Thursday, April 07, 2016

Colorado delegates to the Republican convention. Hm?

And what does Donald Trump say? 

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump (click here) is hedging his position on marijuana legalization, but is “a hundred percent” in favor of medical marijuana. Nonetheless, Trump’s stated position on legalization is evolving, because he has acknowledged that “in some ways” legalization “is good.”...
....But then Trump hastened to point out his unequivocal support for medical marijuana, explaining that “I know people that have serious problems... and... it really, really does help them.”...

...He (Ted Cruz) continued, “when it comes to a question of legalizing marijuana, I don’t support legalizing marijuana. If it were on the ballot in the state of Texas, I would vote no. But I also believe that’s a legitimate question for the states to make a determination. And the citizens of Colorado and Washington State have come to a different conclusion. They have decided they want to legalize it. I think it is appropriate for the federal government to recognize that the citizens of those states have made that decision, and one of the benefits of it, you know, using Brandeis’ terms of laboratories of democracy, is we can now watch and see what happens in Colorado and Washington State. There have been lots of theoretical arguments for a long time about the consequences of legalizing marijuana. We can now see. If those states suddenly see a dramatic increase in teen drug use, if they see a dramatic increase in crime, if they see significant harmful effects coming from it, I suspect other states are going to be far less eager to walk down that road.”

There is a level of disharmony between Republican presidential hopefuls and the average Colorado voter. Go figure. They are such nice people.

And it is such a pretty fern. I could see that as a decorative option.

But, all joking aside, if there was ever any plants allowed to be owned privately within a home, it would have to be a hanging planter. Standing plants would be available for pets and children to chew on.

There probably won't ever be that level of casual use of the plants themselves. Growing the plants will more than likely remain regulated to insure there is no chance of toxic levels by those that unwittingly ingest them. The private industry will have longevity no different than distilleries. They are good investments.

October 28, 2016
By Scott Bixby
...Nearly three years (click here) after the passage of Colorado's Amendment 64, the popular ballot initiative that legalized the commercial sale and personal use of marijuana across the state, liberal Boulder has been at the forefront of local economies across the state reaping the financial benefits of legal weed. Taxes on grow operations, medical sales and recreational marijuana transactions in 2015 have added $1,932,108 to the city's coffers — and that was just in the first five months of 2015.
So how do the city's most lucrative agricultural workers feel about hosting Wednesday night's Republican primary debate? In a word, skeptical.
What they said: "Oh my God," groaned Gigi Manrique, an employee at Green Dreams Cannabis, a medical marijuana dispensary in Boulder, when asked about the current slate of candidates' views on marijuana. 
"I don't know if any of them are super friendly with the idea," she said.
Manrique's response was representative of the vast majority of the dispensary employees, managers and customers that Mic spoke with regarding the Republican Party's stance on marijuana legalization. Of seven dispensary employees we talked to (as well as one employee at a burrito joint who offered to sell an eighth of an ounce of marijuana for a heavily discounted $30 after his shift was over), every single person self-identified as a probable supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont socialist who describes himself as "open" to the legalization of marijuana. ...

There are dearly few political picks I agree with when it comes to Rudy Giuliani.

I have to agree with him this time.

There are iconic figures within the Republican Party. Recently, Donald Trump stated Sheriff Joe Arapaio endorsed him. Sherrif Joe Arapaio is the face of immigration at the southern border. 

Rudy Giuliani is the face of USA security from terrorists. He was the mayor of New York City on the day of September 11, 2001. 

When Ted Cruz started to dump on the image of New York Values it had to be addressed. Rudy Giuliani was correct in coming forward to state he was voting for Donald Trump. I am sure besides the obvious power to end any negative words about NYC or NY State, Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump are good friends.

April 7, 2016
By Carl Campanite

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (click here) said he’s voting for fellow New Yorker Donald Trump for president in the April 19 Republican primary.
“I support Trump. I’m gonna vote for Trump,” Giuliani told The Post Thursday.
Giuliani said he expects Trump will get more than 50 percent of the statewide vote and amass a lion’s share of New York’s 95 delegates....

If Ted Cruz has a difficult time adjusting to his new reality I'll be happy to discuss some of the Republican Values such as Vitter. Shall I? It would be no problem at all.
unqualified - un·qual·i·fied - ˌ/ənˈkwäləˌfīd/ - adjective - (of a person) not officially recognized as a practitioner of a particular profession or activity through having satisfied the relevant conditions or requirements.

