Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Monday Night.

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Ron Paul is "W"rong. Does he like to make 'Heifer' comments about women, too?

......Under fire from airline passengers and members of Congress, the Transportation Security Administration has begun to fire back, defending the use of a new pat-down search technique and full-body scanners that can see through clothing.

On the TSA website and in testimony before Congress, the agency has insisted that the new, more aggressive security measures are safe and will help make air travel safer.

Earlier this month, the TSA instructed airport security officers to use a more aggressive pat-down search technique that allows the officers to probe and feel passengers with their fingers and palms....

The next attack against the democracy in favor or anarchy, huh?

I am still waiting for my fellow Americans to start putting themselves first rather than convenience and time schedule. 

Well, if expediency is what Americans want, they can have at it.  But, don't complain when there are deaths and airliners crashing again.

It is just what Murdoch wants.  To create a wedge issue wherever he can to overthrow the Federal Government in favor of Plutocartic profit. 

There was a time when I refused to fly before when I had my two young sons on a flight home and the 747's engines cut out on a short hop in the country before going on to South America.  The pilot reversed the engines after we were strapped into our seats with pillows on our laps.  The engines vibrated the gigantic plane as they caught enough air to start the turbines spinning again and the plane bellied out of its fall, stabilized and safely landed before it finished its destiny.

After that occurred I took my precious and beautiful sons home with me and never flew again with them with me.  I never got into a plane for thirteen years.  I imagine with this foolishness going on it will be another thirteen years before I fly again.
Americans are so blindly angry spurred on by their media seeking ratings and not clear thinking; they can't even see the forest for the trees.  You have all become fools to your own anger and I won't be a part of it.

Go ahead, be the fools the Plutocrats are advocating you to be.  Be lead around by the media.

"Pat Downs" can't insult virginity and if there are to be body cavity searches that will have to be done my gender friendly officers similarly trained as prison guards.  Good luck.  Let's home children land at their destination safely, but, if that doesn't occur in the future because of this idiocy; I'll be able to say; "I told you so."

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"...Do you trust Russia?" YES. More than Bernanke and the Plutocracy. Definately.

Russia Will Cooperate With NATO on Missile Shield, Sets Terms  (click title to entry - thank you)

November 20, 2010, 2:56 PM EST

By Ilya Arkhipov and Gregory Viscusi

Nov. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Russia agreed to take part in a NATO missile-defense system, promising to expand cooperation between the former Cold War adversaries as President Barack Obama pushes the U.S. Senate to ratify a nuclear-arms reduction treaty.

“Today we have not only buried ghosts of the past that have haunted us for too long,” said North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen after leaders of the 28 alliance members met today with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Lisbon. “We have made a fresh start.”
NATO is trying to turn the anti-missile system -- initially opposed by the Kremlin -- into a fulcrum for cooperation with Russia as part of the U.S.-driven “reset” of relations. Russia and NATO will create a “working group” on missile defense, according to an official Russian fact sheet....

The Plutocracy is Anti-America and Bernanke is corrupt.
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