Wednesday, December 05, 2012

There are some USA Senators truly remarkable and then there are The Tea Party Republicans.

It was so good seeing Seantor Dole out and about again. And to come to the Senate for a plea for disabled veterans was exactly a reflection on his work as a US Senator. Thank you, Senator Dole.

It is more than obvious what a hideous situation the USA has with this branch of the Repubican Party. The fact of the matter is the Tea Party can't stand on its own without Republican money. So, we are stuck with them.

But, in this case, there are several angry reasons for the vote yesterday in the Senate.

The least of which is Justice Ginsberg. She once brought the global community into discussion simply because it was related to making decision that impact USA policy. But, that was the least of it.

The primary reason the disabled veterans treaty didn't pass yesterday is because Republicans want entitlements to go away. Social Security Disability ends in less than two years unless it is affected by Congress. Does anyone actually believe those benefits will be extended with this current Congress?

This is a prime example of over reach, hubris and ideology and how the Tea Party brings stupid reasons to their Congressional seats to play politics with American lives rather than doing their jobs. It is important to bring resolve in primary elections to stop this extremism. The extremists are destroying our country.

Does anyone believe cutting off funding to SSD is a good idea? Does anyone believe it will expand the economy or resolve the national debt by ending SSD?

Those that opposed the disabled veterans treaty should be ashamed of themselves because while they want to see SSD end, they also want to see disabled veterans funding end as well.

It goes like this. If the dysfunctional Republicans actually voted for the disabled veterans treaty yesterday, they could not end the benefits currently paid to USA veterans. In that is a strategy to end the sovereignty of the USA. If the USA is forced to pay benefits to veterans and it causes the country to go bankrupt or our curreny to devalue then we will lose our sovereignty.

Is this a realiistic idea of what will happen to the USA? Of course, not. If the USA ever gets to the point where they can't take care of their disabled veterans, it will no longer have a volunteer military. Why should they enlist if they have no hope if they are badly injured on the battle field? This extremist view of the world is a danger to our national security and our sovereignty.