Friday, September 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton can be hawkish in her run for President because the right wing is stuck in war mongering.

The troops still at war for the USA has to come home. Fourteen years is ridiculous. 

The Vietnam War can be stated to have begun June 1955 under Eisenhower who sent supplies. Kennedy sent advisers and had decided against troops. Johnson was the president that sent troops in March of 1965. 

From 1955 to 1975 was a couple months short of 20 years, but, the troops were only there for less than ten years. So, the occupation of Afghanistan is second so far to that of Vietnam. 

We need to be out of there and allow the Afghans to defend their country. 

The 911 remembrance will continue no differently than Pearl Harbor. But, the continued occupation of Afghanistan doesn't even relate to September 11th anymore. 

The occupation of Afghanistan is about the Taliban. It is time to leave the region and let them settle the peace.

It never fails.

Every time I put Michael Moore on this blog the government interrupts my internet. Every time. It doesn't matter if it is a Michael Moore reference or the TCFF, the government crawlers attack my computer. Amazing.

How long since Fahrenheit 911? Eleven years, right? 


Vladimir Putin and Russia doesn't even do that. Seriously. The USA has far too much money.  

Homeland Security needs to be looking for the bad guys, not citizens. It is shameful. 

This is what our tax dollars are doing, looking for supporters of anti-war movements. Far too much money. 

Michael Moore is a citizen of the USA. He is a brilliant documentarian and that is the real issue. He is a brilliant man with a long history of fighting for the little guys. 

I never get this type of computer disruption when I do advocacy regarding the planet. It is ridiculous. It is harassment of completely innocent people that happen to believe the USA military can be a wayward product of the USA government. Go, ahead, deny it. The USA military, not it's soldiers. The USA military establishment needs to deny it has fought completely unnecessary wars. Go ahead, deny it. 

See, the Republicans will cut spending for the most "W"rong reasons in the world. It will cut food stamp benefits, but, don't touch the Department of Homeland Security. Go ahead, cut spending to Planned Parenthood and cause another decrease of the bond rating for the USA. It will increase the interest rate on the national debt and use up more tax dollars for unproductive purposes. But, whatever Congress does it should not cut the military budget and money for border guards to our southern border. Let 'em starve in the USA.
September 11, 2015

Cuba (click here) has said it will release more than 3,500 prisoners in a goodwill gesture ahead of a visit by Pope Francis.

The government in Havana says those to be freed include inmates due for conditional release next year, as well as a number of foreign prisoners. 

Those found guilty of crimes against state security will not be eligible, seemingly ruling out several high-profile political prisoners.

The Pope will make a three-day visit to the island next week....
September 11, 2015
By Jake Coyle

TORONTO (AP) — The Toronto International Film Festival (click here) opened its 40th year with a gala double feature of Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Moore. 

The opening night premieres of "Demolition" by Quebecois filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallee ("Dallas Buyers Club") and Moore's "Where to Invade Next" made an unlikely pair to kick off Toronto's fall-movie launching pad on Thursday. "Demolition" won't hit theaters until April, and "Where to Invade Next" is being shopped for buyers. Filmed clandestinely, Moore's first film in six years wasn't known to exist until its Toronto debut was announced last month. 

Of the two, Moore's documentary held more surprises. While it had been expected to be an investigation of the American military industrial complex, Moore does the invading in the film himself, traveling to other countries (mostly in Europe) to find "America's soul." 

Moore's premise is that decades of patriotic chest-thumping and constant war have prevented the United States from taking care of its own democracy. In Slovenia, he finds free university; in Finland, he marvels at its top education system; in Italy, he sees eight weeks of annual vacation and strong unions....
Watching the air attacks on MSNBC (I have watched it every year. There is always something new I hear.) it became clear why Donald Trump became political.

One World Trade Center was  1,368 feet (417 m). 

Trump International Center in Chicago is 1,389 feet (423 m)

Trump Tower in New York City is far less in height than the Chicago tower is 861 feet high.

