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Vice President Biden should run for the Presidency.

Among Vice President Joe Biden’s first Instagram posts was this selfie with the president. (credit:
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He won both his Vice Presidential debates by wide margins. No one can ignore that record. 

The Republicans had to lie about the outcomes. The nation knew they lied. 

Biden Delivers
Biden was rude, (click here) Biden was a bully, Biden’s performance will hurt Obama—these are the straws the GOP is grasping at. The truth is, the president’s ‘happy warrior’ did himself and his boss a lot of favors with the vice presidential debate, says Matt Latimer....

Let me make this clear. 

Vice President Biden's getting ready to head to Pennsylvania with President Obama this afternoon, where he'll lay out steps we can take to train America's workers with the skills they need for good middle-class jobs. Follow @VP for the latest from the Vice President, and the occasional aviators pic.

Vice President Biden has been a champion for the Middle Class most of his years in the Senate and now heads up the administration's efforts from the White House. His wife, Jill, has been an educator to the Middle Class. This couple has served the Middle Class of this country with understanding and support for decades. This is a reality at a time when the country has witnessed struggles of Americans to even make it into the Lower Middle class. Who better?
During an April 16 meeting of the U.N. Security Council, (click here for video) Ukrainian Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev and Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin debate Russia's recent annexation of Crimea and ongoing tensions between the two countries....

Ukraine's U.N. Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev provided a very interesting dialogue regarding the discrimination within the Russia Federation of Ukrainians within the Russian Federation. There are no secondary schools to Ukrainian children in Russia. 

He went on to say, there is a never problem with speaking Russian in Ukraine. Something like 78 percent of Ukraine TV media is in the Russia language. He also speaks about a letter sent to Russia by the Jewish citizens in Ukraine dispelling all the mistakes made by the Russian Federation. The Ukraine Jewish community is doing fine and the gross mistakes made by Russian media regarding danger to them is completely incorrect.

The dialogue is interesting. The Russian UN Ambassador attempted to answer the dialogue of the Ukrainian UN Ambassador. It is more than interesting.

New Hampshire might want to pay attention to it's state retirement funds.

| Updated    

New Hampshire Retirement System, (click here) Concord, hired Carlyle Group to run $150 million in a strategic managed account, confirmed fund spokesman Marty Karlon.

The pension fund also committed $50 million to CCMP Capital Investors III, a buyout fund managed by CCMP Capital Advisors.

Separately, the pension fund withdrew its commitment to mezzanine debt fund Lighthouse Capital Partners VII. The pension fund originally committed $20 million to the fund in August 2012....

I'd be sure the state's pension fund wasn't heavily invested in the Middle East considering Carlyle is selling their assets and offering the impression they are worried about their investments there.

Career Path: (click here)
Prior to his appointment as Director of Investments at the New Hampshire Retirement System in January 2010, served various positions at the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System: Managing Director – External Asset Management, Corporate Governance & Private Equity; Securities Investment Officer...oversees the Retirement System’s securities investment portfolio, which includes domestic and international equities, domestic fixed income, short-term (cash equivalents), and alternative investments; and Actuary for the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System....

New Hampshire cities are great investments.

— Fitch Ratings (click here) has assigned the following rating to the City of Nashua, NH's (the city) following general obligation (GO) bonds:
$23,776,000 GO bonds, 2014 at 'AAA'.
The bonds are scheduled to sell competitively on May 1st. Proceeds will be used to finance certain citywide capital improvement projects.
In addition, Fitch affirms the 'AAA' rating on the city's following outstanding GO bonds:...

Read more here:

David Samson Part II

...It is Monday afternoon, (click here) and Bob Grady – the national Republican power-broker behind Chris Christie’s prospective presidential campaign – is angrily lecturing me on the murky world of investments. As one of Christie’s closest advisers and as the governor’s hand-picked chairman of the New Jersey Investment Council, Grady is specifically lecturing me about a decision by the council to hand $300 million of state pension money to private equity firm the Carlyle Group.

As I explained to him, I was calling about the deal because a Pando investigation has found that Grady also happens to be a former longtime executive at Carlyle whose financial disclosure forms (embedded below) show he still receives income from Carlyle investments, still owns a stake in Carlyle Group entities and now works at another fund that has investments with – you guessed it – Carlyle....

Carlyle likes to own government, even if it means corruption of government officials.

April 03, 2014 11:00 am

...In 2011, the global investment firm The Carlyle Group (click here) acquired Mountain Water Co. and its parent company, Park Water in California. Missoula remains the only major city in the state of Montana that does not own its water utility.

As part of its complaint, the city argues that Mountain Water ratepayers under private ownership are lining the pocketbooks of faraway investors. In the 2013 fiscal year, the Carlyle Group’s three founders earned $750 million, or roughly more than $133,000 each per hour, and they had use of a private airplane valued at $1.1 million.

