Thursday, July 07, 2011

By not raising taxes on the wealthy, the Republicans are raising taxes on the Poor and Middle Class of the USA.


To begin the soveriegn debt of the USA is increasing through the NEGLIGENCE of Republican legislators to responsibly raise taxes on those that can best pay more.

That sovereign debt of the USA has provided SERVICES to many people including the wealthy.  They should be responsibly asked to contribute more to their protections as citizens and as a rule they have more to protect and get services for, such as Mrs. Bachman and her agritultural interests.

But, that isn't where the real damage is done.  The real damage is done to the Poor and Middle Class by removing BENEFITS from Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid after they have contributed to those BENEFITS for all their working years.

See, by reducing benefits of SSI, Medicare and Medicaid that is an indirect tax on the Middle Class and Poor of the USA.  Got it?  It isn't that complicated although no one will talk about it this way.  Other than me perhaps.

See, when a person's tax burden including SSI and Medicare are not raised or LOWERED, that is an indirect tax on their benefits in the future. 

The taspzyer although not having tax increses will be paying more for their future benefits. 

But, it doesn't stop there.

When one goes to receive benefits there will be far less income than orginally paid for, there will be no chance to save for their future by the reduced benefits in the future and there will higher costs of living.

So, by not raising taxes on those best to pay more taxes the Middle Class is having their lives taxed NOW and in the future all in one Republcan measure based in decades old rhetoric.

This is nonsense.  The wealthy need to pay more and that is mroe than reasonable in the year 2011 after our Treasury has been excoriated for eight years by Republicasn STILL unable to stimulate an economy without the burden of increased debt for those eight years in the name of 'a nation at war.

"Read my lips, no new taxes"

What did I say?  Didn't I say the Republican rhetoric has not changed in decades.  Am I correct?  Yes, I am correct.

So, let me get this right.  Eric Cantor is stating every Republican is in lock step regarding the debt ceiling in that in order to raise it there will be no increases in taxes.  Well, that is interesting, because if there were new taxes there might NOT be a reason to raise the debt ceiling.

So, Mr. Cantor goes on to say that if the Democrats want to raise the debt celing there has to be budgetary provisions in order for Republicans to approve to raise the debt ceiling.


I didn't know the debt ceiling issue involved only Democrats.  Quite the contrary.

But, the ILLOGIC of the Republicans goes even further.

According to Mr. Cantor, NOW is not the time to raise taxes because it would cause the economy jobs.

Now, let's just pause and think about that a minute.

Assuming Walmart, the nation's largest employer is not going to be raising salaries above the poverty line anytime soon, that would mean there really is no sincere chance for the country to increase revenues.


The disposable income of these Americans is not going to increase anytime soon and the ecomony will probably remain stalemated.  So, given the fact the 'idea' by Republicans is to continue to HIDE behind a sluggish economy, it really is not their place to 'bargain' over the sovereign debt of this nation since they can claim over 90% of it all by themselves.

But, to conclude that Mr. Cantor is saying that raising taxes now would cost jobs, of which he has not one shred of concrete evidence, that means he IS IN FAVOR of raising taxes when the good times roll.  Yes?  Yes.  Now if that is the case and the good times are rolling, why would we need to raise taxes?  I want Mr. Cantor to answer that one and have a comprehensive package to his RHETORIC that sincerely explains his premise and when the nation will recover enough to return all the sacrifices by the poor and middle class that have AGAIN been 'tapped' for precious little funds in the first place.

S.O.P. from the Petroleum Industry, "We will be here as long as it takes to clean up the oil."

An emergency response crew in Laurel, Montana, clean a section of the Yellowstone river affected by the ExxonMobil oil spill. Photograph: Reuters


Oil executives criticised for conflicting accounts of breach and regulators accused of failing to ensure safe operation...


Climate change and disaster in Montana  (click title to entry - thank you)

The flooding of the Yellowstone River and the oil spill in the riverbed are connected, and the burning of fossil fuels is the key.

July 7, 2011

...But my conversation with Bonogofsky was four full days before the pipeline began pouring oil into the Yellowstone River. And no, it's not that she's psychic; she was talking about this year's historic flooding.

"It's unbelievable," she said. "It's like nothing I've experienced in my lifetime. It destroyed houses; people died; crops didn't get in the fields…. We barely were able to get our hay crop in."Everyone agrees that the two disasters — the flooding of the Yellowstone River and the oil spill in the riverbed — are connected....

There is this continuing dialogue about the petroleum industry that always contains the same content, DESTRUCTION and DEATH.  When is the government going to get their minds around this and end the suffering for this nation from an industry that has no conscience !

