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More from the Anti-Constitutionalists

Religious Bigotry -  Favoritism of Christian Dogma 


It just doesn't 'register' in the cognition of these people that freedom is for all, not just Evangelical Christians of the Religious Right, especially, when their thick headed leader is stilling looking for a crack at the Presidency and wants to shore up his base.

Did his daughter ever come out of rehab better than she went in?


Senate moves to end separation of church and state

by Dara Kam | April 13th, 2010
The separation of church and state has been in Florida’s constitution for more than a century.
But that might this fall under a proposal approved by a Senate committee this morning that could go before voters on the November ballot.
The “Religious Freedom” amendment would delete the 125-year-old provision in the constitution prohibiting state money from being spent directly or indirectly to aid any church, sect or religious denomination. And it would open the door to former Gov. Jeb Bush’s school voucher program allowing public school students to use state money to pay for religious school tuition that the Florida Supreme Court struck down.
Also known as the “Blaine Amendment,” the separation of church and state restriction was an anti-Catholic, anti-immigration measure aimed at keeping Catholics from obtaining government funding for their schools.
The proposal not only strikes the Blaine amendment from the constitution, it adds a single sentence that could radically change public education funding in Florida: “An individual may not be barred from participating in any public program because that individual has freely chosen to use his or her program benefits at a religious provider.”
The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the measure (SJR 2550) along partisan lines this morning, with Democrats objecting....

Voucher amendment revived in Fla. Legislature

Associated Press Writer

Posted on Tuesday, 04.13.10
A constitutional proposal designed to protect religious school vouchers and other state-funded faith-based programs from legal attack is being revived by the Florida Legislature two years after the state Supreme Court took a similar measure off the ballot.
House and Senate committees Tuesday approved identical versions of the proposed state constitutional amendment (HJR 1399, SJR 2550) on straight party-line votes - Republicans in favor and Democrats against. One more committee hearing is set in each chamber before floor votes can be taken.
The proposal would repeal a ban on taxpayer financial aid to churches, sects and other religious institutions similar to provisions in most state constitutions across the nation.
It would go a step farther, though, by adding a new provision prohibiting any other kind of ban on individuals, organizations or other entities "participating in any public program because of religion."
Supporters include former Gov. Jeb Bush's Foundation for Florida's Future, the Florida Catholic Conference and Florida Chamber of Commerce. They argue it would strike a blow for "Religious Freedom," the title of the proposed amendment....

Crist: Thrasher hearing things on tenure bill

Sen. John Thrasher, sponsor of the so-called teacher-tenure bill, was clear last week about where Gov. Charlie Crist stood on SB6: “He told me he’s going to sign it. I take him at his word.”
There’s one thing odd about Thrasher’s statement: Crist seldom says anything so clearly. One notable exception was this morning, when we asked if Crist promised Thrasher he’d sign the bill.
“No,” Crist said.
Q: Thrasher said you promised him.
Crist: “I just said no.”
Q: Is Thrasher lying?
Crist: “I said no. Sometimes people hear what they want to hear.”
UPDATE: "I have no response," Thrasher said when asked to respond to Crist's comments. "He said he liked the bill and he couldn't wait to get it."
-- Marc Caputo, Steve Bousquet
Crist also said this morning that he got a voicemail from former Gov. Jeb Bush, asking him to sign the bill. Crist hasn't returned the call to his predecessor, who bashed Crist on Fox a few weeks back by saying that Crist's support of the stimulus was "unforgivable."
It's the same Bush who a few weeks back was saying how he didn't feel the need to opine on the state of affairs in Florida (when we asked about the U.S. Senate race), and the same Jeb Bush who, last year, wouldn't comment about Crist and the stimulus. Apparently, it's an "unforgivable" act to back the stimulus 1) if Neil Cavuto is doing the interview and 2) your protege, Marco Rubio, is leading Crist in the Republican Senate-race polls. By Bush's side at the time he spoke to us last year, John Thrasher.
Thrasher's bill has unleashed a broad-based, teacher-union led lobbying effort that, Crist said, is the most intense he has ever experienced. He said it's more than lobbying, though, because lobbying sounds "pejorative." Wonder what all the lobbyists who helped pony up big cash for his Senate race think about that?

Is that Crist's problem, he has been governing in the shadows of a former Governor that refuses to go away?

Jeb Bush's Ideas Are Flourishing In Legislature  (see link below)

The Senate is more conservative than it was during Bush's tenure as governor.

