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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Whatever happened to American wholesomeness?

I think the bathing suit is a little silly for the year 2010, but, it conveys an 'idea' of how far off track this society is with values that work for us. 

Achievement is a lifestyle.  I don't like the pre-occupations of American television these days.  Seriously.  I don't watch any of these shows, but, know others that have and quite frankly, I wouldn't have them for friends.  No word of a lie.

Life is about joy, living and celebration. 

How did we go so far astray and that is how I see it. 

One other thing.  Is it too costly in the USA to be fit and active? 

Legalize it? Really?

I don't know (click here) much about it's status but necrophilia shouln't be criminal. It's disgusting, but unless you can identify a victim there's no cause to criminalize it.
-There are legal ways of obtaining a corpse, family pets being just one....

I don't really consider 'a movie' such as "Wolfman" to be in the same category as the television intrusion.

Feature length films are choices.  They don't come into the living room of Americans.  They are story lines about sci-fi characters.  Movies are removed from the intimacy of the home environment.  Not in the same class as the necrophilia that exists today in television programming.

Do we have too?

This isn't even Halloween costumes. 
There are some of the most morbid clothing for children on the market these days than I have ever witnessed. 

Do we have too? 

There is an entire vampire culture in the USA and is has a sexual basis to it.

Vampires are about 'the living dead.'  They are about blood feedings and corpse.

This doesn't come close to "Buffy the Vampire Killer" or the classic "Bram Stoker's Dracula." 

What are the social upticks to this mess?
What?  No toe tags?

"Ben Casey" was never like this.

Corpse galore, within every story line. 


Oddly, the fascination with corpse ends with abortion. Or so it would seem.

This is not a baby.  It is fetal tissue.  For all we know it could be a miscarriage.

The Focus on the Family shows claim abortion is accepted in the USA because of a 'culture of death.'  How convenient.  "Lie to Me" is a Murdoch production.  But, to point to a 'culture of death' in the USA as a reason for abortion is about as moronic as the statement Focus made regarding abortion causing high joblessness rates.  No word of a lie.  Focus on the Family stated over the radio waves that if there was no abortion the USA would not have joblessness today.  The reasoning behind it is all those abortions would be consumers of services and would also require jobs.  Focus stated, there would be 24 - 7 car production at every car manufacturer in the USA if abotion was outlawed.

Okay.  Then why are the China and India lagging in quality of life?  Low wages?  Ah, huh?  The 'standard' that high populations in a society will guarantee high employment and economic boom doesn't track.  Anyone want to explain 'credit default swaps' to the Focus folks?  They might want to review The Great Depression as well.

When do the sensibilities of the American woman stop?  Abortion decisions are complicated and individual.  Knock it off.  It is legal in the USA and existed long before necrophilia was a fetish on every television channel in the country.

"Lie to Me" - About the phoniest mess I have ever witnessed.

Here again, government authority is a weighty issue within this private business concern.  Of course, the private business is better at anything than the government.  Laced chronically with death, suicide, etc.  The entire 'premise' to this 'fiction' is very poorly founded in 'concrete science.'  It is mostly conjecture and intimidation that leads to success in the story line.  I remember when Bill O'Reilly was giving lessons on reading body languge.  Really?  It was primarily to distract citizens from actually listening to their President, but, to seek a 'greater and fool-proof reading' of any body language. 


Really, really weird.

I am fairly convinced there is a significant segment of the populous of American preoccupied with...


Graphic dissections, mystery, sexy technology geeks and romance.  The characters are also isolated except for 'the sexual intrigue.'  Abby has no identity outside the lab.  Ducky is always found sculpting a corpse.  These characters don't have depth to define them, they are 'anyone' to the audience.  The 'neotany' of these characters is extreme. 

The Murdoch Syndrome

Cable News Ratings: Top 30 Programs For January 2011 (PHOTOS) (click here)

First Posted: 02- 1-11 05:37 PM 
Updated: 02- 1-11 05:37 PM

In a way, January's cable news ratings are no surprise: Fox News overwhelmed the competition, and MSNBC beat CNN. But there were some interesting tidbits to be found in the end-of-the-month rankings. For starters, Glenn Beck's spot on the list slid down for the second time in three months. Beck used to be assured the #3 slot. But in November, he was pushed to fourth, and in January, he fell further to #5,...

As far as I am concerned this assessment applies to 'talk radio' as well.  As I looked at the ratings article in The Huffington Post, many 'characteristics' of Cable News audiences came to life.

1.  Caucasian.  Not one minority anchor is a headliner. 

2.  Male.  Where women co-anchor or are the headliner themselves their viewership falls off dramatically.

3.  Right Wing Extremist.  Where there are 'moderate' anchors there are far fewer viewers.  I mean sincerely, it is probably a 'socio-economic' issue.  These viewers are using the internet rather than paying for cable.

4.  Macho.  The men at the top of the ratings are hyper-masculine in their point of view, very controlling on all fronts, have women 'under their thumb,' exhibit distain for President Obama and Democrats.  It doesn't matter the topic, rarely, very, very rarely will they agree with any moderate or liberal point of view or accomplishment.  It doesn't matter if their position is rhetorical, then it is rhetorical.  It still stands.

5.  Favor war over peace.  Make no mistake, the viewers and listeners of the Right Wing Media are counting the days to when the USA will invade the Middle East because of the liberation movement in Egypt.  And Egypt will be 'the excuse' just like Iraq was to again engage in 'war of choice.'  These people don't know how to spell the word peace, yet alone understand its meaning.

