Saturday, March 23, 2013

Who is next? Who wants the immoral business of their husbands to end?

New York -
A US oil baron faces losing half his £7.4 billion ($11.2bn) fortune (click here) in what could be the most expensive divorce in history.
Harold Hamm could break the £1.1billion record for a settlement, set by Rupert Murdoch, when he and his wife Sue Ann go their separate ways after 25 years together.
According to the law in Oklahoma, Mr Hamm may have to hand over half the wealth he accumulated running the petrol giant Continental Resources.
The company has been subpoenaed by a US court, along with four other companies owned by Mr Hamm.
The 67-year-old made his fortune as a leading force in the American oil boom and served as the senior energy adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign.
Time magazine named him one of the most influential people in the world, while Forbes ranks him at 90 on its global wealth list.
Economist and lawyer Mrs Hamm, 56, has held key posts at Continental, which could play in her favour when the settlement comes to be drawn up, but she no longer works for the company....

Place high tariffs on USA gun imports.

Do not import USA guns. Don't do it. Ban the import of USA guns and ban exports to the USA.


Enough of this mess in the USA.

Give life sentences to those importing USA guns illegally!

Pope Francis has no fear of the HIggs Boson.

Vatican says up to 200,000 packed into St Peter's Square to hear Pope Francis vow to urge Catholics to 'protect creation'

The Higgs Boson still yields to the idea that "The God Particle" is still a particle. 

Pope Francis is fine and needs to focus on the poverty within the people of the Catholic Church.

Senator Feinstein is correct, both morally and constitutionally. Words cannot and should not override the rights of Americans to their lives.

"I don't really think the idea that you can ban them or reduce the magazine will really pass constitutional muster," Malcolm said. "If your standard is common use, these are all in common use for lawful purposes."  (click here)

This idea that 'common use' of an assault weapon is nonsense. It is the same cultural oppression that surrounded Roe v. Wade. Somehow, the reason women could not possibly have rights to abortion was because the legislation was 'constructed strictly' to survive a constitutional challenge. What the Supreme Court stated was regardless of the strict construction of the legislation wording women were dying when seeking an abortion and that was not a reasonable law. 

The same it true with the NRA's pride and joy, the high cost assault weapons that is at the heart of death and destruction in local violence throughout the world. It is not reasonable to uphold a law that provides COMMON USE of weapons that kill vast numbers of people that weren't engaged in defending themselves. Any law that upholds the sales of military style weapons in the USA is corrupt and unconstitutional.

It is about getting guns off the street.

Who would not back these efforts? Governor Christie even signed two laws this month to stop cruelty to animals.
Daily Quickie, 03.22.13
...Christie said O’Neal (click here for video) came to visit because he wants to get involved in a gun buyback program.
Christie said Shaq “had good ideas.’’
“We’ll do something with him,’’ the governor said.
O’Neal has become increasingly active in his home state since retiring from basketball. He is co-owner of a renovated, expanded theater in Newark that includes an auditorium with a 47-foot-wide screen.

Tonight is the "Community Event of Bowling for Columbine"

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Moore 'Bowling For Columbine' Post-Movie Discussion Live Streaming from NYC (click here)

I downloaded "Bowling for Columbine" from Direct TV. (click here for other locations of the film)

Below is another aspect of "MoveOn.Org." They provide a place for anyone seeking to effect government through petition a place to begin that process. It is a great idea for local initiatives as well as statewide or national.

l. Start Your Petition (click here)

Defense: FY2012 Budget Request, Authorization and Appropriations
President Obama’s FY2012 budget request, sent to Congress on February 14, 2011, included $670.9 billion in discretionary budget authority for the Department of Defense (DOD), of which $553.1 billion was for the so-called “base budget” of the department (that is, the cost of routine, peacetime operations excluding the cost of ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan). The remaining $117.8 billion in the DOD budget request was to cover the cost of so-called “overseascontingency operations (OCO),” including operations in those two countries.

The Overseacontingency operations is what will cease once the deployments to Afghanistan ends. There will be some left to deal with in places where troops are currently deployed in Africa and Turkey. So, we aren't finished completely with the OCO after the troops come home from Afghanistan.

The "base budget" is out of control. This is free money to the state budgets of the states in receipt of them. The 'base budget' has to be replaced by local economies and tourism.

Before getting into the BCA, one has to realize why it is healthy for local governments to move into local economies based in tourism where there are military bases. It is called a diversified economy that demands respect. Has anyone actually spend a weekend or a few days in a military town? It is interesting. The local governments are lazy. Very lazy. There are all kinds of entertainment for MEN. If you know what I mean? There are car dealerships, too. I wouldn't call that a healthy economy.