That is not a definition of either of the Democratic candidates. Don't do it again. That would be a lie.
"The Atlantic" (click here) 

Governor Martin O'Malley is far too young to retire to his life as a civilian. If I were either Secretary Clinton or Senator Sanders I would be making my list of cabinet officers. Sometimes a deserving man needs to refresh his curriculum vitae and do some lobbying for hi next service to government. A man with this much interest in life and people need to be in government, not private industry.

Oh, there is also lobbying a President for the need for a special executive office task force, too.

Politics is suppose to be fun as well a passionate.

The strength of the politics.

This is going to seem hostile toward some politics currently, but, this entry is about the clarity of the electorate.

I want to look first at the election of 1896. I am sure there are some Americans that already know that election. It is rather novel and it is about currency.

It was the beginning of the industrial revolution and there was a very vicious argument in the USA regarding the basis of the American dollar. Would the currency best based in gold or silver. That was the hot topic for that election. 

If anyone wants to understand the vibrant strength of the American election for President, know this election. It touched on many issues.

The United States presidential election of November 3, 1896, (click here) saw Republican William McKinley defeat Democrat William Jennings Bryan in a campaign considered by historians to be one of the most dramatic and complex in American history.

The 1896 campaign is often considered by political scientists to be a realigning election that ended the old Third Party System and began the Fourth Party System.[1] McKinley forged a coalition in which businessmen, professionals, skilled factory workers and prosperous farmers were heavily represented; he was strongest in the Northeast, Upper Midwest, and Pacific Coast. Bryan was the nominee of the Democrats, the Populist Party, and the Silver Republicans. He was strongest in the South, rural Midwest, and Rocky Mountain states.

Economic issues including bimetallism, the gold standard, free silver, and the tariff, were crucial....

There was no establishment party anywhere. There were educated men in and out of the legislature and the center of politics considered leaders. The parties of the day were diverse and more then two. Presidential elections were far less expensive. The electorate was easy to reach and the population of the country far less. 

The election of 1896 is the one time the USA could reveal it's profound structure without the perversion of mass media and the computer age.

Understanding the rock solid dynamics of POTENTIAL of the USA elections can transcend a century or more to understand sincere power of the US Constitution. Understanding the power of the USA elections can then be applied to modern day and media of any kind.

That stated, to return to the hot topic of metallurgy and mining. Gold? or Silver? 

Everyone knows how this election turned out, but, understand the economic crisis that prompted the subject that dominated the election.

The Economic Crisis of 1893. (click here)

Setting aside derivatives and default swaps, economics is economics. And let's face it there was limitless opportunity in the USA in the day. The world was their oyster, but, that is very different from today. Today, with growing populations and shrinking land the computer economy burst out of the density of people. Now an entire economy can be run over computers IF the people are willing to be out of work or work for very poor wages because the big sale warehouse store remove a lot jobs from an economy. 

In 1896 William Jennings Bryan sold his idea for the economic dynamics of the time to the 'idea of bimetal' for USA currency. He blamed the DISORDERED economy on the currency being too dense with gold. He wanted it mixed with silver. This was the time in the USA when the currency was backed by real gold in places where there were secure vaults. That would change later, but, at the turn of the century people were still reading newsprint and listening to speeches if a person could not read.

Bryan didn't have to be a world recognized economist. He simply had to make speeches that made sense to his constituency. POLITICS. His politics stated the economy would become better if the currency lined up better with the downturn of the economy. In other words, most people could obtain currency backed with silver than gold in the day of the race for the presidency. That sounded pretty good to people. Of course if the currency was mixed with silver the people would be able to have dollars far easier or so they thought. Bryan blamed gold as the problem for the economy.

The economic downturn was more or less not so much a downturn as a profound change in the dynamics of the society within the USA. There were railroads that passed by enormous swaths of land where farmers were milking their cows by hand and probably still worked the soil with horse pulled plows, etc. There was a huge divide between the new industrial society and the society that existed for more than a century in agriculture.

The new society was no different than the one that exists today, it needed participation to prosper. What good is a passenger train if people could not afford to ride on it. The new society was in danger of being very limited and very expensive if more of the country didn't participate in it. Due to the stark divide there existed a significant gap in the economy. But, that is not my purpose. My purpose is understanding the strength of any politics.

