Monday, October 31, 2016

The statement today by Burr is more than inappropriate. What is he thinking?

I suppose private gun ownership is legal in the USA for private wishes of assassination? Really?

That is a very irresponsible statement.

October 31, 2016
Sen. Richard Burr (click here) privately suggested gun owners should put a “bullseye” on Hillary Clinton, according to audio obtained by CNN from the Republican’s get-out-the-vote event over the weekend. Burr, who is currently facing a tough re-election race in North Carolina, remarked that during a recent visit to a gun shop, “nothing made me feel better” than seeing a gun-related magazine with a photograph of Clinton on its cover. “I was a little bit shocked at that—it didn’t have a bullseye on it," he said, prompting audible laughter from the Mooresville, N.C., crowd made up of Republican volunteers. “But on the bottom right [of the magazine], it had everybody for federal office in this particular state that they should vote for. So let me assure you, there’s an army of support out there right now for our candidates.” Burr later apologized, telling CNN in a statement: “The comment I made was inappropriate, and I apologize for it.”

Huma Abedin states she is unaware of emails on her former spouse laptop.

I think what will come out of this is the power of computers.

I don't doubt Ms. Abedin at all. She has proven to be a great person, a great American and more than willing to cooperate with investigation.

I believe what will come out of the email investigation is the ability of computers to pull delicate information to other computers without the knowledge of the authors/owners.

We are all familiar with the ability of our own computers to draw in all the entries of a conversation, whether they are meant to be viewed or not. Certainly, my computer is not the only one that does that with Windows 8 and Windows 10.

If that is the case, then the capacity of computer software needs to be examined for such characteristics. That should not occur and is definitely an invasion of a person's privacy. If the Weiner emails prove this capacity to be true it enhances the ability of foreign governments to enter supposedly private computers. I would expect such a capacity from Russia of it's own people.

Hopefully, Michel Aoun will be a peace maker in Lebanon.

October 31, 2016
By Bassem Mroue

Beirut — Lebanon’s parliament on Monday (click here) elected Michel Aoun, an 81-year-old former army commander and strong ally of the militant group Hezbollah, as the country’s president, ending a more than two-year vacuum in the top post and a political crisis that brought state institutions perilously close to collapse.
Aoun secured a simple majority of votes in the house after a chaotic session that saw several rounds of voting because extra ballots appeared in the ballot box each time. He garnered 83 votes out of 127 lawmakers present at the session.
He also failed to get elected by a two thirds majority in the first round, as had been widely expected.
Members of parliament broke out in thunderous applause after Aoun finally was declared president by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri. His supporters across the country erupted in cheers as they watched the proceedings on huge screens set up in the streets. Brief celebratory gunfire could also be heard in the capital....

October 15th was the last day for extensions to be filed with the IRS. The 2016 tax return for Trump can't possibly under audit.

Q: Is it true that he has no investments in Russia?
A. We don’t really know. (click here) Trump has not released the financial documents that would shed light on the issue, particularly his tax returns. Breaking a tradition dating to Richard Nixon, he says he won’t make those documents public because he is being audited by the IRS.

In honor of International Women’s Day, (click here) Russian news service Russia Beyond the Headlines (RBTH) has anointed the 12 most beautiful women in Russia. The list includes supermodel Natalia Vodianova(above), Roman Abramovich‘s gorgeous girlfriend Dasha Zhukova and tennis star Maria Sharapova (below) as well as sexy spy Anna Chapman, who was kicked out of the U.S. last summer following espionage charges. Here’s the full rundown of RBTH’s Russian beauties; it’s unclear whether they’re ranked in order of pulchritude, but if so Anna Chapman clocks in high at #3, Vodianova is #4, Sharapova is #5 and Zhukova....

April 25, 2014
By Mark Snowiss
Washington - Anyone familiar with the New York or Miami real estate markets (click here) knows the buying power of Russia’s moneyed class – from the super-rich to the merely well-off.
But two alarming trends in the Russian Federation – the steady build-up of jingoistic rhetoric from President Vladimir Putin and a sharp downturn in the economy – are significantly altering the investment decisions of Russia’s wary elite.
And with tensions over Ukraine on the rise, Russian investors are changing their strategies within the American market. That's according to U.S.-based real estate agents and lawyers who cater to clients from the former Soviet Union.
“The high times are over,” said Edward Mermelstein, a New York lawyer who represents foreign investors in the U.S., including many Russians....
In 2011, a trust linked to the eldest daughter of potash fertilizer magnate Dmitry Rybolovlev paid $88 million for a four-bedroom penthouse at 15 Central Park West – the most expensive New York City apartment purchase ever....

