Sunday, July 16, 2017

End the burgeoning destruction.

The infrastructure of the international community is deteriorating. The supports to end the warming are under attack by an age old strategy both from the petroleum industry, but, also the Republican Party.

How many remember the words, "Saddam needs to become a member of the Family of Nations."

The United States in the Family of Nations (click here)
Grayson Kirk
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society
Vol. 100, No. 4 (Aug. 31, 1956), pp. 289-295
The "Family of Nations" is real. It is not an imagined entity. It was used for a long time by Republican presidents to induce cooperation with countries without war.
The basis for this strategy was seduction by capitalism into a philosophy that the USA had the corner on wealth and comfort. It did for awhile, but, so much of Wall Street has become detrimental to the American people in the year 2017. The USA economy is good today, but, it is because of the people.
The infrastructure for the exploitation of natural resources of other countries is already there. It is taking on a new character and removing all the stops to end the movement to a benign planet of people in harmony with Earth's natural state that nurtures life and does not destroy it.
Scientists need to include an anthropologist in their professional submissions and the harm that will occur to them should the climate continue to be hostile. The species involved including the people are also an issue. The infrastructure of economic entanglements can be benevolent if we take it there, including tourism and green economies that demand products harvested and produced to promote a benevolent troposphere and not a hot one.
I apologize for the terrible immorality of the Trump White House, but, they cannot achieve greed and destruction alone. The people, as demonstrated in India, can bring about a political will that changes the dynamics of exploitation.
I am very worried about places like the Philippines and Madagascar. These people are helpless to the military. The Hague has to act and bring the murderous regimes to an end.
The Trump White House has turned the international community on it's head. We have to stop them. 
I know this wasn't a part of Kyoto, but, it needed to be covered. 
Until next week....

This is what happens when there is no moral leadership in the USA. The deterioration of moral content of society wanes.

10 July 2017

Malagasy authorities (click here) must act swiftly to reverse the country’s human rights downward spiral including by urgently investigating allegations that the security forces have burned down villages and committed extrajudicial executions, said Amnesty International today ahead of the UN Human Rights Committee’s review of the country.

 “Madagascar’s human rights record is on a sharp decline as a result of the blatant disregard for the rule of law,” said Deprose Muchena, Amnesty International’s Regional Director for Southern Africa.

“Violations such as extrajudicial executions by police and the imprisonment of human rights defenders, are happening because no one is being brought to justice.”

Extrajudicial executions

Amnesty International is concerned about allegations of extrajudicial executions committed by law enforcement officials. Many of them have occurred in the context of banditry linked to cattle thieves in the southern part of the country.

The organization has also documented reports of law enforcement officials seeking revenge after incidents of mob justice. In February 2017, police officers allegedly burnt down five villages in Antsakabary town after two of their colleagues were allegedly killed by villagers. An elderly woman died from burns during the attack, as she was unable to escape.

Police are now investigating the fire attack, despite being implicated in it. Amnesty International is calling for an independent and impartial investigation which guarantees the safety of the victims from any reprisal attacks should they submit evidence....

It is sounding more like the Philippines. There is also a large western population there.

This is India. Water is important globally.

July 15, 2017

The protracted legal battle between the tribals of Plachimada (click here) and the beverage behemoth, Coca-Cola drew to a close on Thursday as the latter made a submission before the Supreme Court that it had no intention of restarting operations at its contentious facility in central Kerala. Here is all you need to know about the long drawn out dispute:

Where is Plachimada?

Plachimada is a sparsely populated tribal hamlet in Perumatty panchayat in Palakkad district. Data from the latest round of the socio-economic census reveals that 60% of the population is engaged in agriculture. This corresponds to 2,303 of the 3,802 people who are of working-age in Perumatty, highlighting the importance of agriculture to the local community.

When did Coca-Cola set up shop in Plachimada?

The Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd, the Indian subsidiary of the Atlanta-based manufacturer of aerated drinks, erected its factory in a 38-acre plot in Plachimada in 1999. The plant is situated in the midst of agricultural land, which has historically belonged to the Adivasis.

