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This entire issue has gotten so out of hand even Canada doesn't know quite what to think.

Will someone please do something with Arizona, they are making the entire globe crazy !

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Government of Canada Announces Pilot Project to Enhance Border Security Between Ports of Entry Near 
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Friday, 30 April 2010
- Today the Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety, announced a pilot project led by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in cooperation with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to enhance security at our border. The project involves collaborative efforts and community outreach between the ports of entry east and west of Lacolle, Québec....

Arizona acted too late. There is no historical basis for the actions of the Arizona legislature.

I am half expecting a version of the Mexican American War to break out.  Or some hideous territorial issue over some ancient issue with a wandering border and the Rio Grande.

The statute also prohibits localities from adopting any policies that allow less than full enforcement of the immigration laws, thus prohibiting so-called sanctuary provisions.

This is all post 911 thinking without any clear evidence to that fact..  

If Arizona had done this when Ronald Reagan passed the last Immigration Reform Bill there probably would be far less of a problem today in every way including the 'War Next Door.'  
Arizona has acted too late, and has acted to enforce a federal law that has been ignored and abandoned since it was signed into law.  As a result the floodgate from Mexico was not only left open but encouraged.  

The Immigration Issue according to Sarah "The Slick" Palin is out of control and is based in hate and fear.  The Arizona law is trying to put a finger in the dike of a 25 year old crack.  There has been too much seepage and there is no stopping the collapse now.  

Arizona needs to realize the backlash against their truant actions is real and they need to come to terms with being a bad neighbor to other States as well as a Mexico that has received plenty of grief in the way of gun and weapon transport for the entire 25 year time over that border.  

A State does not have the right to imperil the 'good will' of the USA and its Department of Defense with 'military deployment' initiatives currently at work in Mexico to stop the "War Next Door."  Currently, the USA military under the direction of Secretary Gates and after the deaths of people affiliated with the USA State Department/Embassy has taken actions with the Mexican government to assist with the violence just over the USA/Mexican border.  For all we know, the deaths of those people might be associated with the actions of the Arizona Legislature.

Arizona is threatening the sovereignty of other States as well as interfering with State Department initiatives as well as interests of the Department of Defense.  Their actions are illegal in that regard, made unilaterally and are a threat to the USA national security.  The bill needs to be repealed.

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Full Rights for All Immigrants, Now! Fight Racism and Bigotry

This action by Arizona is encompassing a global movement.  Phillippine immigrants have been coming to the USA for decades to work in medical facilities in the USA nursing shortage.  They are dedicated family focused citizens and they will refuse to let the opposition die.  

They are well funded and aren't going to go away.

The Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP) joins the mass mobilizations in more than 350 actions all over the nation led by unions and immigrant rights groups to say no to racial profiling and anti-immigrant campaigns, in Arizona and everywhere on Saturday, May 1, International Workers’ Day.

The racist law gives state and local police the power to act as federal immigration enforcers. The lawmakers who wrote and supported this bill said it was necessary to appropriate the tasks of the federal government because the federal government wasn’t doing “enough” on immigration. The already brisk pace of the federal racist anti-immigrant campaign just was not fast enough for the racist ruling class in the state of Arizona.

The law also makes not carrying proper documentation a misdemeanor. It institutionalizes racial profiling, giving the police a racist tool of oppression and the power to detain anyone they consider to have a “reasonable suspicion” of being an undocumented immigrant.

Immigrant Rights are Workers Rights

Since 2006, when the immigrant rights upsurge gave birth to the new civil rights movement’s in this century, when million stood up for the democratic rights of the workers from different nationalities who are exploited and oppressed by the capitalist system, we have stood for full rights for all immigrant....

The Conservatives got strange under the Bush Regime. There were militias and all kinds of people that came out of the woodwork. Sorry, "Civil Defense Corps." Sure.

 The minutemen were armed.  

A citizen of the USA is allowed to carry a gun.  In some states it is legal as long as it is not concealed.  But, in 'that' context it is a mechanism of self-defense.  