Published: Monday, April 12, 2010 at 11:44 p.m.
Last Modified: Monday, April 12, 2010 at 11:44 p.m.
TALLAHASSEE | At the Capitol, some days this session it seems like Elvis has re-entered the building.
Almost four years after he left the state Capitol, former Gov. Jeb Bush is hovering over this spring's legislative session, with measures sweeping through the Republican-ruled Legislature that appear ripped straight from his political playbook.
"I don't know if he's back, but a lot of his ideas sure are flourishing," said Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, who as House Speaker from 1999-2000 was one of Bush's closest allies, likening their relationship to that of Col. Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's longtime manager, and the King.
But whether the King is really back may depend on the fate of the teacher merit-pay plan sponsored by Thrasher. Bush's successor, Gov. Charlie Crist, has signaled he may veto the measure.
If Crist strikes down the legislation (SB 6) he's likely to draw the wrath of Republican leaders looking to impose a stricter standard on teacher reviews, expand standardized testing, and dilute the political strength of the Democratic-leaning Florida Education Association, the state's largest teachers union.
House Speaker-designate Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park, declined to speculate Monday on how lawmakers wouldreact to a Crist merit-pay veto....

Jeb Bush leads move to reduce teachers union's influence  (click title to entry - thank you)

Published: April 13, 2010
The battle over the teacher tenure bill is the latest in a long-running war between the Florida teachers union and conservative Republicans.
Led by former Gov. Jeb Bush, the conservative side of the GOP has long sought to marginalize teachers' unions in Florida, which merged in 2000 to form the Florida Education Association.
Non-partisan but Democratic-leaning, it is Florida's largest and most politically powerful union, with about 140,000 members, including 100,000 of the state's 175,000 public schoolteachers.
Bush wanted to be known as Florida's "education governor," but his reform proposals, including private school tuition vouchers, more standardized testing and state-mandated merit pay plans, have put him at odds with the FEA. He has openly expressed his desire in the past to undercut its clout.
Key allies including state Sen. John Thrasher, sponsor of SB 6, the teacher tenure bill, and Marco Rubio, former House speaker now running for the U.S. Senate, helped push his initiatives through the Legislature – some seemingly aimed as much at the union as at reform.
SB 6 would abolish multiyear contracts for future teachers, base raises largely on student performance on standardized tests, and eliminate experience as a qualification for raises.
It passed on near-party line votes by the Republican legislative majorities.
But Gov. Charlie Crist, a fellow Republican who has clashed with Bush and is now battling Rubio in the Senate primary, is wavering in his support. He must sign or veto it by Friday....

Why is it that Democrats are better for the economy, be it Main Street or Wall Street than Republicans?

Because when Democrats build economies they have their focus where it counts, on the citizen and on the small business of that citizen.  THAT is why, by the way, the small banks need to be under the authority of the Small Business Administration in regulation and NOT the Fed.  What is good for the citizen is good for Wall Street.  A strong tax base equates directly into a strong economy with disposable income that facilitates spending that supports Wall Street.  Wall Street is NEVER the hub of the American economy with Democrats, it is a by-product and the 'wealth merchants' that buy and pay for Republicans can never get that right.  All the wealth merchants of Wall Street want is plenty of money to satisfy their stockholders to earn their bonuses.  They NEVER, and I do mean never, have their eye on the ball, so much as their own creature comforts.

When Americans have their way in building a strong and vibrant economy, including strong unions, the economy always has an uptick.  GM could never understand that the unions represented a greater number of consumers than any number of stockholders that was being pandered to by any downsizing.  Exporting jobs that rob the American tax base, only serves to undermine the economy in a way that is then translated into a national security issue.  Wall Street nearly broke the USA this time, it isn't going to happen again.  

Consumer protection, strong unions, good labor markets, employment that is sustainable and not generational or momentary, all the national bases covered including good schools and teachers and plenty of opportunity with higher education.   There are FUNDAMENTALS that are the pride of the USA, they should never be toyed with and it is all related to supporting and restoring the 'ethics' of a strong Middle Class.

Regulation is all a part of it.  Regulation and OPEN MARKETS without protections give strong parameters for Wall Street to operate under.  Giving permission for 'playing' with financial tools that are extreme will never support an economy that will support the National Security of the USA and guarantee its people economic viability.

Is this a turning point for the Secretary of Defense and the USA military?

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates speaks to midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. on Wednesday, April 7, 2010. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

This incident occurred in 2007 when the USA was still considerably involved in Iraq.  We are currently transitioning out with concerted efforts to remove as much of our munitions and equipment as we can to leave Iraq with 'less fire power' and a 'safer military profile.'

No one can deny the USA military has been making huge strides in Nuclear Non-Proliferation under this Commander and Chief.  It is a posture the people of the USA have longer for and they are achieving front line victories on other sensitive issues such as 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.'  I am confident the Joint Chiefs and the Secretary of DEFENSE receive considerable 'heat' from other officers and soldiers regarding all these changes, but, the changes are coming anyway and I could not be more proud of them.

