Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Let's get rid of Wasteful Government Spending !

Strange.  So much of the Wasteful Government Spending falls under Bush and Cheney's watch.

...“The government has known for 20 years that contractors (click title to entry - thank you) would be a key part of any major response to large or sustained hostilities or major disasters,” said Commission co-chairman Michael Thibault. “Yet the government was not prepared to go into Afghanistan in 2001 or Iraq in 2003 using large numbers of contractors and is still unable to provide effective management and oversight of contract spending that will have exceeded $206 billion by the end of September.”...

Nooo, we don't need Medicare for All. That would be a sin to be sure people have health care.

Doctors at University Hospital in Cincinnati said a 24-year-old father died Wednesday from a tooth infection.
Patti Collins, wife of famed local musician Bootsy Collins, said she couldn't believe what happened to her nephew, Kyle Willis, who left behind a 6-year-old daughter.
"I said, 'What do you mean they're calling the family?' (My daughter) said, 'Mom, the infection (Willis) had in his tooth has gone to his brain," Collins said....

The Citizens United Supreme Court decision made sure that corporations had enough to say about getting their $700 Billion bailout, but, to actually elect a Legislature that cares about the health of the poor and unemployed is just something no one seems to be able to achieve.

The great USA can save Billionaires from crying, but, it can leave a six year old child without a father without a second thought.

I am so proud to be an American. 

Why is it a less than one percent drop in the DOW is something I just don't give a damn about?  I wonder.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (click here)11,139.30–100.96 –0.90%

"There won't be enough troops in Iraq to preserve the USA footprint."

"Ya think?"

Iraq’s Shiite Leader congratulates Libyans (click here)
8/23/2011 1:26 PM

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Leader of Iraq’s Shiite Trend, Muqtada al-Sadr, has congratulated the Libyan people on Tuesday “for the success of their Revolution and the entrance of the Revolutionary Forces into the Libyan Capital of Tripoli, calling upon the Libyan People to build up their new Homeland, away from narrow-party trends.”
“Thank Allah (God), Who blessed his Believers and planted courage, sacrifice and love of Religion in their hearts; Thank Allah, who achieved Libya’s liberation on the hands of the Libyan Revolutionaries and not on the hands of occupiers,” Sadr said in a statement, copy of which was received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Sadr called on the Libyans to build up their new state, “away from narrow-party trends, in order to achieve a united Libya, proud of its people and Islam, whilst we, your people in Iraq, confirm to continue resisting the occupier, whatever happens, to liberate Iraq, in order to be on your side for the victory of the right.”
In conclusion, Muqtada al-Sadr, highly assessed the efforts of “the heroic Mujahidin (Holy Fighters) in the dear sisterly state of Libya, appealing for Allah to keep the occupation, terrorism, foreign interferences, especially American, away from them.”

To paraphrase, "And if that isn't enough those Shi'ites will take over and Iran will be involved."  Of course the White House is saying that isn't true.  So the "Dirt Bags" at FOX are at it again.  I really think this is about hating and fearing Muslims more than anything else, but, if this is a sincere concern of the Republican Presidentials candidates, who needs 'em?  Slow news day?  Nothing else to lie about maybe?

Sources: Obama Administration to Drop Troop Levels in Iraq to 3,000 (click here)

Published September 06, 2011
The Obama administration has decided to drop the number of U.S. troops in Iraq at the end of the year down to 3,000, marking a major downgrade in force strength, multiple sources familiar with the inner workings and decisions on U.S. troop movements in Iraq told Fox News....

Breaking News, "FOX has discovered there will only be 3000 US troops in Iraq by the end of the year."  

Who confirmed this?  Journalist I suppose.

Wait, let me guess.  This is a really cool way to call the PRESIDENT a liar.  Deep throat and all that kinda stuff.

Why leave any?  We should have pulled them out all together, but, Bush paid all that money for the Embassy, so I guess some will have to stay after all.  10,000 contingency?  For an embassy?   

The USA Embassy in Baghdad. (click here)  Self contained.  No one has to venture in or out.  Sort of like the Green Zone.  Someone has to guard the Billion US real estate.