August 16, 2016
By Matthew Bodner

In 2012, a United States court sentenced Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout to 25 years in prison. The Russian government wants him back. 

...Precisely why Russia (click here) might think the U.S. would trade Bout and Yaroshenko for a dozen unidentified Americans and Klotsman is, at first glance, hard to understand. That is before you look deeper into Klotsman's background. There, you see a rich history of fraud and shady business dealings, much of it with another Russian-American businessman, Felix Sater.

When Sater was eight years old, his family emigrated to Brighton Beach, a popular neighborhood for Soviet expats in New York. His father is said to have Russian mafia connections, according to Dawisha. Sater himself has well-publicized links to real estate developer and presidential candidate Donald Trump. His business cards identify him as a senior advisor to Trump....

Russian sanctions get a little rough on the Trump organization.

November 12, 2013
By the Moscow Times

U.S. tycoon Donald Trump, (click here) while in Moscow for the finale of his Miss Universe pageant Saturday, announced that he was planning to build a skyscraper in the Russian capital.
"I have plans to start business in Russia," Trump said, Itar-Tass reported, "I am currently in talks with several Russian companies to build a skyscraper on the model of Trump Tower in New York." The businessman did not name his partners or the size of the investment.
Trump Tower, located on 5th Avenue, is 58 stories high and contains offices, apartments and a hotel.
Araz Agalarov, the billionaire owner of Crocus City Hall, the Miss Universe venue, said his company had "started talking about joint work in the field of real estate a few days ago" with Trump.

Ukraine's "Party of Regions" is mostly dissolved in Ukraine since the change in government, but, it was the party of Viktor Yanukovych. If a former ally, such as Donald Trump, reaches the USA presidency, the outcomes of Ukraine are in doubt.

August 19, 2016
U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign (click here) chairman Paul Manafort has resigned amid allegations he illegally lobbied for Ukraine’s former pro-Russian government.
Ukrainian journalist and politician Serhiy Leshchenko reported Friday that he had uncovered ledgers which reveal Ukraine’s Party of Regions made undisclosed payments to Manafort.
The cash payments, made between 2007 and 2012, were worth $12.7 million, The New York Times reported.
Manafort, who has previously offered consulting services to ousted former president Viktor Yanukovych, is accused of having secretly lobbied in Washington for Yanukovych’s pro-Russian ruling party alongside his deputy Rick Gates....

Removing any Russian financial sanctions will directly benefit the Trump Organization. Changes in USA relationship with Russia and NATO can be made at the Cabinet level.

Q: What about investments from Russia in Trump’s businesses?
A. There is strong evidence that Trump’s businesses have received significant funding from Russian investors. Most notably, Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. made that very claim at a real estate conference in New York in 2008, saying “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.” Donald Trump Jr. added, “we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”...

The emails cannot be revealed if there are laws that were broken.

The Weiner emails are now evidence.

October 30, 2016
By Pete Williams and Tim Stelloh

...The revelation (click here) ignited fierce criticism. Citing the longstanding practice of avoiding even the appearance of acting in a manner that could tip the political scales, former Justice Department spokesman Matt Miller said that "most people, when they hear that the FBI is involved, automatically assume the negative."

Clinton called the move an "unprecedented" departure from FBI policy, and on Sunday, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid scolded Comey for potentially breaking the law....

...Reid also accused Comey of shielding Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump from scrutiny over his connections to Russia, saying "it has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination" between Trump and his advisers and the Russian government....

What I don't understand is why hasn't the FBI also started an investigation into legal cases regarding pedophilia with Trump and a 13 year old? Are there no statues of limitations that are federal? If that is the case then there needs to be an investigation started to determine the statue of limitations through court test.

