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"Why do you want an abortion?"

Woman:  "My husband over stepped his bounds with me one night.  I didn't make accusations about him.  I just want peace in my life.  We have children.  I love my children. 

I don't know if the marriage is going to survive more than a year or two more.  I cannot bring another child into a marriage that is becoming abusive and questionable to its soundness. 

I refuse an ultrasound and I want an abortion now."

"Why do you want an abortion?"

Woman:  "I am going to college on a basketball scholarship and this was a mistake.  We weren't in love, we were drunk. 

I don't want to ruin my future. 

I refuse the ultrasound and I want an abortion now.  Nothing anyone says or does is going to change my mind. 

I want to compete and I need a good education to do it. 

Someday, when I have a family it will be a comfortable quality of life and a healthy balance of career and family that will sustain my children to lead happy, productive and prosperous lives.  I want nothing less than that for them, myself and my spouse."

Young people are smarter and more motivated to take care of themselves more than ever.

Condoms are not about promoting promiscuity, it is about protecting young men and women that are going to experiment anyway.  Given the number is STATIC from generation to generation there is nothing to discuss.

The issue of Planned Parenthood Clinic, abortion availability and contraception has absolutely nothing to do with young sexuality and their ability to master their prowess.  The entire issue of abortion, contraception and moral corruption of the young is complete and absolute HOGWASH.  They are all political wedge issues and nothing more.

By John Gever, Senior Editor, MedPage Today (click title to entry - thank you)

Published: October 12, 2011

The percentage of teens 15 to 19 years old reporting that they have had sexual intercourse has continued a long-term decline and now stands at just over 40%, according to CDC survey data from 2006 to 2010.
Notably, the long-standing gender gap in adolescent sexual experience appears to have vanished, thanks to an especially steep decline in the proportion of boys and young men who reported having lost their virginity.
When a similar survey was conducted in 1988, 51.1% of unmarried teen girls/women and 60.4% of teen boys/men said they had had sexual intercourse at some point. In 2006-2010, these figures fell to 42.6% of women and 41.8% of men.

At the same time, among those who reported having sex, the proportion who used condoms during their first encounter has risen to 80% among males and 60% among females, the CDC reported. In the 1988 survey, barely half of either sex reported condom use at first sex....

Where are the advertisements for the Morning After Pill in the USA? Viagra, but not conception prevention. Why?

Kounteya Sinha
Oct 15, 2011, 03.19AM IST

NEW DELHI: Advertisements, (click title to entry - thank you) promoting morning-after pills, can be aired since the Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) lifted the ban on October 10.

The embargo on advertising all emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) was imposed in January, 2010.
Then, concerns had been raised that the ads were promoting the drugs as regular contraceptives and misrepresenting abortion.

The DTAB's latest guidelines say a committee, which would include the principal of a reputed girl's college, representatives from NGOs and the advertising council, can screen the ads and the scripts before they go on air.

A pharmacist shows a box containing a 'morning-after pill' in a pharmacy on September 27, 2009 in Madrid, Spain. The emergency contraceptive product will be available over the counter, with no age limit at Spanish pharmacies from Monday.
( September 26, 2009 - Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe)


FDA weighs wider access to morning-after pill (click here)

Agency accused of ‘delay tactics’ the day before Senate hearing

updated 7/31/2006 6:54:32 PM ET

Women over 18 may soon be able to get the morning-after pill without a prescription. In a surprise decision Monday, health officials revived a long-stalled application to allow over-the-counter sales of the emergency contraceptive.

The Food and Drug Administration told Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc. that it wanted to meet within a week to discuss how to allow adults to freely buy the contraceptive — known as Plan B — while keeping it prescription-only for people under 18....

The attack against a woman's decision making in regard to their reproductive life is oppression.  Plain and simple.  The Right Wing political machine has NO legitimate complaints about population growth or safety of women who seek not to give birth and/or become a parent.  It is a religious bias at the very least and oppression religious dogma surrounding a much bigger issue, namely control of the population of the USA to conform to government standards based in Extremist Christian dogma.

Seeking to make a fetus a citizen in order to call an abortion murder is an outrage and an imposition of religious dogma that openly and defiantely opposes the separation of church and state in the USA.  The laws oppressing women have to be ended.

