Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Matt Bevin was a $2.5 million experiment for the GOP.

Kentucky is Clinton Country. The GOP wanted to find the path to defeating Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, it means a return to poverty and poor health for the people of Kentucky.

Bevin changes could be "extremely radical"

November 4, 2015
By Tom Loftus and Mike Wynn

Frankfort, Ky. - The State Capitol (click here) saw the first steps Wednesday in a dramatic five-week transition of power that is spreading both hope and concern across the commonwealth.
The preliminary steps from the eight-year leadership of moderate Democrat Steve Beshear to Tea Party conservative Matt Bevin began behind the scenes and in a cooperative spirit.
But emotions are stirring about a candidate elected with a mandate Tuesday who has promised to cut the size of government, rework public pensions, initiate charter schools, adopt a so-called right-to-work law, blasted Obamacare and embraced the cause of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis....
I have to point out the parallel hatred of people that cross his path. "W" sent us to war because Saddam made empty threats to H.W. Bush. Now, we see "Jeb!" taking vengeance on Terry Shiavo's estranged spouse. That is a personality trait that does not belong in the White House. 

"W"s problem with revenge and Jeb's problem with revenge are FACTS. It is not political or contrived. There are specific events one can point to and illustrate character traits with both men

I am sure any potential candidate has already read this book, however, in case there are one or two that haven't; it is a worthy read.

Below are some of the facts from the book. The book also states the Governor Jeb Bush office was secretive and closed to any scrutiny. Some other highlights stated include rigged school testing. The standards were too low and it would be nearly impossible for a child to fail. Bush was the first to institute educational testing in Florida while he emptied public schools into religious schools that are exempt from testing.

Jeb, as stated by author plays with numbers in comparing Florida with national percentages. Florida did well in most numbers when compared nationally, HOWEVER, the damage Bush did would show up when his numbers were compared to past Governors of Florida. The Florida Bush's statistics showed he had the worst administration ever to hold office in the state. 

The author describes austerity to Bush's form of economic policy including rising unemployment that would be the highest the State of Florida ever had.

The author Shirish V. Date had credibility. (click here) He had been following Florida politics and law for a long time. He knows what he is talking about.
The only way to understand the Florida Bush's bragging statistics is to compare Governor to Governor, not Governor to national statistics.
Jeb and his partner Armondo Codina purchased 1390 Brickell Avenue, a downtown office building, in 1984. The two found an insurance company to lend them $7 million, and J. Edward Houston put up another $4.6 million, borrowed from Broward Federal Savings and Loan.Broward , having made a number of these sweetheart loans, collapsed in the national savings and loan crisis. Federal regulators negotiated a deal that Jeb and Codina keep the building by closing out the $4.6 million Broward liability for a mere $505,000. The two partners had to pay $1.3 million in income tax on the forgiven loan.
The question here is not whether Jeb turned a profit. The question is the 7-figure contribution that US taxpayers made to Jeb's net worth. How do we know there was a 7-figure contribution? Because Jeb and Codina paid $1.3 million in income tax on it. Asked if they were aware that the funds for the repayment of the Broward loans came from the taxpayers, Jeb phrased it, "Helllllll, no. Absolutely not."

This is another article that claims manipulation of facts was always used in Bush's politics from "The Atlantic." I am sure there are many more, including, the time he took revenge on the spouse of Mr. Schiavo through the Florida Justice Department.

August 9, 2015
Emily Deruy
...So while it is technically true (click here) in terms of sheer numbers that more black and Latino students are enrolling in college, percentage-wise, black enrollment is down, and there’s little evidence to suggest that Bush’s policies contributed to an increase in Hispanic enrollment.

What can honestly be said about the Atlantic article is that Jeb Bush as a reputation that stigmatizes African Americans. He disenfranchized minority voters in Dade County and in this article, while other minorities were doing fine and Caucasian students were enrolling in college there was out reach to provide a more optimistic view for the African American student. The numbers were higher simply because there were more enrolling regardless of race, but, the percentages before the surge in student numbers showed a far different percentage. Bush didn't care about the fact estranged students needed out reach. He didn't care. 

Another Russian plane is down.

Satellite (click here)

If the winds at 30 thousand feet are strong, a once damaged tail section of a jet can be weak enough to cause loss of control of the jet.

It is not easy to spot because there are few clouds, but, there is a convergence of a north air mass moving south and a southern air mass moving north. 

What has the weather been like in Africa? There is some extreme turbulence that has been across Yemen and the UAE. 

The area where that cargo jet went down is not all that far from the adverse weather in Yemen. There is turbulence exactly where this jet went down and given where the crash occurred in the Sinai I believe there are upper winds causing issues

The air masses are converging near Jordan. This is a better satellite image to not. It is the most current water vapor image and there is a circulation center that has been the result.

A lot of the air turbulence is not in the lower troposphere anymore. It is in the upper troposphere and 30 thousand feet would be reasonable to consider that scenario.

The turbulence has to be considered as a potential cause of these jet failures. Why they are both Russian bound is a darn good question. 

The scene of a cargo airplane that crashed after take-off near Juba Airport in South Sudan on November 4, 2015 (Photo Reuters)

November 4, 2015 (JUBA) - Over 40 people (click here) are feared dead after a Russian plane crashed shortly after taking off from Juba International Airport Wednesday morning....

Those that wrote the ballot thought they could get away with corruption. I am proud of Ohio, they know crooks when they see them.

November 3, 2015

Columbus, Ohio (AP) — Ohio voters rejected a ballot (click here) proposal Tuesday that would have legalized both recreational and medical marijuana in a single vote — a vote-getting strategy that was being watched as a test case for the nation.
Failure of the proposed state constitutional amendment followed an expensive campaign, a legal fight over its ballot wording, an investigation into petition signatures — and, predominantly, a counter campaign fueled by Ohio lawmakers. It was the only marijuana legalization question on the 2015 statewide ballots.
With three-quarters of the votes counted, the issue was losing 65 percent to 35 percent.
Issue 3 would have allowed adults 21 and older to use, purchase or grow certain amounts of marijuana. It also outlined a proposed regulatory and taxation scheme for cannabis and created a network of 10 growing facilities....

And a new redistricting committee - applause, applause

The amendment (click here) would create a new, bipartisan commission to draw legislative districts that are compact and do not favor one political party or another. The amendment would take effect in 2021 when the next redistricting will occur. Issue 1 is the fourth citizen initiative to attempt to change the redistricting process in the last 30 years....

And last but not least is pure heroism. How did Ohioans pull it off? This is magnificent. It inspires the idea Americans are still alive out there in the country. Real Americans. Moral Americans. I love this amendment.

Under the amendment, (click here) the Ohio Ballot Board would regulate initiatives concerning monopolies.
If the board decides an initiative certified for the ballot creates an economic monopoly or special privilege for any nonpublic entity, including individuals, corporations and organizations, then two questions would appear on the ballot.
The first question would ask, "Shall the petitioner, in violation of division (B)(1) of Section 1e of Article II of the Ohio Constitution, be authorized to initiate a constitutional amendment that grants or creates a monopoly, oligopoly, or cartel, specifies or determines a tax rate, or confers a commercial interest, commercial right, or commercial license that is not available to other similarly situated persons?" The second is the original question that was certified for the ballot....

I can't believe a majority of Ohioans are thinking the same and completely resolved to end corruption in their state. It must be a great feeling. Congratulations.

Capitalism is at it's best when there is competition. Competition means more jobs and better pay when American labor is needed to build quality products. It is a great law.