“As a result of its focus on creating value for its investors rather than creating value for its customers and ratepayers, Carlyle Infrastructure is incentivized to operate the Water System in a manner that will achieve the maximum short-term economic return rather than to operate it for the long-term stability and security of the people of Missoula,” reads the eminent domain complaint.

Win or lose, the city will pick up legal fees, estimated to run anywhere from $800,000 to more than $1 million for Carlyle alone. Carlyle earlier warned the city against taking action in court, and spokesman Christopher Ullman said Wednesday the firm intends to maintain ownership of Mountain Water....

I knew there was something else about Carlyle and New Jersey. Just had to think about it for a minute.

March 31, 2014
Johnson & Johnson (click here) JNJ +0.04% today announced that it has accepted the binding offer from The Carlyle Group, which was received and announced on January 16, 2014, to acquire its Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics business for approximately $4 Billion, subject to customary adjustments. This acceptance was made after consultation with the relevant works councils and trade unions. The transaction is expected to close toward the middle of the year, upon satisfaction of customary closing conditions.

Johnson & Johnson will discuss any updates during its scheduled quarterly earnings call on April 15, 2014....

Interestingly, Carlyle has been a large investor in the Middle East. Perhaps it's interest in the USA has to do with 'uncertainty' of political stability. What happens to Ortho when Carlyle decides it no longer wants the security of an American company? Does anyone realize how long Ortho has been an employer in Somerset County, New Jersey?

Mar 24, 2014
The private-equity company is scrambling (click here) to close the sale of its stake in a health-care provider in Turkey, proposing discounts to keep the buyer on board.

ISTANBUL—Carlyle Group LP, the U.S. private-equity powerhouse, is scrambling to close the sale of its stake in a health-care provider in Turkey, proposing discounts to keep the buyer on board, according to people familiar with the talks. The Washington-based firm is offering a discount of 3% to 4% on the previously agreed price to close [...]

Guess where Ortho is going? Good-bye jobs. What are the chances a Chinese manufacturing company of medical commodities would be widely accepted in the USA, especially with the quality problems the USA has experienced?

Zero, right? Americans much rather American made quality in food and medical products. The USA has FDA standards for these products and they are required to be manufactured well. Why not buy out the competition and marshal in huge profits when the USA has no other alternative besides Chinese commodities?

March 24, 2014 9:52 a.m. ET
By Cynthia Koons

Carlyle Group CG +1.39% co-founder David Rubenstein (click here) expects China to be the biggest destination for dollars from its newest Asia fund, with a focus on deals in the health-care, consumer and food industries.
“The single most attractive market to invest in outside of the U.S. is China,” he said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “The things we’re most interested in China are not export businesses but rather consumer-oriented industries like health-care services, financial services and food.”...

This move by Carlyle is actually a huge opportunity for new manufacturing in the USA. J&J once owned a small manufacturing company called "Jelco." It was located in Raritan, New Jersey. I think it now is owned by Smith Medical of the UK. But, that isn't the point.

There is a large brain trust at J&J Ortho. I am sure if they had their choice they would not be moving anywhere. Besides, their salaries are not the trade mark of Chinese manufacturing. There is no reason why local investors could not unearth a small manufacturing plant and begin to manufacture products that are produced by Ortho and/or Jelco, but, with a high quality guarantee Americans demand from intimate products that insure their well being and health. Now, is the time.

I might add, the employees within Ortho's plant are great employees and are an additional asset that I know won't be leaving the area. It just seems to me this is a no brainer when Carlyle begins it's garage sale at Ortho. It's an opportunity to specialize a manufacturing plant on one product or two with high retail return on investment. When an initial investment takes on profit structures investors can enjoy, they can then expand their product line and return quality to the USA.

See, the Ortho product line is paid for by health care insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. Why send those monies to China? It is a guaranteed income from reliable sources.

China is welcome to build it's internal markets and grow a better and larger Middle Class. But, the USA does not need the "Made in China" label on these products.

I have to wonder. 

When Carlyle begins it's garage sale at Ortho, will J&J continue to hold the pensions on Ortho retirees? They became retirees while employees of J&J so it might continue with the company. But, not likely. 

The State of Florida has a history of noncompliance.

 "Opting Out" of bathrooms for the public and those falling under the ADA is during times of voting is not legal. The DOJ will probably have to intervene again to insure the public is not a victim to the State of Florida to prevent them from voting. 

Public bathrooms are a public health issue. The idea the disabled are not compromised if there are no bathrooms for anyone is stupidity. Everyone is compromised when bathrooms are not available, especially the disabled.