Donald Trump has a vested interest in USA policy regarding national security. I had put those pieces together until I was watching that film. 

I am sorry the attacks of 911 has had such a profound impact on his life. That apology goes to the owners of all the skyscrapers that are a point of pride for USA cities. 

Donald Trump is very serious about his candidacy. Very. Interesting guy. It begins to explain his tenacity.
The latest developments as European governments (click here) rush to cope with the huge number of people moving across Europe. All times local (CET):

11:30 a.m.
The governor of Greece's northern Aegean region says authorities have managed to register 20,000 refugees and migrants who had been on the island of Lesbos in the space of three days, significantly easing the overcrowding on the island.
Regional governor Christiana Kalogirou told private Skai television Friday that the number of refugees and migrants on the island had reached about 30,000. Greece's caretaker government, appointed about two weeks ago to lead the country to Sept. 20 early elections, sent extra staff to speed up registration and chartered two extra ferries to help move people to the mainland.
More than 250,000 people have reached Greece so far this year, the vast majority arriving on islands from the nearby Turkish coast. About half of all those who arrive do so on Lesbos. Few, if any, want to remain in financially stricken Greece....

The toddler that died when migrants' boat capsized was the son of the driver.

September 11, 2015

A woman on the same boat as Alan Kurdi (click here) says the boy's father is a people smuggler who begged her not to dob him in.
Zainab Abbas said Abdullah Kurdi had lied to the world after the image of his dead three-year-old son on a Turkish beach sparked a global outpouring of support for Syrian refugees.
"Yes, it was Abdullah Kurdi driving the boat," Ms Abbas told Network Ten through her cousin Lara Tahseen on Friday.
Ms Abbas also lost two children when the boat capsized shortly after leaving Bodrum for the Greek islands.
After the tragedy, Mr Kurdi told the media he took over steering the boat after the captain panicked and jumped ship.
But Ms Abbas said Mr Kurdi was the driver of the boat, and the man she paid to book her passage told her it would be safe because the driver was taking his wife and two children....
Anti-War Activists need to rally on September 11th. Next year is the 15th anniversary of the attacks within the USA as stated by the CIA. Zucotti Park is opposite the site of the Memorial.

It might not be difficult getting a permit either. The President stays at the White House these days. 

I am sure the 911 families never expected the attacks would turn into a forever war. The children are becoming adults.

Jindal "I think Trump has tapped into the frustration of Americans tired of the Washington establish." This statement from a man that just stated, "The Obama Administration has given us an Iran preparing for nuclear capacity, Planned Parenthood that sells body parts all over the country..." These are the politicians that embrace September 11th for all the wrong reasons. I think we need to get real about 911 politics. The politics has absolutely nothing to do with the dead.

14 years of remembering 911. People are not forgetting.

"Troops Out Now" (click here)

I don't know what is more bizarre, the chronic war of Bush or the people that opposed it and still do. When are peace activists going to realize the New York Times will never put them front and center to USA policy? 

"The Soapbox" by Cindy Sheehan, editor and chief (click here)

September 11, 2015

A Florida man (click here) is charged with plotting to set off an explosion at a 9/11 event. The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested 20-year-old Joshua Ryne Goldberg Thursday in Florida. Prosecutors say he told an online informant how to make the bomb he wanted.
Investigators originally thought the suspect was recruiting people to carry out attacks from a location in Australia, reports CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues.
It turns out Goldberg was in the U.S., in a home near Jacksonville, where he was taken into custody. He shares the home in Orange Park with his parents.
According to court documents, he had set his sights on bombing a 9/11 memorial event -- the Kansas City Stair Climb.
Investigators said he was communicating online with someone he thought was sympathetic to his cause but who was actually an FBI informant, and the online conversations were being monitored. According to investigators, Goldberg encouraged the informant to build a pressure cooker bomb similar to what was used in the Boston Marathon bombing....