To the right - Mayilamma was an Indian social activist whose claim to fame was the campaign against Coca-Cola company in Plachimada in Palakkad, Kerala. She belonged to a native tribal community. She was the recipient of the Speak Out award by Outlook magazine and the Sthree Shakthi Award.

Palakkad is also known as the rice bowl of Kerala. In its halcyon days, before the company's relationship with the locals soured, the facility employed 284 people. Audits reveal that around 600 cases comprising of 24 bottles of 300ml capacity each, were produced every day....

Corporate America and Wall Street in general should pay attention to bad press. Seriously. Coca-Cola is not Exxonmobile either. Coca-Cola is far more softer than Exxonmobile. I am sure Coke took the objections seriously otherwise it would not have been so very protracted. 

Water rights were cited by the USA military as a problem during the climate crisis. They know what they were assessing.

Indiginous people are mostly in danger.

We have seen this in the USA with water rights and protections with American Native Americans. Currently, the petroleum industry has free will to do as they please, including killing, poisoning and potentially poisoning with oil leaks, etc. of people.

July 13, 2017
By E. A. Crunden

Environmental work has never been more deadly. (click here)

There was a record number of environmental workers killed last year, according to a new report from Global Witness, an NGO watchdog working to tackle natural resource exploitation and human rights abuses. More than 200 environmental activists, many from indigenous tribes, were murdered in 2016, making it the deadliest year on record for people committed to tackling environmental issues. While emphasizing that the number was likely much higher, due to the difficulties presented in collecting data, the organization noted the staggering number’s implications.

“The fact that the upward curve of killings has continued…suggests that governments and business continue to prioritize short-term profit over human lives,” Global Witness campaigner Billy Kyte said.

Countries across Latin America remained by far the deadliest for activists protecting natural resources — some 60 percent of all killings reported took place in the region. Honduras, which has the highest per capita rate of activist killings over the past decade, also saw a high murder rate, with 14 activists killed. Neighboring Colombia recorded 37, an all-time high bringing the country second only to Brazil, where 49 deaths were reported. Brazil remains the most dangerous place for environmental activism, due in large part to clashes over the Amazon rainforest, where indigenous tribes are working to defend their land from developers and the government....

Turning a country's military on the people is a long standing STRATEGY of the petroleum industry.

The size of the movement in exploitation of oil and gas by every country on Earth will result in an overwhelming change in attitude in the United Nations as well. The strategy by Tillerson is to undermine authority at all levels and create a dependency of governments on the petroleum industry. The climate is in profound danger.

July 14, 2017

Indonesian Military (TNI) commander Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo and Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Ignasius Jonan (click here) signed on Friday a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on a cooperation between the two institutions on security precautions for natural resource exploration activities in the country.

Jonan said the TNI would secure all exploration and exploitation activities conducted by the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry.

“We first signed an MoU that will be later materialized in the form of an agreement. This partnership is to secure vital objects, especially in oil and gas upstream exploration and exploitation activities, and in electricity and fuel installations,” the minister said as quoted by during a press conference after the MoU signing ceremony at TNI headquarters in Cilangkap, East Jakarta.

Jonan further said the cooperation was part of a wider effort to ensure all oil and gas exploration and exploitation activities in Indonesia remained secure.

Gatot said the TNI would provide security on land and sea....

USA international foreign policy will cause divisiveness, economic problems and border issues.

July 15, 2017
By Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi

“With reference to the press release, No: 228, (click here) issued by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 13 July 2017, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus reiterates its position, already stated on many occasions, that the natural resources of Cyprus belong to the Cypriot people. At this stage, a bill has been submitted for consideration before the House of Representatives, concerning the establishment of a National Investments Fund in which the revenue from hydrocarbon exploitation will be deposited  – for the benefit of all Cypriots, as stated in the draft bill.

The drilling in plot 11 is of an exploratory nature and therefore its outcome should be of interest to the Turkish Cypriots as well, since the future exploitation of the natural resources offshore Cyprus will be of common benefit.

Any Turkish claims should be compatible with the provisions of International Law, and Turkey should act in good faith in the framework of international legality. International Law provides for the kinds of actions admissible in such cases, and certainly a state resorting to gunboat policy in order to impose its positions is not one of the prescribed acts.