Mr. Bryan knew there was a great resistance to move into this new society of mechanical genius. Some of that resistance was correct, but, the philanthropists that wanted to turn profits didn't care about that, Bryan was able to create a dialogue to win an election. His argument wasn't a lie, but, to turn the country into a unified economic engine was far more complex than simply printing money. 

Shhh, don't tell The Fed that, right Rand Paul?

But, the lesson of William Jennings Bryan can apply to the politics of the day. All the candidates today have very distinct messages. Two of the messages require more than simply turning a key to make it happen. 

Recently, Donald Trump spoke to the change in law that has to occur to achieve the goals of his supporters. Given he might have a majority in the House and Senate the possibility he will achieve his goals are better than some other issues that might actually be unconstitutional for the Republicans.

Ideology can be very unconstitutional. I'll go so far as to say, ideology is absolutely unconstitutional. 

The argument of today, April 7, 2016; between the two Democratic candidates, is can the messages be achieved? There is a fine line between the two candidates. Hillary Clinton is exceptionally well versed in law at all levels, as the First Lady of Arkansas, the First Lady of the White House, a member of the US Senate, a Secretary of State in the White House AND as a member of an incredibly dynamics organization of former President Clinton that have achieved the impossible around the world. Hillary Clinton's scope is considerable. She would be able to assess the potential of her aspirations of the first day of office and adjust her ambitions to achieve her promises to the American people. 

Senator Sanders is no less worldly. He has achieved from the time he was mayor to his current status as a US Senator. The difference between Senator Sanders (and he has qualified this all through his campaign) and Hillary Clinton is that he would not bother to assess the potential to achieving his promises, he would simply set out to have them achieved no matter what it took. His qualification to a successful presidency is that he and his supporters are building a political revolution.

The quandary for Democrats is 'What is the strength of the politics?' 

I am not going to answer that, I will take the words of Hillary Clinton today, I'll leave that up to the voters to decide. 

The year 2016 is critical to many people. The USA cannot continue on it's current path. We are becoming a militarized mercenary force while depriving people of health care, food and clean water. There is a lot to decide. I suggest every person voting make the best decision for their country, otherwise, we will be rowing our boats for four years hoping to say, "I told you so." at the end of those four years. 

Become familiar with the turn of the century American of the late 1800s and early 1900s while realizing two world wars followed it. We are at a precipice in the history in the USA. We need to get it right. If we can harness the best of us in local economies because we understand each other and the world we touch, we can do anything.

I would like to see either the Democratic candidates or the DNC conduct a reconciliation committee.

The Democratic National Committee should consider beginning a reconciliation committee.

This primary season for the DNC has been an incredible time for the country with two highly qualified candidates. 

The two campaigns are very diverse and each brings concerned citizens from around the country.

I think there are some issue both candidates can agree on such as immigration reform and violence within our borders. Their insight may be different, but, basically they are concerned for the country. What is important is their agendas are remarkably similar, albeit, slightly different approaches.

A reconciliation committee with representatives from each campaign as well as DNC member(s) can begin to bring the issues forward to a national platform. I do not want to lose the constituents of either candidate into silence. It is not good for the party or the country or the people effected by governmental neglect. 

Senator Sander's supporters are passionate about his message. There is a reason for that passion. Their lives have been profoundly impacted by the losses of the USA economic vitality. I think Senator Sanders comes with very valid and documented concerns. We have to address these issues. We don't have an option.

Secretary Clinton has passionate supports as well. She represents long standing concerns  of the DNC. Our Democratic Presidents have worked very hard to move the issues of minority Americans dating back to the 1960s. 

The Democratic Presidents have distinguished records with civil rights. We need to pick up civil rights where it stands today and finish the problems once and for all. I think Secretary Clinton has her hand on the pulse of our minorities. She promised to bring immigration reform to the Hispanic community as the very first legislation under her leadership if she wins the White House. We need to hold onto that priority. She is also concerned about the safety of Americans. She focuses on the long overdue women's work equity and wealth.

Each candidate has focused their loyalties on constituents at a pivotal time in the country's history. We need to address many issues such the national debt as well as the agenda of the candidates. It just seems to me the campaigns need to come together soon to discuss what happens to these problems when either Senator Sanders wins or Secretary Clinton wins. 

I really don't want to lose any of the focus of each candidate. They both have incredible important agendas. 

I think a reconciliation committee is vital to the convention and the way forward from here. Winning the nomination does not have to mean a profound loss of the importance of the issues at hand.
Ted Cruz has never hired a building full of people. Where is the economic plan that is going to ooze nothing but jobs. Certainly it isn't the petroleum industry, right?

