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Gitmo. A return of the Bush Era Deadenders to the USA House of Representatives.

Barack Obama had promised to close Guantánamo within a year of taking office in January 2009. Photograph: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

These people are afraid of their own shadow.  This has nothing to do with national security for the USA or the international community.  This is 'the political payoff' of the Right Wing Media to the extremists 'of Bush.'

The House is corrupt.  This is a prime example of it. 

The current attack on the Obama Administration from the Right Wing Extremists that sincerely imperil the USA with their corrupt ideology is a direct result of 'the promise' of Right Wing Media for vindication in losing in 2008.  Let's face it.  If the Right Wing Media can't deliver what good are they.  So they convinced Sarah Palin to pursue the 'wealth' of politics to 'bring back' the old corrupt and 'culture of fear' standards of the Bush Administration to carry out exactly THIS.

Like I said.  The Tea Baggers started their rant BEFORE President Obama even took office and before there was any change in policy, so all this mess and it is a mess, has been engineered by the Right Wing Media in their 'Economy of Words' during the first two years of this presidency.

This is NOT good policy and it is not the President's goal.  He is simply too pragmatic to be as stubborn as the extremists we find in the House right now and he wants to begin to return some kind of judicial process to the human beings detained in Gitmo.

Posted at 12:24 PM ET, 03/ 8/2011

Conservatives claiming "vindication" for Bush on Gitmo are wrong  (click title to entry - thank you)

By Adam Serwer
Yesterday the Obama administration announced it would file new charges in military commissions, indicating that the president's promise to close Gitmo will go unfulfilled for the foreseeable future. 
Conservatives committed to burnishing Bush's legacy were quick to claim vindication, arguing that the decision proved that the detention camp at Gitmo was a good idea all along. But Obama's decision doesn't prove this at all.
The administration also released an executive order outlining its new indefinite detention policy. Not much has changed from when I first wrote about it a few months ago -- the new procedures formally adopt what Karen Greenberg referred to as "the heart of Bush policy" while making the process marginally fairer by allowing individuals detained indefinitely who have lost their habeas cases to be represented by counsel during periodic reviews every six months....

The Right Wing extremists in the House of Representatives are not good legislators, they do not examine the facts, they base their votes on ideology and they are a danger to the Constitution of the USA.  This is PROOF.

"The Here and Now" of Immigration Policy. At least Utah is trying.

I do not believe the issues surrounding 'illegal' immigrants in the USA is a complicated as some politically driven folks might want it to be.

Extremism is not going to RE-SOLVE the problem the country now faces.

...Third Substitute House Bill 116 (click title to entry - thank youi)  is the most comprehensive of the three bills. It allows for those who are now here illegally to work in the United States after passing a background check and paying a penalty. It also allows for enforcement for those who will not comply with legislation and holds employers accountable to verify the legal status of their workers. Senator Stuart C.
Reid (R), senate sponsor of Third Substitute House Bill 116, said this bill is a combination of several different bills....

...Members of the House and Senate, Republican and Democrat, worked together to pass this legislation....

There are all kinds of problems for those that seek freedom by crossing the border of the USA without proper documentation and PROCESS.  They risk their lives, do silly things in crossing the border and work for basically nothing once they get here.  Their President is concerned for them as they are his citizens and currently Mexico has problems that drive their citizens north.  It isn't just Mexico either.  USA border crossings come from Central and South American.  Talk about taking a hike to freedom.  Wow.

At any rate, the saddest of the people caught in this mess are those already here by being born here.  They are among the most victimized as they are more American than any other sovereign identity.  They are a ship without a rudder, literally.  They should be given citizenship on a 'fast track' simply because they are already educated to all the topics necessary for obtaining citizenship.  We should welcoming them with open arms.

Now as their families, that is a little different.  They weren't children or 'in utero' when they arrived.  Adults making drastic and desperate decisions should face consequences.

