Saturday, April 30, 2016

Is this the third week for Oklahoma and Texas. There is still severe flooding.

April 29, 2016
By KSWO and David Folkert

Lawton, Oklahoma - Tornadoes, (click here) large hail, and strong winds were all reported in a storm that passed through Texoma Friday afternoon.
At 3:30 p.m., storm spotters reported a tornado on the ground at the intersection of Highway 277 and Highway 281. A large and extremely dangerous tornado was reported near Agawam, OK moving toward Ninnekah, OK, at 4:15 p.m.
Massive hail, up to four inches in diameter, was reported near Lake Lawtonka. Other hail, pea to pear sized, was reported in Indiahoma, Cache, Elgin, Meers and Lawton.
Winds of up to 115 mph were reported and at least one mobile home and semi-truck near the Elgin and Fletcher area were blown over. Families in Fletcher reported damage from the storm.
Near Oklahoma City, there is a rain-wrapped tornado. The University of Oklahoma issued a warning for students and faculty to take shelter.
Northbound I-35 was shut down at mile marker 98 in Purcell, OK and southbound I-35 was shut down in Norman at Tecumseh Road as the storm approached that area. Highway 76 between Blanchard and Lindsey was also shut down....
There is a developing vortex from border to border in the USA. North to south and west to east. 

April 30, 2016
The wind map (click here) below is very telling. I hope I can make it clear what I see. It is a very abstract map. 

The center of the country is covered by the developing vortex. I think that is fairly obvious. The link to the map is posted in the previous paragraph. This continental system has been consolidating for the past 12 hours. But, it was pulling water vapor from the equator for the past day. Kindly note the system is pulling water vapor directly south of the USA. Why would that happen? It is physics. The greatest density of greenhouse gas heat is over the USA. That is why.
But, the west and east seems different from the primary vortex. But, if one takes a closer look the air masses are turning into the central circulation of the vortex. The last time I saw this happen we had twin tornadoes. The worst tornadoes usually hit at night when there this water vapor condensing with cooler air and the air turbulence increases. I hope that doesn't happen tonight, but, I would be remiss to not point it out.
Thank you.

The only human error was trusting the technology in the first place.

What did they think they were doing? The military stated they got word about the Taliban having a surface to air missile. So. That gives the USA military the right to cut corners? That is what happened here. The software needed time to open all the operating systems and the pilot(s) didn't think they had that kind of time. Really. So, they took a chance they would be able to take out a surface to air missile with partially loaded software. 

This isn't gross error, this is complete and utter misuse of technology that doesn't belong in Afghanistan anymore. Osama bin Laden is dead. The people of Afghanistan have to reject the Taliban. Currently, the Taliban are squeezed into a corner of land that straddles Pakistan and Afghanistan. The people of Pakistan had no problem rejecting the Taliban. Afghanistan has to do the same. 

So, the entire scenario is gross negligence. Somehow a surface to air missile was more important than human beings on the ground. It was flawed from the start. What if there was no drone to send into some kind of intercept? Then the USA would have to ground their helicopters and jets and planes until the missile was found.

This is ridiculous. If the technology can be this grossly MISUSED, it needs to be ended as a purposeful weapon in combat. This was a mindless drone that counts on computer screens for accuracy. There was no accuracy. People come first. A surface to air missile wasn't going to kill the people on the ground, so keep the flying machines grounded until the missile could be found. The USA military was grossly negligent of civilians. End of discussion.

April 29, 2016
By Gregor Aisch, Josh Keller and Sergio Pecanha 

Human errors and technical and communication failures (click here) led to a devastating attack on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, last year that killed 42 people, the Defense Department announced Friday.

Sixteen American military personnel have been punished for their roles in the attack, but none of them will face criminal charges because a military investigation determined the attack to be unintentional. “This was an extraordinarily intense combat situation,” the top officer of the military’s Central Command, Gen. Joseph L. Votel, told reporters.

The disciplinary measures were unlikely to satisfy Doctors Without Borders and other rights groups that have said the attack may have constituted a war crime and that have called for an independent criminal investigation. The punishments were “administrative actions” that could include suspension or removal from command....