Friday, July 18, 2014

Between Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria and Israel, Turkey is about to declare it's own war. What are you joking?

March 10. 2014
by Keigh Fawkes

...Sevastopol (click here) is home to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.  So in addition to the complex history shared by Russia and Ukraine, you have a naval base of extreme strategic importance to Russia (as it is Russia’s only warm water base).  And feelings in Ukraine toward Russia’s continued presence in Sevastopol have been conflicted to say the least....

The above article points to a few interesting facts, including how Russia demands naval prowess in the absence of access from it's natural borders. The Soviet Union was an aggressor nation. Until Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula that aggressor status was mostly neutral. Russia had it's allies and The West had theirs. The surprise killings in the Maidan set off a chain reaction across the globe because it was a throw back to the old Soviet empire. Whether Putin wants to admit it or not, it shocked the world to it's socks and yes, Russia is responsible because the world sees it that way. It is that reality President Putin has to deal with. He didn't lead in a way that promoted freedom and democracy. The nationalism Russia is caught in only raises suspicions of greater aspirations of Russia.

Russia owns this problem. Putin needs to lead his country out of the tragedy it now faces on a global scale. 

Israel is not a peace partner. Israel never consulted with it's allies such as Turkey before launching into a full scale war with the Palestinians, currently focused on Gaza. Israel sees itself as self-contained and therefore doesn't have to balance it's power in the Middle East. Israel's involvement sparks global response. It has been reckless and careless in this most recent war with the Palestinians in Gaza.

Israel, not unlike Russia, has created it's own problems, Turkey however has not, but, finds itself drawn into a posture imposed without regard for it's problems. Israel is not a good ally and is causing problems when it should be securing a peace treaty with Palestine, solidifying borders and removing settlements. How different would Turkey find itself if that is the path Israel sought instead of it's current path.

July 18, 2014

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (click here) intensified his fiery rhetoric against Israel over its ground invasion of Gaza on Friday, accusing the country of state terrorism and genocide and saying the two countries will not mend ties on his watch.
Earlier, hundreds of protesters pelted the top Israeli diplomat's residence in Ankara with stones, and the private Dogan news agency said police in Istanbul used tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters trying to enter the Israeli Consulate grounds. Turkish legislators leaving a late-night debate in parliament also protested against Israel.
Turkey intensified security around Israeli missions but the demonstrations prompted Israel to call home the families of Israeli diplomats and to keep staff in the embassy and consulate to a minimum.
Tzachi Moshe, a spokesman for Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, said Israel "sharply protested the flagrant violation of diplomatic rules."
Erdogan told reporters after Muslim Friday prayers: "Israel threatens world peace. Israel threatens peace in the Middle East. Therefore, I personally, can never contemplate anything positive with Israel as long as I remain on duty."
"Israel is at the moment waging terrorism; Israel at the moment is carrying out genocide," he said....

At least he didn't hang up the phone.

The Presidents of Russia and the USA were on the phone discussing further sanctions when the missile hit Malaysia Airlines 17. Evidently, President Putin knew immediately as it happened. Considering his military was in the area mentoring whoever fired the missile it isn't surprising Russia had the inside track on information.

While every nation in the world has had enough of Russia's policies of aggression and disregard of international treaties, it is time the Russian government take ownership of this tragedy and end the conflict along the border with Ukraine. 

This level of weapons within the striking distance of Europe and in the hands of extremists is more than any other nation should tolerate. If President Putin will remember there is a treaty that once was intact providing for a sovereign Ukraine whereby peace was GUARANTEED. No country was to interfere in Ukraine's economy or politics. Ukraine was basically a neutral country. That treaty alone also guaranteed Europe was a peace partner in the region. This sudden reality of extremist armament has shattered that peace.

The argument can be made the Ukraine insurgents have obtained armaments from old stocks left in the country post treaty, but, there has been dearly little agreement between Russia and Ukraine to end the extremists ability to war. It is time for Russia to work with Ukraine to end the military build up at the Ukraine border. That build up is not in the national interest of Russia. Playing Russian politics with "I double dare you," has cost the lives of 285 people from many, many nations globally. Russia cannot expect to come out of this unscathed in it's reputation. 

Russia is becoming it's own problem now because of the politics of aggression and nationalism. There is no leadership by Vladimir Putin to reign in the extremists and change the tone of Russia in an international theater. 

The passengers and crew of Malaysian Airlines 17 are lost forever. There is no waiting to find out the outcome of the plane. There is nothing for the airlines to do, but, to settle financial affairs with families. This event is as bad as it gets. The Malaysian government is demanding the perpetrators be found and held for trial. What are the chances of that happening? 

Even if the perpetrators are found, will Russia allow their apprehension or chalk it up to the slings and arrows of war? 

This event has completely disrupted the world's sense of potential to peace, it's alliances, it's economic strengths and the potential of isolating Russia from the capacity of carrying out this extent of aggression ever again. If Russia doesn't exhibit leadership by delivering Ukraine radicals to The Hague and settle border issues with Ukraine this land between the two countries will become a no man's land similar to the DMZ between North and South Korea. Is that what Russians want for their country? Do they want to be isolated, alone with a deteriorating economy into impoverishment without potential for the future?

Does Russia become the post WW I Germany that will eventually seek to destroy those that simply wanted the end to the causalities and chaos or war. Does Russia believe it's ability to remain sovereign is so delicate it cannot become a global leader to peace? 

Shake off the communists, they are destructive to their own outcomes. Eastern Ukraine is not a unique region of the world with cultural differences, language practices about to disappear off Earth to warrant protectionism in the way of separatism. The insurgents in Eastern Ukraine are about power. They will serve Russia's purpose of an expansive eastern border to act as a 'place holder' between Russia and The West. 