Illegal Immigration needs to have 'dis-incentives' so the sincere and best path to citizenship is through legal processes.  Those that seek the 'high ground' of immigration should be honored with rewards that are impeded.  The USA should be generous in their treatment of legal immigrants.  I am not going to discuss Visas as that is a sincerely DIFFERENT topic that isn't involved with illegal immigrants.  Illegal Immigrants don't come with Visas.

The 'idea' that illegal immigration should be prosecuted and people are deported is appropriate.  The population of the people already here because Southern Border States did not enforce 'the law' post Reagan reform is significant.  It is completely unrealistic to believe the entire problem is going to be handled by police and sherrif and border patrol officers.  So in realizing 'the real time' issue; the question stands as to what to do to be sure human beings are receiving humane treatment.  They won't be leaving, so therefore, there has to be measures put in place to accommodate their presence.  They need pay taxes and be accountable for their behavior.  They need to contribute to the USA economy as well as exporting their 'work income' to South of the Border.  It is a huge dynamic. 

The 'Guest Worker Program' is a way to give people here a place to be recognized without falling into the category of criminal for deportation.  That is basically all that is.  I don't believe a Guest Worker Program is necessary for our economy, but, it begins to address folks already here and desiring to stay in the USA.  They have to register.  If they don't they are setting themselves up for deportation and rightfully so.  As people register the 'deportation roles' begin to become smaller and enforcement starts to take on a realistic perspective.  When enforcement of immigration laws becomes 'achievable' then and only then can the USA consider their laws effective.

That is and should be the goal.  The illegal immigration policies have not been enforced and has become a matter of 'here and now.'  What does the USA do with all these people to RESET immigration laws so they can be enforced and the integrity of the laws upheld.  It is somewhat that simple.  Effective law enforcement has to begin somewhere and issuing 'Guest Worker Passes' begins to 'trim down' those sincerely in the country with malicious intent.

All these programs that do not necessarily lead to citizenship doesn't mean they are victimizing or bigoted.  What it does mean is that 'the definition' of the illegal immigrant is clear, concise and sets limits on their status.  In setting limits on their status the law upholds the integrity of the legal immigrant.  One can look at it as a penalty, but, basically the 'guest worker' came here knowing they were going to be working while in the country illegally.  It simply adds that definition to their current status.  It is a recognition of their status and it should not be viewed as amnesty.  None of these 'programs' is intended to provide amnesty.  That would change the status of the legal immigrants and that isn't was is best for the country.  What is best for the country is to bring enforcement back to a clear definition and reasonable standard.

The 'idea' of amnesty is not only victimizing it also doesn't recognize the 'status' of these people through the negligence of enforcement since the time of Reagan.  People have come here, had children here, have lives here and pay taxes.  They are probably eligible for social program considerations simply because they have been here for so long.  So, the 'status' of EVERY illegal immigrant is not the same.  The 'process' has to realize there are basic human rights involved including the 'morality' of family and upholding the dignity of that American value.  To simply say, the illegals are less than human and therefore should be 'sent back' regardless of children and family is not only victimizing but, down right Anti-American. 

If the American Tradition states 'the individual' is to be honored by the law, that has to translate to people in the USA illegally THROUGH  the negligence of lack of enforcement.  And don't tell me they aren't desired in the USA.  They are cheap labor without benefits or pensions.  They are very much desired by the Plutocracy and it was 'allowed' to 'go on.'  Hence, the country holds a responsiblity to these folks AND to returning the dignity to the law to return enforcement capacity.

The illegal immigrants may not see some of these programs as 'fair' but that is their plight.  The Guest Worker Program is going to require them to return after five years of employment.  It is called PLANNING.  Both governments will know the dynamics of the population involved and when there will be a return to Mexico of these people.  In turn, there is a great deal of fairness to the people themselves to 'expect' to return.  It will modify their plans in realizing they can attempt legal immigration after they return to Mexico or wherever once they return.