I am not making this stuff up, there are women stating they were minors when Donald Trump visited their dressing room and otherwise. The visits to women's dressing rooms is nothing short of voyeurism.

23 March 2013
By Marcia A. Hamilton

...Legions of victims of child sex abuse (click here) will tell you that when they were finally ready to talk to a prosecutor or a lawyer, the criminal and/or civil statutes of limitations (SOLs) had already expired.  Across the United States, one victim after another has been surprised by these cruel and arbitrary legal deadlines.

For decades, states have been adjusting their child sex abuse SOLs in response to fresh stories of horror.  At one time, states measured the SOL from the date of the abuse, giving victims only a few years in which to sue.  Then, they set age 18 as the moment when the clock started ticking.  Now, we have a true 50-state experiment, with a wide variety of approaches among the states....

I have to state this? It is a fact that Donald Trump not only visited dressing rooms of beauty queens, the women were told by employees to the pageants to fawn over him.


What? This is a man that is candidate for President? I don't think so.

What is truly interesting is that the Democrats are the victims of these FBI investigations with impunity to the Republicans. The Republicans standard operating procedure are lies, as exhibited by Gowdy, and they are left alone to continue to deceive the people while pandering to big money of Wall Street. Why is that accepted in the USA?

Gowdy is a moron. The Hatch Act only applies to FEDERAL EMPLOYEES .

The Hatch Act, (click here) a federal law passed in 1939, limits certain political activities of federal employees, as well as some state, D.C., and local government employees who work in connection with federally funded programs. ​The law’s purposes are to ensure that federal programs are administered in a nonpartisan fashion, to protect federal employees from political coercion in the workplace, and to ensure that federal employees are advanced based on merit and not based on political affiliation.​​​​ ​​

His accusations of President Obama and Senator Reid is typical of his lies and deceptions to the American people. He attacks Democrats with these tactics all the time. Gowdy is another example of the lack of professionalism of the Republican Party. They deceive first and apologize later.

Elected officials are NOT federal employees. 

The lives of elected officials obviously over lap their private lives as in the case with President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch. President Obama has an obligation to campaign for his political party as well as do fund raising. That is also the case with President Bill Clinton. 

Gowdy is an idiot who actually believes the American people are stupid enough to believe a word he says. It speaks eons to the fact the UNDER EDUCATED and QUESTIONABLY HEALTH WHITE MEN of the 4th district of South Carolina actually do believe what he says. These statements by Gowdy regarding the Hatch Act are lies and nothing short of it, unless, he actually wants to admit he had no clue about the fact the law applies to federal employees only. 

Lies. That is his skill (stock) and trade. A lawyer? He needs to be hauled before the South Carolina attorney ethics committee for sanctions.
Morning Papers

The Rooster 


October 29, 2016
By Autumn Crouse

On the north side of Topton (click here) some residents have not been as quick as others to welcome a new neighbor in town, a neighbor that just so happens to be an all white rooster.
Onlookers chuckled as they walked along the sidewalk.
“Is that a rooster?” a woman laughed as the rooster let out a heavy crow.
Meanwhile another woman passed by shaking her head explaining that a family member, who works the night shift, is frequently awakened by the noisy crows during the early morning hours.
In the Borough of Topton there is a local ordinance permitting no livestock in the borough and borough officials state that they have been working diligently to find a resolution to the issue....

"Good Night, Moon"

New Moon

0.3 day old Moon

0.1  percent lit

Witches will fly on their brooms and no one will see them. Wolves will not howl at the moon on Halloween. "Trick or Treaters" will have to use flash lights. Yes, indeed, Halloween of 2016 will be remembered as the darkest one of all time.

October 28, 2016
By Victoria Jaggard

Find out (click here) what a black moon is, where it will appear, and why this year’s dark orb is a celestial oddity.

Darkness will reign on the spookiest night of the year, with the arrival of a “black moon” on Halloween.

Although it’s not a term used by astronomers, black moon has become the popular moniker for the second new moon to fall in a calendar month. It’s the opposite of a blue moon, which is often defined as the second full moon in a month.

For parts of East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, the new moon occurs on October 31 at 4:38 a.m. local time (5:38 p.m. UTC on October 30). This region already saw an October new moon on the first of the month, making the Halloween event a black moon....