Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is Wildard Mitt Romney the next Dick Cheney? More than likely, yes.

I don't trust Wall Street in the White House.  Do we want a CEO from a liquidity bank leading the USA?  I sure don't.  I would never vote for the man.  It has nothing to do with anything except the USA has been worked over the coals since Bush's administration took office in January 2001. 

NO, THANK YOU.  I learned my lesson the first time!

Bain is simply the next Halliburton and don't tell me for one minute that Romney won't bring his money management skills with him to the Executive Branch.  There is a big difference between Bedtime for Bonzo and Bain Capital.  Romney was once the President of the Actor's Guild. 

Romney is nothing like Reagan.  Nope. 

The Democrats have had a diffcult time warming up to Secretary Geithner, just think what it is going to be like with a Wall Street CEO in the Oval Office.  Romney has never had a treasury like the one of the USA.  He never had the borrowing power either.  He never had the clout and I guarantee he'll sidle up to China, India and Iraq like Paulson never did.

He'll never be able to compare his 'job creation' rate to that of President Obama.  No comparison.  Romney took no prisoners.  That ruthlessness was never a priority with the President.  It will be Wisconsin from Sea to Shining Sea.

The Republican War Mongers regarding the MIddle East really are way off base.

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz (click title to entry - thank you) with Defense Minister Ehud Barak in the Golan Heights.
Photo by: Defense Ministry

Israel is accepting refugees from Syria.  Israel has been and always will be interested in PEACE between itself and its neighbors.  It would be wise for Iran to realize exactly how interested in peace Israel actually is and has always been.

Assad had to realize that once the Syrian people reached their tolerance of his regime it was going to be met with a strong effort to remove him and his military.  Hezbollah has been entrenched in resistence for a long time in Syria, much of that time its efforts were aimed at Lebanon and Israel.  But, the really it neither Israel or Lebanon had oppressed them, their own government did. 

The reason Hezbollah has been displacing their efforts against neighbors to Syria is because that was always Assad's focus.  Assad was always over reaching his authority across borders. 

With the Arab Spring giving new reality to the citizens of the MIddle East, there was a new focus for and they removed themselves from the 'violent old ways' and seek change through passive resistence.  When Assad met their passive resistence and their civil disobedience with violence against his own people, there was no holding back a populous now aware of their real enemy. 

Israel has always been tolerant.  It has sometimes over reacted to threats at its borders.  Israel at times has been unjust within its borders with Palestinians.  But, with the Middle East moving their focus off Israel to realize their oppressors far exceed a simple scapegoat, Israel may find a greater opportunity for humanitarian connections to Arabs in need.

...Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said Tuesday that Israel is preparing to absorb Alawite refugees once Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime collapses, which he expects to happen in the coming months.

Speaking at a Knesset Defense and Foreign Affairs committee meeting, Gantz said Assad's turmoil could cause him to seek a military confrontation with Israel....

I would never expect Israel to change its defensive approach to their national security.  It is not prudent for Israel to lower their expectations of defending their autonomy, but, I would not expect Israel to become an aggressor nation in the MIddle East.  Quite the contrary, I would expect Israel to eventually move into a movement toward peace with a newly resolved Arab League.  In many ways the Arab Spring is 'too good to be true' for Israel and there are still questions as the 'intent' of newly elected governments.

..."Assad cannot continue holding on to power and his downfall is expected to cause a crack in the radical axis," Gantz said.
"Assad and the Syrian regime may have a hard time acting against us in the short-term, but we also need to take into account that Syria has advanced weapons systems. They have advanced Russian arms such as Yakhont missiles."

The IDF chief said that he was not sure whether the Golan Heights, which border with Syria, will remain quiet in the near future.

"Assad is not the same type as [Former Libyan leader Muammar] Gahdafi, who fights until the last bullet down in the sewer. The day that the Syrian regime will fall, it will issue a blow to the Alawites, and we are preparing to absorb those refugees."
Gantz also discussed other threats the IDF perceives....

