Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I promised myself I would not do this. Oh, well.

She finally made sense.

Michele Bachmann, the Neocon of all Neocons. Do I detect Libertarian insight taken seriously by President Obama? Maybe, huh?

This was December 2011. Months away. Iran's caliphate was only months away.

"Bachmann for Vice President with Romney"

Michele Bachmann will face ethical issues. She is a lawyer. She is licensed and the FBI is involved.

The scandals within the White House are being touted as a victory by the RNC. Reince Priebus is touting the scandals as major victories in 2014. It isn't all that. But, this is the party that stated Romney was a winner in 2012.

The Midwest is being pelted with hail. Wheat.

May 29, 2013
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of North and West Hemsphere (click here for 12 hour loop)

Hail Report, OH, OK, KS, MS, IA, NE, WY, TX, PA, CO, WI (click here)

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Storm #4
Location: NEMAHA, KS
Hail size: 4″
County population: 10374
County income: $38891

The average size across the region is between 1 inch and 1.75 inches.

Severe weather threat elevates for Wichita and much of Kansas (click here)

May 29, 2013
By Stan Finger

...“Large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes – possibly strong – may accompany supercells that develop during the day,” an SPC outlook for Wednesday stated....

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Brit Hume nearly dropped from his chair when Mr. Williams spoke about the involvement of an Attorney General in signing papers.

Mr. Williams was off script. It wasn't politically convenient for FOX News to actually have a logical and legitimate point of view voiced by a man once fired by NPR. It would seem as though Mr. Williams simply can't find 'sea legs' with anyone. I can relate. It is difficult to be a person of moral conviction and love of their country, isn't it?

Strange bedfellows about within this dynamic, Mr. Williams. If I may?

The Huffington Post made a more than accurate and concise observation. It stated thath Mr. James Rosen DECIDED to cross the red line.

Basically, it was one infraction of national security for anyone that close to the CIA to actually leak information for political purposes (Desperate times require desperate actions, I suppose.) that would compromise an agent, USA national security and the security of allies, but, it is an entirely different issue to realize there was a journalist cooperating with such dangerous dynamics.

No one is doubting James Rosen was not the person who found the information, it would be more than interesting if that was the case. But, with any journalist there are many decisions along the way in order to have information and opinion published.

There was the decision by the leaker to make the decision to compromise the nation, there was the decision by the journalist to write the article, there was the decision by the editor(s) to actually publish it and there was the CEO that stood by it. So, to say the problem belongs only to AG Holder is scapegoating the good man. That is all this is about AG Holder, Mr. Williams. He is being scapegoated because there are serious infractions of the law within this issue. 

I appreciate your voice. May it continue to carry the truth and the need for attention to our nation's national security and that of our allies. Your personal security, my personal security, the personal security of every person in this country may actually count on it. Thank you.

Posted: 05/29/2013 8:25 am
by Peter Scheer

The Justice Department (click here) has been getting hammered in (and by) the press over a leak investigation involving the seizure of emails from the personal gmail account of James Rosen, a reporter for Fox News. The criticism has focused on the revelation, contained in a 2010 FBI affidavit used to obtain a search warrant, that the government then viewed Rosen not merely as a witness, someone who possessed evidence about the source of a national security leak, but as an indictable law-breaker....

I doubt Chinese quality control standards will prove to be any worse.

Wed May 29, 2013 11:14am EDT

...The transaction (click here) would be the largest Chinese takeover of a U.S. company, with an enterprise value of $7.1 billion, which includes the assumption of debt. The biggest Chinese cross-border deal was CNOOC Ltd's (0883.HK) 2012 acquisition of Canada's Nexen Ltd, with an enterprise value of about $17.7 billion, according to Thomson Reuters data....