In the context the Minutemen carried weapons it was as police officers and they weren't.  

Why any of that was allowed to happen  is beyond anything I understand.  It should have never existed, but, it did.  

The Minutemen literally were acting as police and giving themselves not just the right to protect themselves but to act to intervene in a hostile manner to stop border crossings.  If that meant confrontation to act in self-defense thus using a weapon that is 'aggravation' under the laws of the USA and they would be minimally in violation of 'aggrivated assault' and possibly leading to 'manslaughter.'

The actions of the Minutemen are NOT lawful.  They were never commissioned under the direction of any Sheriff to carry on as they did.  They need to be disarmed, dissolved and possibly charged with crimes.

 The position of the radial right in Arizona is contrary to the position of George W. Bush.  They are following the rantings of a person once Governor of Alaska for half a term.  The actions in Arizona are in response to the rantings of Sarah "The Slick" Palin.  I don't ever recall a rock star having this much influence in any government legislature.  It is irresponsible and stupid.

- Deploy border fence; end “catch and release”- State of the Union 2008 quote

- Take pressure off border with guest worker program - State of the Union 2007 quote

- Letter from Catholic Church: Don't make priests enforcers 

- Our economy could not function without the immigrants - State of the Union 2006 quote

- Support a humane guest-worker program that rejects amnesty - State of the Union 2006 quote

- Reversed GOP’s support fo English-only education - Bush reversed the Republican Party’s support for English-only public education and stopped cuts in school funding for the children of illegal immigrants.

- It’s time to permit temporary guest workers - State of the Union 2005 quote

- Temporary workers ok, but no amnesty 

BUSH: We’re increasing the border security of the US. There ought to be a temporary worker card that allows a willing worker and a willing employer, so long as there’s not an American willing to do that job, to join up. I don’t believe we ought to have amnesty. I don’t think we ought to reward illegal behavior. There are plenty of people standing in line to become a citizen. If they want to become a citizen, they can stand in line, 
too. And here is where my opponent and I differ. In September 2003, he supported amnesty for illegal aliens
KERRY: We need a guest-worker program. We need is to crack down on illegal hiring. And thirdly, we need an earned-legalization program for people who have been here for a long time, stayed out of trouble, got a job, paid their taxes, and their kids are American. We got to start moving them toward full citizenship, out of the shadows. 

George W. Bush: Temporary workers ok, but no amnesty.

George W. Bush: A time-limited worker card for the illegal immigrants.

George W. Bush: Don't believe we ought to have amnesty.

John Kerry: A guest-worker program alone won't solve the problem.

John Kerry: Temporary workers ok, and earned amnesty ok.

- Support temporary worker program but oppose amnesty- State of the Union 2004 quote

- “We must make our immigration laws more rational, and more humane,” Bush told 200 Latino supporters attending his first White House announcement of the election year. “I believe we can do so without jeopardizing the livelihoods of American citizens.” What Bush calls his “temporary worker” program was eagerly embraced by business groups but condemned as stingy and impractical by advocates for immigrants. Many said it has little chance of passing Congress in the form Bush described. 

According to David Frum in 2003:

- Bush envisioned a Mexican border open to labor, to trade, and open to investment-especially investment in energy. Mexico had banned foreign investment in its energy industry in 1938, and ever since, Mexican oil production has been controlled by the state monopoly, Pemex. If Mexico opened itself to the exploration and development of its oil resources by American entrepreneurs & technology, Mexican oil might possibly displace Arab oil from the US market altogether. 

- For this energy “quid,” Mexico would of course demand some equally valuable “quo”-and in Bush’s mind that “quo” was immigration reform. Bush believed that immigration was valuable to the US and praised it again and again in public speeches and his private conversations.

- So the Bush administration designed a system for regularizing the Mexican-US labor relationship-not an amnesty like that of 1986, but a grander system for enabling Mexicans to work in the US temporarily and then to go home again.

