Monday, September 19, 2011

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One other thing about the fuel tank on the plane.  Is it possible it was hit by something, drained the fuel and also hit the 'time flap?' 


I have only one question about this crash. Where is the explosion? What happened to the fuel tank? Empty?

The dialogue is finally turning to REVENUES. It is impossible to get anything more out of the current tax structure.

The dialogue needs to remain on Revneues and not taxes.  Tax cuts don't work when they have already been cut to the bone.

It was laughable to watch the right wing media following the President's announcement of the Debt and Deficit proposal.  On FOX, Mr. Constable, no lie that is his name, from the Wall Street Journal stated the speech was a political speech.  He offered no real insight as to why it constituted a political speech and I didn't notice any audience waving "Obama 2012," but, what does on expect out of Murdoch in 30 seconds.

Yep, "Simple" Simon Constable. 

September 19, 2011 11:20 AM

Obama: "This is not class warfare -- It's math" (click title to entry - thank you

By Stephanie Condon

Taking a defiant tone against Republicans unwilling to raise taxes in order to close the deficit, President Obama today unveiled a $3 trillion long-term deficit reduction plan that relies heavily on raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans....

Evdently, Lambaugh didn't get the message from the President because he stated the speech was a cherry bomb going off in the populous of the USA.

Lambaugh was especially interested in the words surrounding "...gutting education and medical research...." being the mother of all cherry bombs.  Evidently, Mr. Lambaugh believes we only have to gut one of them and I guarantee you it isn't medical research.

But, enough of the nonsense.

The FACT is that the EFFECTIVE corporate tax rate is 15% in the USA as opposed to the EFFECTIVE tax rate globally which is 16%.

One thing is true and that is the USA needs to modernize and repair its infrastructure.  The message was clearly delivered by Senator Hutchinson in regard to the infrastructure bank.  The USA infrastructure needs to also support businesses that need to update and build facilities that reflect 'State of the Art" environmental standards including Greenhouse Gases.  The USA is behind in modernizing its infrastructure, hence, falling behind in competitiveness globally to attract business to this country.

The President's proposals over the past few weeks have been to address the future of the USA while rebuilding the current 'Jobs Base.'  That is 'the usual' for a President.  Rarely is a President faced with such incredible tasks instead, there is usually 'the business' of the nation that needs to be addressed, not complete rebuilding of one.

"The American Jobs Act" will serve to continue the tax relief for many while supplying unemployment 'survival' benefits to Americans who are still unable to find work.  No one can deny there is still a challenge to bring jobs to the market place for Americans.  To deny the country has an obligation to the workers still facing unemployment after bailing out Wall Street Banks with billions of $US is to victimize those Americans and place them in poverty. The poverty rate is at an unbelievable rate.  It cannot continue to grow.  While these proposed funds will go directly into infusing the buying power of the consumer, it also supplies real incentives for small business to realize they have an opportunity now to begin and grow jobs.  It is a symphony of incentives that are perfectly matched to deliver the consumers to the small businesses in the USA.

I believe the President has it exactly correct.  The tax code needs to be addressed., but, for short term economic drivers that won't happen soon.  The new tax code has to be prepared and knowing Republicans they will monkey with it to make it appear as though it is the correct method of tax law for now and the future.  All too often Republican legislation is nothing more then deceptions that American citizens naively believes in only to find out how manipulated their trust was placed.  So, until we have a congress competent enough to do their jobs well there is no sense to do anything except add to the tax code to make it serve the people of the USA.