Friday, December 02, 2011

Everyone in the nation should know this face by now. (click title to entry - thank you)

This is Scott Olsen and he needs to be in office and he needs to be viewed as a future President of the USA.

He is billiant.  He is moral.  He is loyal to his country both domestic and abroad.  I am immensely proud of him and those he speaks for as a member of #Occupy. 

I cannot believe this man exists in this movement and he is typical of the members of this movement.  He has defended his country at war, came home intact, was injured in an act of Freedom of Speech and he has no malice toward anyone.

His contextualizing of his personal journey as to who he is today, what he believes of his own freedoms and how best to address the plight of his generation is amazing considering he has gone under incredibly invasive surgery and come out the other side unmarred by the total experience.

He is handsome man as well.  Not all Americans are as good looking as he either. 

By unmarred I can't really hear his speech impediment that is most assuredly temporary.  I hear THE COMPETENCY of this man's mind and his dedication to his country.  He is a 911 generation and he is amazing to me.

It is this quality of person we need in our government.  Scott Olsen is a leader.  He has the capacity to understand much while translating that into a clear understanding of patriotism to a better country and one intact and true to its purpose for its citizens.  He is a future President.  There is no reason why he cannot achieve that level of expertise to become elected to offices that will move him forward to leadership that will return decency to government. 

I like him a great deal.  Can you tell? 

The World Wildlife Fund is one of the most conservative conservation organizations on Earth and they are under attack?

Coca-Cola is one of the donors of the World Wildlife Fund.  So, now that Coke has tried to change its signature can from red to white with polar bears, their signature icon, they are a Global Warming promoter.


How deep does the hate go for the truth?

Please putchase Coke products as much as usual, they have done nothing wrong except be themselves while trying to change their ICONS.  The way I see the image on the new Coke cans, is they are less prominent than the old holiday images.  I think Coke is attempting to remove the old icons and move into a different promotion for their products.  Nowhere on the can does it promote a belief system and it is a shame the company is being harassed based on politcal agendas rather than the FREEDOM OF THE TRUTH.

...“We launched ‘Arctic Home’ (click title to entry - thank you) to raise awareness and funds for the polar bear. … We committed up to $3 million to World Wildlife Fund and are encouraging others to join us in helping protect the bears and their habitat,” spokesman Rand Carpenter wrote via email. “The plan is to continue shipping the billion-plus white cans until they run out and we are nearing that now.”...

National Wildlife Federation (click here)

I realize there are problems with high fructose corn syrup in the American diet, especially among children's food products, but, Coca Cola is a legitimate part of Americana as is apple pie.  The use of these products are not outlawed, but, only a matter of awareness to the problem with excess intake in a child's diet or the diet of adults. 

If Coca Cola wants to promote an very threatened species based in scientific fact and accounting that is a moral venue.  They have used the Polar Bear successfully in advertising and they feel a moral obligation, as they should, no different than Pacific Life has Humpback Whales as their icon. 

Scientists know for a fact when threatened and endangered species are in front of the public such as with the Humpback Whale and the Polar Bear it is helpful to the species so long as the public respects the protections surrounding these species.  People should not interact with wild animals as it changes their behaviors and endangers them further, but, if large corporations believe their reputation is improved by endearing these species with their products, there is mutual benefit.  That is a fact.

Polar Bear

Genus:  Ursus
Species: maritimus

Polar bears are in serious danger of going extinct due to global warming.
Rising temperatures cause sea ice to melt, especially in the summer months when the polar bears are the most active. Polar bears depend on sea ice as habitat for hunting and dens....

The Polar Bears are definately a threatened species because their habitat is disappearing.  It is the truth and fact.  Just that simple.  The ice is disappearing because it is melting due to warming oceans and seas caused by human induction of global warming.  The threatened status of the Polar Bear is directly to the Climate Crisis and spirally carbon dioxide levels.  Cause and effect.