So, when a local economy has to answer for a higher purpose the local government isn't so darn lazy anymore. The local government has to clean up the streets and drive out drug dealers, too. The local bars and alcoholic beverage joints need to clean up their lots and have real value rather than cheap gin for sale. Or better said, 'A good time by the barrel.'

The idea 'the military town' is actually a good one is hideous and ridiculous. Try to raise children in those neighborhoods rather than 'living on base.'

There is much to be done and I have no doubt by the time the local economies are rehabilitated there will be a change in those elected.

That said, we go forward unafraid. As a matter of fact, the leadership of the military base should REQUIRE quality of life in a healthy way for the cities surrounding any military base. The base leadership needs to have a diplomatic contingency that seeks these dynamics for their enlisted.

However, the Budget Control Act (BCA) enacted in early August 2011 set ceilings on FY2012 discretionary budget authority that required a reduction of $35.7 billion from the total requested for so-called “security agencies”—a category that includes the DOD base budget, the Departments of Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, and State as well as the Energy Department’s Nuclear National Security Agency and the international activities of other agencies.

Below is a link to the BCA. "The Sequester" is Title I.

Sec. 101. Enforcing discretionary spending limits. 
Sec. 102. Definitions. 
Sec. 103. Reports and orders. 
Sec. 104. Expiration. 
Sec. 105. Amendments to the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act 
of 1974. 
Sec. 106. Senate budget enforcement.

Long standing military base towns have history. That history can and should become a part of the town's identity.

Example: Georgetown, South Carolina. I know about this town and can comment, it has nothing to do with sounding like "W." 

Georgetown's main street has incorporated it's history into it's economy. At any point along the waterfront and the main street there are shops for tourists. There are historic economic sites on the main street that have really interesting shops on their first floor. These shops sell local artist expressions as well as vending machines of refreshments along with historical documents for sale. What I found most interesting were two wooden boxes of post cards from 'time periods' of the past. To read the actual words of people of 'a time gone by' on post cards delivered by the US Post Office to family and friends was fascinating. Talk about understanding the past culture, it was an eye opener.

Being a sincere tourist is what is the most rich experience of the time one spends. Taking the time to spend on growing knowledge is most rewarding. It adds immensely to conversations, then and later. When one engages the shop keepers, they can even provide more insight than anyone expected.

On this day in 1781, (click here) Patriot commanders Lieutenant Colonel Light Horse Henry Lee and Brigadier General Francis Swamp Fox Marion of the South Carolina militia combine forces and conduct a raid on Georgetown, South Carolina, which is defended by 200 British soldiers.
Marion won fame and the Swamp Fox moniker for his ability to strike and then quickly retreat into the South Carolina swamps without a trace. His military strategy is considered an 18th-century example of guerilla warfare and served as partial inspiration for the film The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson....

This is an article from "The History Channel." Any city with a military history can develop pride in their history. It isn't that difficult. It is there to find. 

I am confident everyone has heard about "The Lewis and Clark Trail." 

The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail (click here) extends over 3,700 miles, passes through 11 states, and includes more than 100 sites from Illinois to the Pacific Coast. For directions to specific sites or locations along the Trail please contact the site you plan to visit or Trail headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Click on the state names below for more information on Trail sites in those states.

Route 66 ?
The Historic Route 66 web site is dedicated to provide free information for those who want to learn more about Route 66....
These projects linked cities and towns and experiences into a 'travel vacation' idea. They are great ideas, especially for bus tourist companies.
There is no reason why there aren't travel experiences along the East Coast of the USA either. So, there are economies to conquer and perfect. Accessible economies by a wide variety of incomes. They can even include places like Atlantic City and it's historic place in the country's growth and expansion. Time to get busy.

Governors and mayors, where are you?

According to Title I of the BCA this defines where The Sequester is suppose to happen.

‘‘(1) SEQUESTRATION.—Within 15 calendar days after Congress adjourns to end a session there shall be a sequestration to eliminate a budget-year breach, if any, within any category.

I'll start their next time.

The Democratic Paradigm in Elections has to shift. There is no reason not to.

During Primaries Democrats have to put forward candidates for office based on PERFORMANCE, not promises. Mayor Bloomberg figured that out. The candidates have to be electable, but, they also have to have a performance to match their promises.