The real reason for the fact that the recent negotiating process did not yield any result is Turkey’s continuing desire to fully control and intervene in the island whenever it deems necessary, using as a pretext the so-called interests of the Turkish Cypriots.”

The USA has no idea what has been going on and it might be very significant. What Mr. Flynn promised is illegal. People living within the laws of the USA can't simply be 'dealt with.' At least under current law.

March 11, 2017
By Chuck Ross

While serving as a top adviser on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, (click here) Michael Flynn signed a contract in which he agreed to utilize an “investigative laboratory” made up of elite former intelligence officials, including a former CIA director, to conduct research and make “criminal referrals” on behalf of a Dutch shell company linked to the Turkish government, federal records show.

But Flynn appears to have over-promised on the contract, which was signed on Aug. 9 between his firm, Flynn Intel Group, and Inovo BV, the shell company.

R. James Woolsey, the former CIA director identified by his title in the contract as a member of Flynn Intel’s “investigative laboratory,” says he was not aware of and never agreed to perform any of the work laid out in the contract.

The investigative work promised by Flynn Intel was most likely focused on Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim cleric exiled in the U.S. whose extradition is being sought by the Turkish government.

Michael Flynn may be talking to the US Congress and other law organizations for a long time.               
Share the wealth I always say. Oh, I am sure the Pakistanis are stating obviously wonderful ideas to their people and are very sincere. All they want is for their people to be educated and have a better quality of life. 

This is where the World Bank should be involved in the exploitation of natural resources globally. What happens when the USA pulls all funding to a country while Exxonmobile is not planning any exploration yet alone drilling for years and perhaps a decade from all anticipated departures from international funding?

There are natural resources of the USA with leases that are paid every year and have never yet been exploited. It is complete foolishness for USA states along the east coast to expect leases for deep sea drilling. It may never happen for decades or at all. The opening up of leases produces an income for the USA and perhaps a sharing with the states, but, the companies aren't producing royalties, they are simply paying leases.

There are similar discussions as in Pakistan all over the 2nd, 3rd and 4th worlds. If Exxonmobile is promising royalties without leases payments annually, then Pakistan will be very unhappy in years to come when USA payments end. These countries are basically unable to take care of themselves. They don't have the sophistication of the attornys at Exxonmobile.

Additionally, there are the cancers, disease and poverty of the people such as those in Nigeria (decades of suffering) and Ecuador. 

20 March 2015
By Cole Mellino

The International Court of Justice (click here) at The Hague ruled last week that a prior ruling by an Ecuadorean court that fined Chevron $9.5 billion in 2011 should be upheld, according to teleSUR, a Latin American news agency. Texaco, which is currently a part of Chevron, is responsible for what is considered one of the world's largest environmental disasters while it drilled for oil in the Ecuadorian rainforest from 1964 to 1990....

The World Bank and United Nations should be monitoring the interference by the USA White House in regard to such international payments. If there is tardiness and/or elimination of any payments, the Hague needs to rule as to the ruthlessness of the Trump Administration.
I wholeheartedly object to the profound poverty in Pakistan, it's treatment of women and girls and the violence within that society. The violence alone is permission for a social contract that contains free lancing terrorist regimes.

But, as to the monies the USA provides to Pakistan; if they are gone, then what? Worried? For Pakistanis? Or the USA military? 

Don't be. Tillerson has it all worked out. See, when the USA monies dry up, Exxonmobile is willing to share.