Arctic Ocean Ice Melts to near Record Levels (click here)

By Genalyn C.
October 5, 2011 7:58 PM EST
Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean declined to its second lowest level on record last month, satellite observations show.,
NASA;s National Snow and Ice Data Center reported the melting, citing its satellite data. The level almost hit the record low recorded in 2007, but without the unusual weather conditions that contributed to the extreme melt that time….

Is Coca Cola a part of Americana?  Is there any question?  Ever seek out proof at museums? 

21st Century … (click here)The Coca-Cola bottling system grew up with roots deeply planted in local communities. This heritage serves the Company well today as people seek brands that honor local identity and the distinctiveness of local markets. As was true a century ago, strong locally based relationships between Coca-Cola bottlers, customers and communities are the foundation on which the entire business grows.

Off hand I don't know how many Americans are employed in PRODUCTION PLANTS in the USA by the Coca Cola Company.  Their local distribution depends on local employment for delivery drivers and warehousing. 

This isn't the first time Coca-Cola has lent itself to vital causes.  The Red Campaign found a friend in Coca-Cola as well (click here).

If the production model for Coca Cola is anything like that for Budweiser, then there are many plants throughout the USA.  In the case of Budweiser, there are Clydesdale Habitats where their production facilities are found.

Budweiser Clydesdale Auctioned to Benefit Habitat Restoration  (click here)
by: The Associated Press
A Budweiser Clydesdale filly went for $20,000 at a fund-raising auction staged by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in Reno. Rodger Fleming of Butler, Pa., a member of the foundation's board of directors, submitted the winning bid Saturday for the 8-month-old horse named Kindred. Plans call for the animal to be housed at the foundation's Elk Mountain Homestead in Benezette, Pa.,...

Most corporations have Non-Profit Foundations that secure monies to benefit social activities of one kind or another.  Those charitable activities can benefit the adverse press the company may be receiving.  It is legal.  The monies do help those the fund seeks to benefit.  So attacking a company based on the activities of its charitable activities should not win political gains as it victimizes those helped by the funds.

The Coca-Cola Foundation Makes a Splash for Education and Youth Development this Summer (click here)

The campaign against child obesity is real and this is a way for Coca Cola to say in a moral way, it loves children and never sought to injury them.  Okay?  I don't believe that is a bad message.  It is up to government to reign in the abuse of advertising and product distribution when it is adversely effecting the citizens of this country and children are citizens.  If Coca Cola is a part of something wonderful to prevent the extinction of Polar Bears then it has acted to morally support its use of the Polar Bear in advertizing.

Where corporations, Wall Street, is a problem is where they export American jobs and seek to exploit the free market system to benefit themselves while injuring citizens physically or fiscally.  The government has an obligation to control the exploitation of the private sector and when government fails in doing THEIR JOBS there needs to be protests and demonstrations until circumstances are resolved to a benevolence of the citizen. 

Cain victimizes women further and Beck calls for segregration of belief systems.

At the title to this entry is an attempt to win support for a man that needs to leave the conservative party, yet alone the current presidential race.

Cain is attempting to convert the charges against him by women he involved, that was HE INVOLVED in sexual liasons.

The charges by the first two women make more sense since Ginger White has come forward.  Her 13 year affair with Cain was casual at best.  In other words, when he wanted a fling with a lover he called on her.  She accompanied him on a trips and to events such as the boxing arena when ever he could.  How convenient it would be to have more than one CASUAL lover.  So instead of seeking the attention of one woman time after time, why not spread it around for sexual exploits and randomize the content of his sexual life to make it less detectable.  At any point over his lengthy marriage with his wife was he sincerely married?  Devoted?  Committed to a relationship of fidelity?  Perhaps while he was still marginalized in his disposable income.

In creating a site where women can support him, he is stating he does not have to be honest in order to be a President of the USA or a Conservative.  He is stating the claims by women that he involved in his life outside the bounds of marriage are unimportant and only his self gratification on every front be put forth in any female supporter's priorities.  Denial of the facts, his inability to address the women making the charges and his victimization of them only places Women's Issues in peril and not a priority.

