Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Happy Fourth of July, Google. I love it.

Native Americans, too. Many are cats. (click here)

...there are some deserving creatures that don't get the same level of attention. Here are a handful that you probably didn't know are native to the States — and you may not have realized they existed at all!...

Today is the day to celebrate democracy. A new party has formed and it is lead by US Senator Bernie Sanders.

"The Working Family Party" (click here for their Facebook site)

They indict the Democratic Party. They have a point. Look where working families are. They are the working poor with public schools robbed of their funding. They are subjected to the Plutocrats who serve them up for profits and not partnerships. Their unions are brutalized and they have no SECURE future. Talk about that homeland security for once!

The Republicans want to destroy us. (click here) But the leaders of the Democratic Party? They failed us. The race was theirs to lose -- and they did. This is a call to anyone looking for a political home to fight for justice and resist Trump. Come home to the Working Families Party, the... 



...where you can volunteer, plan a run for office, find a WFP, or start your own WFP where you are.

The abandoned Middle Class after the crash of 2008, found their children more abandoned in "Occupy Wall Street." Today's younger generations have less income security, food security, climate security and old age security than any other American generation before them.

Then there is student debt and forget the national debt that is going to be huge forever. "Subsidized adoption" is an industry that removes children from their homes only to ridicule of the impoverished. There is no guarantee if you work two to three jobs to support your family you will be able to have a heritage to pass onto your children and grandchildren; someone may have stolen them from you.

I don't want to hear another word about 'lazy people' in the USA, they don't exist. You want to talk about the victims of the Plutocrats that now spans a generation (23 years) since 1994. THAT I'll talk about!

Pension funds are a common victim of the Plutocrats that think nothing of crashing an economy for bailouts. The Dow is soaring and on the 4th of July all the Big Box Stores are open and looking for more greed from Americans. Why aren't they closed with their employees taking a paid day off so they haven't forgotten what freedom is all about?

Today is the federal holiday that marks the country's birthday and the working poor know exactly who they are in this country. They are owned by a different country, the "Plutocratic America." They have no rights, they simply work until tragedy happens and they can't pay their hospital bill and their life turns to homelessness rather than home ownership and their children are taken because they are incompetent human beings.

I don't want to hear how "Subsidized Adoptions" receive at least $500 per month for one child to help pay the mortgage while the natural family mourns their loss and surrenders to the idea of being incompetent. ENOUGH!

If a child in the USA is worth at least $500 per month in the adoption industry, then they are worth $500 per month to their natural family. I don't want to hear about the lazy people on welfare either!

Young people living in the forests and looking for whatever humanity they can find in showers and potential employment while their babies are harvested for the adoption industry. THAT IS NOT AMERICA! Perfectly competent and wonderful young people abandoned by stressed families are getting married and continue to try to build a life; but; the men can succumb to alcoholism and their future isn't even on the horizon. THAT IS NOT AMERICA!

Opiates rampaging through our society IS NOT AMERICA! And a country without sufficient health care to recapture it's citizens through rehabilitation AND hope in jobs and HOMES! THAT IS NOT AMERICA!

So, when the fireworks start tonight take a look around and see the faces. Many will be poor and homeless and without the promise of the future. They live in the here and now and they are everywhere! THAT IS NOT AMERICA!

If the USA does not rekindle it's civility, it's promises to generation after generation, then it is definitely NOT AMERICA.