Friday, October 23, 2015

It was the first deaths in Iraq of an American in four years.


I realize it is difficult to make a portrait of the current President with one person, but, I fully expect it to stay that way. 

While the DOD is proud of the rescue, there was a lot wrong with the intelligence and now there is a man dead. 

It's funny that pride runs through the halls of the Pentagon when a soldier dies. Is there any other time when they are proud, like when they come home alive. I know wives and children are very happy and proud when they do. 

This is 2015. Iraq was illegally invaded in 2003 because he was proud of our military. 


Troops out now.

We don't belong in Iraq.

We never did.

"Back to the Future" had a really cool remembrance.

October 23, 2015

If anyone (click here) could reunite them, it's Jimmy Kimmel.
Michael J Fox has reunited with Christopher Lloyd for a skit on Jimmy Kimmel live, with the pair driving onto the stage in the film's famous Delorean car.
But it seems 2015 didn't quite meet their expectations.
"Doc it seems like 2015 kinda sucks," said Fox, dressed as Marty McFly, to Lloyd, dressed as zany scientist Doc Brown, after he discovered the future didn't have flying cars.
"What the hell have you been doing for 30 years?"...

"It's a science experiment."

Get a clue because all this is abuse of power.

Circumventing the Sequester, importing illegal death sentence drugs, backing police with grand juries after they have murdered and the drug laws without Congress acting is all abuse of power.

Arizona broke the law. Who gets charged, the Governor?

October 24, 2015

Tucson, Arizona (AP) " Arizona tried to illegally import (click here) a lethal injection drug that's not approved in the U.S. but never obtained it after federal agents stopped the shipment at the Phoenix airport, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.
Arizona paid nearly $27,000 for sodium thiopental, an anesthetic that has been used to carry out executions but is no longer manufactured by Food and Drug Administration-approved companies, the documents said. When the drugs arrived via British Airways at the Phoenix International Airport in July, they were seized by federal officials and have not been released, according to the documents.
"The department is contesting FDA's legal authority to continue to withhold the state's execution chemicals," state Department of Corrections spokesman Andrew Wilder said Thursday....
The murderer in Sweden wore a Darth Vadar mask. The new Dark Knight.

October 23, 2015
By Michael E. Miller

At first, (click here) students thought it was a Halloween prank.
The man walked into the Kronan school in Trollhättan, Sweden, on Thursday morning dressed like Darth Vader, with a long black trench-coat, black boots, black helmet and a mask similar to the “Star Wars” villain. He played eerie music but didn’t say a word.
Strangest of all, he carried a sword.
Several students walked up to the man and snapped smiling photos on their cellphones....

He didn't storm the room. He contemplated his victims. That is a SS helmet if I am not mistaken. To the right is a copy of an SS helmet. 

Could he be another Anders Behring Brejvik? Brejvik was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenic. He was believed to be psychotic during the attack.

Who are the leaders of these dangerous organizations? It is just that a coincidence in 4 years is odd, especially for Europe. I think it is time to examine people who hate.

23 July 2011
By Peter Beaumont

Not far from of Elverum, (click here) 80 miles north of Oslo, a cluster of clapboard buildings, white and red, sits under a low mountain ridge at the end of a dirt track.
It is to here, Asta, that armed police came on Friday night with orders to search a farmhouse and buildings for information about 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik, the man charged with killing at least 91 of his countrymen. One of two properties linked to a man accused of bombing central Oslo before commencing a shooting spree at a political youth camp on the island of Utøya, the interest in the farm – which Breivik had registered as a vegetable-growing business called GeoFarm – was obvious. In May, he had six tonnes of chemical fertiliser delivered which police believe was used in the making of his bomb....
Israel's uprising is not about social media or Iran, it is about the lack of a peace accord making Palestine a sovereign authority with it's own borders. 


The party most responsible for the turmoil, unrest and violence is Israel. 

October 23, 2015
By Associated Press

Jerusalem — The latest developments (click here) in a wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence (all times local).
2:50 p.m.
Muslim prayers at Jerusalem's holiest site, which has been ground zero for weeks of unrest, have ended peacefully.
It was the first time since violence erupted in mid-September that Muslims of all ages could attend the weekly Friday prayers at the Muslim-run site.
In recent weeks, police had barred younger Muslim men from the shrine, framing the restrictions as a security measure. Clashes between stone-throwers and security forces at the shrine, revered by Muslims and Jews, often involved teens and young men.
Azzam Khatib, the director of the Waqf — the Islamic religious authority that oversees the compound — said 25,000 worshippers attended, five times as many as the week before....

The military appropriaitons bill is illegal under the law. Congress has circumvented the current law.

Don't deny it. Don't even try. The CORRUPTION is completely obvious. 

October 22, 2015
By Leo Shane III

..."As president and commander in chief, (click here) my first and most important responsibility is keeping the American people safe,” Obama told reporters at an unusual veto ceremony at the White House. “And that means that we make sure that our military is properly funded. … Unfortunately, (this bill ) falls woefully short in key areas.”
At issue is the $612 billion bill’s inclusion of authorizing language for roughly $38 billion in extra overseas contingency funds. Republicans are using the temporary war accounts to get around mandatory defense spending caps for 2016, without lifting caps for non-defense accounts....

That bill that was passed years ago to cut the national debt was a joke and the Republicans knew it and was the reason they passed the bill in the first place.

This is not about the military retirement fund or anything else, this is about corruption knee deep in a majority Republican Congress. The idea of the Sequester (click here) is politics, the reality is the Republicans have been funding the USA military in OCO funding. The Sequester for military spending is a lie. 

Congress has violated The Sequester Law. There is no doubt and it is all fact. The Congress found a way to circumvent the law and it did so willfully.

This is getting to be a daily event. When will it become a continuous scene of violence in the USA?

The USA is becoming it's own war zone. An argument over a dice game killed a man and injured others. The loser had a lousy temper. Guns. This isn't about self defense.

THIS ISN'T ABOUT SELF-DEFENSE. Self-Defense is a lie!

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — One man was killed (click here) and three women were wounded in an on-campus shooting stemming from a fight over a dice game on the campus of Tennessee State University, police said Friday.

The 19-year-old who died in the Thursday night shooting was not enrolled at the school, police spokesman Don Aaron said. It wasn't known whether the shooter, who fled the scene, was a student.
The shooting occurred in a courtyard around 10:50 p.m. Witnesses said an argument over the dice game boiled over into a fistfight when "suddenly shots were fired," Aaron said.
Three female students whom Aaron described as "innocent passers-by" were struck during the shooting. One was grazed and didn't require medical attention, while two others were taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center with injuries. One had been released by Friday morning, while the other was in stable condition and was expected to make a full recovery, Aaron said....