Secretary Gates has stated on a couple of occasions he has found renewed appreciation of his Cabinet Post and the freedom and focus that has come with it under the Obama presidency.  This 'verbiage' by Secretary Gates is not 'mind speak.'  For a very long time, the American people have received 'scripted' conduct and language that presented a barrier to a sincere dialogue with their military.  It would seem with this new confrontational language of 'depth' of commitment to explanation we could be seeing a new relationship between the USA military and the American people.

It is welcome.  Very, very welcome.  We want to be active partners with our military.  I personally appreciate the respect for hierarchy of the military by President Obama.  We hear from more from the Joint Chiefs than Commanders and I believe that is the best venue for a sincere relationship based in honest exchange and forthright facts.  The expertise of the Joint Chiefs can have the latitude to bring forth an understanding based on a larger picture rather than focused on a play by play soldier 'screen play' as has been the custom of the past administrations.

The battlefield that our soldiers find themselves on is not a 'Monday Night' arm chair quarter back issue.  It is high tech, extremely protective (as much as it can be) of the soldier, is armed with body armor as well as uniforms, BUT, that high tech approach also removes some of the ability to accurately 'diagnosis' the battlefield as it presents itself.  A question that has to be answered by the American people is how much do our soldiers mean to us in their survival while confronting national security?  Are we willing to allow deaths to satisfy other leaders such as Mr. Karzai that do not care about the dignity of his country's role in the International Theater?

I believe some of these issues need to be part of the USA dialogue with its military to bring about a clear resolve and protection for our country as well as our allies.  Why should war gobble up massive amounts of monies if we can't have clear outcomes and safe and realistic margins for our soldiers?  If Afghanistan is resistant to provide a solid alliance with the USA to defeat corruption, including its poppy culture, why are we there and why are our Commanders being so careful?

It is time to 'get over' the Anti-War and Neocon postures and find resolve to our nation's problems.  This may be the beginning of that dialogue.

ABOARD A MILITARY AIRCRAFT — Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Tuesday criticized the anonymous online posting of a video showing two journalists in Iraq getting gunned down by U.S. troops in 2007 as irresponsible and presenting a "soda straw" view of war.
Gates also defended U.S. rules of engagement in Afghanistan, saying that that the military takes extreme caution in avoiding civilian casualties but some deaths are unavoidable.
"Let's also face the reality that we are in a war and our adversaries ... use civilians. They purposely put civilians in harm's way," Gates said.
Gates spoke to reporters en route to South America, where he planned to meet with leaders from Peru and Colombia — countries whose militaries have been accused of human rights abuses in the past, but whose cooperation on matters like counternarcotics have been crucial to U.S. interests.

Chad Miers of CNN says everything is NORMAL with Earth. He is a chronic liar and should be fired.

I am tired of weatherpersons that try to be geophysicists and state so called facts by extrapolating 'numbers' out of statistics without knowing what they are saying.  They are endangering people's lives while promulgating lies to facilitate the status of Earth due to the Climate Crisis.  They are nothing more than incompetents and liars.  They need to stay within their range of expertise and stop trying to diagnosis Earth.

Chad Myers, or however he spells his pathetic name, stated yesterday that the statistics regarding Earthquakes of Earth means nothing and it is static to any real understanding.  "Everything is normal."  He did this by extracting NUMBERS from the USGS site over a DECADE of time which means absolutely NOTHING to understanding the 'shift' in the plant's PLATE dynamics.

There was a clear warning to the mine collapse in China and it was ignored because of idiots such as Myers.


2010 April 14 03:15:46 UTC

Experts need to pay attention to these potentials and attempt to create confidence in potential to death and injury when TRENDS dictate that potential.

Chinese earthquakes kill at least 400  (click here)

Number of people injured estimated at over 10,000

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 | 8:37 AM ET

Emergency crews are struggling to reach a remote area of China's western Qinghai province after a series of earthquakes Wednesday morning killed at least 400 people and injured thousands.
A magnitude-6.9 quake struck the area, the U.S. Geological Survey said. It was centred in Qinghai's Yushu county, which has a population of about 100,000, mostly herders and farmers.
Witnesses in the remote region where the quake hit said houses quickly crumbled and the roofs of religious temples collapsed. Many hospitals were damaged and local media reports said some students may have been buried inside collapsed schools....


2010 April 14 01:16:58 UTC 


2010 April 14 00:18:29 UTC


2010 April 13 20:14:59 UTC 

If you don't know what the hell you are doing, stay out of it !  Playing god with human life is a crime in case no one thought about it !