Do Anti-abortionists mention this fact along with the ultrasound? If not, then an equiable approach is not available.

The map above April 7, 2010 at 10:43 AM (click here)

The dangers and statistics regarding 'ADVERSE EFFECTS' of pregnancy should be presented along with the opportunity for an ultrasound at every abortion performed in the USA.  A woman has a right to know all the facts, not just those approved of by Extremist Christians that have no regard for maternal safety prenatal or postnatal, incluidng QUALITY OF LIFE of the child and the parent(s).

Deaths from pregnancy and childbirth in the United States have doubled (cick title to entry - thank you) in the past 20 years, a development that a human rights group called "scandalous and disgraceful" Friday.

In addition, the rights group said, about 1.7 million women a year, one-third of pregnant women in the United States, suffer from pregnancy-related complications.

Most of the deaths and complications occur among minorities and women living in poverty, it noted.

Amnesty International issued a report Friday that calls on President Obama to take action.

The perfect time to have a baby is NOT the age of 15 or 16. It is a hideous notion. It is punishment for natural impulses of young women.

What's the perfect time to have a baby? When the urge strikes? After painstaking and meticulous planning? When -- surprise! -- Mother Nature says so?

These questions elicit different answers, depending on whom you ask. We got the real scoop from five mothers who had children at different phases of their lives.

The reasons for their timing vary, but the common thread is that they're all happy with the choice they've made -- and they're embracing the joys and challenges of raising kids with equal enthusiasm.

If a child bride is what the woman longs for, then pregnancy is a natural course, but, to have a young woman coersed into a full term pregnancy is as much an act of aggression as rape.  It is mentally cruel and should never be a part of the decision making process for any woman.  An ultrasound in an abortion clinic is about the most heinous intimidation a woman could face.  It should happen.  If ultrasounds help women make decisions regarding abortion, that OPTION should be available on request and scheduled in a separate session.  Believing a woman is nothing more than an emotional disaster in regard to abortions is nothing short of discrimination and seeks to depersonalize their life experience that has brought them to this decision.

"Why do you want an abortion?"

Women:  "I have plans for my life, expecting a baby is not one of them."

Anti-Abortionist:  "Why not carry the baby to full term and give it up to adoption by people that are waiting for the opportunity to be parents and love this child?"

Women:  "I do not feel comfortable with having a child, it would be embarrassing and complicate my relationship.  A relationship that has potential to be a life long relationship.  We are not seeking to be parents."

Anti-Abortionist:  "But, certainly if he loves you and you explain to him this is important for you to do, he will see it through with you."

Women:  "I said the relationship has a potential to longevity of my entire life.  I did not say it was a 'given.'  The relationship is 'not' in that space where I could take for granted his willingness to see a pregnancy to term to allow for adoption.  We never decided on this birth.  I will not be undone by a fetus I am not going to parent."

Anti-Abortionist:  "But, listen to yourself, you are even entertaining the idea of a full term birth.  Albeit, with reservations.  But, it is a start to making a decision that will be good for you, the baby and potential parents."

Women:  "You don't get it, do you?  You have closed your mind to anything but a woman enthralled with pregnancy, birth and parenthood and/or a childhood of the baby somewhere? 

You don't realize I am a human being that has a mind capable of discerning what I can tolerate in this life and what I can't.  At this time in my life I cannot deal with the idea of a full term pregnancy, I have no support system for being a parent, regardless of the destination of the baby my life would be changed forever.

The fact I have a relationship with a wonderful person I am hoping will become more and how this could radically destroy that does not matter to you. 

You don't care that having a child in the world, adopted, that would come to seek their 'real mother' and 'real father' sometime in the future and the complications that brings matters. 

You believe all I have to do is realize the best relationship I could have in life is with this fetus.  Well, you are wrong.  I want my life arranged the way I want it arranged and I don't want anyone else currently born or unborn to complicate it.  Now, I refuse the ultrasound and I want the abortion now."

The precedent governing contraception and abortion has been established for decades. The human condition has not mutated since.

The number of teenage abortions has been static since 1998, (Click title to entry - thank you)

The number of young women age 15-19 is static because the culture of the USA provides for sex education starting at the age of their menstral cycle. 

