, or prophet; Messias, or Christ; and Mar, or Lord.

Interestingly, the New Testament was written in Greek. So, the writers of the books of the New Testament write in Greek inter laced with Aramaic words. Jesus and his apostles taught/spoke in Aramaic. 

Just a few thoughts about Constantine.

Pope Sylvester Baptizes Constantine. He was born into a very different world than Jesus and the apostles. It was nearly 700 years later. But, the faith developing out of the teachings of Jesus Christ were widely spread. 

Constantine was born within the fourth caliphate. At the time of Constantine a caliphate was a measure of time. The church recorded A.D. for the time after the birth of Jesus. A caliphate was also a measure of time, but, determined according to the expanse of the acceptance of the teachings. Any caliph wasn't so much a manical madman at the top of some feeding chain while oppressing others. A caliph was more or less a pope, but, of different teachings. It is extremely noteworthy that while Constantine was born within the fourth caliphate, it was the last of the caliphates. The map below show the growth of the one through four caliphates.

Constantine was born in Syria. They baptized him in Syria.

It was Constantine that would begin 'the formal church' which engaged power as well as prayer. 

Constantine as Pope rejected the authority of Rome. He instead took an name different from the previous Popes. Constantine was considered an eastern name after Constantinople. Constantine never allowed Rome to be brought into the worship of the faith. Constantine held councils to decide the depth and direction of the church. 

Pope Constantine made the Roman Catholic faith autonomous and powerful. Any time faith enters the picture in a time line it carries with it power. Power because it decides the terms of life ever after or death or worse a life with Satan. This development of power by faith, in this case, was pursued to bring about an understanding of morality. It consolidated human activity into what one can say is social engineering. Constantine realized his power and grew far greater in power than Rome, hence, Eastern Rome. 

This social order based in faith would manifest later as well in the Middle Ages. 

What is occurring in the Middle East today is faith based social order. 

St. Peter, an apostle, was originally named the Hebrew name of Simon

In Hebrew the name Simon meant, "he has heard."

Interesting name, Simon. In the USA it appeared in birth certificates about 0.084 percent of the population in 1888, it fell off that all time high to 0.009 percent by 1958 as an all time low, but, oddly it didn't disappear. The name Simon returned over the decades to 0.080 percent of the USA population in 2013.

The name Peter was found in the USA nearly a complete half percent up to it's pinnacle of 1957 of 0.530 percent, but, from there it's popularity has dwindled to 0.092 percent of the USA population.

Depending on the readings St. Peter was referred to as Simon Peter. I think it was just the pleasure of the author rather than reality. Jesus gave him the name Peter. Peter means rock. It was suppose to indicate a superior name to that of Simon. He would become the "Head of the Church." Not the founder, that was Paul. I should write a little more about Paul. He wasn't exactly an apostle. He was a follower and a Rome originally named Saul. But, later.

Peter was no different than many fishermen that earned a living in the same method as 'share cropping' in the USA. He was also relatively young as most of the Apostles that lived much longer than Jesus did. 

An interesting thing about Jesus, referred to by Peter as 'the christ,' his life was mostly private without a great deal of fanfare until he began to recruit men to his teachings. He was a Rabbi, therefore, a teacher. No one actually has writings by Jesus so much as writings by others with their experience with him. Jesus did not write as a Rabbi, he spoke. The Torah has a spoken component called Torah Shebichtav. The only reason I point to this is because teaching without writing is a rabbinical tradition. Writing is more personal and a record, but, speaking is in the communal tradition of the Jewish faith. Why write when it was people in larger numbers he was trying to reach. Most commoners would not necessarily know how to read. I just find that a point of interest in understanding Jesus and his relationship with others. He never expected to be a star performer, so much as a reformer who's example could be made to be an example of the faith of a Jewish Rabbi prepared to die professing a single deity. I think he was very dedicated to teaching his faith and to that end was martyred on a cross.

Jesus wanted to bring everyone the faith of monotheism. Peter in being the dead of the church has successors. Those successors are Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Francis is a successor to St. Peter. The Popes are also "Shepards of the Universal Church" and "Bishop of Rome. St. Peter's tomb lies under the basilica in Rome. The largest church in the world is Patriarchal Basilica of St. Peter located next to the Vatican. It is this basilica that all Catholic functions of world wide importance are conducted, such as canonizations.

So, St. Peter is a very big deal. He is pivotal. He is the one true follower that would be crucified for his beliefs. It would later be the Roman Emperor Constantine (A.D. 664 – 9 April 715) that built the first Roman Catholic basilica at the very place of Peter's crucifixion. He would be martyred in Rome under Nero's rule as emperor (A.D. 54-68). Here again we are seeing apostles of Jesus actively involved in their own ministries during the A.D. 50s to 60s. So, there is a great deal of consistency throughout the books of the Bible regarding 'the time' of 'the church.' 

In his teachings, Peter would consider Jesus the living god. From the beginning of his life the name Jesus meant savior. Forty days after his birth he would be anointed in the temple as 'the christ,' the Anointed one of God, the Messias. That is basically all the history of Jesus Christ as a child, except, his parents fled to Egypt to avoid Herod's demonic massacre of Jewish infants. It was after Herod's death that the family returned and there is one more reference of Jesus in the temple at the age of 12 discussing worldly issues with what were considered Doctors. But, then he sort of disappears until he is an adult and began his teachings. His teaching lasted all of three years. Then he is martyred in crucifixion.

But, as to Peter, he is also considered Prince of the Apostles. Peter is also married, yet he never writes about his marriage or his wife. As a matter of fact, the wives of any of the apostles are hardly ever mentioned, if at all. The Apostles don't really write about themselves. The only time an Apostle writes exclusively about himself is in Revelations when John has a dream. He writes about the dream of symbolism. Most if the apostles write through the eyes of an observer, rarely reflecting on their own understandings.
It's Monday Morning

Follow Me, and I Will Make You Fishers of Men

4:18-22 When Christ began to preach, he began to gather disciples, who should be hearers, and afterwards preachers of his doctrine, who should be witnesses of his miracles, and afterwards testify concerning them. He went not to Herod's court, not to Jerusalem, among the chief priests and the elders, but to the sea of Galilee, among the fishermen.