...It is the world’s most expensive embassy, (click here) costing more than $700 million (£427 million) and designed to withstand earthquakes and insurgents. Yet only nine months after being opened, the US Embassy in Iraq is riddled with problems expected to cost more than $130 million to fix.
Nobody praised its architecture when it was inaugurated in January — think Milton Keynes on the Moon. The cube-like structure, topped with razor wire, is the size of Vatican City and features a supermarket and swimming pool. But the 2,000 or so Americans moving in believed, at least, that it would keep them safe and comfortable.

The only reason to keep an embassy in Iraq is to have a venue for private contractors when they kill more people and protect the interests of Halliburton.  Otherwise, there is no reason for that embassy either.  A Billion+ US WASTED by Bush and Cheney for the sole purpose of ego driven profiteers.  The USA has no real interests in Iraq and for a long time we won't be welcome back.  THAT is why Iran will be available to discourage further Neocons from pulling the same stunt and kill more and more civiilans.

Report Projects Higher Operational Costs for U.S. Embassy in Iraq (click here)

By Ernesto Londoño
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, August 29, 2009

BAGHDAD, Aug. 28 -- The cost of running the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is projected to rise in the coming years as the world's largest diplomatic mission weans itself from the support it receives from the U.S. military, the State Department's acting inspector general said in a report this week.
Harold W. Geisel also said an embassy office that oversees infrastructure projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars is chronically understaffed and may be unable to complete its work by May, when its charter ends.
In a separate report, Geisel noted that the State Department has no plans to open consulates in Iraq, despite the looming closures of provincial embassy offices as the U.S. military withdraws...]

Good bye, Iraq, may you all find peace.

There is only one journalist investigative team in Texas?m Really? I betcha they watch their step


This is the way a Red State handles the challenges of the Climate Crisis.  They allow the worst to happen, call it a mishap and point to FEMA to come in behind the fire line to hand out checks.  The responsibility of the States always falls to the federal government yet there is no funding in the federal government to attend to the entire nation, but, only the 'squeaky wheel' of the moment.  Governor Perry is good at being humble and handing out FEMA checks but he is not a leader, he follows the path of least 'fiscal' resistance and then complains about the lethargy of the federal response.

The National Guard that is necessary to fire these fires, save homes and people are AT WAR.  THAT State asset is not available for the people when they need it, but, hey Texans always take care of Texans by taking strangers into their homes.

This is outrageous how much the rights of citizens are oppressed and neglected only to fall back on the federal government to environmental neglect leading to this drought.  "Getting life back to normal, is considered letting people get back to their homes, AFTER THE HOMES HAVE BEEN DESTROYED."  That's letting people 'get back to normal?'  I don't think so.  I am tired of picking up after the governmental neglect of the Red States.  At the state level 'if shit happens' then live with it ! 

Like Ron Paul says, we need to live like it is 1900 all over again.  Contribute to the economy buy fire insurance and hope the policy you bought covers it all.  Why FEMA?  Need trailers to live in?  There isn't anything for FEMA to do there.  What are they going to do plant trees?  Without rain there is no reason to even go that far, trees won't grow.  Call the churches and see if they have group fire insurances for drought ridden Texans 'after the fact.'

...Many people watching these horrific fires have been wondering about military resources and their response to the blazes.
Gov. Rick Perry spoke to the media from Steiner Ranch, where 24 homes have been destroyed and 30 more have been damaged. Some 125 acres are burning in a fire that is only 45 percent contained.
"Even with this tragedy, the good news is there are no lives lost in these neighborhoods," said Perry. "I'm substantial more concerned Texans are being taken care of ... The answers they're looking for is our response and saving as many homes and possessions as possible."
Perry said Tuesday morning during the briefing that the process to get federal help tends to be bureaucratic.
"So we're looking for ways to break that down," said Perry. "It's more difficult than it should be to get those assets freed up from the federal government."
Perry talked about the heavy equipment that's been needed amid the fire outbreaks....