17 July 2017
By Babar Ayar

The good news for the local governments (click here) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is that the Peshawar High Court (PHC) has directed the provincial government to constitute petroleum social development committees in each oil and gas producing district. These committees should decide about the oil and gas royalties and production bonuses payable by the exploration companies.
The idea was first mooted by me in March 2005 at the NWFP Investment Conference, that a sizeable share of the royalties on oil, gas and minerals should be shared with the districts which produce this natural wealth.
It was at the inauguration of the conference that I presented my thoughts of sharing royalties with the districts from where the natural resources were exploited. The News’ Rahimullah Yousafzai reported it as a separate news item. Then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz who inaugurated this conference appreciated the idea, but later told me that the decision on this should be taken by provincial governments as the total royalty produce by a province is given to them by the federal government.
The crucial missing element has always been that the taxes and royalties collected from the natural resources such as mining, oil and gas exploration and production, seaports, etc. do not flow down to the real owners of this wealth. The centre shares the royalty on the oil and gas production but the provinces do not share it with the districts from where these resources are being exploited. Bear in mind that incidentally most of such resources are found in the most underdeveloped areas of the country.
As the money earned from the royalties and bonuses go to the provincial government, the districts where these resources are found and produced do not get much benefit from the exploitation of the natural resources. If these royalties and bonuses are shared with the local government of the area where they are produced, it will make the people of these areas hospitable to the exploration and production companies.
The counter argument given by those who usurp the local government’s rights is that such huge revenue sources cannot be left to the local government where they may be plundered by the district or tehsil level leadership. This is a frivolous argument. It would only hold water if provincial governments are also very clean and efficient. The media unfortunately does not follow-up on the progress of the development projects and therefore fails to play the role of a vigilant watchdog.
The provinces, with the exception of the KP government, had failed to update the Provincial Finance Commissions....

On the surface this looks like a good thing. Right? I mean Osama bin Laden was hold up in Pakistan.

June 15, 2017

The Trump administration (click here) is beginning an inter-agency policy review of relations with Pakistan, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said, underlining that the president has specifically asked questions about the level of support and funding to Islamabad. “We are beginning an inter-agency policy review towards Pakistan. This (continuation of US aid to Pakistan) is going to be one of the considerations,” Tillerson told lawmakers during a Congressional hearing on the State Department’s annual budget proposals.

He made the remarks while responding to a question from Congressman Dana Rohrabacher as to why the US continues to give financial assistance to Pakistan....

Why should the USA continue to give money to Pakistan? It isn't as though the military needs an 'air space' provision or roads in and out of Afghanistan. The USA doesn't need any of this, right?

Dating back to 2001 Exxonmobile was the only petroleum corporation in the world that opposed the change in energy due to the climate crisis.

Now, in the year 2017, Exxonmobile has placed its CEO in the Secretary of State position to take advantage of second,third and fourth world countries.

There are many ways to classify countries in terms of their development. I prefer a system that speaks of "Core, semi-peripheral and peripheral countries." But, I did find this particular approach interesting. It must be confusing to refer to First World countries as Core countries and expect people to understand the same thing. So, for the most part, most Americans that care to talk about First World and Third World and this particular approach is reflected here. 

Most Americans will be surprised to realize Russia is not a First World country. But, it isn't. Russia has some disabilities, including it's land mass and having an effective national defense for all it's borders. Russia's population and economics does not lend itself to an expansive military, however, no different than any other country feeling threatened, it has nukes. Russia will argue conventional warfare may very well leave it vulnerable when there are movements to end nuclear proliferation and use. I think with this current US administration and the George W. Bush administration it is implicitly clear there are strong reasons to insure national defense of all countries without nuclear capacity.

First, Second and Third World (click here)

Ans Kolk, University of Amsterdam and David Levy, University of Massachusetts. European Management Journal Vol. 19, No. 5, pp. 501–509, 2001.

Behind pessimistic expectations (click here) regarding the future of an international climate treaty, substantial changes can be observed in company positions. Multinationals in the oil and car industries are increasingly moving toward support for the Kyoto Protocol, and take measures to address climate change. This article analyses developments in the oil industry over the past few years, observing considerable shifts in corporate climate strategies. It compares British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, Texaco and ExxonMobil, of which currently only the latter strongly opposes a climate treaty. BP and Shell have moved decisively toward supporting emission reductions and investing in renewable energy, while Texaco has begun to move in a similar direction. Divergent behaviour can be explained in terms of company-specific factors, particularly corporate histories of profitability and location, market assessments, degrees of centralization and the presence of climate scientists. Ongoing stakeholder pressures, which focus on ‘first-mover’ BP, are evaluated....

There is no room for politics in regard to the climate crisis. Everyone, including the petroleum industry needs to commit themselves to doing the right thing and protecting the climate.

