Monday, April 29, 2013

I find all the chatter about the Russian Connection irrelevant unless the American people are trying to help Russia solve their problems.

I also find the female DNA found within the bomb contents irrelevant as well. Tamerlan Tsarnaev would have the DNA of his SPOUSE on his person. It doesn't mean anything. I am assuming they had sex at one time or another.

The Tsarnaev brothers were self radicalized. What else does anyone need to know? The agencies have to disseminate information better to the local level where a better understanding can be discerned.

This is an American problem and until it is solved within the abilities of the USA to solve it domestically it won't go away.

What are we doing TODAY to be sure local communities have better information to protect citizens NOW!

More definitions for the Assault Weapon Ban

Outlawed shot guns are those with a  capacity to hold more than five rounds. That would mean the shot gun was altered.

``(J) All of the following shotguns, copies, duplicate, variants, or altered facsimiles with the capability of any such weapon thereof:
       ``(i) Franchi LAW-12 (below)...
LAW12 -- The Franchi LAW12 (click here) was developed from the SPAS12. The new firearm appears to be one of the major contenders on the semiauto combat-shotgun market. Its gas operation (to minimize recoil), light weight, and the wide range of accessories available for it also promise to help it gain quick acceptance among those needing such a weapon. (Drawing courtesy of FIE)
The LAW12 was developed from the SPAS12 and, like its sister shotguns, is imported to the United States by FIE. The LAW12 can use all the accessories designed for the SPAS12. This means that, in addition to the pistol-grip, plastic stock designed for it, a folding stock (which has an optional carrying handle when folded) or the Choate skeletonized plastic stock can be used with it. The LAW12 can take a lot of abuse and is capable of firing a wide range of loads (though, for best operation, the loads recommended by the manufacturer should be used in combat).
The LAW12 comes with a cylinder bore; screw-in chokes and a spreader attachment are also available for it, as well as a scope mount.
Unlike the SPAS12, the LAW12 is relatively lightweight and is a lot simpler to operate since it works only in the semiauto mode. The firearm has two manual safeties, both located at the front of the trigger guard. One is called the quick-employment safety, and works in a manner similar to that of an M-14 or Garand rifle. The second safety must be rotated 180 degrees to get from safe to fire position - Ideally, this safety would be used only during storage of the weapon. Disassembly is similar to, but simpler than, that of the SPAS12.
Although the LAW12 was not yet released for testing at the time of this writing, it appears that it will become one of the major contenders on the semiauto combat shotgun market. Its gas operation (to minimize recoil), light weight, and wide range of accessories available for it also promise to help it gain quick acceptance among those needing such a weapon.
Overall length  41 in. (31 in., stock folded)
Barrel length  21.5 in.
Weight  Believed to be 7 lbs.
Magazine capacity  8 rounds
...and SPAS 12.(below) The collapsible stock is actually a folding stock to the top of the gun. I wouldn't call any of these the usual shotgun more Americans think of when they think about hunting. These are semi-automatic weapons. They are not for hunting. They have a pistol grip and by now everyone knows the drill.
The SPAS-12 (click here for instruction manual in English) is a semiautomatic shotgun made by Italian firearms manufacturer, Franchi. It was manufactured from 1979 to 2001. Although the firearm is primarily designed to fire high powered shells in a semi-auto mode, it can be selected to fire lower powered rounds in a pump-action mode by pressing a button on the bottom of the foregrip and moving it back or forward locking it into the other mode...
These shotguns are difficult to find in the USA. Which is fine. Sincerely. When sold they are costly, but, no more costly than some of the other semi-automatics.
...The SPAS-12 is often seen in movies like the Terminator and in many videogames due to its menacing appearance. The park ranger in Jurassic Park also carries a SPAS-12.
``(ii) All IZHMASH Saiga 12 types (below)
, including the following:
       ``(I) IZHMASH Saiga 12.(below - combat shotgun - that is a trade 
designation, not consumer jargon)

This one is belt driven. Those are shot gun shells propelled with an AK gas system. Does anyone actually believe they need this to shoot geese? Seriously? Take lessons. It is called a sport, not a slaughter.

This is a Georgian to English Translation of this website (click here). Georgian is a dilect of Russia. What bothers me is the idea it is important to own one of these because American law enforcement is brandishing them. That is not true, but, in Georgia that fantasy seems important. I don't really feel comfortable with the idea American law enforcement is an ideological icon falsely brandishing these weapons. Does that mean they hate Americans more or do they want to be like American law enforcement by carrying one of these monsters? Either way, what the heck? :: A few weeks ago, a Russian Internet space are reports that American law enforcement officers were buying saigas a 12-caliber semi - automatic rifles. Gadamotsmebam neither denied nor confirmed the report, purchased some of the "izhmashis" (saigebis production company) shows the number and not name specific service several times. Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle, it is likely that romelighatsa police department really bought several pieces of the gun, but it is unlikely that the American city appeared policemen armed with weapons that are visually no different, "Ak 47"..
I ran across a culture surrounding this weapon. (click here) This is a New York City phone booth with graffiiti about "ARCHER". It is affiliated with these weapons. This is a problem if there are gangs in the USA able to relay the kind of weapons they own or weapons they are selling or whatever. But, these is public spaces where average citizens frequent used to communicate about the gun culture. This is an underground culture facilitated by this violence. I don't feel at all comfortable with these weapons on the street of the USA. Not at all.

       ``(II) IZHMASH Saiga 12S. The S version / varient is "skladnaya" or 
       ``(III) IZHMASH Saiga 12S EXP-01.(below - folding stock, but, it folds to the side of the gun - Trade Indication is Military/Law Enforcement 
``(IV) IZHMASH Saiga 12K.
The K is "korotkaya" or "short" at the length of 17 inches. ``(V) IZHMASH Saiga 12K-030.(below - swat variant)
``(VI) IZHMASH Saiga 12K-040 Taktika.
(23” or 17” barrels/handguards, folding and non-folding stocks)
       ``(iii) Streetsweeper (below - multilingual video - why do I believe we
are in very deep dodo?)

       ``(iv) Striker 12.(below - 12 guage) I am starting to get a very murky
picture about whom may be owning these weapons. How much does the
NRA know about gun ownership in the USA by anyone other than American
``(K) All belt-fed semiautomatic firearms, including TNW M2HB.(below - it is for sale for $6000 on the internet click here)
There is no place for these weapons anywhere in the USA. Below is the use of a military M2 .50 in Iraq on a turret. It puts it into context.
More tomorrow, thank you for your interest.

"Good Night, Moon"

It is actually not a full moon tonight. Tonight there is an 85% waning gibbous. But, we just had a full moon this past week with a partial eclipse. 

The pictures to the left are from the "Golden Lion Cafe" without an eclipse.

Full Moon this know what that means? — at Golden Lion Cafe501 North Oceanshore Blvd. (North Scenic Hwy A1A) 1/4 mile north of Pier Flagler Beach, Florida 32136

It means a Full Pink Moon Party.

The moon toe-dipped (click here) through the Earth's shadow in a partial lunar eclipse Thursday (April 25), but stargazers around the world still captured surprisingly spectacular views of what they expected to be a minor celestial event.