Crews work to clear oil from along the Yellowstone River in Laurel, Mont., on Tuesday. (Jim Urquhart, Associated Press / July 5, 2011)

Exxon oil spill on Yellowstone River disrupts farms

By Emilie Ritter
Wed, Jul 6, 2011

HELENA, Montana (Reuters) - Governor Brian Schweitzer (click here) vowed on Tuesday to cling to Exxon Mobil like "the smell on a skunk" for as long as it takes to get the company to clean up a weekend oil spill that fouled an otherwise pristine stretch of the Yellowstone River in Montana.
A 12-inch Exxon pipeline ruptured on Friday night about 150 miles downstream from Yellowstone National Park near the town of Laurel, Montana, southwest of Billings, dumping up to 1,000 barrels, or 42,000 gallons, of crude oil into the flood-swollen river.
Toxic fumes from the oil overcame a number of people who reported breathing problems and dizziness and were taken to local hospitals. But state and federal officials on Tuesday said they lacked a tally of health problems or the number of riverside homes that were evacuated after the accident....

Yes, indeed, it is only a weekend oil spill.  It isn't as though it has gone on for three months and caused an entire coast to be destroyed.  No, no, nothing like that.  After all the American people are so resilient and can withstand all kinds of death and destruction,. this is simply something else we need to take on the chin after all.

Exxon Mobil Corp. says leak could extend far beyond 10-mile stretch
The Associated Press
7/5/2011 8:28:34 AM ET 2011-07-05T12:28:34
LAUREL, Montana — The scope of Exxon Mobil Corp.'s oil leak into the Yellowstone River could extend far beyond a 10-mile (16-kilometer) stretch of the famed waterway, the company acknowledged under political pressure Monday.
As the company intensified its cleanup of tens of thousands of gallons (liters) of spilled crude, Exxon Mobil Pipeline Co. President Gary Pruessing pledged to do "whatever is necessary" to find and mop up oil from the 12-inch (30-centimeter) pipeline that broke at the bottom of the river over the weekend.
The company had earlier downplayed assertions from state and federal officials that damage from the spill was spread over dozens of miles (kilometers). That drew sharp criticism from Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who planned to tour the damaged areas Tuesday.
Company officials said their statements were misconstrued, and Pruessing pledged that crews would begin walking the Yellowstone shoreline as soon as the flooding river recedes to look for pooled oil along the banks.
"We're not limiting the scope of our cleanup to the immediate site," Pruessing said at a news conference along the river near Laurel, as crews mopped up oil in the background. "We are not trying to suggest in any way that that's the limit of exposure."…

Just a couple of things, 10,000 gallons is NOT the same as 10,000 liters, so does someone want to get that right?  Okay?

July 7, 2001
UNISYS Enhanced Infrared of the Northwest USA

This is the current map of the weather.  There is a ridge between the north and south airmasses right now.  It isn't easy to see on Infrared at this point, but, if the Arctic Air Mass (north air mass) decends within the next day or so which it looks as though it might because there is a vortex forming in the Arctic Oscillation south of Alaska, there may be more heavy rains.  So to say there will be repair work done as soon as the river recedes is NOT realistic.

EXXON-Mobile needs to bring one of their deep water dive teams to the Yellowstone River and STOP THE DAMN LEAK NOW !!!!!!!!!!

The all knowing and all seeing Petroleum Industry knows what to do, they can call Halliburton and have them bring in one of those concrete caps that collect oil so well in water.  This time it might actually work becuase the leak isn't a mile down in the Oean !

Wed, Jul 6, 2011
Oil mixed with water from an oil spill along the Yellowstone River is pictured in …
Well, what a joy.  Once again, we are looking at water and oil mixing in precious waters that fish and wildlife depend on .  It is so magnificent to see, espeically when vacationing to see the great outdoors in the beautiful, or is ONCE BEAUTIFUL United States of America.  Why is it I don't see any fish of any kind swimming by?  So, now when young people ask their parents, "Where are all the fish, Daddy?" they can reply, "Dead because our alligence to the petroleum industry over our own children has yet destroyed another ecosystem."  Ah, the wonders of big business.

Casey Marie Anthony looks very different today than she had in a trial that was about her death.

She looks as though she has a future again.  Something to celebrate about by asserting 'her person.'

I am not surprised about the sentencing.  The judge, and this is more proof of it, has sided with the State the entire time. 

I am confident she'll serve her sentence, for what length of time remains for her, with the same dignity she affored herself the past three years. 

(CBS/WKMG/AP) ORLANDO, Fla. - Casey Anthony click title to entry - thank you) was sentenced Thursday by Judge Belvin Perry to four years in prison for lying to police, but with credit for time served and good behavior she is likely to be released in late July or early August....

