Sunday, May 02, 2010

The real reason GM paid off their loan was to abandon American Workers AGAIN.

The CEOs of GM must absolutely hate the USA !

GM just could not wait to outsource more American jobs.  Could absolutely not wait.

...The first batch of engines to be used in the Volt will be sourced from a plant in Aspern, Austria, but eventually GM plans to update one of its existing Flint plants to start construction of the new powertrains. The move will save money and utilize available floorspace within the Flint South engine plant on Bristol Road, reports The Detroit News....
ANY and all future loans or bailouts to GM needs to be put 'on hold' for review of appropriate nature to the best outcome of the USA economy.

There is a PERFECTLY good plant right there in Flint, but, yet GM, with the USA as 66.2% stockholder is CONSTRUCTING a new plant in Austria.

I don't think so ! 

The USA market is their largest and is so because most Americans that purchase GM cars and trucks believe in American labor.  Well, that isn't true anymore and I really don't believe GM wants to see nearly one fourth of their market share dwindle to nothing.  

Now do they?  

I hate that word boycott, but, hey ya know, with a CEO that hates American labor this much, time to rethink what we are actually believing about GM. 

I demand an investigation to the mistreatment of the 'good faith' agreements with GM that never allowed for unnecessary spending that increases costs, regarding loans and bailouts.  I demand it as a majority stockholder.

I don't feel like bailing out another failed company because they seem to think we are 'into' them for so much.  There are misuse and abuse of assets GM already owns while the CEO has gone on an ego trip to Austria. 

I believe there will be movement toward disarming Iran from the capacity of nuclear weapons.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran reads verses from the Koran at Tehran airport before leaving for New York. Photograph: Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images

US and Russia to propose ban on WMD in Middle East  (click title to entry - thank you)

Tough global talks ahead in review of nuclear treaty as Egypt aims to put pressure on west over Israel, Sunday 2 May 2010 22.15 BST 
Julian Borger, diplomatic editor 

...The proposal – involving the appointment of a special coordinator to conduct exploratory talks with Israel, Iran and the Arab states, followed by a regional conference – will be a central issue at a conference beginning tomorrow in New York aimed at preventing the further spread of nuclear weapons around the world.
Washington and Moscow have circulated the proposal among the three other permanent members of the UN security council, seeking their endorsement....

I believe President Medvedev will bring all the influence he has to the table, but, it is safe to say no matter what influence China has with North Korea or Russia has with Iran there seems to be a limit to the 'rhelm of influence' any country has with the two rouge states.

...Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's criticism of Iran (see link below) during his recent visit to the United States came as a pleasant surprise for the Western and Israeli press. Medvedev said, "Iran is causing some problems", adding that "the most important thing now is for us to find evidence of what their nuclear program is."
The Russian president went on to say that Iran either ignores the questions addressed to it or makes suggestive statements. Isn't this enough to silence critics who claim that Russia is indulging Iran's nuclear ambitions?
The problem is that some of Russia's partners in the West overestimate how much influence Russia has over Iran. After U.S. President Barack Obama called off plans to deploy elements of the missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic on September 17, 2009, U.S. and other Western media outlets started saying that Russia should persuade Iran to disarm in exchange....

Iran plans to hold talks with all 15 members of the UN Security Council to discuss a nuclear fuel deal, Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Monday.  (See link below)
He said the deal, under which Iranian stockpiles of low-enriched uranium would be sent to France and Russia to be turned into reactor fuel, could be finalized in two weeks if all sides showed the necessary will, Iran's ILNA news agency reported.
He said the talks, to begin "in the coming days," will focus on the "fuel exchange [deal]" and will be conducted by Iran's missions in the respective countries.
The UN-sponsored deal to supply nuclear fuel for a research reactor in Tehran proposes Iran ship out low-enriched uranium to be processed into higher-grade nuclear fuel and then returned to Iran....

North leader’s visit to China appears imminent  (See link below)
May 03, 2010
A trip to China by North Korean leader Kim Jong-il appears imminent, multiple sources from South Korea and China said yesterday.

The North’s leader “has not crossed into China yet, but it appears highly likely that his Chinese trip would come either today or tomorrow as a considerable level of preparations have been done,” a source said on condition of anonymity...
I believe I noticed Secretary Sebelius at the White House Correspondence Dinner yesterday evening and she looked lovely as always.