6.  They embrace death, like to talk about it, like guns for any reason under the sun, wants harm to come to others.  You name it.  So long as it is not them being harmed or killed they are all for it.

If an anchor and the topics of the show are NOT lies to allow faux 'gods' of extremism to exist, the cable news program will never, never be able to compete.  Ever.  There has to be a willingness to bend the truth to 'the favor' of this hypermasculized 'fantasy world' otherwise the show or anchor will never be able to achieve or maintain their viewership.  Guaranteed.  These people don't want the truth.  Ever.  They want power and use fear as a motivator.  They are highly unethical broadcasters and I hesitate to call them journalists.  They are power brokers, not journalists. 

I have a diagnosis for the USA.


This 'disease' expresses desire to possess an unresisting and unrejecting partner, reunions with a romantic partner, sexual attraction to ???????, comfort or overcoming feelings of isolation, or seeking self-esteem by expressing power over a homicide victim.

It's Sunday Night

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Night of the Loving Dead - LORDI

"On the Night of the loving dead" by Lordi

Now beware the streets tonite
Lay low till the sunrise
The undead casanovas hunt for love

(You may)
Lock the doors, drop the blinds
Keep quiet and stay inside
But nothing helps when push comes to shove

Bequeth thy loving - My body's cold
I take you in my coffin where you can kiss my bones

On the Night of the loving dead
Love the un-living, no skins attached
On the Night of the loving dead
The Night of the loving dead

Dressing sharp, au naturel
Looking drop dead gorgeous
Sins of the rotten flesh for you to hold

My caress is terminal
'cause my touch is torture
There's no way in hell I'll let you go

Bequeth thy loving - My body's cold
I take you in my coffin where you can kiss my bones

On the Night of the loving dead
Love the un-living, no skins attached
On the Night of the loving dead
The Night of the loving dead

Six feet underground
If I had a heart you would make it pound
You make the dead come alive


On the Night of the loving dead
Love the un-living, no skins attached
On the Night of the loving dead
Love the un-living, no skins attached

On the Night of the loving dead
Love the un-living, no skins attached
On the Night of the loving dead
The Night of the loving dead

There are three opinions of what occurred in the 2010 elections.

...Independent groups (click title to entry - thank you) have reported spending $270 million so far, but that number does not include tens of millions of dollars more that were not disclosed to the Federal Election Commission. Much of the money has been spent by nonprofit groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that do not have to reveal the sources of funds.... 

Now, since President Obama already installed a commission to review the debt and deficit and make recommendations, then why would the elections be about that?

According to President Obama the 2010 elections were about bi-partisanship and how the country wanted everyone to work together.  I find that a slightly more realistic, but, there is 'an elephant in the living room' everyone seems to be ignoring.  

The 2010 Elections were 'bought' wherever possible by the plutocracy while the Pre-Election Senate obstructed campaign finance reform after the hideous decision regarding corporations beings citizens even though they don't breath oxygen.

THAT, more than anything is what the 2010 Elections were all about and I still don't see cooperation in the Senate to 'REVERSE' the hideous Robert's Court Decision.  The 2010 Elections were corrupted by huge amounts of corporate and special interest groups monies with PR campaigns laced densely with lies, manipulation and deceit.  Now, until that is fixed I don't see anyone having the right to try to derail 'the truth' about the outcome of the 2010 Elections, including the President.

So, nice try Boner, but, can the House sincerely do something for the country in the next two years besides rhetorical circuses and draconian budget cuts that will destroy the fabric of our country and imperil our planet?  Okay?

Let me get this right, the people can have a coal-fired power plant in every backyard in Michigan?

This has got to be one of the most exploitive decisions in favor of frivilous spending I have ever witnessed.  In Holland, Michigan a power plant builder decided it would be 'simply wonderful' to built a coal-fired plant with promises of jobs, etc., etc., etc.

SURPRISE, the community has NO NEED for the power plant and an activist judge decided the Michigan DNRE had no right to stand in the way of the plant just because it was proven they didn't need it.

...However, Ottawa County Circuit Court Judge Jon Van Allsburg (click title to entry - thank you) ruled in favor of the utility in a lawsuit against the agency, saying that the decision based on need and not on environmental impact was wrong. In the early days of the Snyder Administration, the state Attorney General's office said that it would appeal the decision, as the new staff under Bill Schuette hadn't had time to fully review the case prior to the deadline for filing an appeal.

On Friday morning, the DNRE changed course and issued the permit to the BPW. Utility and city officials state that no final decision on how to address further electric needs has been made, but that the issuing of the permit gives them another option.

The city and the BPW are currently defendants in civil litigation filed by the Sierra Club, claiming that past expansion of the DeYoung Plant had violated federal law....

Will EXPENSIVE corruption ever end in the USA?  Will it?  Somehow every power broker seems to think they can increase they cash flow by manipulating public opinion and raming through their demands in the courts.

I am confident the last thing the new Republican Governor of Michigan Synder wants is scandal within his administration by providing permits for exploitive and unnecessary spending in Michigan.  Then aqain, rather than having real ideas about developing the Michigan economy, deregulation and exploitation of the citizen is a Republican favorite to prove they can grow jobs where no one else can.  Guess what?  They are right.  Republicans have no social conscience when it comes to feeding cronies and this might be Synder's first step into corruption.  He has already proven he has no conscience when it comes to personal financial aspirations in robbing Michigan of their 'brain trust' to create jobs, why expect anything else from him?

The wind speed maps show the predicted mean wind speed in Michigan at heights of 30 meters, 50 meters, 70 meters, and 100 meters above the effective ground level.  (click here)