Saturday, July 16, 2011

What the Bush Tax Cuts did to the USA Revenues from Fiscal Year 1990 to FY 2011.

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The chart proves up to 2000 the FISCAL STABILITY of the nation is intact.  There is a severe decline from 200o to 2002.  Those are the Bush Tax Cuts.

The lower revenues due to the Bush Tax Cuts ran for one year through 2003.  

The increase in revenues resulted from congressional spending from the USA Treasury with every bill passing with a Republican House and Senate raising the debt ceiling annually "For a Nation at War.'  The major banks were also racking in the money during those years.

In the year 2006, President Obama voted against the Debt Ceiling increase because he objected to the "Wars of Bush / Cheney" and he wanted the troops brought home and the wars to end with an exit strategy.  He finished closing out the USA occupation in Iraq and is reducing the troop levels in Afghanistan THIS MONTH.  His view of the wars never changed from the time he voted against the Debt Ceiling as a protest vote.  It was going to pass anyway.

In 2007, the decline in USA Revenues begins which was the start of "The Great Recession."  It was 2007 that banks started to close in numbers unfamiliar to the banking industry for decades.  Of course "The Great Recession" was 'announced' in October of 2008 when the major banks could no longer continue their balancing act and required AIG to pay for their losses.  AIG was unable to pay on that insurance as every major investment bank in the country demanded their insurance payments.  

The decline in USA Revenue continued until 2009, when a new administration took office and turned the corner on the recession.  We all know from recent experience the upward curve from 2009 through 2011 is due to government spending, incentives to business and a tax cut in the Recovery Act.  The private sector is picking up and the curve should continue to improve.  But, the question is not that the country has turned the corner, but, will it continue to do so since 2010 with elections of Republicans to the majority in the House and in the Governorships that cut NORMAL services and INFLATED services.  

The nation needs to return to Pre-2001 Bush Tax Cuts and RECOVER from this misdirected law and policy of an administration that achieved their economic improvesments from using American Dollars in the treasury and raising the debt ceiling every year of that administration.

The USA unemployment rate for the year 2000 when Former President Clinton left eight years of USA economic growth, was 3.97%.  The unemployment rate rose during the Bush/Cheney administration to a high of 5.99% in 2003 when the congressional spending for elections in 2004 began and sustained through the next five years.  In never got below the rate of 4.61 up to 2007 and took a startling sharp rise in 2008 to 5.76.  Again, this was the beginnings of The Great Recession and after October 2008 the unemployment rates spiked to 9.26 in 2009.

Above to the right are the Bush Tax Cuts that began the decline in USA Revenues.  They are disproportionate and exploitative.  You tell me where the decline of the USA's Revenue began if not the Bush Tax Cuts that sustained for years and then why  The Tax Cuts have to be reversed and the reason is obvious.  It also involves the Civil Rights of the Middle Class and the undue disproportionate tax burden.

In 1997, the revenues of the USA federal government were nearly equal its spending.  In 1998 the USA revenues exceeded the spending of the federal government.  That excess revenue continued through 2001 when the spending and the revenues went in opposite directions.  The USA federal government expenditures kept climbing from then on and the revenues kept falling.  There is a chart below.

The recent Past Presidents spending compared to revenues is like this:

Reagan expenditures were 4.2% of GDP over revenue.

Bush 41 expenditures were 4.0% of GDP over revenue.

Clinton had 0.8% of GDP of revenues greater than expenditures.

Bush 42 expenditures were 2% of GDP over revenue.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH and we need to remove the disproportionate tax cuts for the wealthy that never created jobs or served the people of the USA to control their sovereign debt.

The Republicans and Tea Baggers are dead wrong.  

These TWO parties need to divide into separate parties and allow the USA to be government by reasonable people while the extremists get on with their own agenda.  The Tea Baggers should have their own convention except they simply can't afford, nor, can they afford to run for office without the RNC.

Becoming registered for elections is getting difficult. The Democrats need to address this as their minorities and young people are targets.

The Letter by the League of Women Voters to the Justice 
Department is at the title to this entry, thank you.

...In a 25-page letter to the U.S. Department of Justice (click here) on Friday, the League of Women Voters of Florida, the Brennan Center for Justice, Democracia USA, and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law urged the department to exercise its authority under the Voting Rights Act to the law, HB 1355, because, they say, it will make it harder for Floridians to vote. Meanwhile, the 

The groups argue that the law imposes new barriers to voting, particularly on minority voters, in violation of the federal act. Their objections:

1)      The law will restrict the opportunity and ability of citizens and grassroots organizations to conduct voter registration drives by imposing burdensome and wholly unnecessary regulations and red tape;

2)      The law will reduce the number of days in the state’s early voting period, and possibly cut early voting hours as well; and

3)      The law will make it impossible for registered voters who have recently moved within Florida, from one county to another, to provide notice of their change of address on election day and still cast a regular ballot.

Under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, Florida must seek approval from the Justice Department or a panel of federal judges before implementing any changes to state election laws that affect the five counties in the state covered by Section 5 (Collier, Hardee, Hendry, Hillsborough, and Monroe). 
The legislation mirrored similar laws introduced by Republicans in about 25 others states. Florida Republicans said it was needed to prevent voter fraud....

Minority groups have worked very hard over the years to organize and bring their communities to the voting booth.  There is a movement in most states where Republicans dominate the state government to remove the Voter Registration access from these groups and more.  The demand for an ID is sometimes costly to the poor and groups promoting their registration cannot afford to have all these people provided with Voter IDs.

