Saturday, March 26, 2016

Feel the Burn

March 26, 2016
By John Whitesides and Amanda Becker

Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders (click here) easily won nominating contests in Alaska and Washington on Saturday, chipping away at front-runner Hillary Clinton's commanding lead in the race to pick the party's candidate for the White House.
Sanders still faces a steep uphill climb to overtake Clinton but the big victories in the West generated more momentum for his upstart campaign and could stave off calls from Democratic leaders that he should wrap up his bid in the name of party unity.
Sanders appeared headed to victory margins of more than 50 percentage points in both Alaska and Washington. He aimed for a third victory later on Saturday in Hawaii.

"We are making significant inroads in Secretary Clinton's lead and ... we have a path to victory," Sanders told cheering, chanting supporters in Madison, Wisconsin. "It is hard for anybody to deny that our campaign has the momentum."...
The USA DOD is thinking about increasing the number of American soldiers in Iraq. 


Everyone else still running home to be safe?

I would think if more Americans are needed, the strategy is not working and we don't belong there at all. I really think the American presence in Iraq is more a front of Iranian concern and not the ability to steer foreign soldiers to greater strategical victory.

The USA military likes control and not victories.

We don't belong in Iraq, 

We never did.
When the American escaped from Daesh territory, he stated he was faced with something other than what he expected. These unwitting volunteers from The West are prisoners of a regime. The gentleman was captured and held in place within Daesh by fear for his life. He knew that if he maintained a place in the regime it would provide an opportunity to escape. There is only one definition that fits that understanding and that is a regime of criminals are using religion for the capture of their slaves and fear of death is the culture surrounding all of the people, not just those slated for execution.

There is an uprising that can easily occur.

Can Daesh be defeated within our societies by statistics? I don't believe in coincidence.

Mason is indeed a very lucky man, but, so are we. We still have Mason within our society.

What I find interesting about Mason is his repeated appearance in these venues of attack. I believe Boston is where he lives. Boston was the personalities of the terrorists in the Boston attack. 

What worries me is that Mason is becoming closer and closer to permanent danger. Mason is a demographic with repeated statistics. He has access to money because he obviously travels. The rest of the demographics, the venues of violence and the suicide bombers are all part of the picture. 

Daesh may have a profile of it's victims when they conduct suicide bombings.

March 25, 2016

One of the 19-year-old LDS missionaries (click here) injured in this week's attack in Brussels spoke with The Associated Press Friday
Mason Wells, from Sandy, was with three other missionaries at the Brussels, Belgium airport during Tuesday's bombing.
Wells was also at the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.... 

The attacks MAY BE less random than it appears. What is the best statistician in the world and where is the best mathematician. They need to be a team. Russian and China scientists should not be ostracized because of their country or governance; if their leadership wishes to participate and the scientist fits the pattern.

Each country in the world may have slightly different demographics. They can run their own team to attempt to discern any pattern AND/OR next likely target. 

Whoever thought there would be a common denominato?. Mason did not choose to be a victim. There is randomness that can be discovered as a standard. 

The team may need an anthropologist to discover VARIABLES. I know we are far smarter than Daesh. One aspect with Mason is his strong moral content and his youthful curiosity. No stone should be left unturned.

I am very grateful for Mason. He is a great man.