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are trending the same in national polls against either democratic candidates.

Who is Ted Cruz make up person, I think his metro-sexual look really works for him.

There are some interesting developments in Pakistan.

April 7, 2016
By IANS, New Delhi

Pakistan on Thursday said (click here) the dialogue process with India had been suspended and there was no question of allowing an NIA team to visit Islamabad to probe the Pathankot terror attack.

Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit also said that the arrest of an alleged Indian spy, Kulbushan Jadhav, proved Islamabad's allegations that New Delhi was causing unrest in Balochistan.

Asked at the Foreign Correspondents Club about a meeting between the foreign secretaries of the two countries, Basit said: "There is no meeting scheduled for now. I think at present the peace process is suspended.

"India is not ready as yet," Basit said, but quickly added that "we can only resolve issues through dialogue".

This is the first official word from Pakistan about the latest breakdown in the now-on-now-off peace process with India. 

After a team of Pakistani officials visited Pathankot to probe Indian charges that Pakistani terrorists were to blame for the January 2 attack, New Delhi had expected Islamabad to allow a National Investigation Agency (NIA) team to visit that country to take the investigation forward.

There are the efforts by the United Nations and others to settle a peace between India and Pakistan, but, get this; there is a secular movement throughout the region.

April 7, 2016
By Ellen Barry and Maher Sattar

New Delhi — Men armed with machetes have killed a secular activist at a crowded intersection in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, a police official said on Thursday, the latest in a series of grisly attacks on intellectuals and bloggers who have written critically about militant Islam on social media.

Clean shaven is affiliated with a notable political/religious ideology.

Witnesses said a group of clean shaven men surrounded Mohammad Nazim Uddin, a law student, as he walked on the street around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday and slashed his head, then shot him when he fell to the ground, said Syed Nurul Islam, the deputy commissioner of police for Wari, the area of Old Dhaka where the killing took place.

Mr. Uddin, 26, was a convinced atheist who frequently expressed his views on Facebook, often posting as many as five times a day. His family had asked him to stop, fearful that the posts would make him a target, and for about four months, ending in January, he had complied, said Gulam Rabbi Chowdhury, a childhood friend.

To tell the truth, he was always a little detached from his family; he had trouble with them because of his views on religion,” Mr. Chowdhury said. “He was very outspoken. He didn’t worry about whether you were with him or not.”...

This phenomena regarding the eruption of secular values isn't just local to India or Pakistan. I think there is exploration within these countries with dispelling radicalism. I suppose secularism is viewed as radical itself, but, there are citizens feeling strongly about it to put their lives on the line. AND, there are those that simply won't discuss it except where they find safety. At the very least, these folks that found radical religious beliefs an interesting way to control the masses are worried.

If the secularism movement continues it will have the power to end the differences between religion as well as the killing that which accompanies it. Deash has been a real reality check for these countries. If the secularists are moving forward, religion will rest in the place where it belongs within the belief of the soul of the INDIVIDUAL based in RELIGIOUS CHOICE. Holy men will finally have their 'safe haven' in practicing religious values that protects the soul without having to run revolution in order to survive the day.

These countries will finally have a generation in the future that is safe from death for their religious beliefs. Part of the turbulence in these countries is religious intolerance. In that religious intolerance is generations and generations of hatred and violence. (Think Ireland). The goals of the people should be education and their future with real lives based on moral grounds and dare I hope no more Poppy Economies, too.

Lahore (Dunya News) – Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) (click here) chief Sirajul Haq said that the religious parties want imposition of Islamic system in the country and not liberal and secular state, Dunya News reported Saturday.
The Jamaat-e-Islami leader addressed Nizam-e-Mustafa Conference in Mansoora.
Haq said that women criticised the Women Protection Bill the most.
Clerics, attending the conference stated that they wanted a country that functions on Islamic principles and not liberal and secular. Punjab government’s Women Protection Bill, they all agreed that is against Islam.
Clerics belonging to more than 20 religious parties stated that they would fight efforts aimed at making Pakistan a liberal country. The country was established in the name of Islam and the same system would prevail, they added.
Jamaat-e-Islami chief denounced Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif’s statement about liberal Pakistan. The JI leader also criticised Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s call for alliance among secular parties....

There are some sweeping dialogues going on after recent violence.