Democrats have to keep the sincere problems of the electorate before them all the time until the problems are resolved. Promises don't do that and when we elect people based on their public image, ideology and stated purpose once they get to DC or the State Capital without a performance to the ends we are looking for then we have an empty seat that can be swayed by the Plutocrats.

Democrats elected in primaries have to have KNOWLEDGE, demonstrate leadership and have faced down the Plutocrats in a real way that leads to the outcomes the electorate seeks. If that doesn't happen the people will be left with an empty democracy at a time when we have no clock to run out until the next election.

Put aside $100 per election to back the candidate of choice that has proven their ability to make a difference and stands for what is necessary to achieve. Donate. Put the money into the candidate's future and have a real stake in the game. We can do this if we budget our patriotic success into our household budgets. We can do this. I know we can. Research the candidates, attend rallies and town halls and keep the neighborhood up to speed about who is real and who ain't.

Print handouts from the computer printer or hand write the notes. But, pass bullet points to neighbors and friends and watch participation grow. Don't take on the world, it is not possible, but, we can win within our neighborhoods and our city blocks. Have the kids spend a Saturday afternoon coloring a native flower in the corner of the flyer and then take an hour on Sunday afternoon to pass them out to the neighbors. It is called politics. Local economies need local politics to protect them and grow them. We need the people in our local, state and federal governments that can achieve and not just promise.

The Democratic Party has been at least 45% of the electorate for decades. What the heck happens after the elections?

Very cute. Everyone voted their re-election. Now, when are they going to get serious about the Climate Crisis?

The entire planet is dried up. There are tornadoes in Australia. You  know, the folks that stand beside us in Afghanistan and where we have a military base now. Those folks. They have at times laid tarps on the ground to preserve the morning dew during their droughts. Australia. It's dried up. There were fires there. Now, New Zealand is dried up. The people next door to Australia. Drought. It is SPREADING. The entire world is drying up because the USA has no Climate Crisis legislation.

And what do the folks that have to live outside of the lap of luxury get? A thought bubble over every Senator's head stating, "Wait until the next election." I don't think so.

Time marches on and the global drought continues every second of every minute of every day. Senator Reid has used two of his three strikes. He blew it on the filibuster and now is gave Senator Feinstein a rough go rather than standing at his microphone and stating, "Hey, look, we have less than forty votes for the Assault Weapons Ban, so it will be introduced as an Amendment, but, you folks have some work to do to get it passed."

August 2, 2012
Now's the time to prepare for the heat waves, (click here) heavy rains and droughts that climate change will bring, says Stanford Woods Institute's Chris Field, a noted climate researcher.
By Rob Jordan
Speaking Aug. 1 at a contentious U.S. Senate hearing on climate change, Stanford Woods Institute Senior Fellow Chris Field, an expert on climate change, offered a stark yet hopeful analogy.
Just as speeding increases the chance of having a car accident, climate change intensifies the risk of heat waves, droughts and heavy precipitation, said Field. He testified before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.
"We can point clearly to the causal mechanism, but it's still difficult to predict exactly when or where the crisis - either the accident from speeding in a car or the disaster that's related to climate change - will occur, he said. "But still, we can have high confidence in the driving mechanism."...

Enough of the nonsense. NASA has found higher levels of oxygen in the upper atmospheres of this planet. The entire gaseous layer of Earth has changed. The water vapor at the surface of the planet is gone. It is in the upper troposphere. It is time to submit legislation backed by profound proof from the scientific community backed by public comment of additional scientists that are not necessarily employed by the USA government. These experts are called professors. The United Nations has one of the most qualified voices by the name of Chris Fields. Enough already.

If the USA continues to believe they can pay for their way out of this by appropriating Sandy Funding they are grossly out of touch with reality while they seek to protect election territories. GET OUT THERE and talk to constituents at Town Hall Meetings about the Climate Crisis. This stuff is bad and if the USA continues to do this Australia will have crop losses that will cause suffering in that country. What then happens to our allies? This is craziness.

The monies have migrated to the upper 1% or less and they have captured some kind of footing through pressure on the electorate to cause the LACK of effective measure on climate and gun control. This is incredible. We lost have our democracy. There needs to be some real soul searching here people. Tomorrow is too late and getting later by the minute.

Posted by Juliet Eilperin on March 22, 2013 at 7:57 pm

The Senate voted 62 to 37 Friday (click here ) in favor of constructing the Keystone XL pipeline, the controversial project that would transport heavy crude oil from Hardisty, Alberta, to Gulf Coast’s refineries.

The bipartisan amendment to the Senate budget resolution, authored by Sens. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) and Max Baucus (D-Mont.), has no binding authority....