I believe Utah did the right thing.  It is responsible, resets the integrity of the law for enforcement and adds good and decent people to our communities.

When the USA is forced to deal with problems 'here and now' there can be no standard of 'correctness' or 'fair' or 'right vs wrong.'  The offense against the immigration laws was allowed and NOW it has to be handled in the best possible way that upholds our standards and integrity.

It is 'path' is fairly simple and clear while the legislation to achieve those goals is fairly complex.

Criminals need not apply. 

Border security is important. 

The instability in Mexico with the drug cartels has to end and if anyone believes Mexico and the USA are to tolerate those cartels then they are sorely misguided.  Sovereignty is important.  Cartels are not sovereign nor should they be.  They operate with laws and use fear and violence to oppress innocent citizens.  Mexico and the USA need to get busy.  Reasonable and correct immmigration policy will return function to the law and will aid in achieving control over the cartels and our mutual national security.

Charlie Sheen is having a heck of a mid-life crisis. In full view of the world.

He was not good for "Two and a Half Men" to have him as a co-star. It seems as through Sheen was completely out of touch with who the real star of the series was, namely the young man. Sheen wasn't respecting the fact he was sharing living rooms with people entertained by the idea 'it was a little man' that was fitting into the picture.

I liked "Three Men and A Baby." But, none of those actors disrespected 'the image' of 'children' on or off the screen.

Charlie Sheen has problems and he is not as brilliant as he may believe, although I don't believe he is a stupid person. He sesms to lack respect for the audience while not doing himself any favors. The 'scene' on the balcony with a machete resembles the appearance of Saddam Hussein. Now unless Charlie was promoting his next role, it was grossly inappropriate behavior especially considering the 'context' of role he played on television.

I hope his book is as interesting as he wants it to be, but, he needs a publisher, just as he needed a script writer and a network to sponsor his work. He was getting to be too risky for the network and the sponsors they were bringing in. I doubt sincerely the young boy in the program wanted to co-star in a program where viewers were tuning in for the next 'melt down.'

I believe CBS did the most moral thing they could do while protecting a 'child star' from embarassment and potential damage to his future career.

Sorry, Charlie.

Gadhafi's tanks are using cities as human shields.

Rebels pray in front (click title to entry - thank you) of an antiaircraft gun in front of a refinery in Ras Lanuf on March 8. Libyan government troops, tanks and warplanes attacked rebels on the western and eastern fronts on Tuesday, pressing their campaign to crush an insurrection against Muammar Qaddafi. In the east, a swathe of which is under rebel control, airstrikes targeted rebel positions behind the frontline around the oil town of Ras Lanuf on the Mediterranean coast.
Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

It would seem the citizens of Libya are seeking to stop the planes from attacking them.  According to this report the planes are stopping their advance.

...“If we didn’t have to fear the planes, we’d be advancing much more quickly,” claims Mohammed Abdel Salim, one of hundreds regular army soldiers who defected from Qaddafi’s regime in mid-February and is now helping to organize the civilian militia just west of Ras Lanuf. “We completely reject foreign troops here, but we want help against his planes.”...

It is imprudent to ask any nation to simply carry out bombing runs anywhere in Libya.  The tanks Gadhafi has ordered to the cities of Libya are among the people.  There would be devastating casualities if there were military operations within the cities.  It is out of the question.  The best resolve for the people of Libya is to continue to protect themselves if they can, be quiet in places where their cities are occupied and where they no longer have munitions to carry on and to wait patiently for the global community to respond.  They are not alone and should strategize with that as a 'fact' to them.

According to the Geneva Conventions there is to be no attacks on civilian populations.  So, the Free World has to be careful to preserve the lives of civilians while stopping Gadhafi from literally committing genocide of his own people.  Gadhafi has broken every rule in the book.

