Saturday, February 20, 2016

When comparing the Wall Street Journal poll this past week to the actual results; WSJ measures Evangelical Christians. The small number of respondents are to be expected.

Real Clear Politics Average came fairly close to winner in the outcome in South Carolina for the Republicans.

Trump - 31.8 and SC 32.5
Rubio - 18.8 and SC 22.48
Cruz - 18.5 and SC 22.33

It is still a somewhat rough poll for second and below.

There are significant trade deficits for the USA due to NAFTA.

...The $2.5 billion (click here) U.S. goods trade surplus with Mexico and $29.6 billion deficit with Canada in 1993 turned into a combined NAFTA goods trade deficit of $177.2 billion by 2013. That’s a 556 percent, or $150.2 billion increase in the combined NAFTA deficit. Not only did goods imports soar under NAFTA, but annual growth in U.S. manufacturing exports to NAFTA partners fell 62 percent below the pre-NAFTA rate....

Re-export (click here)

Re-export controls (click here)

United States Census Bureau - Foreign Trade (click here) - the monies in the chart is not in dollars, it is in millions of dollars. So take the numbers and multiple by $1 million.


2015 Total

$58,363.70 X $1,000,000 = $58,363,700,000

Over $58 billion dollar deficit with Mexico. I guess there are a couple of ways of looking at it. Either way, however, has been bad news for the USA. These are Wall Street goods. I wonder if the US Census tracks any cottage industries trading across borders, too.

Michael Moore's work tends to breed rebels out of the most unexpected Americans.

February 19, 2016
By Dan Macrae 

Michael Moore‘s upcoming documentary Where to Invade Next (click here) has been branded an R-rated offering by the MPAA. The filmmaker’s offered up his own guide for teens to sneak into the movie (which probably got an unlikely workout from Deadpool‘s debut), but one theater chain is cutting out the middleman in getting teens past the ominious Restricted rating.

The theaters in the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain will be adopting a modified policy for would-be viewers aged 17 or younger that won’t be attending with a parent, guardian or drifter they paid to pose as their uncle. The company says the film is too “important” to adhere by the MPAA’s ruling and will relax their policies to allow teens aged 15 and up to see the movie without supervision. Drafthouse founder/CEO Tim League announced this plan in an open letter addressed to “The Parents of America.”...  

Where to Invade Next is a very important film. It ranks Americans among the most neglected people by their government in the First World today. Americans are going through upheavals of their social and cultural contract. The film finally calls an end to the rhetorical political America and asks; what are we thinking, what are we doing and where are we going? But, most importantly is there actually a destination at the end of our political and social priorities?

The film places Americans in esteem and breaks the taboo of what most Americans believe, "America is the greatest country on Earth." Not. But, it does say, "We can be the greatest country on Earth, again."

Congratulations Donald Trump.

This is a decisive victory for Donald Trump. He has been spending a great deal of time with the voters in these states. For a self-funded candidate he has quite a dynamic ground game. He worked for this.

I think the rest of the Republican field have problems the cannot overcome.

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders had a very decent showing. There is a difference of 4 percentage points. Everyone said Bernie's campaign would end in New Hampshire. Really?

The Speeches

Hillary Clinton is absolutely correct in stating she will release her speeches when everyone else does. I also believe she runs a chance of liability to her clients if she released them rather than as a political ad attack against a misstatement.

I don't believe the speeches were requested to trip up her presidential run, but, they are serving to be yet another MYSTERY attack. I only hope when the speeches finally make their way to the internet they aren't written on napkins or toilet paper.

Oh dear, oh dear, when will Hillary Clinton stop wearing armor because there are many in the world that at the very least dislike her. She has been a force for good. The fact she relies on big money donors to run her campaign and her personal funds raised because of her talent and long lived dedication; is not a fault, it is a necessity. 

Bernie Sanders is a phenomena no one thought was possible. He has the right to demand exposure of controversial elements of Hillary Clinton's candidacy. In a way it is an expression of being loyal to the Democratic Party which is a new standing for him.

Loyalty, did I say loyalty, but, he's attacking Hillary!

Indeed he is attacking Hillary and the final product is an exposed candidate that can no longer be attacked in the general election should she be the nomination.

