Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It is just more lies by Jeb Bush. His brother's feelings must be hurt.

Jeb Bush is really nobody. He sincerely doesn't know how to be somebody because he knows nothing but rhetoric. 

August 11, 2015
11:23 AM 

Los Angeles — Jeb Bush (click here) is planning to issue a full-throttle attack Tuesday night on the Obama administration’s handling of Iraq and terrorism issues, asserting that Hillary Rodham Clinton “stood by” as secretary of state when the situation in Iraq deteriorated, creating the conditions that led to the rise of the Islamic State as the Obama administration reduced its troop level in Iraq.... 

Let's get this straight before people actually believe Jeb Bush has something to say. It is all an attempt to justify an illegal and immoral war and take the heat off "W." Supposedly Iraq was under control and a peaceful country when "W" left office. 


June 3, 2016
By Malcolm W. Nance 

ISIS’s roots in Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party (click here) are deep — many of the group’s most devoted commanders, advisers and fighters started out as Baathists. The ex-Baathists essentially run ISIS, and their past is evident in the tactics they are using now.
After the 1963 coup that first gave the Baathists a share of power in Iraq’s government, Saddam became head of the secret Jehaz Al-Khass, or Special Branch, and collected meticulous dossiers on friends and enemies alike. Saddam used these dossiers to carry out a political putsch in the mid-sixties, as well as the bloodless 1968 coup that brought his party to full control of Iraq. From 1968 until 2003, Baathists controlled every aspect of Iraqi life and generalized the surveillance techniques that Saddam had used so effectively in his rise to power.
The Baath government amassed millions of personal records and forced its citizens to spy on family and friends for Saddam’s intelligence agencies....After the invasion, the Baathists held the key to the human terrain of Iraq. All of these Saddamist traditions have been carried on by his disciples in ISIS.
One of these is Samir Abd Muhammad al-Khlifawi, usually known as Haji Bakr, a former spy for Saddam who became chief of military operations for ISIS.
From as early as 2004, al Qaeda in Iraq gradually sought to transfer control of the Iraqi jihad from foreign fighters like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Abu Ayyub al-Masri to local Iraqi commanders like Abu Umar al-Baghdadi. AQI became the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) in 2006, just as many local captives were being released from U.S. military prisons such as Camp Bucca. One of them was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the future caliph of ISIS. As an Iraqi, he had been held not with the high-value al Qaeda terrorists, but with low-level FRL and Iraqi religious extremist insurgents. At Bucca, al-Baghdadi formed bonds and apparently conceived the model that would eventually become ISIS, a consolidated force of Iraqi Sunni FRLs, joined with al Qaeda’s foreign fighters, that would take back their traditional tribal lands and then form a caliphate. That’s where he connected with Haji Bakr....

Interesting reading, isn't it? No? I find it very interesting.

The Bush legend of "W" go it alone war never bothered to reveal the fact they knew there was a lot of peril in entering Iraq and there would be no "Mission Accomplished."

Sorry, I have friends that stopped by. I'll be back.

I never get tired of hearing General Eric Shinseki regarding Iraq. Why? Because he states, "...because of all the ethnic pressures that could lead to other problems....to maintain a safe and secure environment...."

I don't want to hear how President Obama undid all the wonderful accomplishments of "W." The facts are very plain not matter how Jebby tries to spin the truth to protect "W" from sadness. See, I don't think Jebby really cares about the Iraq War or anything else, he simply doesn't want his families GREATNESS tarnished by the truth. 

The facts are OBVIOUS. The invasion into Iraq was a little too desperate to balance Halliburton's books and prevent Cheney from a lawsuit as CEO or worse. This outcome that exists today is NOT a surprise. There is a reason why "W" built a one billion US embassy in the Green Zone. The USA was suppose to have a permanent war in Iraq for the very reason Daesh exists today. The USA intelligence, the USA military, Interpol and every other major power, including Israel, in the world knew what was going to happen here. I do remember that Russia abandoned Syria's ports in the Mediterranean. That didn't happen because Russia ran with it's tail between it's legs to the Black Sea or other Russian interests.

THE TRUTH is that Jebby is trying to avoid is the FACT his brother "W" didn't give a damn about peace and knew full well this was going to destabilize the entire region.