There has been nonsense in the media about the fact she is planning to have another baby when she is released.  That is astounding to realize the media has access to her prison mates or legal team to understand her plans that deeply. 

If that is the truth about Ms. Anthony, then it is normal coping after the loss of a child as far as I am concerned. 

Personally, I hope she takes time to reflect, grow, develop a relationship with longevity with a man and then marry before a child is born.  What actually will happen here is completely up to her, at least I hope so.

Companies are loved because of their unions and the way their employees are treated.

Members of the United Auto Workers Union are expected to vote to accept more concessions as part of revised contract with General Motors Corporation, including a ban on strikes until 2015. GM needs the concessions to survive and the union has no choice but to give them, observed one local union leader. “Ron Gettelfinger and Cal Rapson did about as well as they could do,” he added....

I was speaking to a daughter of a Union Member that works with GM.  In her statement she was very grateful for the benefits her father earned over many years of service.  Her father is suffering from a cancer that is very difficult to detect, Gall Bladder Cancer.  She stated he is getting the best of care.  During the conversation she called General Motors, "GENEROUS MOTORS."  That is the way the family had viewed the company and endeared their experience working for them.  There was no hatred or harsh words, they knew who they were in relation to the products produced to serve consumers and the best outcome of the company.  The media has it all "W"rong, literally.

...The 28 workers at the company's plant in Lordstown, Ohio, (click here) alleged they were misclassified as temporary employees and lost pay and benefits to which they were entitled under collective bargaining agreements between GM and the union.
Kenneth Myers, the attorney for the workers, told Reuters on Monday they are seeking $3 million to $4 million in back pay.
GM and the UAW did not immediately return phone calls requesting a comment.
The plaintiffs were hired as temporary workers in 2006 and were terminated in April 2007, according to their complaint, which was filed Saturday in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Ohio. They were rehired six months later, when they were briefly paid the same wage as staff employees, it said....

Mistakes happen in large corporations when it comes to pay and benefits to members of a union.  What I find interesting about this case is that both the company and the union are cited by these 29 employees.  The Employees are probably correct in their complaint because it sounds like a mistake more than any malicious intent, but, the union is standing with the company until all the facts are known.  When does the media ever portrary that point of view so much as vicious lies and overtones that cause unions to be degraded in their esteem? 

Let's get something straight about Murdoch. What he has done in the UK is criminal. He interferred with a criminal investigation and cost taxpayers money.

The people being exploited by this lousy SOB are average everyday Middle Class people.  What do the Plutocrats want to get rid of?  That's right the Middle Class.  Why because they 'eat up' profits to CEOs and stockholders.
...On top of that, it's also come out that the former editor of the paper, Rebekah Brooks was allegedly warned by Scotland Yard about possible illegal spying taking place via the paper's resources. In that case, she was warned that a reporter was helping two murder suspects spy on the detective investigating them. In other words, we're getting way past just hacking into voicemails and into interfering with police investigations....

This is 'COMPANY CULTURE,' and it is condoned if not demanded by the management of a media network that treats sincere journalism with a grain of salt.  So long as 'the news from Murdoch' is marginally correct in the terms that the profession allows, he will exploit anything that can be defined as 'gossip' to benefit and elevate 'the image' of business over the consumer. 

I saw the female announcers that are controlled by the control booth today and their decolltage was to include cleavage whenever possible.  The stock price to NewsCorp dropped by 3.5% yesterday and the entire Murdoch Media Industry is scrambling in any way possible to 'seduce' their viewing audience to 'hang in there' until they can spin everything in a reasonable fashion to be 'correct' rather than 'moral.'

The Murdoch Media service loves to treat women as trashy, dirty, uncontrolled and an immoral instrument of society whenever they can.  They are sexist in their reporting.  The focus on military wives that seek another relationship after theit spouses have been killed serving the interest of their country is a prime example of how 'the shock and awe' of exploiting a woman's sexuality for gossip is used chronically by NewsCorp as a method to enhance the viewing of their programming.  NewsCorp's culture is one of 'entitlement' and the brash use of spying through electronic media is simply a matter of 'practice' and not morality or discretion.

In Greeat Britain a criminal is guilty until proven innocent.  In my opinion, NewsCorp needs to be invested to the highest degree of security and considering the gossip that has occurred in the USA regarding government officials whereby women were used 'in mass' before the story broke requires an investigation by the federal government here as well.  This is not an isolated case and no one in the USA needs to be the victim of such criminals that seek to CONTROL political outcomes that favor Plutocrats.