The good Secretary may very well find her hands full when the oil finds its way into the food chain of the citizens that live among the bayous and back bays.

Those people don't always 'go shopping' for their groceries and may be very vulnerable to the ingestion of contaminated wildlife and fish..

I wish her the best in stemming any tragedy that would result in from the ignorance and greed of the Petroleum Industry.

Local health departments, with the help of volunteers could form an outreach to local citizens to bring them a healthy alternative to their regular diets. 

Seven dead in Tennessee floods  (see link below)

(Reuters) - Severe storms and flash floods left seven people dead in Tennessee over the weekend as rising river waters closed portions of interstate highways leading in and out of Nashville.
The storms lifted levels of the Cumberland River that runs through Nashville as well as smaller tributaries and creeks.
The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency asked the state's Army National Guard on Sunday for assistance in rescue operations. There was no immediate report of injuries.
Nashville Mayor Karl Dean declared a state of emergency for the metropolitan area of Davidson County, where hundreds of people had been rescued from the raging waters and 45,000 people remained without power on Sunday.
"All of our major creeks and the Cumberland River are near flood level, if not at flood level. The ground is entirely saturated, and the rain continues to fall. There's nowhere for the water to go," Dean said in a statement.
More thunderstorms were expected in the region, and emergency officials were urging people not to travel unless absolutely necessary.
(Reporting by Susan Kelly, editing by Philip Barbara)

I want to thank President Obama for his commitment to the crisis created by the Petroleum industry. It can't be accomplished without his dedication and expert staff.

Men position a buoy on board a boat with oil boom barriers to stop the spread of oil from the BP Deepwater Horizon platform disaster Saturday. Efforts to stem the flow of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continue. 

The Petroleum Industry is guilty of mismanagement of their operations.  

We know they are all guilty and they need to move to different venues of EXPLOITATION of resources in places where they haven't destroyed an entire economy of an entire coast.

There is NO criticism of this administration in regard to this issue.  


There is no way the Petroleum Industry should ever be welcome to the shores of the USA ever again.  Basically, what they have done is that they have made the Gulf safe for them but no other living creature or any other economy.  The entire Gulf Coast will soon be STERILE.  Everyone affiliated with this antiquated and dirty industry should be so proud of their accomplishments in propaganda for decades !

...But the critics highlight that for years the oil industry has said it should be given access to more of the US's protected areas (see link below) and has generally lobbied against further government regulation of offshore drilling, arguing it could handle any leaks. Some now say the Gulf of Mexico incident lays bare how ill-prepared the industry is for a spill of this size. 

P.J. Hahn, director of the local coastal zone management department, said it was clear that BP – and the industry at large – did not have a response plan: “They have been caught off guard. They are scrambling around.”

BP counters that it has tackled the leak on several fronts. It has tried to close the large valve that stops the flow of oil in an emergency; it says a rig is in place to start drilling a relief well, but that it is waiting for calmer waters; and it is considering building a dome to siphon the leaking oil to a containment vessel on the surface.
But the first of these initiatives has not worked and the second and third will take weeks, if not months, to become effective. 

The company has been pooling the industry’s collective knowledge, getting companies such as ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, and Chevron involved.

It has also tried to contain the spill of an estimated 5,000 barrels per day with controlled burns, skimmers, dispersants, and laying almost a 1m feet of booms.

However, the spill has proved too big and rough weather has broken barriers or washed the oily waves over them.

Warnings have been given that the oil slick may reach the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas.

Ken Salazar, the US interior secretary, said he had told BP officials that they had to “work harder and faster and smarter to get the job done”....

The Kent State Live Tribunals are taking place through May 4th, which is the anniversary of the killing of unarmed demonstrators.

Second Link:

Rarely does the nation actually take the time to realize how completely hideous these circumstances were that allowed National Guard the impetus to fire on unarmed college students.

To begin with the students were able to get deferments to service.  Trying to stop the war to save their own lives was not even the issue.

The timing to the killings would be the last opportunity for the 'authorities' to actually show muscle against 'decent' before the entire student body was dismissed for the summer. 