The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) (click here) was established in 1990 to “assist the Nation and the world to understand, assess, predict, and respond to human-induced and natural processes of global change.” A key responsibility for the program is to conduct National Climate Assessments (NCAs) every 4 years. These assessments are intended to inform the nation about “observed changes in climate, the current status of the climate, and anticipated trends for the future.” The USGCRP hopes that government entities—from federal agencies to small municipalities, citizens, communities, and business—will rely on these assessments of climate-related risks for planning and decision making. As the USGCRP works on the next NCA, the Board on Environmental Change and Society and the Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate held a workshop to helps the USGCRP develop clearer ways to describe the risks associated with climate change within the NCA process, particularly including the societal risks and not primarily the biophysical effects that have been observed and projected for the future.

...established in 1990 to “assist the Nation...not the petroleum industry!

The petroleum industry is treating the American people as stupid and unable to discern their needs without the dangers of petroleum industry emissions. They are no different than the tobacco industry and the deaths they caused. Dead people can't complain.

The scientists in the USA and across this world have diligently taken on the direly important task of understanding and warning about a planetary issue. They did what they should have done and they are the moral voices we should all be listening to.
July 16, 2017
By Lynn Goldfarb

"Support a 'clean energy' future with wind' (click heregives eight reasons why “wind energy is a win for Lincoln County.” But local and statewide efforts will be too little, too late, to avert “catastrophic climate change that will create “global economic collapse,” followed by “societal collapse” (National Academy of Sciences).

We’re fast approaching the tipping point that would cause runaway global warming, destroying all life on Earth (Nature, the world’s most highly-cited peer-reviewed science journal). Scientific American: “Have We Passed the Point of No Return on Climate Change? Massive global greenhouse gas cuts must begin soon or it could be too late to halt global warming.”

The National Academy of Sciences says climate change poses “the most immediate and important threat to human survival.” Worst case scenario? The oceans boil dry (National Geographic).

We can avoid the worst effects of global warming if we act quickly and we can make a global transition to clean energy by taxing fossil fuels out of existence and giving all the tax money to the taxpayers. It’s been successful in British Columbia for eight years now. It’s lowered taxes and energy bills. It’s projected to increase U.S. GDP over $75 billion annually (

The words of corruption are rarely if ever included in the scientific description.


- the action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work.

- the action of making use of and benefiting from resources.

In the Endangered Species Act it's focus is on the viability of a species and it's status within it's habitat. That is reported by qualified scientists that report these FACT as a matter of fact. There is no judgement of any of the circumstances surrounding the species status, nor the cause of it's status.

Better put, the species is at the mercy of human use of the land. Nowhere in scientific investigation is there statements about the human activity that caused and is causing the species threatened or endangered status.

I think it is time scientific papers that report on habitat and species be specific to the cause of the deterioration and why the recommendations are written as they are regardless of the ridicule of those that OVER EXPLOIT natural resources, alter the land and use it in a method that is adverse to human benevolence and the climate.

If the actions of a country represent the priorities of it's people, the exploitation of their values needs to be written into a scientific assessment. Anthropology is a profession held in esteem, there is no reason why scientific papers cannot include an assessment of the country's people and their values to enact protections of land, habitat and the species imperiled by over exploitation and/or greed.
It's Sunday Night.

Poisoning by the USA government or any other government body in the USA is illegal. I don't understand how the Secretary of the EPA can justify removing the provisions in "Waters of the USA." (click here)

The EPA regulation by the Obama Administration took years of public comment, hearings and decision making before it was implemented. It is important law because it protects the American people.

In 2001, there was an attack within the USA followed by anthrax exposures. The two incidents put the American people into a controlled panic and everything came under scrutiny, including food and water. 
"Water Sector Specific Plan - An Annex to the National Infrastructure Protection Plan" (click here)

All of a sudden it is not important by the Secretary of the EPA and the US Army. I find that odd and concerning.

The reason this water regulation came under attack by the current EPA Secretary, "What's his name?," is because it is and EPA regulation. No other reason, simply because it is an EPA regulation. He doesn't care about the far reaching implications of the roll backs of this regulation. All the Secretary wants is a SIMPLE(ton) regulation requiring polluters to get a permit. That permit could be for everything from trash to radioactive waste. It doesn't matter. 