What needs to happen, IF, there is to be elections that require IDs, then, those states need to provide VOTER ID CARDS at the time of registration.

Stringent laws that prove to be an obstacle to the electorate will have to be overcome BY THE STATE to provide the necessary ID or whatever requirements are needed.  I believe a voter ID is allowed if there is rampant abuse of the process AND if the State or Local Government provides the necessary documents to facilitate the process at the voting booth.  Follow?  If a State or Local wants to SUPERSEDE the federal law OR the federal law changes to require documentation at the election booth, then the proper documents HAVE TO BE PROVIDED by the government enforcing the law. 
Otherwise, the laws are simply discriminatory for absolutely no reason and are obstructing the election process to attempt to control it for a favored outcome.  I state the Democrats should be moving on this, but, their races can be effected by the number turning out as well, so I do not believe there is a protected interest in facilitating fairness and efficiency.  It is just that Democrats CARE about the people where the Republicans only give it lip service.

...Since its inception in 2004, (click here) DUSA has registered nearly half a million Hispanics to vote, expanding the size and power of the Latino electorate. Meanwhile, NCLR’s public policy component, which includes six issue-based policy-focused areas, has worked on issues ranging from immigration and health care reform to education, housing, and wealth-building. Throughout their existence, both organizations have worked not only to increase the Latino community’s participation within the country’s political process, but also to ensure that those issues important to Hispanics—such as job creation, safe communities, affordable housing, health care, education reform, and most importantly, immigration reform—are achieved.
“We are excited about the opportunity to grow NCLR’s civic engagement work by integrating DUSA into our ongoing advocacy work, so that we can register more Latino voters and help connect more Hispanics to the urgent public policy debates of our time,” said Eric Rodriguez, Vice President of NCLR’s Office of Research, Advocacy, and Legislation, where the new effort will be housed....

What I find really odd about the Republican initiative TO LEGISLATE HARDSHIP into the state's election laws is that normally Republicans want the Hispanic vote, especially in Presidential elections.  Community groups need to seek non-profit monies to help with ID and transportation along with any other demands by the state and city.  In other words overcome the reasons for voter suppression.  Run fund drives and seek donations to made it happen.


The TARP money giants perfer Romney over the President. Can't imagine why? Hm? Could it be Dodd-Frank?

So much for the USA having responsible government.  I'll give you one guess what happens if Romney were ever to be elected!

Has any seen the 'template' from ALEC regarding Wall Street Regulation?


Keep looking I am sure RESPONSIBLE legislators would demand it!

One of the most important resources ALEC provides (click here) to its members is model legislation. Through the combined effort and unique partnership of public and private sector members, model legislation is drafted, deliberated and approved by one of ALEC's nine Task Forces. These bills provide a valuable framework for developing effective policy ideas aimed at protecting and expanding our free society....

Goldman Favors Romney Over Obama in Race for Wall Street Funds (click title to entry - thank you)

I am not sure New York's finest could have done anything more, but, I am confident they wanted to try to increase the capacity for a better outcome.

New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, poses for a picture with members of Shomrim who are also certified as CERT [Community Emergency Response Team] members at this weeks 'National Night Out Against Crime' in Crown Heights. 

Leiby Kletzky was loved by his community.  I am confident the community did not know the incredibly troubled mind of Levi Aron either.  I praise them all for their love of each other and care they give their culture.  But, they also upheld the law of the USA in calling authorities when they came to a conclusion in regard to Leiby.  They did not take the law into their own hands.  They are not vigilantes in any form of the definition. 

I am not convinced calling the police would not have resulted in any other outcome.  This community was in support of the Kletzky family long before the child's remains were found.  The community was ready for the worst outcome long before the family was aware of what actually happened to their child. I praise the community for the care they give to each other.  

I also praise the city of New York for including the community in a unique capacity to organize and act when problems present themselves.  The Shomrim Patrol is included in the infrastructure of New York City which provides them with the best of all outcomes and gives them a way to receive services the community is not able to provide for themselves, such as fire fighters and bomb squads.  It also places a limit on the capacity of the patrol where they might inadvertently be in violation of city, state and federal laws.  I am confident they receive training from New York's Best, too.

The Shomrim Patrol is necessary for this community.  There are cultural barriers authorities would not be able to surmount in a moment's notice for emergencies.  The Shomrim Patrol is vital to this community.  At the time Leiby went missing I am sure they never expected him to be so brutally murdered.  They were anticipating finding a 'tricky new way' for Leiby to meet with friends.  The community never expected murder, they expected mischief. Such an outcome would speak to their kind and generous nature when evaluating their community.  They have a high level of comfort when problems present themselves.  They are confident they understand their community and their children.  I sincerely believe Leiby Kletzky would not have been found in two days if the Shomrim Patrol did not exist at all.

I hope the community can heal from this tragedy.

...The search party for Leiby (click title to entry - thank you)  grew to as many as 5,000 people and served as a window into the tradition in these ultra-Orthodox communities of relying on one another.
Neighbors looking for the boy stopped knocking on doors Wednesday when his remains were found and police arrestedLevi Aron, a hardware supply clerk who has pleaded not guilty to charges that he killed Leiby and dismembered him.
Despite the tragic end, the search was a powerful example of the value of Shomrim and similar patrols to their communities, said state Sen. Eric Adams, a retired New York Police Department captain who represents a neighboring Brooklyn district.
"The community patrols have the manpower that can immediately go into the crevices of a community that police may not even be aware of," he said.
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly praised the group and said he understood that there was a tradition in the Hasidic community of notifying the citizen patrols first. But Kelly said he wished the Kletzky family had called 911 at the same time.