This static number is PROOF that services for young women are necessary as they will seek abortion for the reason of their age and their future to look forward to. 

I don't know of any reasonable adult that would expect a young woman to carry a fetus to term for the sake of doing it while punishing them for the rest of their lives. 

The static incidence of abortion in this age group proves only 'one thing' and 'one thing only;' and that is there is a percentage of young women that consent to sexual intercoarse at an age before the age of majority.  It is static and holds no danger to the reproductive capacity of the USA.  There is no sustained trend from Roe v. Wade that indicates the population of the nation is in danger of collapse, nor its genetic diversity.  There is absolutely no reason why women should be insulted by control over their decisions when it comes to giving birth, allowing adoption and becoming a parent.

I was sexually active with my boyfriend at the age of seventeen, used 'the pill' successfully until my First Wedding Anniversary to the same man I went 'Steady' with and "Went to the Prom" with and WE decided to start a family.  It was fun and an 'added value' to my young adult womanhood.

A total of 827,609 abortions were reported to CDC for 2007. Among the 45 reporting areas that provided data every year during 1998--2007, a total of 810,582 abortions (97.9% of the total) were reported for 2007; the abortion rate was 16.0 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15--44 years, and the abortion ratio was 231 abortions per 1,000 live births. Compared with 2006, the total number and rate of reported abortions decreased 2%, and the abortion ratio decreased 3%. Reported abortion numbers, rates, and ratios were 6%, 7%, and 14% lower, respectively, in 2007 than in 1998.

Women aged 20--29 years accounted for 56.9% of all abortions in 2007 and for the majority of abortions during the entire period of analysis (1998--2007). In 2007, women aged 20--29 years also had the highest abortion rates (29.4 abortions per 1,000 women aged 20--24 years and 21.4 abortions per 1,000 women aged 25--29 years). Adolescents aged 15--19 years accounted for 16.5% of all abortions in 2007 and had an abortion rate of 14.5 abortions per 1,000 adolescents aged 15--19 years; women aged ≥35 years accounted for a smaller percentage (12.0%) of abortions and had lower abortion rates (7.7 abortions per 1,000 women aged 35--39 years and 2.6 abortions per 1,000 women aged ≥40 years). During 1998--2007, the abortion rate increased among women aged ≥35 years but decreased among adolescents aged ≤19 years and among women aged 20--29 years.

In contrast to the percentage distribution of abortions and abortion rates, abortion ratios were highest at the extremes of reproductive age, both in 2007 and throughout the entire period of analysis. During 1998--2007 abortion ratios decreased among women in all age groups except for those aged <15 years.

This is not a medically necessary abortion. It is an elective abortion.

George Tiller

It is completely understandable why the couple CHOSE to end the pregnancy in a Late Term Abortion.

In 1994 my wife and I (click title to entry - thank you) found out that she was pregnant. The pregnancy was difficult and unusually uncomfortable but her doctor repeatedly told her things were fine. Sometime early in the 8th month my wife, an RN who at the time was working in an infertility clinic asked the Dr. she was working for what he thought of her discomfort. He examined her and said that he couldn't be certain but thought that she might be having twins. We were thrilled and couldn't wait to get a new sonogram that hopefully would confirm his thoughts. Two days later our joy was turned to unspeakable sadness when the new sonogram showed conjoined twins. Conjoined twins alone is not what was so difficult but the way they were joined meant that at best only one child would survive the surgery to separate them and the survivor would more than likely live a brief and painful life filled with surgery and organ transplants. We were advised that our options were to deliver into the world a child who's life would be filled with horrible pain and suffering or fly out to Wichita Kansas and to terminate the pregnancy under the direction of Dr. George Tiller.

We made an informed decision to go to Kansas....

The illogic of the anti-abotionists is profound. It is based in emotional rhetoric that has no basis in fact.