This was May 4th. 

They were finishing final exams at the end of the academic year.  This was the time of graduation as well.  So the demonstration only showed that the students were 'first' students.  They had priorities of stopping the Vietnam War, but, it wasn't something that was going to detrail the hope for their futures.

The 'idea' that students would occupy academic buildings at a time of year that would actually matter to the administration was stupidity on the part of those that ordered these actions.

My, my aren't we just the strongest nation against any citizen with a SIGN.

The environmental catastrophe that is now the Gulf Coast of the USA.

The realization that accompanies all this bad news is that the East Coast and West Coast fisheries are far more valuable than before this tragedy.  Therefore, the 'idea' they can be put in harms way for the sake of offshore drilling it out of the question.

I don't care whom does not like that statement either.  TOO  BAD !

An estimated 42,000 gallons of oil per day were leaking from an oil well in the Gulf of Mexico in late April, following an explosion at an offshore drilling rig on April 20, 2010. The rig eventually capsized and sank.... (click title to entry - thank you)
...In the top image, the Mississippi Delta is at image center, and the oil slick is a silvery swirl to the right. The oil slick may be particularly obvious because it is occurring in the sunglint area, where the mirror-like reflection of the Sun off the water gives the Gulf of Mexico a washed-out look. The close-up view shows waves on the water surface as well as ships, presumably involved in the clean up and control activities....

President Obama expected along the beseiged Gulf Coast today.

A containment boom is staged at the Breton National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana. Photograph: John Edwards/EPA

Those containment booms aren't going to be effective and their 'scope' to prevent impact is very, very limited.  One picture is not necessarily worth a thousand words.

BP analysis of environmental impact on Gulf coast had warned of risks to beaches but said oil spill was virtually impossible.

Of course they would say that.  What else would anyone expect Wall Street to say? 

The reason government should listen to its scientific community over the profiteers of Wall Street is because the 'guesstimates' of Wall Street are ALWAYS on the side of profit and not loss.  Just look at the hideous estimates of scientists that want to dispel the Climate Crisis as bunk.  They know they are lying, but, don't care and as long as internal documents can protect their best interests and it can be sold to corrupted politicians.  The people of any nation are insignificant to Wall Street and their scientists and opposing statements are dismissed as invalid.  

Wall Street are crooks.  Get over it.

This is a known scientifically based issue with the Climate Crisis. Increased incidents of very deadly disease.

Bob and Joan Lewis at home in Portland, Ore. In the late fall of 2007, Bob Lewis was diagnosed with a rare fungal infection called Cryptococcus gattii. He recovered after intensive treatment but was left with complications. The disease emerged on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, 11 years ago and has spread south into Washington and Oregon. 

...Researchers have discovered that a unique strain of the bug has emerged recently in Oregon and already spread widely there, sickening humans and animals. (click title to entry - thank you)
So far, over the past 11 years there have been about 220 cases reported in British Columbia. Since 2004, doctors in Washington and Oregon have reported about 50 cases. Among the total 270 cases, 40 people have died from overwhelming infections of the lungs and brain.... 

Parking status in large cities anywhere should be as difficult to obtain as Taxi Medallions.

Cars need to be  obsolete in NYC and other major global cities.  If one does not live there with residency requirements for 5 years there should not be parking anywhere.

This is the year 2010.  Beside the insidious terrorist, we have concerns about carbon dioxide emissions.  Extensive transportation infrastructure can serve people very, very well.  

I lived in Boston for nearly a year recently and did so handily without an automobile.  There simply is no reason for 'in city' parking.  "Out of City" parking decks can be built at many train stops and should be.  Permanent 'Out of City' parking decks should be seriously considered, while placing any real estate currently a parking lot within the city on the market for sale or a return to public use with parks as a focus.

Delivery trucks can be monitored by local 'on the beat' police officers with tough regulations that 'keep them moving' throughout the day.  Unloading a 48 foot 'semi' doesn't take a week.  Storage trailers need to be moved out of the city due to the value of the postage stamp space they occupy.

There are some aspects of 'opportunity to incident' that can be avoided and it is foolish not to avoid them.  There is no reason why REGULAR commercial traffic in cities can't be 'permitted' to prevent random occurrences such as this.