- $500M to cut INS application time to 6 months - Bush campaign promise

- Welcome Latinos; immigration is not a problem to be solved.  Bush [would] divide the INS into two agencies: one to deal with the enforcement components of border protection and interior enforcement, and another to deal with the service components of naturalization. Bush will change the INS policy so that spouses & minor children of permanent residents can apply for visitor visas while their immigration applications are pending. He will reverse the presumption that such family members will violate their terms of admission, and will encourage family reunification. - Bush speech 2000

Campaign statements by Bush in 2000 below:

- High tech: More H-1B worker visas; less export controls

- Farm policy: Open markets abroad; more H-2A worker visas

- Latinos enrich us; family values go past Rio Grande

- We must do a better job of stopping those who seek to come into our country illegally. I support strict border enforcement programs such as Operation Hold the Line, which concentrate border patrol officers and resources at known border-crossing points. I believe it is far more compassionate to turn away people at the border than to attempt to find and arrest them once they are living in our country illegally.

- Bush pledged to revisit guest worker programs and other ways for immigrants to come into the country, but said he would insist on immigration controls and a waiting period before citizenship. 


The most 'manipulative' argument to defend the Arizona law is made in regard to police enforcement and profiling. It is a Sarah "Slick" Palin issue.

The problem that is going to manifest very quickly are the places where illegals in Arizona actually meet 'the system' and primarily the Social Service System.  There may be some real stress placed on surrounding states as these folks leave Arizona in fear of being apprehended after establishing lives there.

That is why most of the deportations will occur.  It won't be 'on the street' as it is completely hideous for Police to take this seriously and put themselves in danger as well as the illegal(s) in danger.  Why create hostile neighborhoods that will become 'no go zones?'  It makes no sense at all.

I'll go as so far as to state, the neighboring States should sue Arizona for its policy that will pressure their fragile economies.

Arizona immigration law could drive Latinos out of state  (click title to entry - thank you)

Immigration Counters - Number don't really mean anything. Not really. It doesn't really resolve a serious issue.

Link to map :

The world today is very different than the world of the Late President Ronald Reagan.  The laws that were passed during his administration were never enforced and the 'status' of the Mexican people were never improved.  Mexico became a 'welfare state' to the USA and for the most part businesses in the USA liked it that way.

Southern California took on the 'culture' of illegal immigration and migrant workers to provide protections from harm while working for USA farmers.  Today, they are still closely monitored for pesticide exposure.  

The link above is a site that claims to keep track of the cost and numbers affiliated with illegal immigration in the USA.  
It isn't just that, but, in the year 2010, we are nine years out from a very different world.  The lack of resolve to the end of al Qaeda has made citizens feel vulnerable and more uncertain to their safety.  Then there is the very real issue of the War South of the Border.  It is real and to a greater extent that is the issue, both in illegal immigration that are better called refugees and the massive drug cartel operation into the USA.

Crossing Arizona

It is estimated that 4,500 undocumented people try to cross the Southwest’s Sonoran Desert each day. Heightened security in California and Texas pushed the illegal border-crossers into the Arizona desert. The U.S. Border Patrol recorded 253 immigrant deaths in 2005 in Arizona. 

If any State in the union has reason to legislate hate it the form of 'security' it would be California which is where the 'real' Mexican war is taking place south of the border.

California is the leading state of residence, with 2.0 million, or 40 percent of the undocumented
population. The 7 states with the largest estimated numbers of undocumented immigrants--
California (2.0 million), Texas (700,000), New York (540,000), Florida (350,000), Illinois (290,000),
New Jersey (135,000), and Arizona (115,000)--accounted for 83 percent of the total population in
October 1996.

Table 1.
Estimated Illegal Immigrant Population for Top Twenty Countries of Origin
and Top Twenty States of Residence: October 1996

7. Arizona 115,000

The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), also Simpson-Mazzoli Act (Pub.L. 99-603, 100 Stat. 3359, signed by President Ronald Reagan on November 6, 1986) is an Act of Congress which reformed United States immigration law. The Act made it illegal to knowingly hire or recruit illegal immigrants (immigrants who do not possess lawful work authorization), required employers to attest to their employees' immigration status, and granted amnesty to certain illegal immigrants who entered the United States before January 1, 1982 and had resided there continuously. The Act also granted a path towards legalization to certain agricultural seasonal workers and immigrants who had been continuously and illegally present in the United States since January 1, 1982

Get the law enforcement officers out of the desert. Don't deploy in that area except with armed swat UNITS.

