Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why is the name "Tea Bagger" far more appropriate? Joking?

"Lipton" seems to be a favorite.

Bondage? How appropriate for the RNC. How many of these 'sex starved' folks are actually intimidated to 'toe the party line' due to 'evidence' that RNC holds against them? And art no less? My, my. No waterboarding art, huh?

Hm. Hoover anyone?

Why doesn't the FBI relieve these young people of their concerns about their reputation and demand all records that haven't been shredded from the RNC and get to the bottom of the decision making on this?

Rove: "The Architect" on RNC bondage bar scandal, Cal politics, Jerry Brown (click here)

Call him "the Architect" or "Bush's Brain,'' but former presidential advisor Karl Rove had plenty to say in Lafayette today -- about the RNC's latest scandal, and California's electoral landscape this year.
First, Rove on the near-$2000 reimbursement to Orange County GOP operative Erik Brown to pay for a "Young Eagles" fundraiser at the now-infamous West Hollywood lesbian/bondage-themed strip club called
"Voyeur." He said he's called for the RNC staffer responsible for that repayment to be fired; Allison Meyers, the "Young Eagles" director, was indeed -- on Monday....

When is Attorney General Brown going to endorse a Governor hopeful that can actually win? Then the DNC is wondering what is occurring in California? Where are all their young hopefuls with the 'heart' of the future in mind?

Respect for senior members of the party is great. I endorse that, but, it would be greater to have new Democratic blood infuse a 'real' economic plan for California rather than just the same old RNC rhetoric that never works, but, only retreats to that 'feel good feeling.'

...The Republican Governors Assn. has developed (click here) a lesson plan to explain why it thinks voters shouldn't elect Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, as governor of California this year.
In "What's Brown Done," a seemingly low-budget video (based on the use of a dry erase board and markers that appear to be low on ink), a shaggy-haired, college-type (apparently Republican-looking) guy draws lines away from a stick figure labeled "You" to all the ways he says Brown has endorsed higher taxes and spending....

Why is it wrong to apologize to a Republican about anything? Because they never take responsibilty for their own behavior. They just exploit it.

Eric Cantor accuses Democrats of 'fanning flames' on member threats (click here)
Updated 6:05 p.m.By Ben PershingHouse Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) angrily lashed out at Democratic leaders for their handling of reported threats against members of Congress Thursday, accusing them of "dangerously fanning the flames" by blaming the GOP and confiding that he has also been the recipient of threats...

The flames of hate and violence were begotten by the right, including Palin and the Tea Baggers. Actions result in reactions. When citizens provoke fear and there is a reaction against them, why should any counter threat be a surprise?

Eric Cantor has a perfect opportunity to take control of the issue and disarm the threat to anyone, but, did he do it? No, he continued to play politics and continue to 'fan the flames' himself, THEREFORE, as guilty as anyone involved.

What does such irresponsible behavior clearly illustrate?

Republicans cannot govern, they can only campaign.

The FBI investigation is non-partisan.

FBI probes threats over Democrats' healthcare vote (click here)
* Senior House Democrat decries "very serious incidents"
* Palin tells supporters, "Don't Retreat, Instead -- RELOAD"
By Deborah Zabarenko
WASHINGTON, March 24 (Reuters) - The FBI and police are investigating attacks and threats against Democratic members of Congress who voted for healthcare reform, and a senior House of Representatives Democrat said on Wednesday his colleagues are at risk.
Democrats decried heated Republican rhetoric, including 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's Twitter comment urging supporters, "Don't Retreat, Instead -- RELOAD."
A Palin Facebook post continued the firearms theme, featuring a U.S. map targeting 20 members of Congress who backed the healthcare legislation, using the crosshairs of a gunsight to note each of their home states....

Obama continues the 'old world' mistakes of the Republicans.

USGS Provinces (click here) - WHAT????????? is this ? The USA has provinces in Russia and the Middle East. Well I have not seen any income tax returns from those nations so this is simply a coveting of the sovereignty of other nations that is grossly inappropriate and it should never exist.

By USGS World Energy Assessment Team
U.S. Geological Survey Digital Data Series - DDS-60

...The Orinoco Oil Belt Assessment Unit (click here) of the La Luna-Quercual Total Petroleum System encompasses approximately 50,000 km2 of the East Venezuela Basin Province that is underlain by more than 1 trillion barrels of heavy oil-in-place....

OH, I don't think so !!!!!!!!!


This document was produced in 2006. It was made in cooperation with the Afghan government to allow for potential for national income. Well, wouldn't it be great to hand that over to the Taliban? I don't doubt this was done in cooperation, but, Iran? Iran cooperated with USA intelligence about its oil reserves? Really?

One other thing defies logic. Why would this assessment happen in the midst of a war with an uncertain outcome that was abandoned for the oil reserves of Iraq?

Prepared in cooperation with the Afghanistan Ministry of Mines and Industry Joint Oil and Gas Resource Assessment Team and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency
Petroleum Resource Potential GIS of Northern Afghanistan (click here)
By Douglas W. Steinshouer6, Timothy R. Klett1, Gregory F. Ulmishek1, Craig J. Wandrey1, Ronald R. Wahl2, Ronald J. Hill1, Michael Pribil1, Mark J. Pawlewicz3, J. David King3, Warren F. Agena1, David J. Taylor1, Abdulla Amirzada4, Amir Mohammad Selab5, Abdul-Salam Mutteh5, Ghulam Naqshband Haidari5 and Moeengul Gullabudeen Wardak5

Short of military demands there is NO NEED in the USA for fossil fuels at all. The continued focus on oil and natural gas as a means to provide domestic energy will only continue the 'culture' and at every turn the USA will seek war with foreign nations for the purpose of import.

Even after every domestic source is exhausted, a cultural oil dependency will provide an impetus for the need for military expansion and aggression.

On multiple occassions the geological scientists in the USA have stated there is danger in disturbing the fissure offshore of the East Coast and I would think Haiti would be enough proof of any of those predictions. Oil exploration has PROVEN to depress land elevations and cause changes in topography, hence, earthquakes.


...From 1979 to 1985 OPEC's share of the world oil market (click here) shrank from 50% to 30% as members (especially Saudi Arabia) continuously cut production to maintain high prices. But loss of market share did not alter the fact that OPEC members held 75% of the world's proven reserves and approximately 55% of the ultimate resources of conventional oil. Unless world oil demand could be curbed or economical substitutes to oil quickly developed, OPEC would inevitably regain lost market share. In 1999-2000, with help from Russia, Norway, and Mexico, OPEC engineered a doubling of world oil prices....
Whether it is an illegal oil war in Iraq or one on the East Coast of the USA, the 'idea' is old, antiquated and dangerous.

When fossil fuels are a priority in the economy of the USA they will continue to be a priority period. The way this has to resolve is for the USA to rid its economy of the nasty fossel fuel dependency. Electric cars, wind turbines, solar energy and high speed trains, magnetic preferably. This is an outrage in the 2010 when wars are being excluded as a method to economic viability and coastal areas may very well see less and less land as potential for habitation and economy.

The only domestic assessments of the natural resources of the USA in relation to oil and gas should be archived with the military and nowhere else. T. Boone Pickens and his natural gas car can go straight to hell.