Monday, April 03, 2017

"Morning Papers"

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I believe Steve Bannow is instrumental in all these areas, Flynn and lies; Russia hacking to defeat Hillary Clinton and the dossier to blackmail Trump. All of these issues supports his loyalty to White Supremacy and the power of the USA military.

There needs to be a national day of remembrance for the death of loyalty to the USA rather than the loyalty to the international plutocracy.

I have yet to see a list of the people at the Russian gathering.

Trump would like all this to go away as some sort of witch hung. It is far from that.

The issue with Michael Flynn is that he concealed information before taking office. Putting it simply, he lied when accepting a job at the top of the federal government's intelligence network.

April 1, 2017
By Darren Samuelsohn and Bryan Bender

...In an interview last summer with the Washington Post, (click here) Flynn had criticized fellow retired military officers for taking advantage of the lucrative market for retired military leaders with secret clearances and deep relationships in the Pentagon.

“What do generals do when they get out?" Flynn said. “One of the big companies in Arlington [Virginia] just put out a little call saying, ‘we are looking for two two-stars and two retired one-stars.'”

Asked what point he was making, he continued: “Why? Because people want to use that person for themselves, for their company. That’s why I didn’t go to work for anybody because I wanted to make my decision for what I wanted to do.”

But Flynn appears to have been doing exactly what he said he wasn’t doing....

"The 3 Trump-Russia scandals, explained" (click here)

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