I look forward to the remaining primaries to choose a candidate that can bring about justice in the USA. Whether it is Bernie or Hillary, I sincerely believe the problems of the Dreamers and Undocumented, younger Americans and the worry over the national debt will find a strong platform beginning on January 20, 2017.

I think there is a lot for Hillary Clinton to weigh when exposing her speeches and most of that is not politics. The rights of those receiving the speeches  can use them for fundraising or reassurances to investors. I do not believe she alone can decide to release transcripts or otherwise.
No one is sayin George W. Bush is a co-conspirator with al Qaeda. What people are saying with a great deal of validity is that George W. Bush DID NOTHING with the intelligence the country had to avoid attacks on the USA and it's citizens.

That is not co-conspiracy, it is incompetence and/or a willingness to allow a reason to war. Iraq was simply a blatant lie. "W" was corrupt and probably still is. He stated many things during his campaign in 1999-2000, but, most of what he stated were lies, except, those he carried out for his base.

Even today Bush has issues. He only talks in a variety of vernacular about war and killing an enemy yet to be identified as a direct threat to the USA.

I wish the media would stop the propaganda, I think the country knows the facts.

The CIA warning stated there would be attacks by al Qaeda within six months of it's presentation to the President. Five months later it happened. The FBI already had Moussaoui in it's sights and long before September 11, 2001. There were FACTS about the emerging attacks and Bush did nothing.

The FACT is he did nothing and the CIA PDB existed and the FBI Moussaoui was already known; states all that is obvious. He did nothing for his own reasons.

All the money spent on supposedly needed intelligence infrastructure was a way of hiding the truth. The new infrastructure has not picked up very dangerous scenarios carried out in places such as Paris, San Bernardino and New York City with a van bomb that never had a chance of explosion. It completely missed the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber and we are suppose to believe those monies were not a ruse to draw attention away from the truth.

I wasn't born yesterday and am not willing to believe the USA is safer on September 12, 2001. The intelligence agencies did their job and did it well and it worked better before the attacks of September 11, 2001 than it does today.
Who ever thought Parmesan cheese would ever be an enemy?

I hadn't seen the television segment that pointed to the fact parmesan cheese on our dinner table is not really parmesan cheese. I heard it while waiting for my tires to be changed at a local garage. People were talking about it and were concerned there was not a strategy to avoid the plague.  

I looked around a bit and it is sincere is a problem. Consumers have no LABEL stating exactly what was in their cheese. I also found a producer of powdered cellulose 

"Ridgeland" powdered cellulose (click here) carries a few mixes of such cellulose.

Powdered Cellulose (click here)

If one examines closely the ingredients in the powdered cellulose there is a variety that actually uses potato starch. Potato starch is the same type of product as ordinary starch that are used in gravies as a thickening agent. Potato starch is sold in health food coops. I have a bag in my kitchen.

But, in reading the information about powdered cellulose, which comes from trees, I was very surprised to realize there is an antibiotic incorporated in the mix. Antibiotics, the type doctors administer by prescription, are not available in organic food stores. At least not the markets I have shopped in.

Natamycin (click here) is the culprit. It is a mold inhibitor. I never bargained for that as a consumer.

I am looking long and hard now at what type of product I purchase because my understanding is the parmesan cheese mixed with powdered cellulose also comes in solid pieces found at the cheese counter.

I am anticipating the purchase of a more expensive product that is 100% parmesan I grate myself. If the grated cheese is to clumpy then I'll add small amounts of potato starch powder to achieve the same result as the store bought laced with anti-mold antibiotic.

Custom Formulations (click here)

  • Anti-Mycotic Blends
  • Natamycin, Potassium Sorbate, & Oxygen Scavenger
  • Low Dust
  • Put your anti-caking agent in the cheese & not in the air
  • Starch Blends
  • Potato, Corn, Tapioca & Rice
  • Mineral Blends
  • Calcium Sulfate & Calcium Carbonate

The Confederate Flag is a social disease.

February 18, 2016
For months, eight-year-old Chrissy Turner (click here) went to bed each night hoping the strange lump in her chest would just go away.
The little girl was terrified to tell her parents, but finally, white-faced with fear, she managed to gather enough courage to confide in her mother....