"You're stupid, not secular, if you support Pakistan terrorists." (click here)

"Should Pakistan be a secular state?" (click here)

It is about the country.

I think the candidates for the Democratic nomination know they have differences in their approach to governance. They should speak to those differences when the opportunity presents. People will respect their dialogue when they put those differences forward and it is based in fact and truth. For the most part Democrats value the truth regardless of how politics are tempting otherwise.

No one can deny the phenomena of Senator Bernie Sanders. He has a message many Democrats gravitate to. Those that find Secretary Hillary Clinton the one that represents their ideas of governance will find a highly qualified and diversified person to carry out the responsibility of the President of the United States of America. There are those women and men that sincerely want a woman for President. They have a right to push that agenda if they find it a good thing for the country.

No matter the Democratic candidate or voter, they will find well qualified and compassionate and diverse candidates. I find it fascinating to realize the broad scope of the Democratic expertise both in their candidates and their voters. I am proud of them. They really seek information about making good decisions. On this 2016 race Americans are really shining to express their knowledge and its application in their choices, regardless of party. 

The Republican voter is really voting for their own best interest this year. They aren't accepting rhetoric as a reason to vote. There are those that still follow that paradigm, but, there are those that aren't and proving they can make good decisions that benefit them.

As far as violence, "There are always a few bad apples."
Ted Cruz is not running for Commander in Chief, he is running for Obstructer in Chief. The establishment backing Ted Cruz is expecting his performance as candidate will hand them back the Republican convention to use as they please. They fully expect the Republican voter to follow their lead, when their leadership is suppose to be chosen by the very electorate the establishment hates.

"Ted Cruz's phony Obamacare filibuster was really about Ted Cruz." (click here)

So much for security checks that reveal innate danger.

April 7, 2016
By Annick M'kele and Cassandra Vinograd

One of the Brussels (click here) suicide bombers briefly worked a summer job as a cleaner in the European Parliament, according to officials.
A spokesman for the EU body said one of the Brussels attackers had worked for a cleaning company it contracted in the summer of 2009 and 2010.

"As a student, he held a summer holiday job cleaning at the parliament for one month in 2009 and one month in 2010," parliament spokesman Jaume Duch Guillot said in a statement. "As required by the contract, the cleaning firm submitted proof of the absence of a criminal record."...

I have a difficult time believing there was absolutely no evidence to his ability turn killer.

There are communities in Brussels complaining about the orientation of their sons to the radical values of Daesh. One member of the congregation at the local mosque went to the police himself to report what was occurring and the police were powerless to do anything about it because up to the point of death, everything was freedom of speech.

Democracies have to find a way to define repeated and inflammatory speech that alienates their citizens into a class of murderers. Parents and the young men themselves knew what was going on but were not empowered to stop the estrangement. A holy war is a holy war evidently.

Saudi Arabia is a kingdom, however, it's leaders didn't look the other way to the cries of a holy war by it's radical holy men. Saudi Arabia can assist democracies to understand where the break comes in young men and the rightful and moral reasons to end it before it kills them and innocent people in their countries. 

A sovereign country invests in their children so that when they come of age as an adult they are empowered to participate in their country's economy and future. That investment cannot be ignored. That investment is a societal doctrine that demands certain outcomes to serve the country benevolently. Those funds come from a common treasury where citizens place their hopes and dreams for their children's future in the way of taxes. Those are monies from hard work. There needs to be a method by democracies to find corrupt morals and end it.

There is something called "The Public Trust." The public trust does not include permission to die at the hands of a criminal content delivered from genocidal regimes in the middle east!

It is notable the firm had a noble beginning, but, it's clients were more to blame than the firm itself.

The clients were among the most powerful in the world and to realize the shell game going on is criminal. It is disgusting. The people of the countries were never the focus of any protections. I can only imagine the level of wealth hidden in the treasuries of this law firm. I guarantee you the monies are an accumulation greater than the treasuries of their countries.

Nobility fades quickly when realizing the criminal intent of these world leaders.