The 1993 Florida Legislature (click here) enacted the "Florida Americans with Disability Accessibility Implemenation Act"  which incorporated the architectural accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Public Law No. 101-336, 42 U.S.C. Section 12101 et.seq. ADA,into Florida law and maintained existing prof  Florida law thought to be more stringent than the ADA accessibility guidelines.In1997 the legislature amended the Act to address U.S. Department of Justice(DOJ)concerns with Florida requirements,which might not have been equivalent or more stringent than ADA architectural standards, to obtain federal certification of Florida’s building code as substantially equivalent to the Federal ADA Standards for Accessible Design as adopted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in 28 CFR36.The United States Access Board adopted revised ADA Accessibility Guidelines in 2004. DOJ published final regulations September 15, 2010adopting the 2004Guidelines with additions pursuant to 28 CFR 35and 28 CFR 36 as the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The Florida Building Commission updated the Florida Accessibility Code for Building Construction for consistency with the2010 ADA Standards and Florida law, Part II, Chapter 553, Florida Statutes, in the summer of 2011. The intent as established bys.553.502, Florida Statutes, is to maintain the US Department of Justice certification of the Code as substantially equivalent to the ADA Standards so compliance with the Code provides presumption of compliance with theADA Standards.The 1997 Florida Accessibility Code for Building Construction was certified by DOJ, however, the 2012 Florida
Accessibility Code for Building Construction must also be reviewed and certified by DOJUntil the review is completed and DOJ notifies the State the 2012 Code is certified all parties should maintain due diligence to ensure compliance with both the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design  and the 2012 Florida Accessibility Code. Note:Code certificationprovides presumption of  rebuttable evidence of compliance with the ADA for private entities (Title IIIentities) but not public entities  (Title II entities)...

I saw several people rub the poop, perhaps for luck. Toilet Culture Park, Suwon. (click here)

I sure hope voters don't get angry and do something crazy like delivering a truck load of shit at the driveway of the Governor mansion. That wouldn't be good and a public health issue, too. Florida does have a pooper scooper law, right?

Remember (click here) how bad the voter lines were on Election Day in 2012? In Florida, some stayed in line for over six hours.

And now, they won't be able to use the bathroom. The Miami-Dade County Elections Department has quietly implemented a policy to close the bathrooms at all polling facilities.

Make no mistake about it. This is a political scheme to depress voter turnout in a heavily Democratic county, and it's also probably illegal for violating basic disability law.

Urge U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate this new Florida voting rule which closes all restrooms at polling places on Election Day....

Remember how bad the voter lines were on Election Day in 2012? In Florida, some stayed in line for over six hours.

And now, they won't be able to use the bathroom. The Miami-Dade County Elections Department has quietly implemented a policy to close the bathrooms at all polling facilities.

Make no mistake about it. This is a political scheme to depress voter turnout in a heavily Democratic county, and it's also probably illegal for violating basic disability law.

Urge U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate this new Florida voting rule which closes all restrooms at polling places on Election Day.

What grave sin? They know what happened and who is responsible? Or is he simply grieving the loss of so many?

2 hours ago

The president (click here) of the company that operated the South Korean ferry that sank with 475 people on board has said executives have committed a "grave sin".

Kim Han-sik had to be supported by two men as he made an apology to the victims and their families of the disaster.

Officials say 179 people have been rescued with emergency services still still searching for about 280 people still missing. Eighteen people have been confirmed dead.

Good. Part of sovereignty is controlling the security of a nation, border crossings are important.

Source: Reuters - Thu, 17 Apr 2014 01:30 PM
Author: Reuters
MOSCOW, April 17 (Reuters) - Aeroflot on Thursday said Ukraine has informed the Russian airline it will impose tight restrictions on the entry of Russian men into the country, where pro-Russian separatist rebellions have broken out.
"Aeroflot is informing passengers about strict restrictions imposed by the Ukrainian authorities on entry into the country," the company said in a statement. It indicated men between the ages of 16 and 60 would be denied entry unless they had proof of a reason to visit, such as family ties or an invitation from a business or individual, or were traveling with their families.
(Reporting by Alissa de Carbonnel; Editing by Steve Gutterman)

Ukraine needs to take further measures and seek to end visas to agitators. This is all good news. Ukraine is acting in sovereign authority in an international circumstance it never expected. I congratulate them on continuing to push back against a far more powerful country that has no right to interfere with upcoming elections or it's national security.
Apr 19th 2014
...Between 2000 and 2010, (click here) it says, greenhouse-gas emissions grew at 2.2% a year—almost twice as fast as in the previous 30 years—as more and more fossil fuels were burned (especially coal, see article). Indeed, for the first time since the early 1970s, the amount of carbon dioxide released per unit of energy consumed actually rose. At this rate, the report says, the world will pass a 2°C temperature rise by 2030 and the increase will reach 3.7-4.8°C by 2100, a level at which damage, in the form of inundated coastal cities, lost species and crop failures, becomes catastrophic.... 