This is ridiculous.  A single police officer against a well armed drug cartel caravan is completely helpless.  The Arizona law places police officers in harms way without sufficient backup.  I have seen nothing mentioned about increasing the number of officers and how they will conduct their patrols.  The State Legislature of Arizona was very short sighted and rushed to judgement about this issue.  This is the first casualty of what will become the War within Arizona.  Police Officers will do what is asked of them without any sense of self-preservation if they believe it will save a life or serve their community.  Enough !  They have rights, too.

H.R. 4437 and amendments of the 109th Congress, 2005-2006

12/16/2005--Passed House amended. Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 -
Title I - Securing United States Borders
Section 101 -
Directs the Secretary of Homeland Security (Secretary) to take all appropriate actions to maintain operational control over the U.S. international land and maritime borders, including: (1) systematic surveillance using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ground-based sensors, satellites, radar coverage, and cameras; (2) physical infrastructure enhancements to prevent unlawful U.S. entry and facilitate United States Customs and Border Protection border access; (3) hiring and training additional Border Patrol agents; and (4) increasing deployment of United States Customs and Border Protection personnel to border areas with high levels of unlawful entry. Requires the Secretary to annually report to Congress respecting border control progress...
The following are amendments proposed for this legislation. Click an amendment's name to read the text of the amendment, where available.
Amendment requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to include satellite communications in the secure comminication plan required by the bill.
Proposed: Dec 15, 2005. Accepted: Dec 15, 2005.
An amendment numbered 1 and printed in Part B of House Report 109-347 to require the Secretary of Homeland Security to include satellite communications in the plan authorized by Section 106 of the bill.
Amendment expressees the sense of Congress that the President, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Secretary of Homeland Security and other Department Secretaries should immediately use every tool available to them to enforce the immigration laws of the United States, as enacted by Congress.
Proposed: Dec 15, 2005. Accepted: Dec 15, 2005.
An amendment numbered 3 printed in part B of House Report 109-347 to express the sense of Congress that the President, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Secretary of Homeland Security and other Department Secretaries should immediately use every tool available to them to enforce the immigration laws of the U.S., as enacted by Congress.
Amendment prohibits law enforcement grants from being provided to local law enforcement agencies in localities that restrict those agencies from sharing certain immigration information with the Department of Homeland Security.
Proposed: Dec 15, 2005. Accepted: Dec 15, 2005.
An amendment numbered 7 printed in Part B of House Report 109-347 to amend Section 642 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 by replacing "Immigration and Naturalization Service" with "Department of Homeland Security" and enforces Section 642 by stating that the Attorney General shall not provide any grant amount to any Federal, State, or local government agency or entity that violates the Act (which states that any government official or entity may not be prohibited from sending information to DHS regarding the citizenship or immigration status of any individual).

Reagan's vision for the USA was as a borderless country.

Reagan himself was a dreamer, capable of imagining a world without trade barriers. In announcing his presidential candidacy in Nov. 1979, he had proposed a “North American accord” in which commerce & people would move freely across the borders of Canada & Mexico. This idea, largely overlooked or dismissed as a campaign gimmick in the US, rankled nationalist sensibilities in the neighboring nations. But Reagan was serious in his proposal. Though he traveled only once outside the North American continent during his first 57 years, he was neither insular nor isolationist. California has windows to the world in Asia, and Reagan thought of the US as a Pacific power as well as an Atlantic one. He also had a Californian’s consciousness of Mexico and an actor’s appreciation of Canadians, who are well-represented in the film community. The dream of a North American accord would drive the successful pursuit of a US-Canadian free trade agreement and a future-oriented “framework” trade agreement with Mexico

Arizona needs to come to terms with the fact many of the illegals are also refugees from Mexico where deaths are happening daily in a civil war with drug cartels.