This conversation occurred today.

In my travels through North Carolina I ran across an Archdale police officer who was investigating a robbery. He stated there was some increase in crime this summer. But, he said the worst problem they face is rape. He stated there has been an increase in rape in Burlington, North Carolina of women who found their dates on "Christian Mingle." 

I don't lie. The police officer was sincere and in disbelief a Christian dating cite would have this type of problem. He stated he and the area police are very worried about the problem and not being able to warn the women.

The sooner the better.

August 11, 2015
By Abby Sewell

This is a holding cell. I actually can't believe that I found this picture online. This is a perfect example of the over crowding in CJ. You can't see it but there is a toilet somewhere in this picture.

Setting a path (click here) for the future of the Los Angeles County jail system, the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a plan to eventually move 1,000 offenders with mental health issues out of lock-ups as well as to build a new downtown jail.

The moves reflect the growing debate about how the county incarcerates inmates, particularly the mentally ill, who make up 20% of the roughly 17,000 people behind bars. Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey and others have called for a new approach that moves many mentally ill people out of jail and into treatment centers with hopes that they will get help and avoid committing more crimes.

The supervisors voted 3-1 to build a 3,885-bed jail downtown that would replace the decrepit Men's Central Jail, as well as to create a new women's jail in Lancaster. Supervisor Don Knabe voted no and Hilda Solis abstained....

Carley Fiorina will never be President or Vice President.

She lost a lot of jobs to China. She can't runaway from her past.
By MJ Lee
updated 9:39 AM ET, Mon May 4, 2015
...Fiorina's time at HP (click here) has been a political target in the past. When she challenged Sen. Barbara Boxer in 2010, the veteran California Democrat zeroed in on Fiorina's HP tenure.
"As the CEO of HP, Carly Fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. Fiorina shipped jobs to China," one Boxer ad claimed. "And while Californians lost their jobs, Fiorina tripled her salary, bought a $1 million yacht and five corporate jets."

Claire McCaskill is a wonderful US Senator.

Her policies domestically are impeccable, however, I strongly suggest she spend some time traveling and coming to understand our allies better.

She is stating she is worried about the monies involved in the Iran agreement and the willingness of allies to act in returning sanctions and controlling monies within the agreement.

She is correct. The USA's disapproval of the agreement will mean very little. It is called sovereignty and there is no way of controlling the actions of allies. If there is some kind of understanding in the Republican Senate that the USA will be throwing it's weight around and withdrawing from NATO, it will be received with mixed happiness among the war weary American public. 

There is definite skepticism by the Republicans in regard to allies. If one recalls the Republicans are more than willing to 'go it alone' when allies are not. The best example to that reality is Iraq. So, if the Republicans succeed to continue to demonize Iran it may be US Allies and the USA will be on opposing sides. If the USA thinks it will carry out another "Iraq Attack" into Iran they need to think again. It's all political rhetoric, but, sadly the Hawks in Congress will see it as a promise.

August 10, 2015
By Victor Beattie

Washington - Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill (click here) said she does not believe she and other uncommitted U.S. lawmakers feel under any pressure from either side as Congress weighs its support of the Iran nuclear agreement.
President Barack Obama, in a Sunday broadcast interview, warned congressional rejection of the deal would make the central goal of keeping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons harder to achieve.
McCaskill, who has not yet committed to support or reject the agreement, said she is reaching out to the diplomats of countries holding Iranian assets to see if they will continue to respect international sanctions if the U.S. Congress rejects the deal....
Unfortunately, Claire McCaskill is wrongly questioning the integrity of US Allies. They were strong in enforcing sanctions when it mattered and brought Iran to the diplomatic table. The agreement is historic. It has many provisions to insure the protections of other countries and nations in the Middle East. There simply is no reason to question the ability of allies, along with our State Department to delay a vote in favor of the Iran Agreement. All the stupidity in questioning the agreement is political fodder in the USA, but, we know that reality when the politics turns into campaign promises after elections.

As an American that believes in the strength and resolve of our allies as exampled in the Minsk Agreement, I EXPECT the approval of the Iran agreement:

12 Feb 2015
By Roland Oliphant

The talks (click here) have produced two documents: a joint statement that sets intentions and broad objectives, and a more detailed 13-point Russian-language document entitled “A Complex of Measures for Fulfilment of the Minsk Agreement.”...