It would be a folly for the Arab League to allow Israel to wonder as to its own security with such dynamic shifts in power in many of its member countries.  The Arab League is proving to be a guiding force in the Middle East, I would think its ultimate challenge would be to bring all its member nations to the table with Israel to hammer out a sustainable peace and a permanent Palestine Nation.

I would not expect a 'perfect start' to such efforts, but, I believe all parties are capable of ending the turmoil of the Middle East and establish a stable region.

I believe the Arab Spring is bringing a new savviness to the Arab League.  I have been impressed with their resolve and willingness to work with the people.  Their initiatives in Syria cannot be denied as one of the more brave approaches I have witnessed among members of the Arab League in all its existence.  They are working to secure the people against violence to allow representative governments to grow.  That is not only impressive, it is historical for this region.  Quite amazing actually.  Good allies and trade partners are growing.

I hear Republicans are waking up to the prospect of having an atypical QUALIFIED candidate as a nominee.

Republican (click title to entry - thank you) presidential candidate, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman and his wife Mary Kaye turns and gestures to the crowd after doing a television interview prior to a campaign rally in Exeter, N.H., Monday, Jan. 9, 2012. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Mr. Lew is a very familiar face. Thank you, Mr. Lew.

The best part of Mr. Lew's acceptance for Chief of Staff is that Congress has a one stop place for cooperation.  Mr. Lew is from the Office of Management and Budget.  Congress can now rely on the White House to be completely accurate in their assessment of any bills costs and REVENUES.

..."Over the past year he has helped strengthen our economy and streamline the government at a time when we need to do everything we can to keep our recovery going," Obama said. "Jack's economic advice has been invaluable and he has my complete trust, both because of his mastery of the numbers but because of the values behind those numbers."

Lew is well-regarded by Republicans, though he is likely to be perceived as more of a partisan than Daley, who had a close relationship with the corporate community.

Former Republican Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, who worked with Lew on appropriations and budget matters, called Lew's appointment a "solid choice."

"He's a very professional guy, he's a straight shooter, he's obviously partisan, but he knows his stuff," Gregg said. "He always told you what he thought. He was very straightforward. He has a lot of credibility on the Hill."...

I thank Mr. Daley for staying at the White House over the past year after Rahm was elected Mayor of Chicago.

After a frustrating year of setbacks and bruising fights with Republicans, President Obama accepted the resignation of Chief of Staff William Daley and turned to a Washington veteran in an attempt to improve White House operations and the administration's dealings with Congress....

It is absolutely astounding to realize the length President Obama has gone to in trying to find a way to welcome Republicans home.  It hasn't worked, it is not going to work because the Tea Party folks have a real chip on their shoulder.  They didn't come to Washington DC to cooperate for the best interest of the country, they went to Washington DC to take control.  There is quite a difference.  The Tea Party members of the US House have literally set up a parrallel governing body whereby they assigned Speaker Boner as President and relished their own Congressional Christmas Tree Lighting VS The White House Christmas Tree.

The US House has disconnected from governing and is literally under seige.  That is my point of view. 

So, I am sure the required 'tensile strength' needed in the Oval Office and with its staff is more than anyone can imagine with the country having a 'fingertip hold' on a recovering economy.  Although in all honesty, this recovery is different than others, in that Americans are taking up the call and growing their local economies without relying on Wall Street.  The 'opportunity gap' is closing with focus on local economies, but, the shift to success is slower as it was stymied by events in 2009 that left Small Business start ups without bank loans.  It took awhile for the Recovery Act to make its progress through the USA states and into the economy.  So, while the economic recovery was lethargic, it was due to external forces no one could see coming.  Wall Street literally picked up their money and left the country. 

I wish Mr. Daley a great deal of success in Chicago and I appreciate all his efforts in DC.  If his efforts to bridge a relationship from the Executive Branch to Congress were lackluster it was not for the trying.

Laura Ingram and the media hasn't got anything.

WASHINGTON - White House (click here) social secretary Desiree Rogers is quitting, but the Obama administration insisted Friday she wasn't forced out over the embarrassing party-crasher security farce.
A close confidant of the Obamas, Rogers failed to provide staff to help Secret Service double-check a White House guest list last November....