Saturday, May 03, 2014

I'll tell you what is going to happen in Egypt.

General what's his name becomes president and in order to please Russia he will either jail or execute the 1200+ people the courts have charged with murder. 

At that point Egypt and Russia will have created over 1200 martyrs. The General will expect that to be a lesson to the rest of the country and order will return as it was under Mubarak. 

Does anyone think that is what is going to happen besides the General? 

One of the martyrs is the woman that text from Tahrir Square and brought the nation to an alertness they have never had before. She is being charged with murder because she didn't stop texting when the Murbarak police told her to stop texting.

One might ask why she had a cell phone in the first place if the Murbarak police didn't want citizens texting 'bad things' about the leadership when the average Egyptian lives on about $261.00 US per month. Approximately $9.00 US per day.

One might ask why cell phones at all in Egypt?

I have a theory.

Some million-billionaire decided there was more money to be made and with complete cooperation by the USA and Egyptian government the technology was brought to the Egyptian people. 

Guess where the data is stored? 

So, while a million-billionaire made tons of money the CIA ran psyops while the NSA stored all that data on a computer in some large complex somewhere in the USA.

The woman that first text her disgust with her government is now considered a terrorist and the NSA has the entire data from Egypt to prove it. 

This entire 'Family of Nations' is bullshit. It is complete and utter fucking bullshit.

It is not our finger to point.

West reluctant to point finger at nationalist radicals in Ukraine crisis (click here)

Published time: May 03, 2014

Russia is struck by the complacence of the West following violence by pro-Kiev radicals in Odessa, the Russian Ambassador to the UN has said. While the West has condemned the unrest, it has stopped short of pointing the finger at its culprits. 
Following an emergency meeting with the UN Security Council on Friday night in connection with the fire at Odessa’s Trade Unions House that killed 39 people, Ambassador Vitaly Churkin spoke out against Western support of radical elements in Ukraine....
I am sure the Ukrainian government is investigating all the problems along the Russian border of Eastern Ukraine and will take measures to render justice. Here is a word for you. Russia is being MEDDLESOME in Ukraine's internal affairs. Russia might want to ask it's diplomatic consulate to establish relations with Ukraine in order to facilitate trade though. 

When a major power enters the domestic affairs of a nation the odds are stacked in the favor of a certain outcome. I am sure Russia understands completely that it is being meddlesome and exactly how and why. Russia's sovereign purpose should not be visiting any other nation. That is called expansionism and never results in a good outcome for the people. 


Nabil Fahmy appeared on Charlie Rose.

Charlie Rose (click here)

I have only heard about the first 15 minutes with this former Egyptian Ambassador to the U.S. and I wasn't impressed with him. He seems to say, the Egyptian government is attempting to control and undo everything that has transpired with the Arab Spring. Perhaps as I hear the entire interview my opinion will change.

The Arab Spring can't be reversed. The people are in transition as is Mr. Fahmy who can't come to grips with the fact, this is what happens when a long term dictator is removed from power and there are few good alternatives prepared to lead. That is why when these uprisings occur a military lead will rise to the top of the country. The military has the means to intimidate and control so they take over.  

AUSTIN, Texas, April 2, 2012 – Ambassador at Large (click here) at the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and former Egyptian Ambassador to the United States Nabil Fahmy will share his unique insights into the global implications of the Arab Spring in a talk titled “The Arab Revolutions” on Monday, April 9, at 5:30 p.m. at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum. Fahmy will cover many aspects of the various uprisings that have taken place in the Middle East and Northern Africa over the last year, focusing on the upcoming presidential elections in Egypt, prospects for a cease-fire in Syria, and signs that the Syrian revolution could be spilling over into neighboring Lebanon....

He has come to ask the Great White Man for money. He's obviously gotten his fair share of money from the Great Russian White Man.

It is amazing to listen to a leader come forward to ask for money for military prowess that will be exerted on the helpless civilians to establish ORDER. But, they never admit to have ORDER according to the Great White Man Standard they have already sold their sovereignty. But, that is okay. As long as the leaders can maintain power and control at any cost they don't mind selling their sovereignty to The Great White Man.  

Mr. Nabil, of all people, understands that selling Egypt's sovereignty to the Great White Man was the problem in the first place. What ever makes him think it is okay to make the same mistake all over again? Too many Presidents in a short period of time? Welcome to the new Egypt as it finds a path THE PEOPLE want without the help of The Great White Man. 

Now, while Mr. Nabil describes so compassionately the POLITICAL GROWTH of the Egyptian people I find myself asking, "Who is this man and what face is he really?" My first answer is, Mubarak. My second answer is Bush. My third Putin. So when I hear him speak Mr. Nabil has a multiple personality disorder rather than ADVOCATING for the sincere government the Egyptian people want. See, money comes with a price and Mr. Nabil believes if the Egyptian leadership can only once again PLEASE the Great White Men on Earth it will all be wonderful and endearing and the world will be the way it is suppose to be.

That brings me to the question, does Mr. Nabil actually want to lead The Tri-Lateral Commission and be a part of "The Family of Nations?" A family The Great White Man approves of and will christen with all the military power that serves The Great White Man well in his accumulation of wealth and more power.

See, Mr. Nabil hasn't come to terms with the fact Americans don't want another 911 because The Great White Man is in control of the oppression of the people of the world again. 

Mr. Nabil equates money with power and the more money he gets from The Great White Man he will seek to please that source of money at any cost to the people of his country. No, thank you, Mr. Nabil. I hope the elections in Egypt result in someone who sincerely loves the people of Egypt and not the control of them, their sovereignty and the control of the money control that power will bring. Now, maybe Moscow wants a 911 for the sake of the Putin agenda, but, I don't.

Russia is welcome to dump all the worthless Rubles it wants into Egypt. It is welcome to exert Moscow sovereignty over Egypt all it wants and oppress the people. Then and only then will Moscow realize how completely idiotic the Putin agenda is. The people of the USA don't want control of Egypt, we want them to be free. 

27 April 2014
TEHRAN – The moderate leadership (click here) of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has offered the West an opportunity that must not be missed, Mohamed ElBaradei, the former director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and a Nobel Peace laureate, wrote in a recent article.
In the article entitled “The politician who reached out to the West” that was published on the website of Time magazine on Wednesday, ElBaradei placed Rouhani on his list of the world’s 100 most influential people in 2014....