Our European allies could have turned their backs on Ukraine and sacrificed any understanding of peace with Russia after Russia broke the international agreement of non-interference in Ukraine politics and domestic affairs. But, the allies stood strong and today Ukraine has made progress to an open and invigorated country. There remains problems yet and Europe remains vigilant, but, they are not the scale of problems that could have existed. 

The idea any role by allies in the agreement with Iran is in question is outrageous. The spineless in the US Congress need to find their resolve and approve the multi-party agreement. The USA cannot afford more international skepticism and installation of fear. The USA's international standing has to improve and this agreement with our allies and Iran can provide that reassurance. The war mongering has to end. The USA has an obligation to prove diplomatic relations are important to the USA and this agreement is a sound step up that path.

This is from Swissinfo.com

The officers that drew guns on unarmed citizens need to be fired from their jobs. Part of the problem with "Police that kill" is the fact they take orders that result in the deaths of innocent people. The police of Ferguson are still carrying out actions that indicate the people are not yet safe.

August 11, 2015
By Carey Gillam and Scott Malone

...Police carrying shields (click here) rushed into a crowd of protesters around midnight, prompting many to scream and run away. Twenty-three people were arrested, some for throwing frozen water bottles and rocks at officers, according to the St. Louis County Police Department.
Authorities declared a state of emergency on Monday for the St. Louis suburb and surrounding areas after police officers shot and critically wounded a man in an exchange of gunfire Sunday night, marring what had been a day of peaceful demonstrations to commemorate the anniversary.
Ferguson resident Roberta Lynch, 51, one of the demonstrators on Monday evening, said relations between police and the community had improved little over the past year.
"They are doing the same old stuff, taking our rights," Lynch said. "They need to give us our space."
Monday's demonstrations capped a day of civil disobedience called by activists to protest against the shooting of Brown and other unarmed black men by police across the United States....

Have the economics of the community changed and improved?

The unrest after dark is known to be a problem. It has nothing to do with the protests. 

Michael Brown, Jr. wanted to change his circumstances. He was on the threshold of attending college. He was about change and justice. He never got his chance to break out of the oppressive poverty enforced by the governing infrastructure of Ferguson.

For a very long time the government of Ferguson financed itself on the backs of innocent people. The people of Ferguson need the opportunity of upward movement and better lives. Perhaps that will come with education or it might come in the organization of unions at their place of work, but, today the people of Ferguson should be improving their quality of life and proving that oppressive conditions can be removed when given full sunlight. 

I wish them well, congratulate them on their continued vigilance and I continue to hold Michael Brown, Jr. in my heart as well. 

POSTED 1:22 AM, AUGUST 10, 2015
UPDATED AT 07:56AM, AUGUST 10, 2015

“Protesters are people who are out there to effect change,” Belmar said. There were “several people shooting, several rounds shot.”

FERGUSON, Missouri — A day of peaceful vigils (click here) to mark the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s shooting death turned ugly late Sunday night when protesters threw rocks and bottles at officers, and police critically injured a man who they say fired at them.

The unidentified man in his 20s was undergoing surgery early Monday morning.

He unleashed a “remarkable amount of gunfire” against the officers using a stolen handgun, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said.
Belmar descried the attacks on the officers, saying they are hindering the city’s progress....

The face of CORRUPTION. He does not belong in leadership.

It is about votes and money. Today, Ted Cruz is his best friend.

August 10, 2015
By David Riley and Brian Tumulty, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and USA TODAY

GREECE, N.Y. -- New York Sen. Chuck Schumer (click here) said Monday the U.S. should try to broker a better nuclear deal with Iran because a White House-backed plan has too many flaws.

In his first public remarks since announcing his opposition to the agreement Thursday evening, Schumer said he believes the odds are too great that Iran’s “ugly, dictatorial, theocratic regime” will hold on for another decade or so. It could use the deal to get rid of sanctions while continuing to cause trouble in the Middle East, he said.

“I believe we should go back and try to get a better deal,” he said. “The nations of the world should join us in that.”

Secretary of State John Kerry rejected the possibility of renegotiating....