Today, in vocal volumes that compromised the integrity of his vocal cords, Bech asked all his listening audience to seek out others of similar belief systems and move to and form communities for that purpose alone.  He advocated segregation based on belief systems to separate the public into voting blocs in congressional districts.  It was specifically stated as a political directive sanctioned by Jesus Christ.

Have a better day.


Does everyone actually understand why Republicans 'run it up the flagpole to see if it flies' as a methodolgy?

Sometimes I think people don't understand that it is a methodology of corrupt politicians.

The reason the methodology exists, and it is heard a lot on right wing radio and Murdoch's media empire, is to find out if the electorate consents to corruption.

The Republicans and their COOPERATIVE media services will put out feasible ideas that may benefit their constituents through legislative action even though it is not a truth or a sincere method of government.

If the electorate consents to corruption of government through elections either by a naive or corrupt or most often both electorate then the laws of the country, state or local government are made to serve those in the electorate 'of the same mind.' 

Educating the electorate is not necessarily the way of securing an election.  Understanding the culture of the electorate is not necessarily the way of securing the election.  But, understanding the result of the election of corruptable representatives is the way of at least mounting a challenge to that candidate.  Swaying enough of the sincerely honest and naive voters can win elections in red districts where they normally go to those that seek to make government meaningless and corrupt.

Yes, I believe every Republican in the federal government within that voting bloc is at the very least corruptible.  The very best example is the current Senator from Massachusetts Scot Brown.  He was elected to represent the people, the common man as he drove his pick-up truck to Washington, DC the day after he was elected.  Remember that?  Now, in complete abandon of those that viewed their vote as a vote for someone just like them he has Wall Street Barrons throwing money at him and he does their dirty work in Washington rather than the work of the average pick-up truck driver.  He was corruptible the day he was elected and became more corrupted after he signed on to the Republican voting bloc in the Senate.

The Payroll Deduction Tax Cut is to be extended and deepened according to President Obama.  He states it is a vital way to improve the expansion of the country.  President Obama states this in consultation of the Secretary of Commerce, Labor, Treasury and Energy, among those otherwise inclined within his cabinet.  He states this with conviction of truth and proven value of the tax cut. 

On the other side of the aisle is House Speaker Boner who states "I am not an economist."  Speaker Boner could receive consultations from anyone in the Executive Branch if he decided to WORK AT IT (rather than accepting talk radio rhetoric as his voting direction) to come to common ground with President Obama, but, instead he ran a completely idiotic and irrelivant statement up the flag pole.  Now.  Whom is better at governing?  A corrupt House Speaker and his majority or a dedicated President and his cabinet? 

The method of paying for the Payroll Deducation Tax Cut (PRTC) by imposing a permanent surcharge is the correct method of doing so.  The Bush Tax Cuts will be extended by the sheer fact the corrupt Republicans will not commit to voting for allowing them to expire for millionaires and billionaires because they hold the country hostage in order to insure the 'IMAGE' of being corrupt enough.  So, to relinquish the PRTC to anything other than a permanent surcharge is only allowing Republicans to continue their corruption.

We need to return the government to the people and end the corruptible and corrupt methodolgies of the Republican voting bloc.

Republicans are incredible liars. If they applied their creativity for lying to actual policy that works the country would be far better off.

In this video, which examines the merits of the President's plan, Barrasso states the problem for the needs of the tax breaks is that the Obama Economy requires it. Barrasso has the GALL to state the problem is the President's Economy and not that need for more taxes. So, the Obama Economy is operating in a vacuum of government subsidy indulgence while the American Economy should be NORMAL BY NOW.


Barrasso, his name sounds like a soap pad or something or a polish for 'tarnished brass balls found at the top of flag poles,' states the unemployment rate is 9.9 percent. Really? Where exactly is that in the USA, because the latest figures state the US economy is STUCK at 9.1 percent unemployment which has been consistent since the Republicans took the majority in the House.

The top of flag poles is where most Republican ideas fly to see if they have weight with the electorate and then they become reality.

Then Speaker Boner states, "I am not an economist."  Ya think.