The analogy above is a gross mischaracterization of the issue.  Simplicy laced with cleverness is their approach.  They don't address the real reasons why women seek abortion.  Women were born with a uterus, whether or not it carries a fetus to term is the decision of the woman.  A woman is born with a vagina and a clitorus, whether or not they have sex for pleasure principle and orgaism is the decision of the women.,       Women have a right to pleasure and relationships that sustain them in life the way they find comfort, companionship and economic stability.  Sexual relationships are a comfort to people.  It is completely separated from chosing a child to be born and the responsibilities of parenting.  Abortion has nothing to do with parenting and is an oppression to women denied their ability to discern their own best interests in life.

"Why do you want an abortion?"

Woman:  "I am not ready to be a parent."

Anti-Abortionist:  "But, having a child will enrich your life and parenting comes with practice.  It is a natural reaction by any woman."

Woman:  "I am not ready to be a parent.  Becoming pregnant does not make a parent due to a change in hormones.  I am simply not ready for parenthood.  When I am then and only then will I look forward to the wonderful birth of a desired and planned child.  I refuse the ultrasound and I want to have an abortion now."

How does CDC define abortion? (click title to entry - thank you)

For surveillance purposes, legal abortion is defined as a procedure performed by a licensed physician, or a licensed advanced practice clinician acting under the supervision of a licensed physician, to induce the termination of a pregnancy.

How is the Abortion Surveillance Report used?

We understand the report is used by many in the field of public health. Some have mentioned they use the report to—
  • Identify characteristics of women who are at high risk of unintended pregnancy.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of programs for reducing teen pregnancies and unintended pregnancy among women of all ages.
  • Calculate pregnancy rates based on the number of pregnancies ending in abortion in conjunction with birth data and fetal loss estimates.
  • Monitor changes in clinical practice patterns related to abortion, such as changes in the types of procedures used, and weeks of gestation at the time of abortion.
For example, demographers use information in the report to calculate pregnancy rates, which are combined estimates of births and fetal loss. Managers of public health programs use this data to evaluate the programs' effectiveness to prevent unintended pregnancy. There have historically been other data uses; such as, the calculation of the mortality rate of specific abortion procedures. Surveillance systems such as this one continue to provide data necessary to examine trends in public health.
...Paul Hill, 49, died at 1808 local  time (2208 GMT) in northern Florida, following his conviction for the murder of two people outside an abortion clinic in 1994....

A pregnancy is not about a cherub as the Anti-Abortion Lobby would like to portray the topic.

...During that period, the proportion of abortions obtained by women younger than 20 dropped steadily, falling from 33 percent in 1974 to 17 percent in 2004. For those younger than 18, it fell from 15 percent of all abortions in 1974 to 6 percent in 2004. At the same time, the proportion of abortions obtained by women in their 20s increased from 50 percent to 57 percent, and the share done for women age 30 and older rose from 18 percent to 27 percent....

The majority of women obtaining abortions are over than 20 years old according to this article in the Washington Post in 2008 (click title to entry - thank you)  No one has the right or should have the priviledge to dictate the outcome to any aspect of a woman's body. 

Frequently, we hear this topic cloaked in the 'idea' of women's health.  That is sometimes the issue, there is however the right to mental health of a woman that has no desire to complicate her life with an unwanted pregnancy.

"Why are you having an abortion?"

Woman:  "The man is not my husband."

Anti-abortion worker:  "If you love each other why not see the pregnancy through and decide who will raise it?"

Woman:  "He is married, too.  This was a mistake.  Neither of us want to complicate our lives with an unwanted pregnancy.  I refuse the ultrasound and I want an abortion now."

A 1994 study in the United States, (click title to entry - thank you) which looked at the number of sexual partners in a lifetime, found that 20% of heterosexual men had 1, 55% had 2–20, and 25% had 20 or more.

In 1994, a study in the United States found that almost all married heterosexual women reported having sexual contact only with their husbands, and unmarried women almost always reported having no more than one sexual partner in the past three months. Lesbians who had a long-term partner reported having fewer outside partners than heterosexual women.  More recent research, however, contradicts the assertion that heterosexual women are largely monogamous. A 2002 study estimated that 45% to 55% of married heterosexual women engage in sexual relationships outside of their marriage.  While the estimates for heterosexual males in the same study were greater (50%-60%), nevertheless the data indicate that a significant portion of married heterosexual women have or have had sexual partners other than their spouse.

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If you don't understand the song then you have no right to pass judgement.

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