Michael Moore's Muscle Film

Is the "London's Arm Fair" a violation of the UN Small Arms Treaty?

10 September 2015
By Cahal Milmo 

Regimes criticised (click here) for “appalling” human rights records have been extended official invitations by the Government to attend the world’s largest arms and security fair in London, The Independent can reveal.

The list of countries invited by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) to attend the Defence and Security Equipment International Exhibition (DSEI) exhibition next includes countries criticised by campaigners for gross infringements of civil liberties, including Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Thailand.
The invitation to Azerbaijan has been made despite a rebuke from a Government minister over its draconian imprisonment of a journalist for “questionable allegations”. Foreign Office minister David Lidington said Britain “will take every opportunity to raise concerns over human rights” in the country....

The UK needs to shutter this event forever based in international treaties. Anyone in attendance of the fair should it go forward that has a record of human rights abuses should be arrested and sent to the World Court at the Hague.

That standard should hold for every arms fair in any country that are signators to the UN Small Arms Treaty. 

How much of the small arms market is supported by gun manufacturers?

I have absolutely no doubt Daesh representatives will be there. Mercenaries. So, the UK's Cameron states the country should oppose Daesh in Syria while it accepts migrants/refugees. Why bother if arms dealers are sanctioned? The UK and other NATO allies allow the purchase of arms that eventually will be used to kill NATO soldiers.

25 SEptember 2013
By Awr Hawkins

According to the NRA:(click here) “This treaty threatens individual firearm ownership with an invasive registration scheme [and is full of regulations and requirements that are] blatant attacks on the constitutional rights of every law-abiding American.”
The NRA warns that the ATT “urges record keeping of end users, directing importing countries to provide information to an exporting country regarding arms transfers, including ‘end use or end user documentation’ for a ‘minimum of ten years.'” This information on end users is a de-facto registry and one that could be “made available to foreign governments.”...

How many CIA and Interpol will be attending to provide assistance to rebel groups? How many of so called Iran's terrorist networks do there shopping here and in markets like it?

I take it James Blake survived because he could still breath. That is an improvement over past performance for the NYPD.

September 10, 2015
By Bill Dwyer

...The James Blake story (click here) had the kind of stench that has been floating over U.S. law enforcement for all too long now. And it floated out to the tennis center, where there were lots of furrowed brows and shrugs of why?

Blake is a former U.S. tennis star, once No. 4 in the world. He was often a big attraction for his dynamic personality and similar play, especially during this tournament's famed night sessions. Ten years ago, he took Andre Agassi to five sets and into the wee hours of the morning....

There is a court ordered police commission in Cleveland now:

September 8, 2015
By Eric Heisig

Here are the appointees (Their applications, where available, can be found at the links.): (click here)
  • Anthony Body, good neighbor ambassador supervisor for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.
  • Craig Boise, dean of Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.
  • The Rev. Yvonne Conner, a retired Methodist pastor.
  • Kathleen Clegg, director of community and public psychiatry and the public academic liaison program at University Hospitals Case Medical Center.
  • Mario Clopton, a teacher in Shaker Heights and a former political organizer.
  • Lee Fisher, a former Ohio lieutenant governor and president of CEOs for Cities.
  • Lynn Hampton, president of the Black Shield and a Cleveland police detective.
  • Timothy Higgins, a Cleveland police sergeant.
  • Amanda King, a law student at Case Western Reserve University.
  • Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association and a city police detective.
  • The Rev. Max Rodas, the CEO of Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center.
  • Dylan Sellers, activist project director at Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools.
  • Rhonda Williams, an activist and director of the Social Justice Institute at Case Western Reserve University.
The 13-member commission will make policy recommendations to the police chief on policies and practices that can help strengthen relations between officers and the communities they protect. It will also consider recommendations from the public and make reports to the city and community about changes in practices and policies.
All of the commission members are to serve four-year terms....