Thursday, July 04, 2013

President Obama gave a great speech to these 'near border' countries.

12:17 P.M. EDT
THE PRESIDENT: Hey, guys. You guys have a seat -- thanks. (click here) This is nice. This is a nice view, huh? Oh, it's beautiful. Did you guys go out last night, by the way? (Laughter.) Chuck Todd, did I see you on the cruise ship? (Laughter.)
MR. TODD: That wasn't me.
THE PRESIDENT: Well, we just concluded a very productive summit. And I want to thank the people of Trinidad and Tobago for their wonderful hospitality and their gracious welcome. I want to thank Prime Minister Manning and First Lady Manning, his government, for the hospitality they've shown me and our entire delegation.
This summit has been held at a time of great challenge and great opportunity for the United States and the Americas. The consequences of a historic economic crisis are being felt across the hemisphere, putting new pressure on peoples and governments that are already strained. Migration to and from each of our nations has serious implications for all nations. The safety and security of our citizens is endangered by drug trafficking, lawlessness and a host of other threats. Our energy challenge offers us a chance to unleash our joint economic potential, enhance our security and protect our planet. And too many citizens are being denied dignity and opportunity and a chance to live out their dreams in Cuba and all across the hemisphere....

And President Morales came away with a new willingness and openness to the USA.

And now because of a stupid incident over a Carlyle computer hacker all that has gone to waste. All the work, all the good will, all the policy and don't forget the money.

I am a little bit tired of the politics in the USA. It is redundantly stupid and this tops it all. I really don't care whom's dreamscape this is and I mean I really don't care.

Wall Street runs the United States of American to the extent we cannot make progress in relations and trust with other nations. So, whoever did this is nothing more than a puppet to Wall Street without holding THEM accountable. But, they'll hold the President of Bolivia accountable though. Oh, yeah. Hold him accountable, but, Carlyle and their Board? What? That would be an abomination to the psychi of Wall Street.

I've had enough.

LA PAZ – Bolivia’s Evo Morales (click here) said Tuesday that U.S. President Barack Obama gave “important signals” that may permit a more favorable channeling of bilateral relations, which have deteriorated this past year.

At a press conference, Morales said that he was “surprised” by the speech Obama gave at the recent Summit of the Americas and he emphasized that the U.S. leader also made a statement condemning the alleged plot to kill the Bolivian president that was broken up last week.

“In Trinidad and Tobago we saw an important signal from President Obama that, after decades of (U.S.) political interventionism, declared that he is absolutely against that and condemns any kind of violent action against the Bolivian government,” Morales said.

He added that now he sees that it may be “possible to rechannel or redirect” relations if “this statement (is to be transformed) into real deeds.”

Relations between La Paz and Washington have been poor since September 2008 when Morales expelled then-U.S. Ambassador Phillip Goldberg on the accusation of meddling in Bolivia’s internal affairs....

President Obama's visit to Latin American in 2009 was one of hope and anticipation.