April 6, 2016
By Kirk Semple, Azam Ahmed and Eric Lipton

Mexico City — The two men (click here) came together in an era of political and economic uncertainty in Panama: One a reserved German immigrant whose father served in the armed wing of the Nazi party, the other a gregarious, aspiring novelist whose family opposed Panama’s military dictatorship.
With the nation still under the sway of Gen. Manuel Noriega, the pair merged their small law firms in 1986, creating what would become a powerhouse of secretive offshore banking for the elite. Over the next three decades, Jürgen Mossack and Ramón Fonseca expanded their practice to a staff of 500, with affiliate companies around the world and a client list of the powerful, the famous and, sometimes, the infamous.
In January, a prosecutor investigating the sweeping corruption in Brazil publicly called their law firm “a huge money launderer.”...
...The firm, Mossack Fonseca, was built on assurances of bulletproof privacy for its clients. But its operations were laid bare this week by a vast leak of millions of documents that have helped expose the proliferation of shell companies and tax havens for the world’s wealthiest people. The revelations have already prompted Iceland’s prime minister to step aside and spurred criminal investigations on at least two continents....

The celebrities involved are some of the most popular and endeared people in many societies. Dreamworks is Steven Spielberg. Like, what? Dreamworks is splitting from Disney to form it's own television enterprise. Where did the money come from? How much of the funding for the new television enterprise was never subject to tax that belongs to the US Treasury. Don't tell me this was all transparent and legal; that is the bigger lie than fact it existed. Steven Spielberg was a Panama citizen?

Just because a person can hop a jet and fly to Panama to set up shell companies to avoid taxes doesn't make it a moral venture for the purpose of advancing great movies.

Sarah Ferguson is very revealing to the incredible corruption involved with this law firm. She was confused about the earnings of her own monies.

According to The Guardian (click here)) “The documents reveal a degree of chaos around the Duchess of York’s finances.” Allegedly, letters between Ferguson’s legal representatives and Mossack Fonseca show the British royal “trying to make sense of her assets,” set up in Essar Company Inc. in the British Virgin Islands in 2000.
Essar Company Inc was formed by the partners who were to develop the business opportunities with the duchess. Had any of the intellectual property generated income or gains or other profits, it would have been disclosed by the duchess as part of her normal tax filings....

Interestingly, these companies probably shielded their monies from the 2008 global economic collapse. That perhaps would be the only noble result of this law firm. Those monies were probably protected from the collapse of Wall Street. If those monies were available to recover the economies of their countries it would be the only redeeming value of this mess.  But, I am very skeptical to those monies and their noble use to recover economies and actually serve the citizens of the countries involved. Rather, the law firm was laughing at the world as they held on tight to their mischief.

I imagine Bernie Madoff is envious of the law firm after reading any newspapers today.

How many bankers have personal accounts with them? I can't wait to see how many financial so called experts were involved.

Interestingly, Jamie Dimon actually believes in his own leadership. The only bank that didn't need a bailout in 2008 was JP Morgan.

February 22, 2016
By Ben Eisen

James Dimon’s decision (click here) to buy battered shares of his firm earlier this month is looking pretty good at the moment.

The J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. chief bought 500,000 shares on Feb. 11 for $26.6 million, according to a regulatory filing. That turned out to be the recent bottom for  the lender’s shares. As of Friday’s close, his purchase is worth $28.9 million, making for a cool $2.3 million of paper gain in less than a month.

The purchase brought Mr. Dimon’s total holdings of the company to 6.75 million shares. But the Feb. 11 buy was notable in that it came after the stock had fallen 20% this year and was seen by many as a sign of Mr. Dimon’s confidence in his firm and the sector. Since then, the shares have rebounded 9% through Friday. They’re up another 1.5% on Monday....

I don't doubt there are many interesting accounts in the activities of this covert law firm, but, of greatest interest should be the drug warlords of South America and Mexico and Afghanistan. Those monies need to be taken in entirety and put in the countries IMF funding. It will no doubt pay the interest to permit a better rating.

Money is an interesting vehicle for corruption. The law firm was organized to rob a horrible leader in Noreiga from monies that would empower his dictatorship, but, it didn't end with the removal of Noreiga. It continued far beyond it's original intent and now empower some very worrisome purposes and individuals which appears to be unknown to the account holders.

The celebrities involved with this mess are heroes to many people and now they are turning up as members of covert shell companies. What does that do to a society that holds them dear at the center of it's own morality? This is a complete mess to discover how world leaders, be they government or private or public were playing a very immoral international game. 

Good, real good.

April 7, 2016
San Antonio - A school police officer (click here) in San Antonio reportedly has been placed on leave after a video surfaced that appears to show him body-slamming a sixth-grade girl.
In the video, which has gone viral on YouTube, an officer tries to restrain a Rhodes Middle School student as others look on, some laughing and shouting. He then slams her into a brick walkway, handcuffs her and leads her away....