Thursday, July 31, 2014

Is war too hard? Doesn't seem to be, but, war against the people within the USA borders is simple. It is especially simple when it's helpless children.

The children didn't come armed.
Look, this is a no brainer. Mr. Ted "Metrosexual" Cruz is leading the house not the Speaker. All too obvious, right? Why? 

Cruz wants the Senate to swing while the House stays Republican after November. He is ruthless and doesn't care. If the House passes an extremist bill, it will satisfy the Tea Party and their financial backers. 

It goes like this, if the Republicans can't swing the Senate they can't impeach the President. What good is the lawsuit without the capacity to impeach the President and then the Vice President. 

Do Republicans lie? Yes, like rugs. When the House passes a bill and the US Senate rejects it, Cruz believes the Republicans can lie enough to state they did their jobs and helped the immigrants but it was the Senate that failed them.

If the Republicans are going to swing the Senate they will have failed their extremist base and the financial backers like the Kochs. If the Republicans fail to swing the Senate they will lose 2016. They know they will lose 2016. Why does anyone believe they even want elections in 2016 according to the USA Constitution as it stands? 

2014 is it. This is the election where the Republicans are suppose to land the big plan. Why would an extremist like Cruz cooperate with anyone to pass a bill that is viable in the Senate or even attempts to move away from his election money and voters? Cruz doesn't care about the country, Canada or the children crossing the border. Cruz cares about Cruz. The country be damned he is going to 'run game' the way he sees fit and the rest of the right wingers are anarchists anyway.

The press treats the Republicans like a legitimate party interested in the sovereign state of the USA and it's citizens. They don't. That isn't obvious?

They don't identify the USA as a country, they identify it as a power structure. They are fools enough to believe they can actually have control of it.
July 31, 2014
By Lisa Mascaro
House Speaker John A. Boehner (click here) was always expected to have trouble passing emergency funds for the crisis at the Southwestern border -- but Republican Sen. Ted Cruz made his job impossible.
Cruz, the hard-line Texas Republican, has been working behind the scenes to stir up conservative opposition to a House GOP plan to approve $659 million to secure the border and handle the flow of 57,000 migrant youths.
And it worked. Amid disarray, House GOP leaders canceled Thursday's vote after it was clear they did not have the votes....

The tunnels have been in existence from 2003 according to FOX News. So, why now?

July 30, 2014

This newspaper (click here) has long admired Israel and its beleaguered and resourceful people, who have suffered appalling provocation from enemies intent on wiping their country from the map.
Indeed, before anyone condemns them for acting against Hamas, we should consider how outraged we would be if our government stood by while neighbours rained rockets on our towns and villages.
But it is precisely because we have such high regard for Israel that we are so profoundly troubled by the scale of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s (below) bombardment of Gaza....

Eleven years of tunnels from Gaza to Israel now numbering 35 according to Israel and all of a sudden they are a threat to every Israeli. I don't think so. The tunnels are now a part of Israel's propaganda. 

It was obvious the tunnel toured by CNN were there for a long time. Eleven years and not one incident to back up the war into Gaza. 

Corrupt USA politics where money dictates policy and political PACS support war.

The reporting at FOX rarely mentions the Palestinian dead and whey they do it is as if the dead should have known better than to allow Hamas or any other organization to exist in Gaza. Gee whiz, the Gazans made a bad choice, now they die.