Prepared by: Florence Immigrant Refugee Rights Project

The Florence Project provides free legal services to indigent non-citizens detained in Arizona by Immigration & Customs Enforcement and facing removal from the United States.  Due to our limited resources as a nonprofit organization we only serve individuals who are presently detained in Arizona and do not take referrals for non-detained cases or provide legal advice in these cases.  Self help documents on applying for common forms of immigration relief from detention are available to download from our website:

This document is intended to provide you with legal information about Asylum Law. If you need legal advice, please go to the Where to Find an Attorney article.
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"Cinco De Mayo" by Senses Fail from the album "Still Searching"

this town had sunk its teeth
deep inside of me
and now i struggle just to breath

and this used to be my own safety
the side walks the doorknob
and the memories are grey
I'd rather keep them all that way

'cause i can't relive
all of those nights when i was
afraid that i wouldn't ever be the same
when i was shaking in a cold sweat
cursing all the pain I've had
i can't go back to all this!
(the pain I've had)
i can't go back to all this now

look at me
I'm a mess
a mess of everything
that i never wanted to be

i can't relive
i can't relive
all of those nights when i was
afraid that i wouldn't ever be the same
when i was shaking in a cold sweat
cursing all the pain I've had
i can't go back to all this
(the pain I've had)
i can't go back to all this
i can't go back to all this NOW

all of those nights when i was
afraid that i wouldn't ever be the same
when i was shaking in a cold sweat
cursing all the pain I've had

"Morning Papers" - Its Origin

The Rooster 

The President is very much loved by Kindergarteners.

In his address at the University of Michigan the President mentioned getting a letter from a Kindergarten class and one of the questions stated, "Do you live next to a volcano?"

The Kindergartener was concerned about President Obama and his well being in that question.  He is probably concerned, which is a very mature idea actually, about the people of Hawaii in that question as well.

The President is from Hawaii and travels there from time to time.  In the mind of a beguiled Kindergardener he could not understand why the President would even be allowed to live in Hawaii considering his importance and the fact a volcano was in the neighborhood.

Fla. declares emergency over oil spill

As Gov. Charlie Crist (click title to entry - thank you)  declared a state of emergency for six Panhandle counties and emergency workers prepared for environmental damage along the coast, President Barack Obama said a Gulf oil spill will not deter plans for future drilling. - Updated 11 minutes ago

The Sarasota Dolphins is not a minor league team, okay? They are real and a very precious commodity. Why you might ask.

The Sarasota Dolphins is a population of bottlenose dolphins that primarily reside off the coast of Sarasota, Florida.  (click title to entry - thank you)


The Sarasota Dolphin program has been in existence for four decades.  Can anyone fathom a guess to the importance of four decades of research with this population of dolphin?

The Sarasota Dolphins are completely wild and the scientists that work with them are very careful of the contact made with them because they are so very smart and very gregarious any bonding would effect the nature of their behaviors.  

This population of dolphins has been a treasure trove of information regarding, are you ready for this?  Language.  An acoustical scientist out of Woods Hole and UNCW knows the 'sounds and calls' of each individual.  She can identify new babies by the calls of the mother.  We know for a fact these dolphins have distinctive language sounds used to communicate with each other.  We know for a fact that contact with humans changes their patterns of communication. 

We also know that when oil goes into the blow holes when they take a breath, that it will kill them.  Do you want to know what a death cry of a dolphin sounds like?  Well, we might be able to find out real soon.

And if all that mess isn't enough, with the sun traveling further north there is a vortex recking havoc in the troposhere.

May 1, 2010
UNISYS GOES East water vapor satellite.  (click title to entry - thank you).

I believe that brings a total of 4 dead so far this year?