The efforts to stop the killing has to concentrate on military targets.  The 'intelligence' as to where innocent people are defending themselves is important.  They may be among some of the military instillations.  To ask them to identify themselves to any global military rescue will only reveal their locations to Gadhafi.  It is tricky.  The civilian forces need to recognize they are in a very precarious position.  The communication is probably extremely difficult.  The don't know whom they might be talking to in order to facilitate their safety.  If they mistakenly tell Gadhafi's people where they are it could be tragic.  Intelligence for NATO analysis is the best way to provide 'goals of strategy' to stop Gadhafi. 

The Peace and Freedom Movment of Stealth Jihad has taken over Northern Africa.

If that is what is happening here then I could not be happier.

A Libyan volunteer stands guard near a defaced billboard of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi in the eastern town of Ras Lanouf, Libya, Tuesday, March 8, 2011. (AP / Tara Todras-Whitehill)

The Freedom Movement of the Islamic Communities across Northern Africa is some of the best news the Free World has ever had.  I am not about to allow Murdoch to turn their determination for 'self-determination' into a nightmare.  These people are brave beyond any understanding we can imagine.  They reach deep within their souls, call on Allah and seek his love for the freedom they seek as a reward on Earth.

Admiration doesn't come close to the pride I have for all of them.

If the L:ibya Freedom Movement states they do not accept any accolages from Gadhafi because they believe it is propaganda that is evidenced by air strikes against his own people, then they are correct.  Gadhaffi has to resign his dictatorship and take his family with him. 

According to Western estimates there are as many as 1000 innocent Libyans dead for NO REASON !

They fight for their freedom with no armor, no training and no backup.
The regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has launched a devastating assault on the opposition-held town of Zawiyah, deploying up to 50 tanks and scores of pickup trucks carrying troops.
Emerging accounts told of massive damage inflicted on the refinery town, which rose up against the Gaddafi regime two weeks ago.
The latest and heaviest assault in Zawiyah came as the rebel leadership said that if Gaddafi stepped down within 72 hours, it would not seek to bring him to justice.
Earlier, the rebels said they had rejected an offer from the Libyan leader to negotiate his surrender of power. The government called such reports "absolute nonsense"....

Gaddafi deploys tanks and hundreds of troops in all-out effort to take Zawiyah  (click title to entry - thank you)

Witnesses tell of women and children being killed in huge assault on refinery town held by rebels for past two weeks


Stealth Jihad, the art of MIND CONTROL!

Robert Spencer: Stealth Jihad (1 of 6)

The Murdoch Mafia's Economy of Words is promoting a faux fear yet again called "Stealth Jihad."

The Right Wing is teaching hatred among college students.

What this ? philosophy ? / fear mongering amounts to is the same paranoid that started and enforced "The Cold War" in regard to communism a long time ago.

The more the Murdoch Mafia is debunked the more entrenched they become in faux fear and rhetoric.

This 'idea' that 'Stealth Jihad' is real is the same motivation as the demands of chronic conversion of people to Evangelical Christianity. In other words, if there are enough Muslims in the USA all is lost.

Right. Well, now we know what the Right Wing ? Scholars ? think and I doubt we are impressed.


This is supposed to support Representative King is his irrational rant for the 2012 elections and re-building the Bush Culture of Fear.

Today women are attempting to bridge the gap around the world. In Norhtern Africa they are demanding freedom.

Women are the largest global minority regardless of their numbers.  Cultural burdens have placed them at the bottom of the economic ladder with the greatest demand on their work in order to achieve what econoimc strength is afforded them.  Today is the Annaul Women's Day.

We invite you (click title to entry - thank you)  to join tens of thousands of people coming together on bridges all over the world -- from the Millennium Bridge in London, the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, to the Grand Barriere Bridge joining Rwanda and Congo -- to show your support for women's causes and celebrate women's achievements.

Today I recognize the women of Northern Africa and the voice they bring to the peaceful revolution taking place.  They are truly remarkable.