Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The USA CBO are a bunch of wackos.

The President needs to clean house over there. Let me show you. I am sure Goldman has a place for everyone of them even if in the mail room where their brains can be picked at minimum wage.

By Zachary A. Goldfarb  
Published: February 18

...The higher wages (click here) would lift about 900,000 people out of poverty, the report said.

But the CBO warned that raising the minimum wage could also cause employers to lay off low-wage workers or hire fewer of them, reducing overall employment by about 500,000 jobs, or about 0.3 percent of the labor force. The CBO acknowledged that its calculation is an estimate and said actual job losses could range from “very slight” to as many as 1 million positions....

So, according to the CBO, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will drop the number of people in the labor force. Now, that is not correct. All the people currently will remain in the labor force but won't be working one to two additional jobs to pay for their health care.

So according to the CBO there will be many jobs left vacant because the nation has good health care now. THAT IS WHAT THEY SAID. No going back on that. 

Now, the increase in minimum wage will cost the economy jobs. That is what the CBO is stating. If the minimum wage goes up and raises 900,000 out of poverty, then the economy will lose 500,000 jobs. CAN'T GO BACK ON THAT. It is in writing.

It seems to me that very much straights out the entire mess the CBO has so generously written as if the country has to be confused about what a Middle Class looks like.

The CBO is victimizing the people of this country by putting report after report into print to try to advise the country to reject it's own success in moving out of poverty.

So, here is the equation:

Loss of Labor + Loss of Jobs = 0 loss of quality of life for the Middle Class, balanced books for Wall Street with reductions in the need for food stamps, medicaid and welfare for the USA Treasury and a federal budget coming in line with it's income.


But, wait. The CBO will now come out with a report stating the loss of jobs won't align with the drop in labor and will result in a drop in GDP. 


I have a cure for that, when the INEVITABLE happens and some labor is misaligned with jobs that remain, they are retrained to fill in the gap. SOUND LIKE A PLAN?  

The magnificent change anticipated by the CBO has a name. It is called President Obama. 

The dye is cast. The people of the Ukraine will not consent now that so many have perished.

She needs to be returned to the Ukraine. Jailing her isn't going to stop this. She is willing to run for President in the Ukraine from her jail cell.

Commentators (click here) in Ukraine and the wider region are appalled by the use of force against protesters in Kiev's main protest camp. Front pages carry harrowing pictures from the Maidan, with headlines speaking of "rivers of blood".

...In Ukraine, the main headline in independent broadsheet Den is a quote from a poem by Vasyl Symonenko: "There is no more room for graves at the cemetery of killed illusions." The daily also publishes a gallery of harrowing images from last night's clashes, headlined "Dictatorship of hatred".
"Shattered truce" is the front-page headline in the popular daily Segodnya, which is of the opinion that "Ukraine is on fire again". Speaking about chances for a peaceful parliamentary solution to the crisis, political expert Vadym Karasyov tells Segodnya that "they are melting away fast"....

Ultimately the former Prime Minister must be freed to return to her country. No army is going to stop this. They believe the future of their children is more important than their own lives. Widows are not a good idea by any government. 

14 February, 15:44
...In October 2011 (click here) she was sentenced to seven years in prison for abuse of power during the signing of the gas supply contracts with Russia. But Tymoshenko is not planning to give up her position....

President Yanukovych is destroying his own economy. The loans from Russia will never be enough if this continues. If the Ukraine remains in chaos it's fiscal condition will deteriorate. The current path President Yanukovych has chosen will never be tolerated. A day of mourning? Really? He calls out the troops and 25 people are dead and he calls for a day of mourning. I don't think that is going to elevate his status among the people.

President Viktor Yanukovych has declared February 20 a day of mourning for those perished in the clashes between the anti-government protesters and law-enforcers, reads decree No.82 of February 19.

By Brendan Hoffman (GETTY)

KIEV, UKRAINE - FEBRUARY 19: A hotel clerk looks out the lobby window at a barricade that was constructed on an adjacent street overnight near the perimeter of Independence Square, known as Maidan, on February 19, 2014 in Kiev, Ukraine. After several weeks of calm, violence has again flared between police and anti-government protesters, who are calling for the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych over corruption and an abandoned trade agreement with the European Union. (Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)
Germany can't be dethroned. Every time it looks as though there will be a change in status Germany wins another gold medal.

The Curling competition is becoming more and more interesting. I still haven't decided it is a good idea to stack the stones the way they do. I know I am probably dead wrong about this, but, would it not be just has good if they were lined up across the entire target as in a straight to the house?

It is incredible how accurate the placement of the stones are on ice.


Ever wondered (click here) how the Olympic medals are stored at an Olympic Games? Who keeps an eye on them? How they’re transported to the Medals Plaza? Or what goes on backstage to ensure the medals look their shiny best before being presented to the athletes?

Rachel Axon
USA TODAY Sports  
8:50 p.m. EST 
February 18, 2014
KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia -- If Sarah Burke (click here) were here, she and Roz Groenewoud would stand at the top of the Olympic halfpipe and say 1-2, 1-2.
The Canadian teammates always supported each other in that way, even if each saw herself on top.
A pioneer in her sport, the Canadian was a driving force behind getting the sport into the Olympics. It has been two years since her death after a training crash, and yet her dream will live on as halfpipe makes its debut for female skiers Thursday....