Officials: 3 dead, 25 hurt in Arkansas tornadoes

© 2010 The Associated Press

April 30, 2010, 11:48PM

CLINTON, Ark. — Tornadoes ripping through central Arkansas on Friday killed at least three people, injured 25 others and destroyed several homes, authorities said.
The deaths were reported in Van Buren County — about 75 miles north of Little Rock — where three mobile homes were destroyed, according to state Department of Emergency Management spokeswoman Renee Preslar. Further details weren't immediately released.
Teams also were looking for people in a damaged home in nearby Center Ridge, Preslar said.
"There are people possibly trapped there," she said. "Search and rescue is going in for a possible missing person."
Tornado sightings were reported just a few miles north in Culpepper, according to Arkansas State Police. A sheriff's dispatcher said a sighting also was reported in the Oakland area, near the Missouri border.
Trees and power lines were down along interstates in both areas.

This NOAA satellite image taken Friday, April 30, 2010 at 1:45 PM EDT shows a line of clouds from the Southern Plains through the Upper Midwest associated with a low pressure system that is producing areas of heavy rain, thunderstorms, and some severe weather. The potential for tornadoes will persist into the evening. (AP Photo/Weather Underground)

Guess what habitat this is? That's right, coral reefs. Fish of all kinds and tourism to die for. Environmentally friendly? Where?

Why would any sane and civilized society put huge economies at risk for oil?  

Anyone want to guess at the monies and 'work hours' that goes into protecting these fish and the reef ecosystems? 

There are currently two species of coral in the USA that are threatened and may possibly be endangered now.  

The people that allow offshore oil drilling are a penny wise and a pound foolish and the international implications to policy toward the USA is immeasurable.

Staghorn coral occur in back reef and fore reef environments from 0-98 feet (0 to 30 m) deep. The upper limit is defined by wave forces, and the lower limit is controlled by suspended sediments and light availability. Fore reef zones at intermediate depths of 16-82 feet (5-25 m) were formerly dominated by extensive single species stands of staghorn coral until the mid 1980s.
NMFS designated critical habitat for elkhorn and staghorn corals in November 2008 in four areas: Florida, Puerto Rico, St. John/St. Thomas, and St. Croix.

Elkhorn coral was formerly the dominant species in shallow water (3 ft-16 ft (1-5 m) deep) throughout the Caribbean and on the Florida Reef Tract, forming extensive, densely aggregated thickets (stands) in areas of heavy surf. Coral colonies prefer exposed reef crest and fore reef environments in depths of less than 20 feet (6 m), although isolated corals may occur to 65 feet (20 m).
NMFS designated critical habitat for elkhorn and staghorn corals in November 2008 in four areas: Florida, Puerto Rico, St. John/St. Thomas, and St. Croix.

Guess what specie habitat is in the 'Green Zone?'


 The Green Zone species this time is, the Manatee.  See that little 'white spot' at the coastline of the USA among the 'green zone?'  See it?   Ever wonder why their habitat isn't along the Louisiana shoreline.  No?  Oil.  That's why.  The habitat requirements of the VEGETARIAN doesn't grow in the shipping lanes of oil tankers and oil rigs.  Environmentally friendly?  I don't think so.  And it has nothing to do with the waters of the Mississippi either..


The Brown Pelican is the State Bird of Lousiana. It was listed at endnagered in 1970 due to DDT. Its food source is ocean fish.

Does anyone have any idea how long it took and how much it cost to return this bird from near extinction of 10,000 birds in 1970?

Guess what is going to happen to this bird again?  Only this time it won't be DDT.  It will be destroyed habitat and lack of food source.

They are going to be eating contaminated fish and dying of oil ingestion.  Isn't that great?  And it is WHOM'S fault?

The Brown Pelican was removed from the endangered list in November 2009.  I mean why bother.  Just going to put them right back on with a host of other species from the Gulf Coast.  I just can't wait to see that list grow longer and longer and longer so we all have new purpose to our lives.

No, no, no, no. No one is going to victimize the victim. BP and the ENTIRE oil industry is at fault in the Gulf of Mexico calamity.

....Yet a review of the response suggests it may be too simplistic to place all the blame for the unfolding environmental catastrophe on the oil company. The federal government also had opportunities to move more quickly, but did not do so while it waited for a resolution to the spreading spill from BP.....