So, if the US EPA Secretary has his way, the waters of the USA will be polluted and dangerous. Go figure. Having the Army as a partner in crime doesn't impress me, except, to understand how decades of polluting military personnel living quarters and water in the USA, exposed electrical infrastructure in showers in Iraq and open pit fires of burning trash including items with radioactive contents. So, if the US Army is linking arms with the USA EPA Secretary it isn't improving it's image at all.

Greed first and the American people never. It is only business profiteering and government neglect of the people. This is the USA? This used to be the USA, but, we thought we had it licked through a lot of scientific investigation and public awareness. Today, this measure by the US Army and EPA Secretary is nothing but corruption because we all know better. 

They hate people. People come with responsibility that cuts into profits. They simply find people a necessary evil to profit. They hate people and without birth control, impoverishment, lack of education there will always be enough people to exploit. 

They say it is for jobs. OMG, what price is to pay for Trump Administration jobs? 

Audio only.

S.T.R.E.S.S. by Drake (click here for official website - thank you)

Southern Smoke!!!

[Intro: Drake Talking]

Yeah. Ren. M.O.F. Haha. 
It's Drake man. It's Drake man.Yeah
Ayo Ren this that gritty shit here man
I'ma half to tell them about I been through on this know what I mean
HO! Southern Smoke!!!

[Verse 1: Drake]

Very few give you that truth, it's either they can't do it with lyrics
Or can't do it in spirit, they cancel what they doing
The samples that they using, can't get through the clearing
I'll handle it since they just can't get you to hear it
My father's early careering forced my parents to split up
My mother was a teacher, my father was kind of fed up
With just being a florist, the choir sang his chorus
And he got back into doing what he was doing before us
Because money is an issue, your son he gon miss you
And plus you got a wife at home because mommy still exist too
Now you looking for exes, you ain't never expect this
You end up doing time, and me I end up with a step-sis
Nobody passing judgment, or question where the drugs went
You know I hold you down because without you, I'd be a wasn't
And mommy I'ma support her, I keep it all in order
See her with tears in her eyes or you arrested at the border 

[Chorus: Nickelus F]

I got stress on my shoulders
Trying to keep my heart pure but this world is making it colder
Young black man dodge your bullets trying to get older
And you wonder why we turn to drugs and chain smokers
IT'S STRESS MY (N Word)!!!
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to make my wife cuz BO!, BO!, BO!, BO!
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[Verse 2: Drake] 

This is my life, and so the rest is kinda been cool, question what I been through
I write a verse addressing it, and yes I might offend you
Picture when I was in school,
Me being the closest thing to black, and guess what rap music what I was into
Rest of the kids were sheltered, I never liked to fight
But when someone called me a "nigger" I'd punch them I couldn't help it
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And so I never been for dinner at they places
Always brutally honest, and so I pin it to they faces
I live it so the case is, whether Drake is
Way ahead of his time, or inquisitive and racist

[Chorus: Nickelus F]

I got stress on my shoulders
Trying to keep my heart pure but this world is making it colder
Young black man dodge your bullets trying to get older
And you wonder why we turn to drugs and chain smokers
IT'S STRESS MY (N Word)!!!
I'm just trying to live my life cuz
Make a little money, find a bunny to make my wife cuz BO!, BO!, BO!, BO!
I'm just trying to live my life cuz
Make a little money, find a bunny to make my wife cuz BO!, BO!, BO!, BO!

[Verse 3: Drake]

Am I hot as the rest, should I strive for my spot as the best
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Last couple of months I done probably been
Around the world and back, and I don't wanna question half the places Nick been

[Chorus: Nickelus F (Drake ad-libs)]

I got stress on my shoulders (Uh!)
Trying to keep my heart pure but this world is making it colder (Yeah!)
Young black man dodge your bullets trying to get older (Oh!)
And you wonder why we turn to drugs and chain smokers (Yeah man!)
IT'S STRESS MY (N word)!!!
I'm just trying to live my life cuz
Make a little money, find a bunny
to make my wife cuz BO!, BO!, BO!, BO! (This that gritty shit boy)
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