S. Amendment 711 - legal guns - continued

``Drillings, Combination Guns, Double Rifles(below)
These rifles are used for big game and what one would consider small game, but, not rabbits. More like Wild Boar or Wild Pigs in the southern USA. They can bring down a fairly stout animal.
Here is oneI took in Zimbabwe last September. Double is a .500 Nitro Sabatti.
``A. Zoli Rifle-Shotgun O/U Combo(below)
If you were asked (click here) what comes to mind when you hear “dangerous game rifle,” or DGR, surely only one of two images would be conjured up: either a bolt action with a Mauser-type controlled-round feed, a sturdy set of iron sights, a barrel band front swivel and perhaps a dropped box to increase magazine capacity by one; or a double rifle with side-by-side (SxS) barrel orientation and double triggers. There’s no question that the latter is the more romantic of the two, the kind of gun a professional hunter in Africa has for protecting clients. But this romanticism is based more on habit—people have always carried them—than on the rifle’s actual features.
(below - click here) Another name for these rifles are Dangerous Game Rifles (DGR). These sportsmen are not served by military style weapons. So, don't let any of the Pro-Gun extremists sell the idea semi-automatics will serve the purpose of the Big Game or Dangerous Game Sportsman. That won't happen. This type of game need special skills and weapons. It has nothing to do with assault weapons.
``Auguste Francotte Boxlock Double Rifle ``Auguste Francotte Sidelock Double Rifles ``Baikal IZH-94 Express ``Baikal MP94- (IZH-94) O/U ``Beretta Express SSO O/U Double Rifles ``Beretta Model 455 SxS Express Rifle ``Chapuis RGExpress Double Rifle ``CZ 584 SOLO Combination Gun ``CZ 589 Stopper O/U Gun ``Dakota Double Rifle ``Garbi Express Double Rifle (below is a Armas Garbi
SXS, Model 100, 20 GA, 28'', IC& M, DT, Straight Grip, Splinter Forearm, Smooth Concave Rib, Casehardened Receiver, Purdey Style Engraving, Articulated Trigger, Autosafety, Checkered Butt, H&H Hand-Detachable Locks, English Walnut @ $1000., New. It sells for $6100 online. There are rifles in this category sell upwards of $10,000. Some in the range of $25,000 to $50,000-click here.)
``Harrington & Richardson Survivor ``Harrington & Richardson Synthetic Handi-Rifle/Slug Gun Combo ``Heym Model 55B O/U Double Rifle ``Heym Model 55FW O/U Combo Gun ``Heym Model 88b Side-by-Side Double Rifle ``Hoenig Rotary Round Action Combination Rifle ``Hoenig Rotary Round Action Double Rifle ``Kodiak Mk. IV Double Rifle ``Kreighoff Teck O/U Combination Gun ``Kreighoff Trumpf Drilling ``Krieghoff Drillings (below - click here)
Specializing in - (click here) Double Guns (SxS Shotguns), Double Rifles, 
Drillings & Combination Guns
Double Guns - or double barreled shotguns are typically acquired for hunting, 
sport shooting & gun collecting. These two barreled shotguns can be either 
Side by Side (SxS) or Over and Under (O&U). American, European & British 
SxS shotguns or gameguns are very popular with field hunters and gun 
collectors, while O&U shotguns are used mostly by target shooters.
Double Rifles- Double Rifles can be either “side by side” (SxS) or “Over and 
Under” (O&U). Large bore double rifles are typically used for hunting dangerous 
big game and for sport shooting competitions. These competitions simulate 
big game hunting. SxS and O&U Double Rifles are fun to shoot and are very 
Drillings - The Drilling is a European hunting gun with Three barrels. Typical 
Drillings have 2 Shotgun Barrels over a Rifle Barrel. However, Drillings have 
been made in many configurations (rifle & shotgun) and caliber’s. Drilling guns 
are typically used for mixed bag hunting.
Combination Guns - Combination Guns feature two barrels typically in an 
over & Under configuration. (Side by Side Combination guns are called “Cape 
Guns”) The barrels are always one rifle and one shotgun. These over and 
under guns are very versatile and typically used for European type mixed 
bag hunting..
``Lebeau-Courally Express Rifle 5X5 ``Merkel Boxlock Double Rifles ``Merkel Drillings ``Merkel Model 160 Side-by-Side Double Rifles ``Merkel Over/Under Combination Guns ``Merkel Over/Under Double Rifles ``Remington Model SPR94 .410/Rimfire ``Remington Model SPR94 12 Gauge/Centerfire ``Rizzini Express 90L Double Rifle ``Savage 24F O/U Combination Gun
       ``Savage 24F-12T Turkey Gun (below)
Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the Turkey the national bird. I think he was correct. At least the USA would be interested in feeding the people rather than using them for soldiers. I can see it now, "The Screaming Turkeys." The fear of the Pacific theater. 
Savage M24F combination gun While turkey hunting has become a shotgun sport for most, rifles are still legal in some places, with .22 centerfires being the most popular rifle cartridges. For those who like to hedge their bets, or just can’t stand it when a bird hangs up at 70 yards, the combination gun is the answer. Savage’s break action 24F was intended for predator hunters but would be perfect for turkeys -- if it’s legal where you live, and if you have no qualms about shooting a turkey with a rifle.
Blunderbuss (below - click here) The classic turkey gun of the Pilgrims was not the blunderuss (meaning that more than Marilyn Monroe’s shorts are historically inaccurate in this picture). The short, bell-barreled shotgun was more often used as a weapon of war and loaded with large shot. It’s likely if a Pilgrim wanted to shoot a turkey he would used a “long fowler,” a .75 caliber flintlock nearly 6 feet long.
``Springfield Inc. M6 Scout Rifle/Shotgun ``Tikka Model 412s Combination Gun ``Tikka Model 412S Double Fire
Thank your for your interest - until later.