This is an outrageous article.  Perhaps the federal government should take over the operation of the oil rigs in USA territorial waters then.  What do you say?

This is the absolute best laugh I have had all year.

Shall we get started?

This is the Southern coast of the USA where no one gives a hoot about the environment EXCEPT the scientists themselves and the citizens of the states.  If it were not for those two 'power' groups there would not be any ecosystems in the Southern USA.  They have practically wiped out any evidence of Long Leaf Pine Forests.  So there is plenty evidence to begin with that the people elected into office are completely stupid in their decision making when it comes to environmental controls of ANY nature in these states.

To top that off, the Petroleum Industry has enjoyed DECADES, if not nearly a century of UNREGULATED existence in the USA due to the product they extract from THE EARTH and used by the auto industry. 

The oil industry has high levels of pollution, both air and water including such substances as sulfur and methane and about one hundred other noxious chemicals.  There is a reason why dead dinosaurs are supposed to be left alone in their deep earth graves, okay?

That is ONLY the beginning. 

I'll make this simple statement and then move back to the industry practices, but, the entire concept of drilling off the North American Continent East Coast is the MOST hideous idea anyone has come up with due to a million reasons, but, the primary reason is an unstable fault that exists there that 'if it slips' could cause 100 foot tsunamis along the East Coast from Maryland to Key West.  AND, YES, PETROLEUM EXPLORATION CAN FACILITATE THAT INCIDENT.  But, get this, because tsunamis only exist at shoreline in a destructive capacity the actual oil rigs that would be causing the 'fault to slip' could continue to do so and continue to pump out oil. 

So, do I believe the Petroleum Industry is a RESPONSIBLE industry in the USA?  That is like asking me if Goldman Sachs should still be in business, but, more than likely they are intertwined. 

Let me make this plainly clear, NO.

The industry is enjoying 'carte blanc' in the way of regulation and this is PROOF if it.  The industry prides itself on being environmentally prudent in ALL their practices and contributing to the USA economy by creating jobs.

"W"rong !

The only reason and I do mean only reason the industry continues to exist is because Americans don't drive electric cars YET.  There is no other reason, the Petroleum Industry is the most draconian industry in the economy of the USA and this abject environmental disaster is only the beginning.  The New York Times has opened Pandora's Box and it ain't going to close again.

They want this argument, then they are going to get it.  The Obama Administration has been NOTHING but heroic here and the entire cost and SUPPORT to the Gulf States Economies lies with the British Petroleum, Halliburton and any other 'minorist' of contractors involved with this disaster.  Complete and abject disaster.  BP, Halliburton and every other contractor involved in this can now COUNT ON placing all their income into the treasures of the Gulf Coast citizens of the USA.

The entire concept that an oil rig can dig past its capacity to PROTECT the economy of the country they are operating in is one of the most IMMORAL decisions a company can ever make.  That is true with the investment banks and it is true here.  This has become not only an environmental issue with global implications FROM THE SPILL ALONE, but, a national security issue from the standpoint of the huge damage it has done to the USA economy.  And the timing could not be worse,  Perhaps the USA should simply throw its government out and turn over the country to the plutorats after all. 

British Petroleum has turned the lives of citizens in the country into turmoil in a way that won't be recovered for decades, if not centuries and IF AT ALL  The citizens of the Gulf Coast of the USA will do little more than confront disaster and work to recover from it forever now and that has to be funded and guess who is going to fund it?  You got it, Wall Street.  Because those people are going to have a life and it will be funded by the companies that did this.

One might ask, did British Petroleum have a 'disaster plan' IN PLACE to counter such an incident? 

The answer is NO.

Shall we just get on with this article and call it what it is, INDUSTRIAL PROPAGANDA.

Not only that but every other country on the planet needs to recognize the fact that this industry is NOT self regulating and it needs to be reviewed for unsafe practices that lead to issues of sovereignty in relation to national security.  Halliburton is a grossly ill managed company along with the rest of them.