Thursday, July 08, 2010

Secretary Salizar just needs to issue a moritorium that the Louisiana Courts can't corrupt.

There just isn't anything else to say.  The Fifth Circuit is KNOWN for its bias and dysfunction due to the 'personal holdings' of the judges that sit on this court.


Eastern District of Louisiana

Middle District of Louisiana

Western District of Louisiana

Northern District of Mississippi

Southern District of Mississippi

Eastern District of Texas

Northern District of Texas

Southern District of Texas

Western District of Texas
...Two of the 5th Circuit judges seemed to disagree about who should be shown more deference: Feldman or Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who imposed the moratorium.

"We give deference, as you should, to what that court has done," Judge Jerry E. Smith said of Feldman's ruling.

Judge James L. Dennis said Interior Secretary Ken Salazar "is entitled to a lot of deference" when the court evaluates whether the moratorium should be allowed to stand. Dennis partially dissented in the ruling, saying that he would have let the moratorium remain in place.

"Why are we in a position to second-guess the secretary on whether or not there's a threat of irreparable harm?" the judge asked at the hearing.
Dennis said he was satisfied that Salazar's decision wasn't arbitrary or irrational, but he wanted to hear more from the Interior Department about why a six-month moratorium was needed....

...The administration is fighting to preserve the ban on two tracks. (click title to entry - thank you)  As the government defends the moratorium in federal court, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is planning to issue a revised ban - this time written with more justification and enough nuance that it could survive a legal challenge....

Incredible interivew with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Mr. Kng stated we would travel to the Middle East to bring all the parties on the show. Applause.

I agreed with everything he stated last night.  I believe the blockade deaths were unfortunate, but, the Israeli Defense Force was expecting violence and indeed there were guns on board. 

I do not believe Israel is a violent nation, I believe they live in a very difficult neighborhood and I believe Israel has every right to exist.

I do believe there needs to be fence mending with Turkey and a resolve to the issues surrounding the blaockade deaths.  That was serious and caanot be treated differently, but, if there were indeed guns on board what was to be a peaceful mission, then I am a bit disillusioned and Israel's actoins are difficult to call into question.

I also believe the Prime Minister is correct when it comes to Iran.  I believe Iran and its threats against Israel has to be taken seriously and the USA sanctions are very important.  More needs to be done.  But, to 'deny' there is anger and threats against Israel for simply exisiting is a worrysome problem.  Israel has done nothing to Iran.  Yet, Iran levels threats to Israel all the time.  It is as though Iran is seeking to be the 'mother ship' to Hezbollah and Hamas.

Iran should break ties with any 'extremist' groups and legitimize relations with the countries of the region and global interests as well. 

I would think, the Iranian President would find a way to seek better diplomatic relations with the West other than simply making speeches at the United Nations.  However, I don't see Iran having good relations with The West if it continues to advocate violence. 

Iran cannot talk out of both sides of its mouth by seeking peace with The West on one hand and denouncing Israel on the other.  Iran supplies 'the hate' in many ways to the extremist groups and then tries to follow it up with actions even if simply making statements at the UN and in the media.

It is time for the Middle East to end this senseless 'street talk' about violence and hatred of Israel.  If there is to be a sincere peace by Israel, there cannot be accompanying propaganda promoting violence within the Islamic communities.  Iran cannot continue to propagate hatred though extremists in the region.  In doing so, it puts young Muslim men and women 'at risk' for ending their lives.  The entire 'paradigm' of hatred by Iran which results in real deaths and violence is simply outrageous for a modern country.  Seeking peaceful use of nuclear capacity cannot be accompanied by a 'paradigm of hatred.' 

It was completely obvious there is a gross difference between the 'peace keeping' intent of Israel's defense department and one that is an 'active threat' to the region.  Israel has a right to defend itself and until the 'propagandized hatred' stops I don't see Israel's 'defense strategy' changing.  Unfortunately. 

I apprecaited Prime Minister Netanyahu coming to the public and speaking on behalf of Israel.  It included us in what we want most, a real opportunity for peace in the Middle East.  It is a leadership role the Prime Minister is taking, with that a 'good place' for Israel to be.