Russians have little to fear when it comes to Ukraine. They had even less to fear before Russian nationalism delivered a shattered peace in the way of treaty violations. Now, there are 285 dead innocents. Russia needs to lead to end these tensions, otherwise, it is my best estimate it will begin an isolation it will regret in the not too distant future.

July 17, 2014
By Neil MacFarquhar and Andrew E. Kramer

MOSCOW — The double game (click here) that the Kremlin has been accused of playing in eastern Ukraine for weeks — publicly endorsing peace talks while surreptitiously supporting the separatists with arms and men — suddenly appeared less crafty than possibly disastrous on Thursday after the crash of a civilian jetliner in a Ukrainian field.
What brought Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 tumbling out of the sky, killing all 298 people aboard, remained uncertain. But given the immediate suspicions raised in Kiev and Washington that a sophisticated missile ripped it apart, the crash brought the question of who was responsible right to the doorstep of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.
“It is an extremely awkward moment for the Kremlin,” said Dmitry Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center. “Everyone in the West and in Ukraine is already pointing their fingers at the Kremlin. They are not waiting for an inquiry — they are blaming Russia today.”...

It would be a prudent step in resolving these hostilities to secure the area where the jet fell to Earth and begin an investigation to answer the questions of nations. The sooner that begins, the sooner productive dialogue can occur to end these hideous, but, necessary tensions. 

It is too late to point fingers, President Putin. Too many are involved now and it is far more than enemies and allies. Neutralizing terrorist networks is where the global focus needs to be, not fighting Old World grudges. 

Film Industry Incentives

For the public that is never explained what a 'film industry incentive' is; it is free money.

Coastal North Carolina has been a successful focus of the film industry in the past, but, the Governor can't seem to get the NC Legislature to understand it, so allow me.

You know those taxes the NC State Treasury will never collect because the film industry isn't there anymore? That is what film industry incentives are. They are tax deductions to production companies to come to a state and film their movies and/or television programs for free.  

There is no money that changes hands between the state and the industry, it is a tax deduction. The higher the deduction the more likely it will be a movie production will occur in a state. Easy. No money comes out of the treasury and no money goes in. 

Why then do it?

Because the bigger the production the more jobs it produces. 

Isn't it The Game of Thrones that has one of the largest production casts in the business? Imagine now all those actors and actresses can't be included in the production because the production company has to pay state taxes. Does anyone believe the production would remain in a place where it could not conduct the one aspect of the show attracting so many people and that is the 'realism' of large casts of people? 

What do we know about the general economy when many people are employed and paid a good wage? That's right, it does better. That means if the Game of Thrones came to coastal NC the entire economy in the area would perk up. 

What do North Carolina Republicans want to do instead? They want to offer a far less than reasonable incentive to the movie industry and will only attract small productions with small cast sizes. The contribution that level of production will offer won't even be a speed bump in the NC economy, coastal or otherwise. The Republicans in their hatred of Hollywood causes a great deal of economic damage for their political hubris. They simply don't live in the real world. 

McCrory is not a leader, he is a pleader. He pleads for the legislature to help the state and brings the insight of the people and where would the people be without the PLEADER of their cause.

Let me pay tribute to daytime television.

It stinks.

The local news is primarily violent about car crashes and murders. Then there is the latest 'happenings' of local activities made to make summer interesting, but, that's it. It never raises the opposition to things like the North Carolina Governor. Never. Always smiles. No talk about voter oppression.

Then there is the national programs like the Today Show that tries to be current and 'happy, happy, joy, joy.' Until Jenna Bush rides the "Terror-dactyl" as if she is the most scared woman on the planet and then doesn't let it go for the next two to three days.

I don't know what the deal is with NBC and this chick, but, I suppose she is trying to bring in FOX viewers as she EMOTS over how she saw a woman and a baby on an airline and can only imagine what it feels like to lose someone on MH17. 

To begin, she doesn't know anything about anyone else besides her own emotions, which obviously is a source of uncontrollable permission for screaming. Additionally, the 'promotion of war' isn't even in the purview today because the entire mess Putin has created along the Ukraine - Russian border is built on 'what is possible without nukes' and the nations of the world are going to end his 'insurgent joy ride' in the Ukraine.

The events in Ukraine are not in anyone's hands except the nations of the world.


The "As the World Turns" (which ended it's decades of 'sharing' in 2010) Crowd doesn't know what sincere problems of Americans actually are. The entire minority experience in the daytime stories is homogenous and does not bring in reality at all.

There is a reason why I stopped watching this mess a long time ago. And what is this mess about Nightly News being cut off half way through an hour program to opt for "Wheel of Fortune?" The ENTIRE nation isn't interested in sincere information that may impact their lives? What is that mess all about?

That brings me to the game shows. The minority experience with these shows are crowded into Family Feud and Let's Make a Deal. These two game shows are different from the past and more exciting, but, they still don't bring in the handicapped. 

The handicapped, including our military, are NOWHERE on daytime television or ANY game shows. "Come on Down" takes on an entirely new barrier to success. There isn't even a representative sample of handicapped on any show anywhere. There are absolutely no handicapped show hosts anywhere.

Then there are the entertainment shows. "America's Got Talent" and all that. They start their competition by wearing out the participants. They hold marathon events where a 'hopeful' has to hope to be an early competitor so they have some degree of vitality when their turn comes. These competitions are important to many people and there is some incredible people seeking a 'one time' chance to exhibit their talent and they are hobbled by fatigue. The large scale sorting should be more equitable. There are contestants that leave their one time opportunity because they know whey won't be at their best by the time they are heard or seen.

To say the quality of national and daytime and local television WANTS is an understatement. It is lousy television.