There has to come a time when Gwen Ifill loses it and states, "Barasso, is there anything real about you at all !!!!!!!"  I live for the day.  Ah, civilized discourse and its ability to CAIN-AN-IZED.

Ginger White apologizes to Cain's wife (click title to entry - thank you)

The Herman Cain Candidacy has to be the quintessential Republican paradigm. The RNC and Murdoch's campaign for power cares nothing about the truth, only what can be sold to win over the galactically gullible.

In an interview yesterday on Hannity's radio show, Rove, the architect of all political architects, stated it was unfortuante the Cain Campaign didn't take the opportunity of the first ten to twelve days before Politico released the story to bring about a better resolve.

Rove, Hannity, Cain don't care about the truth, have no respect of the women involved and victimize the status of women all because the 'power with the candidate' was more important to their paradigm than any truth or any damage that occurred because of Herman Cain's creature habits.

I think Herman Cain is afraid to go home.  He wants to remain on the campaign trail as a strategy to undo the chronic damage to his IMAGE.  He doesn't respect for his wife.  I am sure she flies in planes and if her spouse needed her at his side, she would without a doubt be on the next flight out.  If it were me I'd be on the next plane out for my own meeting with dear, sweet talking Herman, but, it isn't me.

This just goes to prove the RNC have no SCRUPLES.  NONE.  They don't pause to reflect on the truth EVER.  They simply set an agenda while seeking to create and maintain momentum for the agenda, TRUTH BE DAMNED.  Why is it the opposition to the RNC are the only citizens of the USA willing to see this CHARACTER FLAW.  The RNC gives politicians a bad name and everyone else gets mistreated because of it.

They don't care about fidelity and marriage, ask Rove.  Rove would no more 'settle into' a healthy relationship with his former wife, while the marriage was still intact, away from the pressures of politics than stop breathing.  Where does anyone believe the RNC represents fidelity and ANNIVERSARY.  There is no sacrifice for the sake of saving a marriage.  Where did anyone ever get the idea Republicans have family values? 

Sad, very sad.

The treatment to end the spread of HIV would never have occurred without government.

I remember the beginnings of HIV.  I was involved in health care in the mid-1980s.  The people of the USA didn't even understand the difference between HIV and AIDS.  They were scared.  The Gay Community was amazing, it organized and fought the transmission of the disease from the beginning.  Then there was the AIDS quilt and the physicans in Boston were the first to run drug trials on a strangly named drug called AZT.  The results from the inital studies were so dramatic the trials were ended to save lives and AIDS reserach was begun.

AZT - An AIDS-defining drug (click here)

by Martin Walker (Continuum).

AZT both reflected and reinforced the basic paradigm within which almost all AIDS research was to take place. Nussbaum (1990)

Don't tell me about the people of the USA, I know about the ability of the people of the USA.  I am not surprised there is a medical regime that suppresses the deadly virus so people have a longevity of quality of life that also prevents transmission.  No HIV transmission from mother to infant is an incredible achievement.  WOW.  It only took thirty years to begin to vanquish the most deadly virus of the modern era.  A Pandemic will end.  Well done.

Did Wall Street ever have a rush of conscience about the massive amount of home foreclosures? Never without government setting the rules.

Massachusetts Attorney Iclick title to entry - thank you) General Martha Coakley is suing five major US banks for allegedly seizing properties unlawfully and failing to help struggling borrowers keep their homes by lowering mortgage payments....

One of the greatest insults to the American Dream was and is the massive numbers of home foreclosures affiliated with Wall Streets ever widening failiures of 2008.  Were there moments of regret or realization that foreclosure would do more damage than good.  Where did Wall Street think they were going with all this?  Destruction of community stability will destory economies and any chance of recovery.

Foreclosures in large numbers caused the glut of home availability and the fall of value of homes.  The banks literally were destroying their own 'asset value' by foreclosing but was there any creative thinking?  No.  Wall Street saw punitive measures as the only answer to its self created crisis with complete disregard to communities, tax bases for those communities and how greater instability would lead to a slippery slope.  If government didn't act at all the fiscal infrastructure of the USA would be far worse than it is today.