Sunday, June 26, 2011

Michelle Bachman is a real threat to the RNC.

That is the reason Perry is being promoted as the best candidate in the field.  It is to divide the Tea Party vote and insure Romney has the nomination.  The RNC is scared of Bachman actually winning the nomination.  Palin supported Perry when he was running for Governor of 'The Lone Star State."

I am traveling until Thursday... my online time will be intermittent.

I have a message for the Democrats and DNC.  They need to get their act together.

When I travel and visit with people as well as listening to conversations in coffee shops I am hearing more 'myth' about the economy than fact.

People actually believe Rick Perry's Texas has a 4% unemployment rate.  When I point to the error, they actually get defensive as if they have the truth and I don't.  The people being indoctrinated into 'the hope' of Perry are completely convinced 'he has it right.'

Not only that...

...but their is no 'real image' of public employees.  Their unions need to promote their members by putting ads into the media, both visual and audio, 'highlighting' the work they do for everyone everyday.  The unions have to make the public understand whom exactly they are employing, including the understanding they are their neighbors, they clear their roadways, the deliver valueable services everyday in their parks, they patrol their streets, they save their lives when fire is the problem, and that their tax dollars support some of the most sophisticated hospitals in the country.

The Democrats and Unions are far to humble in expecting the public to understand their value.

GET OUT THERE !!!!!!!!!!