Catastrophic requires definition?
Let's redefine catastrophic to say, "Everyone with air conditions will survive the lack of global ice fields and structures." What you say? Sound good? 

Everyone else simply didn't live right and capitalists know what that means, don't they? 

Ostriches have never been so important.

The West's media is just stupid. Russia stages a propaganda event and they tremble in fear of being called 'COWARDS!"

The media feeds right into 'image' building rather than news and THE TRUTH. Forbid the USA is imaged as weak. The USA media were willing partners to an illegal and immoral invasion into Iraq. 

Militants seize armored vehicles in eastern Ukraine: A move by the Kiev government against protesters who seized buildings in the east is faltering.

By Anthony Faiola, Updated: Thursday, April 17, 6:08 AM

MARIUPOL, Ukraine — Ukrainian forces engaged (click here) pro-Russian separatists Thursday in what appeared to be the most intense battle yet in the restive east, killing three militants and wounding 13 after what the Interior Ministry described as a siege on a military base in the southeastern city of Mariupol on the Sea of Azov.

“A mob of 300 militants, wielding guns, Molotov cocktails and homemade explosives, attacked the Ukrainian military outpost in the city overnight,” Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said in a statement. The attack, he said, was repelled by National Guard and police in the city, he said....

Oh, my god, the USA has a bogus President that is afraid of his own shadow. Oh, my god, at least Bush 'did something.' Yeah, he did something all right. 

What is The West's media ever going to do if there isn't chronic wars and illegal invasions to match the stupidity of Russia?

What is the world going to do without communists? How is the USA Right Wing ever going to survive the next election without nukes to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran? Oh, my god, the sky is falling. 

Well, looky thar. The Ukraine did take their MIGs out of mothballs. I'll be darn.

Putin admits he violated the treaty.

The referendum is mute. End of discussion. The sanctions against Russia are more than appropriate. They are unreliable partners and a hostile global country. Either treaties are worth the parchment they are written on or they aren't. And if they aren't the world is back to the stone age. 

"The Real World" demands civility and cognitive understanding there is a greater peace to achieve. Unfortunately, Russia hasn't achieved the ability to translate peace into it's leadership in a meaningful way and prefers brinkmanship instead of treaties.

Maybe we need to go back to the Cold War and have more nuclear arms than any potential to annihilate the human population of the world? Should we do that? We can. That is the real world, right?

The correct response to any unrest in the Crimea from Russia should have been, "There is an election in May, we will not impose any force, presence or promises that would destroy the sovereign borders of the Ukraine. We oppose any violence or threat to Ukrainian people." Is that what happened? No. That isn't what happened. Russia knew fully well there were militias throughout Ukraine that endangered citizen's lives and would IMPOSE a 'certain political outcome.' That is civilized? No, it isn't. That is sovereign policy? No, it isn't. 

Under Yanukovych the people of Ukraine had no chance to leverage it's political will and to that end resulted "Maidan." If Ukraine had a healthy political balance without oppression through threat of death of citizens and imprisoned political leaders "Maidan" would never have occurred. 

Russia's imposition of it's will on post soviet nations through fiscal intimidation and sovereign hostage taking proves Russia is not nearly ready to be engaged as a major power in the world. It doesn't belong among the G7 or otherwise.

A treaty isn't defined by "Today we are faithful to the treaty, but, tomorrow we march troops into sovereign nations because we don't like the treaty anymore." The promise was broken. Russia is not a reliable global power. Just that simple.

Let's just throw out the book on diplomacy, peace and economic strength because Russia is pouting and practicing politics of intimidation on global partners. I don't think so. 

Let's give Ukraine all the arms and NATO troops it needs in the face of a lack of participation in NATO because John McCain is having a hissy fit because President Obama is in the Oval Office and 'a weak president." Let's break every rule in the book because 'the USA is a bad ass.' Let's do that and hope Europe survives to see another day. Let's just bomb, bomb, bomb the world and end McCain's frustration. Shall we? Maybe Bush was "W"rong and he didn't see Putin's soul and now the USA is sincerely threatened by the soulless. Let's do that, shall we? What the hell, before the nukes are completely mothballed and we can never destroy the world ever again.

First Published: Thursday, April 17, 2014, 14:31

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin (click here) on Thursday admitted for the first time that Russian soldiers were present on the Crimean peninsula before and during the referendum that backed rule from Moscow.

"Our goal was to ensure the conditions for a free vote," Putin said, explaining who were the soldiers in uniforms without insignia who appeared in Crimea in late February, many of them surrounding Ukrainian military bases.

"Behind the local defence forces were our soldiers. They acted correctly, but decisively and professionally," he said. "We had to protect people from possible use of weapons" on Ukrainian military bases.